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Last Updated: 2015-10-22

Fx-EMIT develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. Fx-EMIT's MT4 EAs include CloveriX, IrisFx, LongrunFx, and more for online currency trading. Some of forex robots from have been forward tested on live and demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army

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Websites are down.  Company appears to be out of business.


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George Sanders, Redding, California, USA

Date of Post:2010-02-10
Review: Ran CloveriX-EA on TadawulFX like their live account, but results were very different--either not taking any trades or losing. I had to stop using it. A waste of time and money.

Jimmy, NY

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-02-07
Review: Update on my FX Mafix experience. It has blown up my demo a/c a few times so I will not be going live. According to the website, Mafix is no longer for sale. However, the developers said all along that this was a strategy that can and sometimes will blow up an account, so you should only use a small amount of money. Based on my experience, it will only work when the EUR/CHF is ranging.

2009-12-18 No rating Sales of FX Mafix are open again and it is priced inexpensively at $99. I started running 2 demos on 11/30/09, using two different settings. Unfortunately the company does not tell you much about the EA but it appears to be a type of grid trading/range trading system that trades eur/chf and is usually in a hedge position. However, they do show the EA setting that they are using on their website. The program takes on lots of simultaneous postions (long and short at same time) so you will come close to margin call or automatic close of trades at some point, which the developer openly tells you may happen. Overall, the EA is still profitable (for now) using their setting and not profitable using my own setting, despite a large down move in the EUR the last few days in which the EA took 3 long postions right at the top of the range. The developers cash management method of withdrawaling profits periodically or when a/c doubles makes a lot of sense. Once I have (hopefully) doubled the demo a/c, I will run it live and rate it properly and fairly. Finding a broker legitimate broker that allows the 500:1 leverage required to run this program may be a tough task. So far, overall, I like what I see, especially given the low price.

Robert, Washington

Date of Post:2010-02-05
Review: The stats are misleading. The test has been running since Aug. .4 is wrong. I've run this EA on multiple live and demo accounts. It's a consistent loser. Makes me question whether Tadawulfx is faking the results. Support for this EA is now non existent.

Laren, Lopez Island WA

Date of Post:2009-12-02
Review: I have been running CloveriX live on my fairly large account for several months on Jadefx who I chose because of their good spreads. Some weeks CloveriX makes a trade, some weeks 2 or 3. All in the 2 to 3 pip range. Overall my net is negative. I ran CloveriX on Tadawulfx live acct for a while and found that the results were totally different than on the demo acct; i.e. far far less trades. This EA has been my weakest (out of 6 running EAs), so I've dropped it. Also the support is very poor.

Elmech, Germany

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-12-01
Review: Been to the Fx Mafix website and found out they have closed sales..I kinda think it little to early to close...overall performance, i will rate them very high (from what I seen on forward test here in ForexPeaceArmy) I just wish i can lay my hands on this EA.

Lucio, Belgium

Date of Post:2009-11-05
Review: I'm happy I got the EA after the virus problem. I'm running it on 2 live accounts (FXDD & MIG) for almost 2 months and I am more than satisfied. Cloverix crunches pip after pip with a noticeable regularity. Losses, sometimes, and when they happen they are not nice, but few and far away each other. Until now the best EA I tried (almost a dozen). The only small complain is that I had to read on their website that there was a new version (but when I asked for it their answer was very fast) and that they decided to not trade one of the currencies suggested at the beginning. I would have appreciated an e-mail about that. A happy customer, no doubts.

Khurrum, Austin, TX

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-11-02
Review: Cloverix is a fairly good EA. Back tests are profitable on a fair number of brokers - demo accounts :)

The results are really good on Tadawul FX's demo account. Less so on their Live feed which seems to fluctuate less allowing for poorer scalping, since on Tadawul the suggested scalping is for 2 pips.

On the Live feed for Tadawul FX, Cloverix at least trades profitably for EURCHF. I haven't tried out the new update they came out with for EURGBP. I think you could increase the risk settings somewhat and get decent results out of Cloverix the few times it does trade on the Live feed, since losses tend to be minor and it profits much more often than it loses.

Overall I think this EA has potential, but you really need to at least Back Test it on the Live feed for the Broker you're using before you try running it. There were brokers I tried the EA with that gave horrible results even on demo accounts, so brokers make a lot of difference for this EA.


Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-10-09
Review: I have been using Cloverix on a demo account that I opened with Tadawulf with good results. I used Cloverix also on a demo with Alpari UK with bad results. Also I have been using Cloverix on a real account that I opened with Tadawulf, but in this case the system has only made a single trade during the whole week and it was a looser. I will use it for another week on Tadawulf. I had good expectations on this EA but apparently it is just one more.

Petrob, USA

Date of Post:2009-10-01
Review: I purchased this EA last week after seeing its success in your FPA live Demo section. I also am very familiar with installing and using EAs and have purchased/used a fair number so far. My CloveriX demo account with OneCorp FX (one of the four forex companies mentioned in CloveriX's own marketing materials) has already lost over $1700 in less than a week. If this is what a successful EA is all about, I'd rather try my luck in Vegas. At least the scenery is better than my home office and the drinks are free.

bearnakedbull, Canada

Date of Post:2009-09-28
Review: Much wrong here. First they had the virus. Second, when I purchased the EA it had a money back guarantee but a few days later they cancelled that policy and put a post on the website calling most clients a bunch of dummies. They proudly post Tadawul demo results but when I ran it for just a few days on my live Tadawul account, I could compare it to the demo, for which they kindly provided a log in, and see that once again I had been fooled by an unscrupulous EA vendor. When I contacted them they pretty much implied that I was stupid and how could I know in three days, well I have tried many EA's and I can see when a demo gets three trades a day and my live account at the same broker gets maybe one on a busy day and loses, then I have been had. Do not purchase this EA, you will be sorry.
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