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Updated: Aug 19, 2019
Ken Dempsey, Robbie Newton
3.754 · 307 REVIEWS
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3.754 · 307 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Apr 27, 2019,

Scam - stay away

This unfortunately feels like a scam service. I signed up for the service, I was auto-replied to saying they would send me the credentials next day. After days of many emails to them and phone calls there was absolutely no response. Their phone just loops a recording with no person behind or way to leave a message. I was excited about the service but stay away.
EGYPT, Egypt,
Mar 11, 2019,
Registered user

bad service

they are not honest , and their service is very bad , i subscribed for 6 months and only one month i achieved 300 pips and other 5 months is in negative 100 pips and they send very few signals , only 1 or 2 in a month !!! not as they claim , and their support is very bad , reply after days make you suspect they are still in business !!!
all results in website is old and not updates
keep away !
Tom Spennert,
Raasepori, Finland,
Jan 8, 2019,

The dishonesty in the "Honest" Forex Signals

This is a neutral review, as I haven't tested their service, but would rather like to share some of the findings that I consider to be red flags for this service. I personally can not say if it is an honest or dishonest service, and personally I have had intentions to test their service for quite some time. I wish sincerely that they are providing good signals, but I do become suspicious of both negative and positive reviews on this website. So my observations:

1: HFS used to be promotable in the ClickBetter affiliate platform that HFS also mentions in their affiliate program (link at the bottom of their page), but it is no longer on the ClickBetter list of products to promote. This means that HFS is dishonest about their affiliate program. They do not pay anyone any affiliate commissions as far as I can tell. They might have been removed from ClickBetter due to complaints/dishonesty/refunds, who knows why. ClickBetter is in general in my opinion actually trying to make sure they promote only real services, although I have little experience as to how true that is.

2: HFS used to have some working links to some verified trading accounts some years ago, but they did not cover all trades. Now it seems impossible to actually get access to any real verified trading accounts. Just images and whatever self made material as "proof". This is actually proof of nothing, do not let yourself be fooled. If they really wanted to prove their results, they would not make any of this difficult and they would give you instant access upon request to check all of the trades.

3: The two labels in the upper left corner of their website are not at all trustworthy. First label goes to this "dailyforex.com" website, which really do not seem like anything more than a general text submitted by themselves to this site. No reviews, probably not even being accepted. This site can easily be made and upkept by HFS themselves to create a false sense of authority. The second label of some bizarre Forex award from some "theforexawards.com" website is clearly nothing but a complete made up claim for some "reward" that doesn't even exist. The website at theforexawards.com seems like nothing more than something anyone can put together in an afternoon and again is probably something that HFS themselves have made up and are running. Even the images of this so called "Forex Award" is nothing but one image from a different Forex Expo and the site for voting and winners has no winners and the voting function does not work nor has it ever been programmed to work in the first place. A few years ago when I checked out the HFS service website they had a different but similar size and color label at the upper left for some "award" in some Dubai Forex trading magazine. When I looked up the whole thing, the magazine does not even exist and there has never been any awards given to this service as far as my judgement is concerned. Not very honest in my opinion.

With this honest opinions in mind I hope that you take a look at the above mentioned facts yourself. Do your Due Diligence and do not blindly trust images and claimed "proofs". The world of Forex is so unbelievably full of scammers that you would not believe it, and that is why you become fooled in the first place. To me it seems that "Honest Forex Signals" is in fact very far from being honest already simply by judging from these indicators. They make a living from monthly payments clearly and it is very worrying to read that some people are not getting their refund requests honored even within the given time, that the trading actually by no means are living up to the claims and that emails are not properly responded to of they are being played to win time. I have had personally some contact with them and do know that they respond occasionally to email even if I am not a member, which is better than most other forex "EA" bots or whatever. But again, it is their business to get new members in and paying, so..

4. One final point regarding the reviews. Although it is a fact that some people gain and make fake negative reviews with an agenda, it seems to me when I am reading the reviews that the negative reviews has a much more honest tone and content to them than the positive ones. Many of the positive reviews you read here have a kind of klishé almost childish and non-sincere tone to them. Exaggerating excitement, over the top claims, all with 4/5 stars, some 4 stars even if they are saying that this service practically saved their lives and made them rich, a general way of referring to the HFS service. All of these indicators are signs that the reviews are in fact fake. This is a typical way of writing by people who do not actually mean a word that they are saying. Written by fake-review factories in asia, and bought by HFS more than likely. Then furthermore negative reviews aggressively being refuted by HFS with a general "we will sue you messages" making all kinds of nonsense claims. Trying to frighten others from making negative reviews. It is a marketing strategy, put short. Dishonest as anything can possibly be. Also there seems to be only best or worst reviews, nothing in between. Clearly indicating that either neg/pos ones are faking it. If it was a decent service there would more than likely be many more 2-3 star reviews as well. More than likely the pos reviews are the ones that are fake in my opinion.

So this is my non-direct experience review of my impression and objective observations of this service. Again, i am putting a neutral 3 stars - which do not indicate any knowledge of losses or gains. It will be interesting to see how HFS responds to this review... but again, I hope that I am wrong about HFS, it would be a blessing for sure.. but if I am, then show me the proof? If I give it a try and come to the conclusion that they are genuine, I will be more than happy to say so.. but even then the above mentioned facts stand as they are. Dishonest.
Australia (Really UK),
Nov 8, 2018,
Registered user

Negative reviews have been removed - BECAUSE I AM A REVIEW SPAMMER!

I have previously written a negative review but it never seems to appear on the website, so I presume the postings on here are filtered to take out the negative review for this person's website
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note

ALL reviews for ALL sites are approved or rejected based on the exact same set of rules.

In some of your reviews, you lied about what country you were in.  You also tried to leave reviews under a number of different names.

You then submitted this lie to a review page for a different company.  You had never left a review for that company.  The last rejected review for that company was a 5 star review in February.

Quite simply, you were telling multiple lies while trying to get multiple negative reviews approved.  The FPA spends large amounts of effort to deal with review spammers like you.

Since you persist in trying to spam the FPA's reviews for this company and even tried to spread more lies on another company's review page, the FPA has no choice but to ban you.

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Trevor Clancy,
New Orleans, USA,
Aug 16, 2018,

Constantly killing it on Major FX Pairs for BIG Profits.

They are constantly killing it on EURUSD and a AUDUSD pairs.
I am extremely impressed with Robbie and Ken has been a godsend to help me set up the EA. I am not good with that stuff!

Up 1800 PIPS in 3 months, x$10 a Pip that's $18,000 USD!

The only thing I can't figure out is why the service is only $177 a month! :D
Curtis Riddle,
Colorado, USA,
Jul 24, 2018,

Not really so good so far.

I'm still reviewing this product, I started almost a month ago, I have lost 50 pips so far this month. I was hoping my first month wouldn't be a loser but it's looking like its going to be. I'm now wondering do I give them another month or stop at the end of the month. I get to figure this out now.

There have been 5 trades this month, 4 loses 1 win.

They don't respond to my emails, and nobody answers the phone when I call.

I hope this turns around.

If I do keep them around another month and things work I will put a better review up
Norther Wisconsin, USA,
Jul 8, 2018,

The best signals I have been able to find in many years of trading.

By far the most honest and real signal service you will be able to find in the swampy Forex trading signal-robot-alerts arena.

They offer a trader who can send his trades out each Europe morning session and North American that's usually a couple trades per day.

Consistent 300-600 pip per month as many have said here. So yes, it's consistent and profitable. You will not get rich here but they are the best I have seen and take it from a guy who has been dumb enough to purchase 10+ Holy Grail EA systems that end up being junk.
Emmanuel Calderón,
San Jose, Costa Rica,
Feb 24, 2018,

It is as advertised

Its a nice service with good people running it.
expect to get a trade or two a day and more winners than losers.
but do remember that you need a decent balance to start with and not for micro traders. Also no MT5 support but that doesnt really matter.
Overall though the trading is profitable and the support is responsive. As they advertise.....!
Carl FX Trader,
Hawaii, USA,
Feb 19, 2018,

385 pips, 789 pips, and 625 pips / month so far.

I have been a member for 3 months, so I have not been a member for the longest time but thought I'd leave a short review:

The signals provided here have consistently delivered a good amount of pips.
They do not take a ton of trades, but therefore don't have big losses or let trades run.
I would say the biggest winners or losers you see are abound 50 pips.
I wish they took more trades but I do understand exactly why they do not.

385 pips, 789 pips, and 625 pips / month so far.
Just wish I had a bigger account to trade! But a good service!
Mason G.,
Tucson, AZ, USA,
Feb 9, 2018,

By far the best / most transparent FX Signal Provider I have used.

The Honest Forex service is marketed as a genuine signal service without all the hype of the "get rich" binary and schemes online.
They definitely deliver a service that provides fast customer support, and a reasonable number of signals.
On average I'd say they take 4-10 trades per week. I have learned this is a good thing as they avoid over-trading the markets.
Especially on major news days like NFP. They actually don't trade most Fridays at all.
In 5 months, I have been up 300-700 pips 4/5 of the months, and down 200 one month.

I think there is a reason they have lasted 4+ years unlike most signal companies - they do indeed take an "honest approach" to the markets and don't tell you that you can get rich trading a mini account, etc.
I do recommend this service for people looking for a realistic Forex signal trading approach!