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Updated: Aug 24, 2016
4.135 · 135 REVIEWS
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Tallinex is an online forex broker. Tallinex offers both the MT 4 and MetaTrader Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. Tallinex.com offers over 45 currency pairs as well as gold, silver, and bitcoin for your personal investment and trading options.


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Tallinex.com profile provided by TallinexJan 28, 2015

Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading us to develop proprietary trading technologies. All Tallinex trades are transmitted swiftly and reliably to the world's largest banks through a PrimeXM FX bridge to Integral's FX Grid system, which is optimized for Forex trading. Our clients can therefore benefit from better ECN/STP technology and confidently trade the Forex markets through Tallinex.


Tallinex offers its clients raw spreads starting from 0.0 pips, leverage up to 1:1000 and no FIFO rule.

Paired with an unrivaled pricing model, Tallinex is an obvious choice for professional Forex trading.


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4.135 · 135 REVIEWS
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Los angeles, USA
Aug 19, 2016
Registed user

I want to start a live account with Tallinex but it is very difficult for USA based users. Tallinex does not accept credit card deposit form USA users anymore. The international wire fee plus the the intermediary bank fee are too much for beginners to start a small account. I hope Tallinex will fix this problem soon.

Aug 11, 2016
Registed user

Very pleased with customer service

I've been on demo with tallinex for a few months now, and I have to say that their customer service is outstanding. Especially since they are not yet making any money off of me. All of my questions have been answered with detail. Thank you tallinex for making me feel comfortable with starting a live account with you in the near future!

Reply by Tallinex submitted Aug 23, 2016:
Thanks for the kind words... hopefully you'll pop back and give us a 5-star rating next time you leave a comment :-)
new york, USA
Aug 9, 2016

I do not comment tallinex (no credit cards deposit)

I have been with Tallinex for two years and they have been good. I went to make a deposit with my credit card last week and see the message that they are not accepting credit cards at this time. They will not give any indication on when this issue will be taken care of.

Reply by Tallinex submitted Aug 23, 2016:
Giving Tallinex a 2-star review is a bit mean when you've had a good experience in other respects! Bear in mind that you can't deposit with any US brokers via credit/debit card as the NFA made that illegal.
, Croatia
Jul 25, 2016

Excellent support ( TS was very polite and helpfull, even had few jokes with him :) ). As soon as I wrote my situation he got imediatelly on solving it, and sent me screenshots on my email where everything was shown. We solve the situation quick and without stress. This was one more confirmation to me that Tallinex support is here when you need it. This is how you get confidence from your clients. Thank you.

Pakistan, Pakistan
Jul 22, 2016

I want to know about slippage during news events because sometimes i do trade news and with my current broker ,i got 10 pips slippage most of the times. So, i want to ask you guys if you have experience of news trade with Tallinex. Please share with me. specially about slippage problem. Thanks

Reply by Tallinex submitted Jul 25, 2016:
Hi, Usman This is a review section, not a support forum - please post your question in a more appropriate place (or simply contact our support team)
The Fields, Thailand
Jul 19, 2016

First if all, count your blessings if you're an American, that Tallinex exists. Trading 1:50 leverage is more boring than watching golf on TV. Tallinex gives you 1:400 to start, and they tell me that their computer system might raise your leverage if you're a good trader, and you don't hold positions over the weekend. All clients are "A -Book" and there is no "B-Book" at Tallinex. Their rate for trading Gold (XAUUSD) is great. Spreads seem fine too. Their live-chat is a little spooky and slow, but when I called their London telephone (because my issue was complex), it rang with the sound of an old dial phone, perhaps sitting next to a typewriter. I was expecting some pompous British hot-shot would answer, and to my delightful surprise, the sweetest lady named Nika answered and helped me. I have to tell you, I've been around the block, and she was a breath of calm, fresh air. She listened to me, and she was polite, helpful, and just plain old-fashioned wonderful. For Americans, at the time of writing this on the 19th of July, 2016, ...you can't really make deposits directly with a credit/debit card. But you CAN simply open a Skrill account, which only adds another 1.9% to your deposit amount cost. They are working to fix this credit/debit card snag caused by uncle sam. Like I say, just use Skrill to make deposits until they get it fixed. I've lived all through-out the Caribbean, and I know what you're thinking. But let me dispel any notion that Tallinex isn't modern and good. Actually, I find them to be excellent, and they're friendly, and some people get upset because they DO follow the rules and regulations, with great care, as I've already experienced. By the way, their English is EXCELLENT both in writing and speaking. I don't know what Tallinex means or stands for as far as the name goes...maybe it's the name of some kind of bird or something. But I do know they're a very good firm that follows rules and provides good ECN trading, and fantastic support. You can trade Bitcoin with them. Think about it.

Florida, USA
Jul 15, 2016

I have been trading for quite some time and Tallinex was suggest to me by a friend that is a very large and successful trader. I was concerned about putting money with an overseas broker however since my friend felt very comfortable with them I decided to try them. I am extremely pleased with their customer service and the time it takes to get things done. Everytime I have a question they are more than eager to assist. I also like the fact they have a US number where I can speak with someone on the phone. Instant chat is great, but sometimes speaking with a human solves a problem much faster. I will recommend them to my friends also.

Tennessee, USA
Jul 12, 2016

I have been with Tallinex for a year and they have been good. I went to make a deposit with my credit card last week and see the message that they are not accepting credit cards at this time. They will not give any indication on when this issue will be taken care of. I have heard others say that when overseas brokers stop taking credit cards, they don't usually start back again. I think there is some sort of pressure on them not to take cards from US cititzens.

New York, USA
Jul 11, 2016

Tallinex is a Good Broker I requested both to 1)Deposit funds this month from my bank account using via wire to my trading account 2)Withdraw money couple of months ago from my trading account and both transaction of money was available within 4 business days.

Florida, USA
Jul 5, 2016

I've been using them for a while now. I have had some setbacks with a few of my accounts, poor trading decisions, totally my fault. This broker, although outside of the US, has shown no signs of being fraudulent in my opinion. They are quick to respond to any questions or requests. I think what Tallinex is, they are very unique in that they are actually running a brokerage that is not set up to take advantage of traders. I've got my practice in now, I did a $48,000 plus demo day during/around Brexit. Have about 5 demo accounts, all profitable. I'm about to refund my account, but the card processing is down, no definite time-frame when it will be back up. That is the only reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars. I have a funded account already that I traded nearly into nothing, yeah I'm bringing it all the way back from $18. $500 deposit to $18, totally mine and my partners fault (trading buddy learning together). The broker had NOTHING to do with my losses, never a requote. The one thing you have to worry about with Tallinex is YOUR trading, not the platform or the broker, they are excellent.