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Updated: Aug 24, 2016
3.471 · 116 REVIEWS
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TradersWay is an online forex broker. Traders Way offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and cTrader trading currency top platforms. TradersWay.com offers over 10 currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.


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TradersWay.com profile provided by Mr.Max.TWDec 24, 2014


About Trader’s Way

Trader’s Way, a prime online FOREX and CFD broker, was established with the principle mission - to provide traders with the widest opportunities available on financial markets. We’ve collected the best products, technologies and services, so that the needs of every trader are fully satisfied. Under one broker, without losing time, you can find everything to trade the way you like, without boundaries and limits.

We offer you the widest range of possibilities for trading:

·         Best trading platforms - MetaTrader 4, Binary Options, cTrader, Mobile Apps

·         4 account types - ECN accounts on MT4 and cTrader, Standard accounts with FIXed and VARiable spreads

·         6 markets - FOREX, Binary Options, Stock indices, Metals, Energies, Commodities

The best trading conditions possible:

·         Full NDD/STP

·         Minimum Deposit – No limitations (for ECN account – only $10)

·         Maximum Leverage – 1:1000

·         Tight Spreads – from 0 pips

·         Minimum Order Size – 0.01 Lot (1000 units of base currency)

·         All Expert Advisors (EAs) and Scalping allowed

Other advantages:

·         Free VPS hosting service

·         Islamic (swap-free) accounts

·         Deposit/withdrawals- Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Credit Card, Payza, Bitcoin

·         Bonuses and Promotions

·         Every client can be a PARTNER. Commission up to 1.5 pips

High price feed accuracy, no trading restrictions (even on accounts with minimum deposits), and a wide array of trading opportunities are the pillars of our business activities. They're the beacon of our pledge to ensure our mission – to bring you maximum trading with maximum opportunities and freedom!


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3.471 · 116 REVIEWS
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Sandusky, Oh., USA
Aug 19, 2016
Registed user

My Love for Traders Way.

I thought I would take a look at what people are saying about the broker I've been with for over 2 years, TradersWay.
It's a shame that people have been scammed by so many other brokers beforehand , their first conclusion is they've been scammed again. The only problem I have with TW is not being able to call them from the U.S. . And there is a very good reason for this also! It helps protect their U.S. Clients. But All I've ever had to do is send Joe Carney an email and he would call. Sometimes within minutes.
As for slippage : I went thru a lot of brokers before I found TW,,,, and they ALL have slippage ,,,, and Freezes. I went thru Tech support with my I.P. and nothing was/is out of the normal for an overseas broker. Both broker and I.P. said increasing speed would probably not help.
What I found was that it comes down to how fast your computer processes the info. I bought a "trading computer" and problem mostly solved. And dedicate it to trading only. Even dedicating a smaller computer didn't work.
Now, about TradersWay: Every time I hear about another broker I check their spreads. NO ONE beats TW ! They are growing extremely fast. Live Trading with Wayne McDonell mornings, Mon.-Thurs. . Pretty much anything you ask for they will come up with. Leverage as large as 1000:1 . Not a market maker. Used by some HUGE traders.
Cons: Demo server doesn't seem to be as large as the live one. So don't judge your happening by the demo acct. Live is much better.
If you should decide to try TW, lease use me as a referral . Mike Bertram

California, USA
Aug 12, 2016
Registed user

Chart froze and changed order price.

Stay away from this broker, Tradersway. They froze the chart and changed my order by swapping my entry and exit which has caused a huge loss on my account and finally I got forced out. I placed my sell order at 1.80xxx and clicked closed at 1.78xxx to take my profit but all of sudden the chart froze for a few minutes while my computer and internet connection were working fine. When the chart resumed and restored back to its normal state, I saw my order was already closed with a huge loss. I checked the history and found that my entry and exit points were completely different(opposite) from my actual order. They moved my entry to 1.78xxx and exit point to 1.799xx which has turned my profit into a loss. Because of this reason, it dramatically reduced my equity and had caused a major force out on all of my orders. The unexplanable thing is why my entry point got moved to two 1 min bars from my actual order. And it closed my order at the price where no bar touched during that period. This just happened on the 8/11/2016 at the foreign time and 8/10/2016 at my time. I contacted them and provided as much information to support my claim and complaint as I can with screenshot of the chart along with a description of the situation but what I've received back from the response was just pointing me to the margin policy only which is completely unrelated to the chart freezing and entry/exit swap. They didn't seem to care to address customer's issue. As of now, I would say they probably won't do further investigation nor trying to address this issue. You can say my money is gone under the water. I'm here to share this bad experience so that no one would experience the same in the future.

Los Angeles, USA
Jul 29, 2016

Im a News trader and im always looking for brokers who dont give gaps or slippage during News release. I use buy stop or sell stop during news depends on what my predictions are. Ive been seeing slippages during the new release. the first time i had a 10pips slippage and when I traded Gold Pair on USD news on july 29th 2016, 5:30am. I had my buy stop 10 pips above the candle opening and the my order got pushed up to 1339.25. I ended up closing my order with 5pips of profit. and the move was 50pips! im very dissapointed. i hope i can find a good broker who dont have slippage.

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Aug 12, 2016:
You opened your trades on gold during high impact news and experienced normal market conditions. Be careful if you find a broker that has no slippage on gold as it may be too good to be true.
Jul 25, 2016

I just want to leave an update. I requested that my last post be retracted before it got inserted into this review but it must have not been caught in time. Anyway, I want to say I found my missing acct numbers with the passwords totally on my own and was able to retrieve my accounts on the trading platform. The private office still does not have them so I could care less if they do or not. What matters to me is that the trading platform has them. So if you ever start trading with any broker even on a demo account, be sure to save a record of the account number and the password, I can't stress the password enough, because if you don't have it, you are going to have a hard time getting the account back into your trading platform. I have checked around for the best brokers that cater to US traders. In my opinion, I rate Trader'sways as no. 1 and Tallinex, Inc. right behind. There is a website that compares these brokers and one of the things that appears to be misleading is client segregation. I believe Trader'sways segregates the clients money from their own firm account based on what Trader'sways say on their website. But the other website that compares the brokers shows a "NO." This is a pretty important criteria in that if I had no experience with Traders'ways and was looking for a good broker, I would have not research Traders'ways based on the brokers comparison website because I want my money separate from the firm's own account. For now, I am giving them a good vote as I still have not received any reply for over a week. 2016-07-20 No Rating Great broker. Fast executions. Super trading plaftorm in Ctrader. Low spreads. etc, etc, US traders should look into this as well as other brokers and compare them. I have only traded demo accts and was going to start a live acct with them in 6 - 8 months depending on my job demands. My only concern is how willing with they be in resolving any type of issue. So far, they haven't demonstrated to me that they can recover a missing acct. Their private office seems to have some issues because my 3 demo accts are supposed to be in my office. One of the guys said "start a new one." That shows a lack of willingness to help me. My, my, my, well I guess I might as well take a walk to the land of the Oz and trade through somebody. I requested Joe or Max but got no response. I know they are good people from what i gathered elsewhere and TW is a lot better broker than tons of buckets shops out there. So my rating for them average for now. Thanks for reading and so long fellas!

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Aug 12, 2016:
Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately demo accounts created from within the MT4 platform are not retrievable by our front-line support staff. In the future it is best to open any and all demo accounts from within your Private Office on our website.
Jul 20, 2016

I have yet to receive my wire transfer 10 days later. Tradersway will not investigate the matter further with their sender bank. At this point one can assume the money is lost or stolen without any investigation on their end.

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Aug 12, 2016:
This client's wire transfer was rejected by the receiving bank because of incorrect/insufficient wire transfer information provided by the client. Next time please submit a request to withdraw to a bank that actually had its own SWIFT code to avoid unnecessary transfer times and delays.
Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Jul 14, 2016

Another successful withdrawal from TW. Tight Spreads as always. Live chat always around. Thank you for the trading environment. 2016-02-03 5Star I have been with Tradersway since I first began trading close to 4 years ago. I've never had a problem with depositing and they are always responsive to any questions that I have had. I recently had my first decent withdrawal from them and It didn't take very long for the transaction to reach me (a few days). I've heard of problems with brokers (broker tricks, server issues etc)but I really can't find or have had any faults with Tradersway. -Fast Responsive Friendly Service -Fast Servers with little if any downtime (never basically) -Fast withdrawals -Plenty of FX pairs -very very tight spreads and low commissions Added by Max Pross on 2016-03-11 Content: Thank you for your feedback. Our team does its utmost to ensure all clients have an experience like you have had thus far. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions in the future.

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Aug 12, 2016:
Thanks again J.P.! It is our pleasure and we look forward to processing more withdrawals in the months to come!
California, USA
Jul 11, 2016

I have been with TW for 3 months now, and I made a pretty big withdrawal a few days ago, and it went smoothly by bank wire. The communication is always 2 ways, and quick. Very good broker overall.

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Aug 12, 2016:
Thank you for the positive review. Be sure to continue to make steady withdrawals in the future in order to take some profit off the table. We are happy to have you and enjoy our communication.
Jun 17, 2016

Waiting 9 days now for a simple bank cad withdrawal. Its only small amount and hard to understand it. When I get my withdrawal I will go to a USA broker . I do not feel safe with this off shore broker..

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Jun 22, 2016:
Sometimes international card refunds can take a long time to arrive for a variety of reasons. All card withdrawals in our recent transaction history have been processed successfully on our end within 24 hours of when the request was made. We are happy to help you by getting you an ARN number that you can provide to your bank who will be able to use it to credit your card refund to your account - this will push it along. However we unfortunately do not know who you are so please contact us by email and let us know your account number and we will request the number from the payment processing center.
Jun 14, 2016

My biggest frustration is that When I needed to withdraw the funds out of my account... they wouldn't allow me to do so unless I did VIA bitcoin...a cryptocurrency that is used to pay and sell out with no footprint....hmmm, interesting. This made me feel extremely uncomfortable with the service. I submitted multiple emails to their support team asking them for help with withdrawing my funds back into my card....and kept getting...we can't give you your money. Try bitcoin..NO. I verified my card and information... i deposited my money... I wanted to withdraw my money...they wouldn't let me. Another issue is after signing with them and adding my information...My personal account along with a few of my friends who trade were all charged for international purchases we had never made... which came off extremely sketchy. They also blocked my account during a trade which I would of caught over 70 pips on... I have my issues with them and will definitely not continue using them as my trading brokerage nor will I recommend it to friends.

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Jun 17, 2016:
We informed the client that the payment processing company we use to process card payments was doing maintenance and that we would be able to send his money as soon as it was done but also offered an alternative method so he could withdraw his funds immediately without waiting. However, before this time the client wrongfully disputed a previous deposit he made with his bank, assuming it was a fraudulent purchase. As a result, and as per our card policies, we removed the funds from his trading account and his trades were closed because his account balance was lower than the amount he disputed with his bank. We do not store anyone's card information on our website and the international transactions this client and his friends disputed were their Traders Way account deposits - we had to remove these funds from all of their respective trading accounts when their payments were returned to their bank accounts.
laredo, Spain
Jun 10, 2016

I have been a costumer for more than 6 months and I have to say that I am satisfied with tradersway . I had a withdrawal issue that was solved because of my mistake anyways. If any problem the team and especilly JOE CARNEY is there to help you, I stongly recommend + good spread, execution I never noticed platform freezing and no problems with hedging and scalping. I strongly recommend

Reply by Mr.Max.TW submitted Jun 17, 2016:
We are always happy to help. This is a testament to opening up a dialog with us and how any issues can be quickly resolved by simple correspondence. We appreciate your kind patience and professionalism and will always do our utmost to make sure all matters are promptly and properly resolved. Please keep in contact if you need anything else.