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Last Updated: 2014-10-21
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Sandra Blackhorse, Rapid City, USA

Date of Post:2014-08-03
Review: Sweet signals!
I joined these guys because I emailed 7 different signal services the same questions and they were the only one that actually replied to my questions and treated me like more then a sale. I really like them and have made about $15,000 since starting trading. Happy camper here :)

Jerry Packwood, Hurricane Mills TN, USA

Date of Post:2014-08-02
Review: They really do go above and beyond for members which is really nice. When I originally contemplated being a member, I remember my conversation with the sales guy very distinctly... That they were a SERIOUS signal service for traders looking to make reasonable profits, consistency, and not some Binary scam.

The service has delivered 300-700 Pips every month since I've been a member and is exactly what I was looking for.

This is a real Forex business and I'm very glad they are around. It's clearly a big difference working with a website like FPA, a big broker like FXCM, or a signal service like HFS then working with one of these dog gone chop shops that comes and goes in 3 months!

Recommend this service.


Ben Lavi, Hadera, Israel

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-07-09
Review: I have asked again and again on the e-mail for any 3rd verify account from an official website like mt4i, etc on there performances, no one answered, so I ask you here, is anyone can publish is own 3-4 months performances on Honest forex signals? it seems that they don't want to give me an answer on that matter.

Oliver White, Bristol, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-06-21
Review: The HonestForexSignals delivers truly unparalleled service from a Forex Signals Service on the Internet.

The integrity of this operation is what truly distinguishes it from websites that are alive for less then a month for going away.

But they are ALL BUSINESS when it comes to making PIPS!!

Months have been:

Very good trading and always able to talk to me.

Really not much more to say.

Oliver White
FX Amateur Trader
Bristol, England

Bryan, Summerlin Nevada, USA

Date of Post:2014-06-16
Review: Phenomenal service by Mike and Tony. Robbie executes roughly 1-3 trades per day, however there can be days of down time if he does not like what the markets are doing- which is probably a good move. I have been linked with these gentlemen for 4 months now and cant offer anything but good news.

Richard Hadley, Powell Ohio, USA

Date of Post:2014-06-16
Review: Made me about $6000 of the $8000 I've made on mt $10,000 USD account I funded in the beginning of this year with FXCM. Happy camper here. The returns are consistent and the trading is always pretty much the same.

These guys are straightforward about what to expect and don't hype up, or say they always win, etc. It's the real deal, all the time. Could not be happier. I'm not going to get rich trading Forex because I only have a $10K account but I can still make excellent returns with my own trading a few times a month and HFS consistently sending winners! A+

Karlgene, Makati, Philippines

Date of Post:2014-06-11
Review: I purchased this signal last May 6,2014 and installed it on my MT4 account.

But up until may 13 I noticed that I keep receiving notifications through my email that either a position has been opened/closed by HFS yet I did not see that it was executed in my terminal which is running 24/7.

On May 14, I sent an email to them stating my problem. They emailed after a few hours and we tried to troubleshoot what the problem is. We exchanged a couple of emails and still no luck to fix the problems. They made their last email until May 16.

So on May 22, I have decided to request for a refund since I wasn't able to maximize their signal because of unknown issues on their end. Our of exchanges of email shown below.

Hi Lee,

Unfortunately we only refund based on strict accordance with our guarantee which requires you to be able to not make money with the service.
(See our "Join" page).

ALL trades are manually entered by Robbie OR triggered by one of his MANUAL indicators on his platform which he monitors almost 14 hours a day, extremely diligently.

Warm regards,

I read that 31 day money back guarantee before I joined HFS. Technically,
I'm not making any money at all since the trade copier failed to copy its position in my MT4 account.
I gave it a week if it can be fixed following Mike's instruction but still no success.

I do not want my 177$ investment go into thin air without even profiting from HFS.
I'm not saying that this Signal is not working but I think that there is some technical problems here that can't be fixed.
Multiple positions are opened/closed as seen on my email notifications yet it did not reflect on my account.

With this, I do still ask for a refund.

Thank you.

Hi Karl,

Yes, but in our terms / user agreement you are indeed required to trade the system...
The system works and therefore you are required to use it as it costs HFS money to create your license, etc.
The refund policy is very rarely used as well but rules must be followed.

Warm regards,

I'm 24/7 using the system an it's all up and running day and night but the problem was your Copy Trader was not executing anything in my system. Whose problem is it now?

In your agreement it is said Satisfaction Guaranteed, well I am not a satisfied customer that's why I'm demanding for a refund.

Looking forward in resolving this issue soon or else proper procedures will be taken.

Hi Lee,

Please send us the required refund documents and we will be more then happy to assist you.

Thank you!

Hello Sarah,

You can make the refund process through my Paypal account.

Name: Karl
email: *********

I also attached here is the invoice coming form Click2Sell.EU for your reference.

I will be monitoring this process. Thank you for your quick response.

I wish success to you and all the Honest Forex Signal team.

Yet no reply after this So I emailed them again on June 2


Good day.

What is the current status of my refund process?
Have you made the refund to my account already?
Expecting reply from you soon.

and Today June 11,2014...

Tony, Mike & Sarah,

It has been 3 weeks and it seems no action has been made in line with my refund request.
I will now proceed to make necessary steps to let the trading community know the kind of service you have.


That was the experience I had with HONEST FOREX SIGNALS. This should serve as a warning to all traders out there.
Maybe, they wouldn't refund my money after all.

Jarrett Davies, Searchlight, NV, USA

Date of Post:2014-05-29
Review: True straightshooters on all fronts. No wild promises, lack of support, or any of the typical c*** you see with affiliate marketers and general FX / Binary folks EVERYWHERE.

Solid few hundred pips a month. I'm very impressed.


Nigel King, Bradford, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-05-24
Review: This company was very suspicious yet alluring to me when I found them, just as FPA.
Anyone claiming to be the "good guys" in Forex is usually not telling the truth.
Thankfully, HFS, FPA and my two brokers treat me good!!
HFS started off rocky in the very beginning with decent trading then got VERY good, only 2-3 trades a day and around 75% profitable trades.

This guy constantly preaches that he knows how to trades because he doesn't over-trade.
I have been in so many services where the trader is mental and will trade NFP, and any day just to trade.

Robbie is very diligent on his trades, very profitable, and always trades at least 10+ trades a week.

+1469 Pips in 2.5 months I have been a member and I would be happy if they had done half of that too


T.Akira, , Japan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-04-09
Review: This company was kind enough to offer me a 7 day trial (which actually works out to only 5 days with the weekend). Over these 5 days I received approximately 10 signals which I traded on a demo account. These trades resulted in approximately -3 pips. Unfortunately these 5 days were not sufficient for the purpose of reviewing the profitability of their signals. I was slightly disappointed as there was decent market activity and I was very profitable with my own personal trading during these 5 days. However, after reviewing each trade which they sent out, I noticed that they all seemed like logical trades which simply did not yield much profit during these particular 5 days. Judging from what I have seen (assuming the 5 day trial period represents how they normally trade), it seems as though Robbie is a "defensive" trader who is able to limit loss and then recognize profitable periods in order to go “offensive” and maximize profit. This is, however, simply an assumption based not on profits seen during the trial period, but rather based on the fact that the losses were minimal. I have tested some bad services that exist out there and witnessed some pretty horrible draw-downs as a result of losing trades. I cannot vouch for the profitability of the signals provided by; however, it seems like they know how to keep losses to a minimum. I only wish that I was able to witness how they are able to generate profit during strong periods.

As for the customer service, I have no complaints. My emails were answered in a timely manner and they were kind enough to offer me this 5 day trial. They offer phone and Skype communication as well! Try contacting a random signal service via email and ask them for their phone number and address. HA!

I received signals via email and did not test their trading software which allows automatic trade placement by their trader. Because most of these trades were opened and closed within 24 hours, as well as because of time differences which mean that trades are often placed in the middle of the night, I would recommend this option unless you are able to place trades at any time day or night 24/7.

Overall, many inexperienced traders “test” signal services for a short period and then complain if no significant profits are gained. seems to offer an experienced trading style which keeps losses small while waiting for opportunities to bring in profit which, if I am correct in assuming the above, would make this signal service very profitable over the course of weeks, months, and years.

I plan on buying a membership in the near future in order to further test their service.
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