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Last Updated: 2015-04-23
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marek, Inverness, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-01-10
Review: And never ending 5 star reviews after some negative appears, quickly post few after my reply scammers as you can only make money on people paying subscription fee and having satisfaction when people lose money in their trading accounts.
I should finish the case when I took you to court here in FPA, you need to prove your 700 paying customers, that is not true for sure ! I got my refund only when asked in payment gate, theyve refunded me.

People please do a good reserch on the internet about these scammers.

The sad part is that most people you scammed does not even know about places like FPA so they do not see what you really are.

FPA please post this review for me and do something to stop them from scamming more people.
Thank you.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-01-15 12:47
  Dear Marek:

You continue to leave reviews suggesting we are a "scam" with no evidence of this and piles of evidence on our website, 3rd party verification sites, and happy clients suggesting the contrary.

Your ridiculous unsubstantiated statements simply make you look foolish.

Good luck.

Frances H., Fontana, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-26
Review: Purchased the trade copier and email alerts after reading many reviews of their service. I have now been a trader with the Honest Forex Signals going on 90 days. Other than a few days around the USA holidays I have had nearly 1-3 trades per day with great end results. I can say that this is one of the supreme signal services out there. Have tried many but none offer the support and trades of Robbie.

Grant Cummings, Virginia, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-03
Review: Signals are very accurate. Robbie takes a couple trades a day so the exposure is so much more limited then the high risk stuff

I've been able to score a few hundred pips a month and I usually close out trades @ 30-40 pips because I am more conservative then most traders.

I recommend this service to my fellow traders who are looking for a professional approach to this highly aggressive and speculative financial marketplace.

Andrea Carpone, Belmont, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-02
Review: Honest Forex Signals is indeed a genuine group of Forex traders who really delivers a much more personalized service. I'm very happy with what I've seen. Not every week is profitable, but I've made over $10000 USD on my account since beginning and any type I've had issues Ken or Mike has replied to my email the same day resolving everything. Out of 15+ service I've tried, they are the best. Not a holy grail for sure, but profitable and really do stay with you after they take your money. :)

Bob, , Thailand

Date of Post:2014-12-02
Review: I was anticipating a good service -but unfortunately the trades which I have received have been losing at an unacceptable rate -on top of the very high subscription -it just doesnt make sense.
From their website: "The best trader I have ever seen" -referring to Robbie -the guy who does the trading(or not?)......
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-01-15 12:48
  Dear Bob:

Checking your membership, you purchased a trial membership and were a member for about a week.

You need to learn about the Forex market and how to properly evaluate trading performance.

If you want a get rich quick system that over trades the market and will blow out your account, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere!

Good luck. :)

D. Fernandes, Algarve, Portugal

Date of Post:2014-11-23
Review: After all good reviews I was excited with this service, so I emailed them with a couple questions. Unfortunately I never got an answer and now I revice what I consider spam. I consider comunication very important in this kind of services and when comunication doesn't exists I only can give a negative review.
Another fact is that the only way to verify their results is with their broker. Happens that if you search about their broker you will not find very good reviews.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2014-11-28 12:35
  Hello Mr/Ms Fernandes: I'm sorry if we did not get your message. I checked our support desk / email system and could not find any emails from someone with your surname. Additionally, you can call us, 5-days a week and speak to someone as well. Lastly, our results are verified by the broker and, and we had a MyFXBook + Investor Password with our previous broker that's currently available for members but not prospects, and you can contact us for additional proof as well.

In the future, I recommend taking a bit more effort into communicating / due diligence if you intend to be successful trading the challenging yet highly rewarding Forex market :-)


JJ Rosales , Hesperia, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-10
Review: Fascistic company. Love working with them. They have very well customer service and email support. They are quick at answering any questions you may have. They are respectful and very trustworthy. It has been an honor working with them. Will definitely be a customer for life. I haven't seen this good of trading in a while.

James Xing, Springfield, USA

Date of Post:2014-10-28
Review: I am a member for now of one year and have had 10 winning month and 2 losing month. The delivery of signals is excellent with their copier. I average 400-500+ pips most months on my standard account with FXCM. Thank you.

Steven Harper, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-10-26
Review: This service is a very valuable asset to a serious Forex traders who are not looking to get rich quick overnight. That, is not possible. You will have losing months in this market. I have learned that the hard way before as well.

Reading this website, you can likely already see the difference between Honest Forex and many other Forex trading services on the internet today.

Months since beginning the service.


These are great numbers to folks who are aware of the huge challenges of trading FX consistently.

I have no replaced 75% of my own trading with Honest Forex, and made about £80,000 on my account since I have added Honest Forex to it. (I began with about half that, and previously lost much of it to other systems, etc).

This service has definitely allowed me to take many cheques from my brokerage account I was not before(!).

I am a very happy member and hope to be for many years to come.


Steven Harper

Edward Del Valle, california, USA

Date of Post:2014-10-22
Review: I have been following and using "honest forex signals" for over 3 months now. and to be "honest" so far i feel that they are not being "honest" with the way they are posting their historical data and with the claims that Ken make in his email to prospective client.

I wrote him an email acting like i was a new client interested in knowing how much they have made every month and every time he has lied.

He is claiming that so far this month they are up over 200 pips when in fact they are -37.6 pips for this month. they haven't even had 200 pips in winning trades this month even if we didn't count the losers.
here is a cut and paste of the results off their trade copier site for this month thus far (10/22/2014). the PL= the profit or the loss in pips. 8 trades have been taken so far this month 3 were losers and 5 were winners.

October, 2014
3664 6870893 Close EURUSD SELL 2014-10-22
05:50:58 1.27230 0.1 - - 2014-10-22
11:02:45 1.26949
PL: 28.1 pips (32.01 AUD)
3664 6868463 Close EURUSD SELL 2014-10-20
08:47:23 1.27543 0.1 1.28250
70.7 pips - 2014-10-21
07:56:32 1.28250
PL: -70.7 pips (-80.15 AUD)
3664 6862781 Close EURUSD BUY 2014-10-14
01:03:37 1.27408 0.1 1.26900
50.8 pips - 2014-10-14
10:14:41 1.26900
PL: -50.8 pips (-57.93 AUD)
3664 6861861 Close NZDJPY SELL 2014-10-13
01:14:48 83.800 0.1 - - 2014-10-13
04:54:00 84.229
PL: -42.9 pips (-45.94 AUD)
3664 6860686 Close USDCAD BUY 2014-10-10
01:28:30 1.11878 0.1 - - 2014-10-10
06:44:56 1.11946
PL: 6.8 pips (6.93 AUD)
3664 6859826 Close NZDUSD BUY 2014-10-09
01:09:56 0.78978 0.1 - - 2014-10-09
07:58:24 0.79459
PL: 48.1 pips (54.16 AUD)
3664 6858671 Close EURUSD BUY 2014-10-07
04:54:07 1.26171 0.1 - - 2014-10-07
10:36:02 1.26470
PL: 29.9 pips (33.99 AUD)
3664 6856244 Close EURCAD SELL 2014-10-02
01:17:57 1.40860 0.1 - - 2014-10-02
04:29:41 1.40721
PL: 13.9 pips (14.24 AUD)

September was also a bad losing month yet 5 star reviewers on this site are claiming they had winning months. those are fake reviews.. that makes me distrust all the 5 star reviews on this site.

i have been trading for over 7 years and i was testing this system with only $5 dollars pips. (i trade up to 200 per pips on my personal trades) and so far i have not made money in the last three months.. after all the good trades and bad trade im still over -200 pips down in the last three months. plus the $177 per month.

I trade mostly the dragon (GBP/JPY) and i know how hard it is to make money in this business. the worst day trading i have had i lost $7000 and the best i made $14000. so no one has to tell me about bad trading months and about how you cant always make money in this business..... but when you call yourself "honest Forex signal" and you start give bogus and downright false information to people who want proof of the actual trade history then i think they lose ALL credibility.

just like all the other one star reviewers on this site, i could not find ANY proof of the all the claims that they have made 4500 pips years to date. If that really happened you would think they would be happy to share the proof.

in my opinion and from the trades that i have seen Robbie take; he is a lousy and risky trader. i never risk more than the profit I'm aiming to take yet Robie constantly risks 2 or 3 time more than the profit he is taking. than doesn't make sense. If HFS wants to stay in business they need to replace him or he need to improve ASAP. Most of time he has the direction of the trade right but his entries are lousy. I dont know what trading method he uses and quite "honestly" i don't care because so far it hasn't made me any money. Ken told me in an email that he doesn't have time to answer everybody because he has 800 customers.... man if that was true that means they are making almost $150,000 a month. good for them. that's good. they should take part of that money and hire a very good trader.... not Robbie.

I have not asked for a refund so i can't say if they would actually give me one but i will keep using their service and if result change by the end of the year i will post a new review.

Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2014-10-24 07:48
  Sadly, a member like yourself lacks the confidence to find yourself successful in the highly-challenging, yet highly rewarding Forex market.

- Our traders are verified by
Which along with the FPA and MyFXBook, is one of the most respectable FX verification services on the internet.

- We're also verified by two respectable, and regulated FX brokerages.

We also have hundreds of positive reviews.

So people can be the judge, it is very clear that we would simply not be able to be in business for 4+ years if we were running some type of sham.

Our verified results speak for itself, and being a member for 30-60 days and calling the trading "bad" is laughable.

I do wish you the best. =)

Ken Dempsey
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