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Last Updated: 2014-04-11
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Note:  September 2011 - Raj Palleti has been replaced by Robbie Newton.

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Ron Aldridge, Bristol, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-02-24
Review: Professional results, with a price an amateur like myself can afford.
I am very impressed with this service as they have a much different approach to FX trading then the other "players" out there. No big DD, fast support, long & impressive track record. Good enough for me!
Made almost £30,000 in 6 months with $177 per month member cost. Yes please!

I recommend them.

Ali F. , London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-02-13
Review: This service has happily met all of my expectations.

-Price is right.
-No mandatory "start charge" like many services. They let you start with the monthly service which is nice.

- Trading is not over trading.
- No excessive trading. Scalping, cost averaging, martingale, or anything like that.
Normal day trading. Non-irratic!

- Support is always accessible. Always replys to my queries fast.

- Software works perfectly. Basic trade copier software - EASY to USE - DOES its job.

- Pips are there. 300-900 Pips each month I have been there.
Only two losing months, eight winning months... That's VERY good in FX!

I have turned my little £5000 spread bet FX account into over £20,000 so I am very pleased!

Thank you trade team.

Graham Marshall, Syracuse, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-07
Review: Company has really exceeded expectations. Made me over 3000pips in about 5 months. First month wasnt great but they picked up huge. Very impressed. Will be long time member.

Peter F., Boston, USA

Date of Post:2014-01-12
Review: Really quality signals, they don't just send out trades for nothing like most places. Each trade you can tell is placed with thought and you only get a few day. The trader is actually spending time on his trades - who would have thought!

I have to say, these guys really do live up to their name.
Been a member Nov, Dec, and now Jan and have been doing very nicely with 400+ Pip months each month since. Really easy money on my $10K Acct and the copier hooks RIGHT up to the FXCM MT4 with free Vps. Winning!

Dennis McCloud, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-15
Review: According to my personal FX Stat, I have gone from being a 45% winning trader to 79% since I joined up with HFS!

That is pretty darn good and the most important things about Robbie is not the fact that he is a "Good" trader / "Winning" trader but it is:

a) He will cut off losing trades with LOW stop losses. No DD!
b) He only takes 2-5 trades a day. Traders lose because they OVER trade.

This guy is really good because of his discipline. Thank you for providing a service for the little guy! Hates off to Robbie, Tony, and team. =)

JD Morris, Maryland, USA

Date of Post:2013-11-27
Review: The signals being offered with the trade copier automation is AMAZING! I am so happy with this service because you get the 3 elements you need that so many lack.

Good trading ( PIPS / PROFIT ), a trade copier that is EASY to use but also WORKS, and Support via phone to help you 7 days a week. THAT's A WIN!

I am up $26,500 USD (before HFS fees) in my FXDD account and I have been with these guys about half a year now.

Way to go Robbie!!

Jeff Zimmerman, Scottsdale, USA

Date of Post:2013-11-23
Review: Love these guys because of the straightforwardness as many others have mentioned.

Results are 200+ Pips many weeks, have had a few 1000 PIP Months, and very few losing periods.

I trade 1.5 Lots and have been able to make some very nice coin with these guys.

The trades all have stop losses and clear targets.
No trades open long time, etc.
Trader and Support Desk always around.

Highly would refer folks here.


Lucy Calano, West Coast, USA

Date of Post:2013-11-15
Review: Robbie-

I am very pleased to be using your service. The trades have been great. Not as many trades as other services but thats ok when they are winners! I am glad to have found HFS.

The trade copier is very fast as well, which is great so you dont miss any pips like the last service I was with.


Jess, Dana Point, USA

Date of Post:2013-11-09
Review: Phenomenal service with great support, cant deny that. Tony is always available to assist with queries. Great trading as well. Thanks

Jas, Northampton, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-28
Review: UPDATE - Emailed HFS about the NFP fiasco and got a reply saying - "Dont know, email Robbie (the trader) and ask him....."

HFS offered me a full refund if i REMOVED my FPA review (again NOT so honest!....)

Again they keep saying how many zillions of pips/dollars they have made - If HFS are so good then PUBLISH ALL OF YOUR PAST RESULTS ON YOUR WEBSITE AND SETUP A LIVE MYFXBOOK from your traders account and let us judge for ourselves rather than sending out meaningless emails or FPA responses that are backed up by nothing!
If you have so many happy members then SETUP A MEMBERS CHATROOM so they can all share their joy and happy stories.

If you DONT do these 2 things then its because you have something to hide.....

2013-10-22 2Star Joined HFS early Sep. The recommended broker in the members area responded to my email 4-5days which time i joined Alpari-UK instead - Maybe HFS should have a word with their broker about customer service....

First trade was 10th Sep. Results so far -

Sep13 (from the 10th) - minus 350pips
Oct13 so far (1st - 22nd) - minus 270 (7 losing trades in a row from 15th-22nd)

So unless the first 9 days of Sep were spectacular Sep was a losing month. Seriously doubt they will turn Oct around now.

They opened a trade this morning and left it open DURING THE NFP announcement at 130pm (schoolboy error!!) Another -50pips and now on 7 losing trades in a row (i could do better tossing coins)

trades are GBPUSD with TP around 30/40 and SL at 50 so guessing they do H1. Problem with the risk/reward ratio is it takes 2 winning trades to wipe out a loss so they really need to reverse the SL/TP values.

Members area of website - Nothing here for existing members. Asked them to post ALL past trades so members can check the copier is working properly and also a chatroom would be useful.

Customer support - Dismissive 3-5 word replies that answer the first question only.

Additional Marketing - I have received 2 emails from a HFS 'partner' offering me a free download of 'an indicator that made 50/75pips yesterday'. Here's the funny bit - HFS themselves LOST 50 pips on both of those days. So why didn't they use these free indicators to make 50 or 75 pips on those days in question!!?? Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot HFS....

Members area does say that HFS have a couple of losing months a year so can someone please confirm year to October results please as HFS still don't publish all their results (so NOT so honest)

I was going to hang on for a few more months but after the NFP fiasco today i might pull the plug now and cut my losses.

I've been trialling/testing other signal services on demo and there's better services out there for alot less money (see FPS tests/reviews)

Comment: Added by Tony L on 2013-10-24
We're very sorry to see you are not satisfied like 95% of our clients as you can see. We have made close to 20,000 Pips to our clients in less then 3 years, and are available for our clients 465 Days a year. If you cannot withstand a very short losing period, etc I do recommend passing on the Forex market. Good luck! :-)
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