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Updated: Oct 21, 2016
4.098 · 121 REVIEWS
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Tallinex is an online forex broker. Tallinex offers both the MT 4 and MetaTrader Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. Tallinex.com offers over 45 currency pairs as well as gold, silver, and bitcoin for your personal investment and trading options.


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Tallinex.com profile provided by Tallinex, Jan 28, 2015

Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading us to develop proprietary trading technologies. All Tallinex trades are transmitted swiftly and reliably to the world's largest banks through a PrimeXM FX bridge to Integral's FX Grid system, which is optimized for Forex trading. Our clients can therefore benefit from better ECN/STP technology and confidently trade the Forex markets through Tallinex.


Tallinex offers its clients raw spreads starting from 0.0 pips, leverage up to 1:1000 and no FIFO rule.

Paired with an unrivaled pricing model, Tallinex is an obvious choice for professional Forex trading.


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4.098 · 121 REVIEWS
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Texas, USA
Oct 19, 2016
Registed user

Raped by their swaps.

There must be a special place in hell for forex brokers that charge a pip a day swap for USDJPY on the short side. We are talking about currencies with central bank interest rates that are pretty close.

Otherwise they seem on the up & up, but when I ran into this, I closed the position and moved my money to greener pastures. Meh!!!

Gold Coast, Australia
Oct 17, 2016

Great Service and very direct to the point issue fixing

Great, service took a while to fix my address issue but work hard and found a way to fix it. Great work,

Oct 6, 2016

Awesome service! Awesome Broker!

I have contacted Tallinex trade support 2 or 3 times as i have been trying to get demo accounts and my live account set up with them. I have used other brokers also who offer live trade support. I just have to say how awesome Tallinex support has been. They have been personal and answered all of my questions and concerns. So far there is no other broker or trade support that has beat or gotten close to Tallinex. I recommend them greatly.

Avon, USA
Oct 5, 2016
Registed user

No New US Clients

Update - Tallinex just changed their policy "due to regualtions". Got this pop-up from them: "Tallinex does not solicit residents of the United States, Canada or St Vincent and The Grenadines in relation to the provision of retail Forex services, and no option exists for residents of those countries to apply for retail Forex services due to regulatory requirements."

Sep 25, 2016 - 5 Stars This is my first review, though I have visited here often recently to check out reviews. I am a US resident, and have been looking for an overseas forex broker for true ECN and to escape US regs. Tallinex had pretty good reviews so I opened a small account.

This process was very seamless and easy. I did have to send proof of residency documents, but it went pretty well. Prior to signing up, I hit their chat and support email with questions. The response was 100% professional, courteous, and prompt even with email. The deposit did take some time to hit, as only wire transfers are now accepted, though the site says you can use a credit card. As soon as it was accepted I was able to trade.

They give you a free VPS if you trade 5 lots per month, which I do. The VPS was/is a little laggy - the screen paints slow. (This happened with my FXCM provided ops and I had to get them to upgrade to more memory to fix it. I have not made that request with Tallinex yet)

I trade the London/US session overlap and spreads during this time frame were as advertised. No slippage or execution issues.

After checking out their Trader Signal service, I decided to open a second account to copy two of the signals. The request and funds transfer was handled same day, again, no issues. Same with the Trader Signal Service. For anybody that has ever tried copying signals and been disappointed, check this out it is a very simple process. The two signals I copied this month returned 10% with an 84% win rate, profit factor of 1.73 and max drawdown of 5%. ( Those numbers included two manual trades I entered )

The final part of my test was to make a withdrawal. I made the request, it was approved and processed within hours. WAY better than any US broker including FXCM my current one. The wire transfer hit my account in 5 days total.

I really can't report anything negative about them at all, but if I have too it may be that some of the request process is a little clunky, and awkward. But their support team and chat always responded in a very timely manner.

Very satisfied with Tallinex.

Los Angeles, USA
Oct 2, 2016
Registed user

hmmm! I was trying to open an account with them and they said they do not accept US clients. Unless this has just recently changed, I do not understand all the reviews here from US clients.

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Sep 23, 2016
Registed user

Legal crooks.

Just avoid and find another broker to trade. I felt robbed all the time trading with tallinex, I can understand a broker to widen the spread during the news, 2,3 or 5 pips? But 45 pips is crazy and if you hold a position over the weekend get ready for it to be stopped out because they will widen it 40 to 50 pips to close you out.

Second the have one of the highest margin call levels in the industry just so they can keep sucking your money like a vampire. I stopped trading with the and I have ran 100 of thousands of dollars through them, yes I got a little back in profits here and there but the margin level gives you hardly any room to breath if you trade heavy.

It is about the money, I felt it was my responsibility to review these crooks as a community member so other can be choose to be robbed if they like.

Reply by Tallinex submitted Sep 26, 2016:
So, 'Pilot2000'... I can't quite decide whether you've taken up a new job as an internet troll, or that you simply have no clue about FX! ...for the purposes of this response, let's assume that you have no clue about FX (either way, you show yourself to be an outright liar):
"Just avoid and find another broker to trade."
...why? Because you say so? It seems strange that you call us 'crooks' when almost every other Tallinex review in this thread gives us 5 stars for every aspect of our business - why do you think that might be? (hint: you aren't being truthful!)
"I felt robbed all the time trading with tallinex"
...really? Then why didn't you move to a different broker, rather than continuing to trade with Tallinex for 18 months? Only a complete idiot would sit there thinking "this broker is robbing me, but I'm gonna keep trading with them anyway"
"I can understand a broker to widen the spread during the news, 2,3 or 5 pips?"
...that was a statement, so why did you write it as a question? Regardless, you show your complete lack of FX knowledge / market understanding right off the bat!
"But 45 pips is crazy"
...okay, straight into the 'complete lack of FX knowledge' part: ECN brokers (like Tallinex) do not set spreads - they originate from the liquidity providers such as banks, hedge funds, etc., and often widen substantially during news events because many banks and funds stop offering prices until the initial 'rush' has died down and they can see where price is moving. That lack of near-by pricing results in widened spreads because all ECN orders are filled based on the industry-standard 'best available price' approach, and the nearest bank / fund willing to act as counter-party could be quite some pips away.
"and if you hold a position over the weekend get ready for it to be stopped out because they will widen it 40 to 50 pips to close you out."
...again, your lack of knowledge reality shines through (are you sure you're not a troll?) - banks and funds randomly terminate their price feeds in the closing minutes of the trading week, but clients continue to open and close trades in a market where liquidity is rapidly dwindling. The final Bid / Ask prices shown in the trading terminal of an ECN broker (known as 'weekend spread') therefore represent the final buy / sell prices that were transacted right before the market actually closed. Since Forex is not a centralised market, each broker typically works with a different selection of banks and hedge funds, and that causes differences in pricing during the week, as well as different weekend spreads - nothing whatsoever to do with brokers widening spreads.
"Second the have one of the highest margin call levels in the industry"
...do you even know what 'margin call' is? Actually, your very comment makes it clear that you don't since our margin call level is common to most brokers around the world! To clarify, 'margin call' is a throw-back to the old days when a stock / futures broker would call you up and insist that you urgently deposit more money with them as your equity was getting dangerously low, but that's not practical in FX due to the speed at which things change - instead, there's a visual warning in your trading platform (but it's only that - a warning).
"just so they can keep sucking your money like a vampire."
...another immensely stupid comment! An ECN broker (like Tallinex) only makes money when you trade, so the prime obective of any ECN broker is ensure that all clients trade as frequently as possible ...and for as long as possible. If you lose your money (through poor trading and/or account stop-out) then that means your broker isn't making money from you any longer, so suggesting that your ECN broker is trying to make you lose is stupid in the extreme!
"I stopped trading with the and I have ran 100 of thousands of dollars through them"
...and this is where you prove yourself to be an outright liar - you never deposited / ran '100 of thousands of dollars'... not as a lump, nor even in total (and, yes - we DO know who you are!)
"yes I got a little back in profits here and there but the margin level gives you hardly any room to breath if you trade heavy."
...this really is the stupidest of all your comments, and the REAL reason for your failure - you simply trade extremely irresponsibly... you can't 'trade heavy' when your average account balance is under $2,000!! It has nothing to do with margin level (which you also don't understand!) - in fact, with the high leverage that Tallinex offers, you had less issues with margin than you would have experienced with other brokers!
"It is about the money, I felt it was my responsibility to review these crooks as a community member so other can be choose to be robbed if they like."
...don't lie! - you didn't feel any 'responsibility to the community' - you're actually just a failed, irresponsible trader with no understanding of how the FX markets really function, and you're angry that your foolish trading style (which you repeated for 18 months!!!!) has resulted in losses that you refuse to accept responsibility for! Truthfully, the time you wasted posting utter drivel here on FPA would have been far better spent working on the real problem - YOU!
Sep 10, 2016

Great service from the beginning

An erroneous 136 pip spread spike stopped me out of a GBPJPY trade, Tallinex staff were onto it right away once confirmed with the LP and my account was refunded immediately.

This spike in the spread was very unusual for Tallinex, I must say that their price feed is very stable normally and can be relied upon absolutely every time.

I do not get this level of service with my exchange registered stock brokerages, I usually get some arrogant punk who does not give a damn when they are at fault.

Tallinex are consummate professionals in every way you can imagine and have exceeded my greatest expectations for a Forex Brokerage, do not hesitate to trade with them.

I have been trading for 18 years.

singapore, Singapore
Sep 9, 2016
Registed user

Great Returns from Managed account with Tallinex ! 5 STAR!

I opened a live managed account with Tallinex and I am extremely happy with them. The funds I deposited on 31 Aug has since returned 30% after 1 week !. Really beyond my expectations!

One small quirk is that they dont send daily emails on managed accounts ( as per their friendly support hotline when I called them) - so I have to log into my account and check it manually which I am happy to do and is a breeze.

Im glad I signed up with them and will definitely want to put in more funds later



London, United Kingdom
Sep 4, 2016

Fast and reliable. Great customer service

Very reliable and I'm satisfied and impressed with Tallinex performance. I'm also well impressed with the fast response from customer services, even on Sunday

Sep 1, 2016

Why they didn't tell us the credit card deposit was going to be gone?

I have been with them for about 2 years now and was pretty happy until I had to recently give up $30K to loss cut.

My trading has been in aggressive side. I knew that, and I always walked around by adding some temporary fund when margin gets too low until the draw down bounces back normal. It happened few times in the past. I always used the Credit Card deposit because it let me fund my account in a minute. I was completely depending on it...

But not this time,

I wasn't aware they made the credit card deposit unavailable!!

I know it's my fault taking a risky trading but it is not reasonable they shut down the only real time depositing method without prior notice to the clients.

I could have reduced my risk settings if I was known my "emergency route" was going to be unavailable.

Their communication is usually good. They send email for important changes or events or stuff like that but why they didn't communicate this important change this time in advance?!!

Reply by Tallinex submitted Sep 4, 2016:
Contrary to your comments, Tallinex has not done anything to the credit card deposit facility - clients are happily depositing by card all of the time!
However, things are constantly changing due to regulatory and banking updates, so responsibility falls upon the trader to be aware of the current situation as it affects them and their locality / jurisdiction, and that is why the Depositing page of the back-office includes important notifications.
That aside, there was nothing preventing you from partially/fully hedging your positions while you arranged alternative funding.