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Last Updated: 2015-07-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-04-23
Review: We do not have any experience with this broker. If you have used them, please kindly submit your review above.

Del , New Zealand

Date of Post:2011-05-15
Review: Poor.
Unethical. Debited my account again after i finished my subscription, and then never refunded.

Never use them.

Ken, Japan

Date of Post:2010-08-05
Review: FXPro does STOP HUNTING! Beware, folks. It so often does not accept market orders when the price is moving fast. The customer support is awful.

Valeriy, Ukraine

Date of Post:2010-07-14
Review: Earlier was perfect ( 2008 ) but now spreads wider, order execution - 4 sec, slippage - to 85 pips on cable...

gJeman, Brunei

Date of Post:2010-06-01
Review: Everytime i trade, when in profits the trade won't close either you close it manually or by 'take profits'. But when your in negatives, it closes immediately. So just beware if you're thinking of using them as your broker.

Daisy , Toronto Canada

Date of Post:2010-04-28
Review: the reviews are so right about them i regret to use them...
they are the worse brokers you can trade with.
requotes all the time on the fast market moving time, and their MT4 platform is very slow, very frustrated to trade.. they shouldn't be allow to have business

Pat F, Wisconsin

Date of Post:2009-06-03
Review: Talk about Cr**ks at the dealing desk.
Don't be fooled by low spreads--they'll kill you due to poor executions. 100% of the time the marked is rapidly moving favor of your buy or sell you'll get requote upon requote until the quick move ends--then they let you make a trade. You may have lost 15 pips profit before you can finall get in and then the market often stops or reverses.--your chance of a scalp--DEAD
100% of the time you make a trade and market is quickly moving against you you're in the trade normally instantly down 8-12 pips.

WHAT Crooks when you have to go through dealing desk--will never do that again--stay away from these CR**KS!!

Ekenechukwu, Nigeria

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-02-09
Review: this company and it's staff are all thieve, i started trading fx with them and recorded know profit in all my trade, please member's beware .

Martin, Charlotte, NC

Date of Post:2008-12-30
Review: This company is an absolute scam artist. I had not even executed one trade yet, and they kept delaying withdrawing a portion of my funds, and so then I decided just to close the account. I opened it due to an ad on Yahoo that was very intriguing, but my real experience with them was a nightmare. They refused to let you withdraw money, or find ways to delay. They also have very questionable practices, like closing out trades when the price of the instrument has fallen 5-10%, but has not even hit your stop. I personally witness stop hunting, and dealing desk intervention in your positions. Once you have a profit, constant requotes until you are loosing a substantial amount. Server disconnects, only to be reconnected later and find that your stop or t/p was missed substantially. Bursts in activity due to network lag on their end (I have business class 10Mbps-ether) and pricing off by 5-10 pips sometimes, very wide spreads. MT4 platform is ncie, but would be better with another broker, their system hunts scalpers, and anyone using automated trading mechanisms. Their staff does not speak english very well, and they have hidden fees. The list goes on, but of course, someone will read these reviews and open an account anyway, I wish I had taken the warnings seriously.

(I've been trading forex for 7 years, 15,000,000 pips and counting. Listen to what I have to say...)

Ken Long, Cambridge, MA

Date of Post:2008-12-25
Review: I opened a demo account with this company this past weekend mistakenly thinking it was FxPro. What a strange company!

They post commisions, $2.00/mini, on the trade tab, but the net in the profit column doesnt tally correctly. Sometimes the commisions are applied, sometimes not.
On the Account History tab nothing totals correctly. Horizontaly across the individual trades the quoted profit is never the same as the difference between quoted opening and closing prices, commisions are not mentioned, and its imposible to tell how they are applied. Verticaly down the profits column the total never equals the individual trade results. It is short by a major amount.

Needless to say, I have deleted this demo account after three days use. Very poor accounting, no consistensy, and no logical reason.
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