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Last Updated: 2016-07-28
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Lucas, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-06-01
Review: So apparently only good reviews should come from the UK... I wish I could give one, but I can't. This service is not good.
And no, I'm not the same guy as the reviewers before me. Mate, more than 60 million people live in this country!
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-06-28 10:33
  No members with your name in the UK, nor are you really a member or you'd attach any type of proof or contact our support. Another lovely competitor or troll. If anyone has any issues receiving trades anytime, call or email our support, 7 days a week. We help our members and 90% of them make big pips and love it. If you're serious, do contact us so we can help you. Thank you. - Ken

Georgio, Limassol, Cyprus

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-05-31
Trading the Spot FX Market for over 6 years now. I have utilized EAs and Signals services since 2010. I made the mistake my first year of attempting to trade the market purely from my own technical analysis as an amateur trader. That was a very foolish mistake.
HFS trading has been very fruitful for me. 7 winning months. 1 losing month. Winning months have been 300-1100 Pips. All intra-day action from Robbie. The trade copier is lightening fast.
I have never had any slippage and my brokerage is known to have some "issues" at times.

Very happy trader, or copier I should say!

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star Rating removed.

The wording of the posts from Georgio, Limassol Cyprus on 2016-05-31 and Henry Thompson, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2016-06-14 are identitical.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-06-28 10:33
  We have no members with this name.

Rubicon, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-05-24
Review: Another funny positive reviews from the USA...
I work in the financial sector in the City. One of my relatives told me about this... thing, he was confused by the absolutes that appear in the reviews here. Someone obviously must be lying.
I had a look at their website, saw in the first minute that they are lightweight, and that it is 90% that the positive reviews are not telling the truth. But my relative was still hoping - as financial amateurs do, and this is the hope I think honestforexsignals are building themselves upon -, so I decided I give them a go on a demo account - I can justify their membership fee to my employer, so it doasn't cost a penny to my poor family member.
After 6 months I can tell you guys, they are profitable, but they are massively lying about their profit. They made about 470 pips in the last 5 months.
My advice: avoid them! If you really want to try them, have at least a 10K or more account, and use fix 0.3-0.4 lot size if you want to be a little profitable. It still won't give you a big return (average less than 100 pips/month), and it is an extremely bad investment, but they probably won't wope out your account either.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-05-30 07:48
  You continue to troll us with fake reviews from the UK, under names that have never been a member of the service. We are verified by our brokerage and, you are an internet troll. Find something better to do with your time!

SpotFX4life, Southern California, USA

Date of Post:2016-05-22
Review: I've been a member of honest Forex signals for awhile now and must say how impressed I continue to be! 8 winning months, 2 losing months, over 5000 Pips, and no hidden fees, up-sales, or anything. Just easy to use trade copier software. Can't complain! My only wish is that Robbie still conducted education seminars outside of just locally in South Africa. Hint hint ;)

LeAnne Cross, Missouri, USA

Date of Post:2016-05-17
Review: Cannot speak more highly of the trading and support from this service. Their trade copier actually works first of all - most do NOT!

I have made 884 pips in the two subscription months (meaning 60 days) of being a member here. VERY good! Thank you Rob and Ken! True professionals.

Mark Sermen, Avalon, USA

Date of Post:2016-05-10
Review: I am signed up for 60 days today and I received over 50 trades and net over 500 pips in April alone.

Jerry K., Santa Barbara, USA

Date of Post:2016-05-06
Review: Robbie is an intra-day trader who generally takes 1-3 trades daily.
I find his trading style to be relatively sophisticated because of his entry/exit points are so timed, etc.
He has been capable of achieving 200+ Pips a week most weeks in the 8 weeks I have been a member. The worst week was a small loser, and the first 3-4 week I was a member we hit close to 1000 Pips. With limited FX investment options in the US, this signal service is definitely one of the most genuine Forex services I have found and I do recommend them wholeheartedly.

Benedek, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-05-02
Review: I was signed up from 4th of February for 2 months. All togeather 158 pip.
Their pip counter was showing 633pip till the end of January and 2125till the end of March. Instead of 1500pip, 158pip
So after this you can decide weather they honest or not.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-05-07 11:11
  What a surprise! More fake negative reviews from the same person in the UK. You really need a new hobby other then trolling us!

Mojo, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-05-02
Review: Yeah, me, too. 27 pips in April. Around 300 pips in 2016 although they claim (without real proof) 2121 pips only till March. Old results, no genuine, widely accepted, and most importantly FREE (mfxbook for example) live account tracking, their brokerage just doesn't respond to any enquiries, they refuse to accept FPA's challenge of the performance testing program. I wonder why...?
They keep saying they have ridiculous amounts of pips, they are verified, and they have hundreds of members over the Moon, but which of their statements come with actual proof...?
Investigate carefully and listen to your guts before giving them money. I'm finished with them.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-05-07 11:11
  What a surprise! More fake negative reviews from the same person in the UK. You really need a new hobby other then trolling us!

Badar Sayed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Date of Post:2016-04-09
Review: Excellent accurate nice signal.
Ken talks to me whenever I need the assistance even though it can be very late / or early for him in U.S.A. while it is different time of course here in U.A.E. Signals have produced 1000+ Pip some month! DD very low because of intra-day trade style not keep trade open for long time. Very pleased with the membership I have purchased of this Forex EA Signals Service trader Robbie Newton!
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