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Last Updated: 2015-07-27
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Daniel Murphy, Guildford, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-05-30
Review: I share Csaba`s opinion. Fast after he posted his comment there came 3 other comments, 5 star each, but no one is providing an evidence. We cannot find real evidence on HFS website, either. This way these are just words, words and words. Which, on their own, mean nothing in the business world.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-06-01 08:32
  @Daniel - We are verified by our broker, ForexVerified, MFB, and Investor Password. Not sure what you want and we don't have a member with your name so I imagine you've never used our service...
Email us if you'd like to trade. Cheers.

Review Moderation Team Note: We again invite Honest Forex Signals to join the FPA's Performance Testing Program.

Bunty, India, India

Date of Post:2015-05-28
Review: Dear HFS Team,

I will tell you a secret. You guys are a bunch of idiots and scammers. You post big profits and provide your contact numbers. But when someone try to contact you through email or phone the calls are always diverted to answer machine.

I have tried calling you plenty of times (during YOUR working hours) but every time call ended on the answering machine. I also tried to leave my contact details so that you can get back to me but nothing happened.

After which I sent you multiple emails asking you what is wrong and why are you guys not serious about doing business or returning calls from prospective clients. But same thing, no reply.

All these are symptoms and habits of PURE SCAMMING team which you are....
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-06-01 08:34
  I'll tell you a secret...
You were never a member of our service.
We have no recent new members from India. We have very few members from India actually, out of 700 active members.

As for calling us, I challenge anyone to call or email us and see how promptly we reply. I can't even begin to emphasize what a core element Customer Service of HFS has been since the beginning. I have no idea where your allegations of "PURE SCAMMING" come from and you should perhaps do something more constructive with your time then spam review pages. Good luck.

Al Wayte, Horsham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-05-27
Review: Great service. They restrict membership a little so there's some wait, but the results are great. Only valuable signals get through. Some weeks are better than others, but you can expect a steady couple of hundred pips a month.

Kelterss, , Canada

Date of Post:2015-05-22
Review: I have had a great experience with HFS. I've been doing research for quite some time trying to find something that will best suit my needs, and I am so happy that I've found a home here. The customer service is excellent, and whenever I have questions they respond back so fast, it's scary! An overall amazing experience and would definitely recommend!!

Bojan Savich, Skopje , Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Date of Post:2015-05-11
Review: The results are fantastic and support as well. Honest Forex Signals became my favorite service. I have managed to get an average of a two hundred pips monthly over the past 100 days I have been a member. Recommended.

Csaba Vas, Cranleigh, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-05-04
Review: Here is the copy of my email conversation with HFS. I was asking them for a verified proof of their trades. It seems I was asking too much, and, in the end, they said if I ever want to join to their service, it will be denied, because my attitude is contrary to the 800+ members in their community. I assume they think I should just take the word of strangers from the other side of the planet when considering where to invest my money... interesting...
Anyway, here we go:

27 April, 1st mail to HFS:
Hi there
I am looking for a reliable signal provider and you guys are promising... just a few questions.
How can I check if your trading history is really genuine and verified by a 3rd party? I can see your proof section, but what I find is only PDF files (which can be easily made up), and old retired Myfxbook accounts. Do you have a live, working, running trading account, verified by someone? You say you are verified at How can I check it? Should I write to them? If yes, what is your account name with them? (should be something like honest forex signals, but I could not find that with their search option)

Csaba Vas

Yes you can write to Forexverified we should just be listed at Honest Forex Signals. Please let us know if you have other questions.


My response:
Hi there
I wrote them, they haven't responded yet. In the same time I have found these 2 tests on their pages, but they both are in negative gain...


Their reply to this:
Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Forexverified should be replying asap if they have not already, they are usually great at support. Please note that those are very old trading statements of ours.


I replied this:
Hi there
I`m seeing reviews about you guys pro and contra, and nobody is able to substantiate their statements with real, live, ongoing, verified accounts. I couldn`t find anything on your webpage but PDF and picture files, which, no offence, but can be easily made up. I emailed, they say they love you guys more than anything, but could not give me one verified account that could prove your trade successes.

I really would like to find a successful and reliable signal provider in you guys, but so far I can not find any real proof about your activity or history that I couldn`t make up in 10 minutes. So I`m asking you: do you have any live, verified proofs of your activity? I`m sure you understand I can`t take people`s words when it is about a couple of tens of thousands at stake.

Thank you

They sent the following mail:
Thanks for the message. We have multiple forms of proof via statements on our website, awesome reviews on websites such as and 3rd party companies giving a good word for us (FX Verified).

Please note that we have over 800 active members and constant emails from potential clients each day that we are catering too - we are extremely busy. Not to be rude however if you are not satisfied with the multiple forms of proof that we are offering then perhaps our service is not right for you.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Which I replied this to:
It is just weird for me that I can't find a single verified genuine live account about your trading activity. You say you have 800 active members which again is a data that nobody can check and there is no "proof" on your website that I couldn't make up in a couple of minutes. PDF files and pictures are not proofs of a succesful trading, but a series of numbers and letters after each other, could be made by anyone. I find it really strange that not a single person can come up with a verified trading record...
Anyway, I'll post this conversation and my conversation with forexverified on the forexpeacearmy reviews section, and if we are lucky someone will come up with a good solution pro or contra.

Thank you

Aaaaand finally, they lost their patience, and sent this:
Reviews are for paid customers. will vouch for our trading statements, and we also are verified by SmartTradeFX and ThinkForex as you can CLEARLY see.
We also used MyFXBook for years.
I'm not sure what your issue is or why you keep trying to create trouble.
Good luck to you. If you join our service, your membership will be denied because your attitude is so contrary to the 800+ members in our community that love our service and treat our staff with respect.


So that is it so far. I`m not willing to paste my conversation with, they basically said they love HFS but apparently I should pay for them to see proofs. All I was asking was some proof before I trust them with my money, but it seems I was showing an attitude by doing so. I strongly believe that in this business screenshots and lists of trades do not mean anything, I can make up a "screenshot" about 10 years of trading with 45978645% profit in a day. Even Myfxbook states that an existing, but non-verified account on their page doesn`t prove anything, because the MT4 platform can be easily manipulated. I am really opened to a discussion about it, because I might be very wrong, and in that case I`d love to learn, but so far I don`t think this company is showing REAL, LIVE and VERIFIED PROOFS, and if they say they are not sure what my issue is, and why I keep trying to create trouble, well, then they have issues on the "how to deal with customer enquiries" front.

2015-05-01 No Rating After having failed with several robots and signal providers, this one looks promising. It would be very useful though, if all - or at least the majority of - the reviewers, making statements pro and con about this service could provide a trading history they base their opinion upon. Not a screenshot, not a copy+paste list of trades, but verified account, Myfxbook, or something similar. It is not that hard, and would be extremely helpful.
Also, FPA, there were people here saying that many of the positive reviews are coming from HFS itself. How sure are you about your IP check or whatever policy, to avoid that happening?


Review Moderation Team Note: All reviews for all companies are carefully screened. The process is not perfect, but we firmly believe the FPA has the best methods for preventing fakes from slipping through.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite Honest Forex Signals to join the FPA's Performance Testing Program.

Alexis, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2015-04-28
Review: Would like to share my experience on here as this is where I first learned of this service. The results are fantastic and support as well. I am very pleased and have no intentions of leaving HFS anytime soon. I have achieved an average of a few hundred pips monthly over the past 90 days i have been a member.

David Kitson, New York, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-04-23
Review: Honest Forex Signals should be called "Dishonest Forex Signals". They claim to have made 5,015 pips for 2015 till date on their website & yet my account (subscription canceled recently) lost money during the same time. The are absolutely FRAUD & I challenge them to provide authentic & verifiable proof right here that they made the 5,015 pips for 2015 that they claim. PLEASE do not fall for their positive reviews here as they are fake & probably more fake positive reviews will be added after my negative one. FPA please publish this comment if you are genuine.

Review Moderation Team Note: 1 Star rating removed. The FPA is genuine, but "David" isn't. He previously submitted this review...

Brad Booker, Bronxville, NY, USA 2015-02-05 1 Star
Be very careful of these guys, the Positive reviews here are fake. I used them for a few months after going by their good reviews & they charged me $177 per month but I would not subscribe to their signals for free anymore because all they do is lose money & unlike their name, they are not honest at all. They make money by posting fake "Positive" reviews on sites like this one & luring people into subscribing their service for a few months. After that they don't care because keep getting more unsuspecting subscribers. FPA, please publish this if you are genuinely interested in saving people from fraud signal providers!

The FPA is very interested in saving people from fraud. One common fraud is people submitting fake reviews or trying to submit multiple reviews under different names. We go to great efforts to screen out fake reviews, both positive and negative.

David, Brad, or whoever you are, go submit multiple reviews for or against companies somewhere else.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-04-23 08:47
  Thank you FPA! It's great to see you guys exposing our competitors trying to lie about our performance. You guys are the best for a reason! :)

Review Moderation Team Note: You might want to check within your own ranks for people doing the same thing. Someone previously left a 1 star review for another signals service from your location.

Alba, Madrid, Spain

Date of Post:2015-04-07
Review: Outstanding service and support. Have been a member for over 90 days and this is by far the best trading service that I have been a part of. Robbie is a great trader and Ken and his staff provide excellent customer support.

Andreas Borovkov, Sioux Falls, USA

Date of Post:2015-03-20
Review: This is a signal service that delivery what they say they are and nothing less and nothing more. You will not get rich overnight trading with HFS and you will also not get some reckless trader who will blow your account out. I've made 300-600 pips most months with HFS, sometimes more, sometimes a little less and overall am very pleased. As stated, the customer support is extremely responsive and helpful to technical inquiries as well.
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