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Updated: Nov 9, 2018
3.86 · 303 REVIEWS
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HonestForexSignals.com (Ken Dempsey, Robbie Newton)

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3.86 · 303 REVIEWS
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Australia (Really UK),
Nov 8, 2018,
Registered user

Negative reviews have been removed - BECAUSE I AM A REVIEW SPAMMER!

I have previously written a negative review but it never seems to appear on the website, so I presume the postings on here are filtered to take out the negative review for this person's website
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note

ALL reviews for ALL sites are approved or rejected based on the exact same set of rules.

In some of your reviews, you lied about what country you were in.  You also tried to leave reviews under a number of different names.

You then submitted this lie to a review page for a different company.  You had never left a review for that company.  The last rejected review for that company was a 5 star review in February.

Quite simply, you were telling multiple lies while trying to get multiple negative reviews approved.  The FPA spends large amounts of effort to deal with review spammers like you.

Since you persist in trying to spam the FPA's reviews for this company and even tried to spread more lies on another company's review page, the FPA has no choice but to ban you.

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Trevor Clancy,
New Orleans, USA,
Aug 16, 2018,

Constantly killing it on Major FX Pairs for BIG Profits.

They are constantly killing it on EURUSD and a AUDUSD pairs.
I am extremely impressed with Robbie and Ken has been a godsend to help me set up the EA. I am not good with that stuff!

Up 1800 PIPS in 3 months, x$10 a Pip that's $18,000 USD!

The only thing I can't figure out is why the service is only $177 a month! :D
Curtis Riddle,
Colorado, USA,
Jul 24, 2018,

Not really so good so far.

I'm still reviewing this product, I started almost a month ago, I have lost 50 pips so far this month. I was hoping my first month wouldn't be a loser but it's looking like its going to be. I'm now wondering do I give them another month or stop at the end of the month. I get to figure this out now.

There have been 5 trades this month, 4 loses 1 win.

They don't respond to my emails, and nobody answers the phone when I call.

I hope this turns around.

If I do keep them around another month and things work I will put a better review up
Norther Wisconsin, USA,
Jul 8, 2018,

The best signals I have been able to find in many years of trading.

By far the most honest and real signal service you will be able to find in the swampy Forex trading signal-robot-alerts arena.

They offer a trader who can send his trades out each Europe morning session and North American that's usually a couple trades per day.

Consistent 300-600 pip per month as many have said here. So yes, it's consistent and profitable. You will not get rich here but they are the best I have seen and take it from a guy who has been dumb enough to purchase 10+ Holy Grail EA systems that end up being junk.
Emmanuel Calderón,
San Jose, Costa Rica,
Feb 24, 2018,

It is as advertised

Its a nice service with good people running it.
expect to get a trade or two a day and more winners than losers.
but do remember that you need a decent balance to start with and not for micro traders. Also no MT5 support but that doesnt really matter.
Overall though the trading is profitable and the support is responsive. As they advertise.....!
Carl FX Trader,
Hawaii, USA,
Feb 19, 2018,

385 pips, 789 pips, and 625 pips / month so far.

I have been a member for 3 months, so I have not been a member for the longest time but thought I'd leave a short review:

The signals provided here have consistently delivered a good amount of pips.
They do not take a ton of trades, but therefore don't have big losses or let trades run.
I would say the biggest winners or losers you see are abound 50 pips.
I wish they took more trades but I do understand exactly why they do not.

385 pips, 789 pips, and 625 pips / month so far.
Just wish I had a bigger account to trade! But a good service!
Mason G.,
Tucson, AZ, USA,
Feb 9, 2018,

By far the best / most transparent FX Signal Provider I have used.

The Honest Forex service is marketed as a genuine signal service without all the hype of the "get rich" binary and schemes online.
They definitely deliver a service that provides fast customer support, and a reasonable number of signals.
On average I'd say they take 4-10 trades per week. I have learned this is a good thing as they avoid over-trading the markets.
Especially on major news days like NFP. They actually don't trade most Fridays at all.
In 5 months, I have been up 300-700 pips 4/5 of the months, and down 200 one month.

I think there is a reason they have lasted 4+ years unlike most signal companies - they do indeed take an "honest approach" to the markets and don't tell you that you can get rich trading a mini account, etc.
I do recommend this service for people looking for a realistic Forex signal trading approach!
Jan 26, 2018,
Registered user

They lie about their performance!
8879 pips last year was probably not even 200 !!!
If you dont believe me, be very very careful with your money. As with all trading; Do NOT invest more money than you can efford to loose. Because you will loose them if you trust these fraudsters.
Your first suspicion will probably be when you see the low activity. Then suddenly they make a trade and you start looking at it and think “Hmmm, how did they think here?”. But he made almost 9000 pips last year and obviously knows what he is doing, you think for yourself.
Then this trade most likely turns into a loosing one and you continue to think; “OK, all traders loose some of their trades.”
Maybe you contact Ken, their “support”, after a month and ask what the heck is going on? Is there a newbie behind the keyboard? He will give you a strange answer, as always. Just to gain time... Make you pay for another month with useless signals.
Honest forex signals primary income source is member fees. Their master trader is a joke and their results as well.
Ashton Wrigley,
Sep 9, 2017,

Good for serious traders.

Robbie is a trader who generally takes about a 40-50 TP/SL on most of his trades and only trades about 5-10 times a week.

For this reason, he's successful. He does not over-trade or behave like one of these "Robots" or binary scams.

I have been in the service for only about 3 months and have made almost 2000 Pips. This is an excellent service for serious traders.
Georgia, USA,
Jul 22, 2017,

Happy camer

Really good customer service for sure, they genuinely take care of your software and are helpful to old farts like me who dont know Meta Trader as well as some others.
Signals are good. Not a ton, but a reasonable number of trades. Mostly winners, I'd say 65%. All winning months so far, only been a member 3.5 months so far. Happy camper.