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Ralph Parker, Sydney, Australia

Date of Post:2009-06-11
Review: I have bought Dean Saunders LMT Forex trading system recently. The current version is 1.8. I have traded it live on the 10th & 11th June'09 after paper trading it for a week. I have traded two pairs GBP/USD from the 10-11th June and GBP/JPY on the 11th June on mini accounts. Both pairs combined made me approx $450 with little or no effort. Following the system manual is the key to using the system profitably. It provides set up signals during the week. This week the system signalled entries on five different pairs on the daily on Wednesday morning. All five pairs were in profit till 1.43am Friday AEST. I expect to trade with it next week as well. Compared to FAP TURBO which I bought and got refunded after two months after the system traded only thrice and some other systems as well, this system looks very promising even though it is a manual system. I aim to trade bigger lot sizes in a months time. Deans email support is very prompt too, he is definiately not a shonk and neither is his system. I have not got paid to write this review by the way and I'm neither Australian nor Yank nor British. Hope this helps.

Stuart , FL

Date of Post:2009-05-23
Review: I have read these reviews about Dean Saunders and I really can not believe some of you. His system which i bought a long time ago has made me money time and time again. His customer support is superb as he answers as soon as possible. Often times I get a return email within minutes of writting him which in all honesty shocked me. I just purchased his new system called the LMT and needed an explanation of something. I wrote and he replied in less than an hours time and this was a day or so after the launch. A very busy time.
If you use his system correctly it will make you money. If you think by just putting it on the chart and not doing some homework is enough then you will blow your account which is what I suspect is going on here.

Good Trading

Akinsanmi, lagos Nigeria

Date of Post:2009-05-23
Review: i like the system for its simplicity and profitability
you will make little or no mistakes about signals and sl and tp

i would also like to know the new sl settings cos dean saunders did not email me about changing the stops

Johnny, South Africa

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-04-06
Review: I've read the reviews here and alarm bells went off - Aussies and Yanks all sound like people who can't speak english, so I assume that all of these star ratings are bogus and someone is earning money to add them. I therefore have no confidence in this one and will give it a miss.

Bob, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-03-17
Review: This is a simple method that minimizes risk. But there are only a few video clips 1 or 2 minutes long demonstrating only a few examples. This method will require you to have some knowledge of forex. But if you already trade in forex, than you will probably already know dean saunders method. Like I said, it is very common and simple.

joedomotor, Australia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-03-07
Review: I recently purchased one of Deans products and although still in demo to verify results, system looks promising.
I did have an issue with the predefined stop loss as in this choppy market they seemed to be a bit close and testing on the demo seemed to varify this.
I sent Dean an e-mail and got an immediate response to say that he had experimented with new settings for the stops.
I am trialling these now and will post rating when complete.
So far am impressed with the simplicity, the approach to stops and profits as far as risk of ruin and money managament and the follow up emails that come reasonably quickly.

Christophe, Gulf Coast

Date of Post:2009-02-20
Review: Have tested the Dean's system and it is truly worth the money. Eliminates emotional noise from the trading process by mechanizing the trade from beginning to end. Ten minutes spent in the evening using a "pin" bar method and/or another method that complements the first allows the trader to know exactly what the risk and reward can be by following a few simple rules. He also follows up by sending e-books about forex trading that are free of charge. A good value that enables one to maintain objectivity in the forex trading arena.

Scalper, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-01-02

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frederik, South Africa

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-12-07
Review: I have purcased maybe to many systems and most of them failed me, I invested into this system and so far trading my demo i am very impressed a simple and effective system.
I will be going live soon and have a lot of confidence in this system thank you Dean very well done.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. Due to the possibility of significantly lower results when live trading, extreme positive reviews cannot be left for demo testing. We sincerely hope Frederik will leave a followup review if he decides to test this software on a live account.

Sunganani, Lilongawe, Malawi

Date of Post:2008-10-27
Review: I found Dean's systems a breath of fresh air. They do take some getting used to but I think they are worth it plus he keeps on giving free strategies and tips, refers to you programs he has tested. Reading this book made me enjoy forex trading (and I am a newbie...relatively speaking). You can tell Dean loves to educate. His support was good.
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