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Last Updated: 2015-05-14
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Charlie Garow, Bolton, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-02-14
Review: Very good service provided by H.F.S. I always receive signals each week anywhere from 2-10. This depends on the conditions of markets. There are a few things that matter the most to me. They are very professional (reliable signals, accurate, and a lot of support) and also honest.This service is something I enjoy very much and I gained many pips since trading with this service.

Charlie F. C., London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-01-13
Review: I first subscribed for a month wanting to trial the service, but due to a technical problem on MY part I lost service for 3 days. I contacted them and gathered the pips for the 3 days I missed and tallied these with the trades I did receive and was thoroughly impressed. It was profitable and performed well in the time I used it so I have then extended my service with them. Great trading so far. Appreciate the risk management not being too aggressive in comparison to comparable providers.

Ricardo, , Portugal

Date of Post:2015-01-13
Review: I'm real person, trying to survive in the forex market, like many others. I've subscribed with them after some research (not enough now) in the FPA rating. I basically threw away 150 euros from my window...
Stay away from them, they're SCAMMERS.

- The good reviews claiming big wins in this last 3 months are all fake. They don't match with history.
- The trade history inside the subscription is limited to 3 months, why? If they are so proud of all their history...
- It's not a real trader that places the trades, it's a EA. You can see trades placed along the 24 hours. That's human impossible.
- Read the refund policy carefully before sign with them.
- The costumer service is rude. Just read some replies here. That's no way to talk to a client.
- They keep telling in the site and when you subscribe to be patient, to try the service etc. That's true in the forex market. But not with them. They really don't care about you, they just wan't you to keep you paying month after month. That's how they win their money.

Like Marek says, there's clearly a pattern here with the fake 4 and 5 stars reviews.
Rebuttal: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-01-15 12:44
  Dear Ricardo:

I would like to address each of your concerns and clarify your mass confusion...

-You claim reviews are "fake" but have no evidence to substantiate this whatsoever. If you can provide this, please let me know. Checking the last 10 reviews, I can easily locate 90% of them in our membership database as we located you.

-You joined the service on 12/21. Your review was left a mere three weeks after the service AND most of the trades you received were during the Holidays.

-"Robbie is not a real trader"
I don't even know how to address this.

-Our customer service is available 7 days a week and is in the top tier of FX customer service. That's a VERY rare complaint to hear from anyone.

-Our 20,000 Verified Pips in the last four years of our service are verified by our broker, and 3rd party verification services. It's clear as day.

Your membership will be terminated and you will be Refunded in full.

We do not do business with people as unprofessional as yourself. I say wholeheartedly that you will never find success in trading when you are so quick to look for flaws in legitimate services with hundreds of happy clients. Good luck!

marek, Inverness, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-01-10
Review: And never ending 5 star reviews after some negative appears, quickly post few after my reply scammers as you can only make money on people paying subscription fee and having satisfaction when people lose money in their trading accounts.
I should finish the case when I took you to court here in FPA, you need to prove your 700 paying customers, that is not true for sure ! I got my refund only when asked in payment gate, theyve refunded me.

People please do a good reserch on the internet about these scammers.

The sad part is that most people you scammed does not even know about places like FPA so they do not see what you really are.

FPA please post this review for me and do something to stop them from scamming more people.
Thank you.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-01-15 12:47
  Dear Marek:

You continue to leave reviews suggesting we are a "scam" with no evidence of this and piles of evidence on our website, 3rd party verification sites, and happy clients suggesting the contrary.

Your ridiculous unsubstantiated statements simply make you look foolish.

Good luck.

Frances H., Fontana, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-26
Review: Purchased the trade copier and email alerts after reading many reviews of their service. I have now been a trader with the Honest Forex Signals going on 90 days. Other than a few days around the USA holidays I have had nearly 1-3 trades per day with great end results. I can say that this is one of the supreme signal services out there. Have tried many but none offer the support and trades of Robbie.

Grant Cummings, Virginia, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-03
Review: Signals are very accurate. Robbie takes a couple trades a day so the exposure is so much more limited then the high risk stuff

I've been able to score a few hundred pips a month and I usually close out trades @ 30-40 pips because I am more conservative then most traders.

I recommend this service to my fellow traders who are looking for a professional approach to this highly aggressive and speculative financial marketplace.

Andrea Carpone, Belmont, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-02
Review: Honest Forex Signals is indeed a genuine group of Forex traders who really delivers a much more personalized service. I'm very happy with what I've seen. Not every week is profitable, but I've made over $10000 USD on my account since beginning and any type I've had issues Ken or Mike has replied to my email the same day resolving everything. Out of 15+ service I've tried, they are the best. Not a holy grail for sure, but profitable and really do stay with you after they take your money. :)

Bob, , Thailand

Date of Post:2014-12-02
Review: I was anticipating a good service -but unfortunately the trades which I have received have been losing at an unacceptable rate -on top of the very high subscription -it just doesnt make sense.
From their website: "The best trader I have ever seen" -referring to Robbie -the guy who does the trading(or not?)......
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-01-15 12:48
  Dear Bob:

Checking your membership, you purchased a trial membership and were a member for about a week.

You need to learn about the Forex market and how to properly evaluate trading performance.

If you want a get rich quick system that over trades the market and will blow out your account, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere!

Good luck. :)

D. Fernandes, Algarve, Portugal

Date of Post:2014-11-23
Review: After all good reviews I was excited with this service, so I emailed them with a couple questions. Unfortunately I never got an answer and now I revice what I consider spam. I consider comunication very important in this kind of services and when comunication doesn't exists I only can give a negative review.
Another fact is that the only way to verify their results is with their broker. Happens that if you search about their broker you will not find very good reviews.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2014-11-28 12:35
  Hello Mr/Ms Fernandes: I'm sorry if we did not get your message. I checked our support desk / email system and could not find any emails from someone with your surname. Additionally, you can call us, 5-days a week and speak to someone as well. Lastly, our results are verified by the broker and, and we had a MyFXBook + Investor Password with our previous broker that's currently available for members but not prospects, and you can contact us for additional proof as well.

In the future, I recommend taking a bit more effort into communicating / due diligence if you intend to be successful trading the challenging yet highly rewarding Forex market :-)


JJ Rosales , Hesperia, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-10
Review: Fascistic company. Love working with them. They have very well customer service and email support. They are quick at answering any questions you may have. They are respectful and very trustworthy. It has been an honor working with them. Will definitely be a customer for life. I haven't seen this good of trading in a while.
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