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Last Updated: 2016-04-11
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Fynn, Budapest, Hungary

Date of Post:2015-12-20
Review: Ad hoc trades. Looks like they are random. More than half of their trades are losing, they are making around 100 pips a month but not by using a sustainable system, but by great cost, and it doesn't work, because with small lot sizes just doesn't give you enough money, with big lot sizes causes big ups and downs, and you have to re-adjust the risk multiplier level all the time. I don't recommend them, they are lying about their results, they are deleting their trades from the member area, they are saying that you are missing trades, whilst you have the same trades on the slave account than they do on the master - when they don't delete it -, and when you ask them from a different email for a performance statement, they just do not answer. I CHALLENGE YOU NOW HONEST FOREX SIGNALS TO WRITE DOWN HERE YOUR RESULTS IN PIPS FROM THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS! Then I'll post my screenshots about the results on your master account (they delete them every day now, but I'm quick at shooting the screen... :) )
Let's make this whole situation clear!

Kirk Rodgers, Boulder City, USA

Date of Post:2015-12-20
Review: My review of Honest Forex Signals as follows...

Trading: The service delivers about 200-800 pips a month over the course of 9 months I have been a member. This is PHENOMENAL considering the FX markets inherit risk...

Trader Style: Which brings me to this section.
Robbie uses an intra-day trading style that allows him to risk/reward about 50 pips on each trade. The reason I like his trading so much is because he is not a scalper taking 5-10 pips, and I have never ONCE seem him lose more then 70 pips on a trade. He does not "Chase the bus" he waits for another one as he tells me. It's highly impressive and I'd rather make fewer pips on a slow day then have more risk and have bad trades.
It's pay off big for me... I have doubled my account since inception and more. (I trade very conservative as well... .30 on $10KUSD account.

Support: They don't always, always answer the phone... but what signal service even has a phone number? They answer VERY fast compared to any FX Signals company I have ever used. I'm very happy with it.

Software: The trade copier can be very, very easy to use - and it also has advanced features which are very nice if you want to customize things, etc.

Recommendation: Strongly recommend this service to compliment your trading. I am very glad I did.

Trent P., Minnesota, USA

Date of Post:2015-12-19
Review: The service is a very good value. I am averaging 400-600 pips per month. I am very pleased with this service and am growing my account rapidly. I strongly recommend this service to serious Forex traders!

Honest, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-12-18
Review: Bad signals. In 6 months I couldn't figure out their strategy. Looks like they are guessing only, and they make a living catching subscribers for a couple of months. Not recommended at all.

Kyle Tremblay, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2015-12-17
Review: Taking into consideration that I have tried almost every FX ea/copier/robot I would say I have a lot of experience with MANY companies. I can not say enough positive things about Honest FX. Service and trades are like no other company around. I am still to this day shocked that they reply to emails so quickly and call me back if I have a question. I have been running this trade copier for 5 months and I am overall in profit by far. December has been a bit slow however that is sort of expected with the holidays. I anticipate a great 2016 with Honest Forex Signals. K.T.

Adeel Rajput, Sahiwal, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-12-15
Review: I have been using this service from few months and so far it is green pips that are coming to my account. I am confident that they will continue to provide good signals and make traders happier. :)

Tirol, Linz, Austria

Date of Post:2015-12-10
Review: 70-120 pips a month. You have to have at least 10K account, or you have to run it on an extreme risk multiplier level just to get the monthly fee back. But even that is a struggle. No surprise they don`t provide a live account, nor do they join to the performance test. I`ll be joining with a couple of interesting pictures to the forum, where other disappointed customers have already posted some screenshots.

Abdullah, New Yprk, USA

Date of Post:2015-12-09
Review: Have been trading with Robbie for months now and results are phenomenal. Find it very hard for some of these other people to actually be trading with this service. I will be a long term client for sure.

TrustMe, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-12-06
Review: Winning and losing months after each other, around 100 pips average monthly. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out their strategy, timescale, etc. As if they didn't really have one. If this is a trader's best after being on the market for a couple of years, I'm not surprised they are trying to make a living by a signal service... Also not surprised why they don't want to join to FPA's performance test challenge. You've got to have a huge account or copy their signals with an insane level of the multiplier to make it work.

Zenu, , United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-12-05
Review: Odd trades and far less pips then they claim.
Interesting to follow the forum as well...
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