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Last Updated: 2015-08-26
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Gary N. Hardy, Orem Utah, USA

Date of Post:2015-06-13
Review: I'm repeatedly impressed with several elements of the Honest Forex signals experience.

Average trades are around 50 pips which makes it nice to see your positions open/close the same day. I do NOT like long term trading and HFS runs a much lower risk model then the other services I am use to. It's very nice to make a couple hundred pips a week and be done with it on Friday and not have "hanging" positions.

The Trade Copier software..... very easy to use and also VERY customizable if you want to do something more "unique" do to your broker being strict. (Like US brokers) etc.

Customer Service is always very friendly and if they don't answer I always get a call back quickly.

I recommend this service to my fellow traders!


Henry Vann, Chiswick London EN, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-06-04
Review: LOVE this service because I am constantly getting kicked in the ar** trading FX and Robbie's trading approach is very unique.

My results the last few months have been awesome... 300+ Pips every single month.
Most months 500+, best month 698 Pips.

£10,000 account has turned into £27,000 VERY quickly.
I do trade a little aggressive on the Lots but this service is the real deal.

Love it!!!

Henry Vann
Chiswick (London) England, UK.

Kishan Parekh, , United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-06-03
Review: Ok HFS, let`s go through your "proofs" under the proofs section of your website.
1. Amounts of pips back to 2010, proves nothing, letters and numbers after each other.
2. 2013-2015 MIX of Robbie`s trades. PDF document, proves nothing, can be edited and made up easily. And you say this is a mix of trades. What does a mix prove? All or nothing, am I not right?
3. The same, Png format picture, proves nothing. The smiley doesn`t help at all. Between the first and second "proof" there is a logo that claims these are verified by, but they only verify if I pay them. No thanks, there are excellent free services for this purpose.
4. Same, PNG format.
5. Now, this is interesting. A Myfxbook account. Finally. That`s where the proof starts. You are saying it is a 100% profit. Yes. For those who were joined from the first day. For the ones that joined in the summer `13, this is a 100% loss. I would not proudly put it into my proof section...
6. A smarttradefx verification. Emailed them, no response.
7. Html format account statement, claimed to be created by Myfxbook, the link leads to their main page but nothing else.
8. 404 error. Seriously????
9. Html document again, nothing live, easy to fake.
10. I don`t even know what that wants to be, login details coming soon (have been coming for ages...)
11. FXBlue link, leads to no data.
12. HSBC statement, nothing I couldn`t fake create on my phone in 15 minutes.
13. Same as number 10.
14-15. And the Jolly Joker wannabe, a screenshot. Again, nothing that couldn`t be faked in a couple of hours. Nothing live, proven, verified.

So... where are the proofs?
And you banned someone from your future clients, just because he/she pointed that out...
Not mentioned that FPA challenged you 2 times so far to join their performance testing program, no response of willing to do so from your side. That is very informative...
Anyway, Bunty and Daniel haven`t even said they were your clients, in fact it could be assumed from their comments that they weren`t, which leads me to the conlusion that you can not even read properly, which would explain a lot...

Carlos del rio, S.C. de Tenerife, Spain

Date of Post:2015-06-03
Review: I am a cautious person nevertheless I wanted to start my FX trading. I basically contacted with HFS as I was told they are a genuine and reliable signal provider. So far, my experience with them has been positive and I’m pretty happy with results. Their customer service is quick to respond and their shared trades have a come up to be successful for me. I will continue using them.

Jackson H, statesboro georgia, USA

Date of Post:2015-06-01
Review: The reason hfs has been in my traders toolbelt for over three years now is their consistency. They have a huge appeal to serious traders like myself looking to take reasonable gains out of the market. Their support is very attentive and the pips have been 500+ many months, sometimes lower, and losing months are rare and much smaller.

Two words: risk management

No crazy trades with massive stop losses.
They know that they doing and it pays off

I've used over 50 ea's the last 3-4 years and through all of the ea's that have doubled my account super quick, they always have some sort of inevitable meltdown. Here I can leave the copier runnin and don't have to lose sleep!

Recommended service

Daniel Murphy, Guildford, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-05-30
Review: I share Csaba`s opinion. Fast after he posted his comment there came 3 other comments, 5 star each, but no one is providing an evidence. We cannot find real evidence on HFS website, either. This way these are just words, words and words. Which, on their own, mean nothing in the business world.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-06-01 08:32
  @Daniel - We are verified by our broker, ForexVerified, MFB, and Investor Password. Not sure what you want and we don't have a member with your name so I imagine you've never used our service...
Email us if you'd like to trade. Cheers.

Review Moderation Team Note: We again invite Honest Forex Signals to join the FPA's Performance Testing Program.

Bunty, India, India

Date of Post:2015-05-28
Review: Dear HFS Team,

I will tell you a secret. You guys are a bunch of idiots and scammers. You post big profits and provide your contact numbers. But when someone try to contact you through email or phone the calls are always diverted to answer machine.

I have tried calling you plenty of times (during YOUR working hours) but every time call ended on the answering machine. I also tried to leave my contact details so that you can get back to me but nothing happened.

After which I sent you multiple emails asking you what is wrong and why are you guys not serious about doing business or returning calls from prospective clients. But same thing, no reply.

All these are symptoms and habits of PURE SCAMMING team which you are....
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2015-06-01 08:34
  I'll tell you a secret...
You were never a member of our service.
We have no recent new members from India. We have very few members from India actually, out of 700 active members.

As for calling us, I challenge anyone to call or email us and see how promptly we reply. I can't even begin to emphasize what a core element Customer Service of HFS has been since the beginning. I have no idea where your allegations of "PURE SCAMMING" come from and you should perhaps do something more constructive with your time then spam review pages. Good luck.

Al Wayte, Horsham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-05-27
Review: Great service. They restrict membership a little so there's some wait, but the results are great. Only valuable signals get through. Some weeks are better than others, but you can expect a steady couple of hundred pips a month.

Kelterss, , Canada

Date of Post:2015-05-22
Review: I have had a great experience with HFS. I've been doing research for quite some time trying to find something that will best suit my needs, and I am so happy that I've found a home here. The customer service is excellent, and whenever I have questions they respond back so fast, it's scary! An overall amazing experience and would definitely recommend!!

Bojan Savich, Skopje , Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Date of Post:2015-05-11
Review: The results are fantastic and support as well. Honest Forex Signals became my favorite service. I have managed to get an average of a two hundred pips monthly over the past 100 days I have been a member. Recommended.
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