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Last Updated: 2014-09-09
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Note:  September 2011 - Raj Palleti has been replaced by Robbie Newton.

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Nigel King, Bradford, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-05-24
Review: This company was very suspicious yet alluring to me when I found them, just as FPA.
Anyone claiming to be the "good guys" in Forex is usually not telling the truth.
Thankfully, HFS, FPA and my two brokers treat me good!!
HFS started off rocky in the very beginning with decent trading then got VERY good, only 2-3 trades a day and around 75% profitable trades.

This guy constantly preaches that he knows how to trades because he doesn't over-trade.
I have been in so many services where the trader is mental and will trade NFP, and any day just to trade.

Robbie is very diligent on his trades, very profitable, and always trades at least 10+ trades a week.

+1469 Pips in 2.5 months I have been a member and I would be happy if they had done half of that too


T.Akira, , Japan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-04-09
Review: This company was kind enough to offer me a 7 day trial (which actually works out to only 5 days with the weekend). Over these 5 days I received approximately 10 signals which I traded on a demo account. These trades resulted in approximately -3 pips. Unfortunately these 5 days were not sufficient for the purpose of reviewing the profitability of their signals. I was slightly disappointed as there was decent market activity and I was very profitable with my own personal trading during these 5 days. However, after reviewing each trade which they sent out, I noticed that they all seemed like logical trades which simply did not yield much profit during these particular 5 days. Judging from what I have seen (assuming the 5 day trial period represents how they normally trade), it seems as though Robbie is a "defensive" trader who is able to limit loss and then recognize profitable periods in order to go “offensive” and maximize profit. This is, however, simply an assumption based not on profits seen during the trial period, but rather based on the fact that the losses were minimal. I have tested some bad services that exist out there and witnessed some pretty horrible draw-downs as a result of losing trades. I cannot vouch for the profitability of the signals provided by; however, it seems like they know how to keep losses to a minimum. I only wish that I was able to witness how they are able to generate profit during strong periods.

As for the customer service, I have no complaints. My emails were answered in a timely manner and they were kind enough to offer me this 5 day trial. They offer phone and Skype communication as well! Try contacting a random signal service via email and ask them for their phone number and address. HA!

I received signals via email and did not test their trading software which allows automatic trade placement by their trader. Because most of these trades were opened and closed within 24 hours, as well as because of time differences which mean that trades are often placed in the middle of the night, I would recommend this option unless you are able to place trades at any time day or night 24/7.

Overall, many inexperienced traders “test” signal services for a short period and then complain if no significant profits are gained. seems to offer an experienced trading style which keeps losses small while waiting for opportunities to bring in profit which, if I am correct in assuming the above, would make this signal service very profitable over the course of weeks, months, and years.

I plan on buying a membership in the near future in order to further test their service.

Marty S, scottsdale, USA

Date of Post:2014-04-03
Review: I've been a member here for the last year as I try out several aggressive bots and strategies. Like Robbie told me, those systems did fail and HFS is the only thing that's been profitable on my account of 7 different trade sources!

The nice thing about this service is they are really in it for the long run. No big upfront cost or desperate style trading. They are the real deal.

Avg pips for me has been 500+ most months, some months bigger, and losing months very reasonable. Excellent profitability with real professional trader(s) instead of the gambler traders! Happy trading!

Bradley G, Cherry Valley, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-22
Review: As you know there are MANY fx signal services out there and I have tried plenty. I do not usually leave reviews as most are just junk and everyone knows it. Sure hfs will have some losing trades as anyone does but there win rate is greater so I cant complain. This is one of the few that I have made money with. Robbie is definitely a great trader! Im not sure who Michael is as another member reviewed about, I think they only have one trader?


Ronald Shawn, Malad City, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-22
Review: There are a few major advantages to this signal service which I will list:
-Trades never have big DD. Always closed out quickly for nice profit or small loss.

-Sales people are VERY upfront. They do not tell you that you are going to get rich trading FX with small account or some cr** like that.

-Customer service is VERY responsive.

-I'm 63 and had no problem setting up the trade copier and I hate installing computer programs.

-Profiting 5/6 months since I have been a member for over $30,000 in profits so far.
(over 3,000 pips)

Happy to be a reference or help to any new HFS members. Happy trading all.


Baher, Newcastle, Australia

Date of Post:2014-03-20
Review: These guys are liars; first thing they claim is about a fairy trader "Michael" who has great results: they definitely use a nasty EA only trades GBPUSD automatically putting SL 50 pips and TP 40 pips. and once it gets stopped out; the stupid EA just goes again and again against the move until it performs.

They're charging some $160-170.00/ month with a money back guarantee; they didn't honour their money back guarantee, and they kept me going until they charged me the following month fee, for no service.

Honestly I don't care about the money they charged, or the money they lost from my account; just be wary of them; never join this scam.

If you need email evidence to show me asking for the money back, or credit card charges, or even their lousy performance; I'll happily provide these.

All the best :)
Comment: Added by Tony L on 2014-03-21 09:32
  LOL. I really enjoy these reviews because they are so easy to tear apart.

1. Our trader named Michael. What?! Michael is in support. Where does it say he is a trader?
2. "$160-$170 a month". It's $177 a Month. That's it. Where does it say we have a variable price?
3. We have verified returns the last 3 years of over 20,000 Pips. You were a member for one month and you are talking about "lousy performance" a profitable month?
You should quit Forex now buddy... you will never find what you are looking for if you aren't happy with us. Good luck.

Felix, Moscow , Russian Federation

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-03-19
Review: Update.
Got my refund some two days after leaving this review. I was asked to delete the FPA review for a full refund, but given the amount of rapturously fake reviews here and false accusations of me blackmailing Tony demanding a Western Union transaction, I decided not to do it.
I've never asked any Western Union transactions and never used this money transfer sistem. Thank god I've been able to win back all HFS losses trading on my own. So now pig is happy and going to return to mud-rolling.
P.S. Never get mixed up with signal services, especially non- transparent ones.

2014-02-11 1 Star I was unlucky enough to join this "company" in October. Don't know about 2013 as a whole, but their October and early November trading was utter rubbish. Seems they just randomly place trades completely disregarding macroeconomic events and major news announcements, losing 50+ pips and making some 39 pips.
A few trades were placed without stops, so losses could have been even greater for some.
HFS site is absolutely hollow, no live myfxbook, no chatrooms. All attempts to talk about their trading strategy ended up with Tony emailing how many millions of dollars they have made and spam messages offering super Forex indicators...
Apparently they are using fake reviews here to lure as many credulous clients as possible.
The fact they've been delaying my refund (despite all proofs of payment, such as transaction ID and emails from PayPal) since November once again proves they are scammers.
I can provide to the moderation team one of the recent messages from Tony, where he reported in a mocking manner that he could not refund me, because such account does not exist...
In fact I can provide all messages from Tony and his associates as well as from PayPal support.
This company is a bunch of lyres and they stole my money.

Comment: Added by Tony L on 2014-02-12
Yes, a bunch of "lyres" with happy customers and 4 years in business in an industry where most signal services last 3-6 months. Over 20,000 Verified Pips....Hmm, we must be doing something right. :-)

Instead of rolling with the pig in the mud and replying to your ridiculous claims, I invite anyone (specifically the FPA) to contact us to view your emails demanding we send you PayPal or Western Union to Russia for your non-existent transaction of ever being a member of our service. As you know Felix, you were NOT a member. Ever.

Good luck Felix. You really need it...

Thomas Franklin, Savannah GA, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-15
Review: This is my absolute FAVORITE signal service because I've been a member of so many and so disappointed. They have such a cut and dry, non-hype approach to FX.

If you call them, they will tell you exactly what to expect and not that they make a million pips and that crap.

First week I lost 50ish pips, then next week made 300, then made my $10K account into over $15K in about two months.  

Very easy to use trade copier. Much easier then managed accounts or robots and totally stand-up bunch. 

They are the real deal. Thx.

Helme, Germany, Germany

Date of Post:2014-03-13
Review: I send you a bunch of emails 14 days to all your email adresses and ask for a refund - no feedback from you

it's so funny
Whenever a bad review is made
immediately afterwards a lot of good reviews are follow

2014-03-10 1Star I am very disappointed about this service
- questions are not answered
- they didnt send me a statement from last year
- they didnt paid me the money back
- no refund
- no money back garantie

Comment: Added by Tony L on 2014-03-12
Dear Helme: You can call us 5 days a week, or email us 7-days a week. Our support is top-tier. It is unfortunate you have chosen to leave a review here rather then attempt to engage in human communication. Your membership has been terminated. We wish you the best!
Rebuttal: Added by Tony L on 2014-03-13 10:48
  You are the last review Helme. The other previous reviews were 3-11 and 2-24. You have no idea what you are talking about, just like your initial review. Nor have you contacted us STILL. Even a reply to my last email to you. Unbelievable.

tucker j., bakersfield calif, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-11
Review: Killer service compared to all the others I've used over the last FIVE YEARS Trading with ea/s and BAD traders who come and go. Proud member here and there's a reason why they've lasted. Real trading, not over trading people accts. Good copier script too
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