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Last Updated: 2014-09-21
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-05-12
Review: We haven't tried the 4x Magic Stick from If you've used this software to help you trade forex, please leave a review.

Gary, Las Vegas, USA

Date of Post:2014-07-22
Review: I have loved the Magic Stick trading tool. I got it about 2 months back, and it has made trading so much more convenient for me. Thanks to Magic stick, I no longer miss my trade set ups when I'm at work or sleeping or living life! Awesome tool. I have been able to average about 2000 pips per month since using this tool.

irwin ferreira, new york city, USA

Date of Post:2014-07-18
Review: I have used the free version and am only familiar with that version. Simply said it is is EXCELLENT. And has substantially increased my profitability ratio. Take the time and review the videos and once properly installed it will work just as Haru has indicated. The paid version has more commands and hence greater flexibility.... i look forward to the added convenience and feel the pricing is fair... given my personal profitability and the time savings in having to monitor my open positions.

KG3 LLC , Utah, USA

Date of Post:2014-07-12
Review: This has been nothing but great, I've had consistent returnes on my account for 8 months now, I did 78k with a 5 % draw down over the last 6 months. It's done over 700% now in my trading. I'm hoping things don't change cause whatever it's doing for the last 8 months is working for me.

Hezron, California, USA

Date of Post:2014-06-30
Review: 4xcircle as a product called MagicStick, I've used since its' enception in 2010. It is a semi-automatic trading tool that makes placing as trade very easy using Support and Resistance Strategy. It requires some Forex trading knowledge but it's as easy as drawing Trend Lines. I used it as a beginner and I continue use it today. I began my Forex trading career in 2008, started with a demo account and immediately starting losing my funds. I soon realized that my equity trading knowledge didn't work very well with Forex. I was fortunate to meet a Forex training specialist, Haru Miyagi. He taught me the basics of Supprt & Resistance chart reading and most importantly Money Management. While I'm not a millionaire, I have traded successfully over the past 5 years and I've never blown my account. Haru is a very good trainer an he just happens to be one of the designers of the MagicStick. Like any tool, it requires one to learn to use it, but it makes trading Forex much easier and it frees your time to do other things. You draw your trend line and MagicSick will monitor your trade and execute it as you instruct it to do. I highly recommend MagicStick as trading tool but you must establish your on Trading Plan, Style and Strategy. Later versions of MagicStick provide more functionality and ease of use, it offers assistance in Money Management and Trade Management. I've found that the product and the dsigner to be excellently designed an a real professional individual.

Mario, , Philippines

Date of Post:2014-06-15
Review: hi,

this is my very first post, so kindly excuse me from my English, been trading for 3 years and i have yet to find a system that you can really rely on, i have tried every system, EA, holy grail indicators out there and i always believe that the more complex the systems, EAs or indicators the more effective or profitable I will become. but sad to say it did not happen, but i have already invested time, money and effort so quitting is not in my vocabulary, so i searched and while i was reading in one of the forums someone was posting if they knew about the magic stick and i got curious, then i came across the site and lucky me they where offering it free if you are member of FPA for a limited time only, so i got to download the EA and watched some video tutorials about it and literally i was blown away, to be honest i never thought that it was that easy, well i said that because in those 3 years i can say that i have gained some experience in trading and eventhough i am failing i am starting to understand some critical aspects of trading so when i watched how this magic stick works it just gave me the CONFIDENCE to trade again. it validated the things i have been asking for the longest time. The good thing about magic stick is it will keep your trading simple yet very effective.

and best part of this is the support that i received from the very person responsible in developing this system (Haru Miyagi). wow sir my hats too you!!!! Hope i got this right, coz eventhough i am just new member or a trial member as i would say (hehehe) i never thought i would receive not just a reply but a long reply from my queries about the Magic stick and how it could benefit my trading. Before when i try to buy something from &^%^^&*^ scammers out there after purchasing will just leave you dry and sometimes would be very arrogant and will tell bad things if the system does not work and will blame you for it or the market. But this guy eventhough i am just an ordinary person, wow, he just provided me the support as if i have bought his product, he was just very willing to help me succeed and change the way i trade.

For me you could have the very best system with the highest accuracy but if you dont have the right tools plus the right support i am sorry to say you will just fail, but with the right tools plus great support even if your system has a low winning rate you will still be able to end up in a positive note.

so for those newbies or struggling traders and even those professional traders who would want additional tools to compliment their trading, this Magic Stick as simple as it may seem it is more than enough to give you the PIPS that you thought would not be possible.

so i am giving it a 5 star based on what i have personally experienced with this tool and the great support that comes with it. and i will never ever trade again with out it period.........


Gary, , USA

Date of Post:2014-06-04
Review: Thank you Haru from for an awesome FREE EA! The Magic Stick performs just as it should by placing buy & sell orders automatically when price breaches the trend lines.

Also, thank you for the fantastic support! I had a question regarding the EA & Haru responded via email within 15 minutes! I'm not saying this will always be the turn around time for questions however, I am totally impressed!

mat, australia, Australia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-08-06
Review: Posting another review here Magicstick is a very clever program and I can see alot of time and money has gone into it. I have owned it for 3 years owning magic stick and have been at Fx for 5 years.Since owning the magic stick and doing education courses with it proper money management and drawing support and resistant lines,chart patterns,mutli time frame analysis. I have never been able to get ahead with Fx. Its a fools game and I adivse people to stay right away from Fx as its done for me is either broken even or lost money which is junk! And when you ask for account history from these guys they never show it I wonder why??
Comment: Added by 4xCircle Support Team on 2014-06-12 03:38
  we posted some statement for you in the web event.
Because of the Regulations in the U.S. we have a CTA.
Find out what it takes to be a CTA and you will see why.
We will probably be update the site and have no statements to be compliant with NFA regulations or have a different site for this purpose. Its not a fully automatic system you must understand how to draw a trend line properly i put a video course together that i give out for Free at

James Sanders, Eureka, USA

Date of Post:2013-04-02
Review: Tried it, wasn't for me. Have been trying to get a refund for over a month. (90 day guarantee) supposedly? No response. Fraudulent, in my opinion. If I get a refund, I will update. Not holding my breath though.
Rebuttal: Added by 4xCircle Support Team on 2014-04-01 04:09
  The full amount was refunded on (April 5, 2013): paypal transaction id #6XN364508K2******. (The delay in the refund process was the result of multiple refund requests started by the client: one with the merchant and one on paypal...)
So the client failed to keep his word: where is the (promised) update?

Rita Dutt, Brisbane, Australia

Date of Post:2013-02-12
Review: I am fulltime FX trader, mother and wife living in Brisbane, Australia. During the past 5 years of my trading career I have done several course and invested thousands of dollars in indicators and ea systems to assist me become independent and profitable in my trading.
On 6th December, 2011, I purchased Magic stick after attending a private workshop run by my mentor Jeff Arcos or commonly known in Australia as “The Trade Whisper”. Since that day everything changed. Magic stick is a tool that I believe is the cheapest and the best investment I ever made in my trading. Before using Magic stick I used to spend hours in front of the computer waiting for my trendlines to break so I could enter the trade and manage it manually. Living in Australian time zone and wanting to trade the US session had also started to give me wrinkles …
Now with Magic stick I spend only one hour during the morning session to draw my trendlines and review my charts. I put my whole trading plan with my money management rules just by using some simple commends on my trendlines and my trades are ready to be excruciated when price reaches that point. The best thing about Magic stick is that regardless if u are an investor or a scalper, magic stick can be used in any time frame.
Magic stick together with the right education I received from my mentor Jeff Arcos has totally given me the independence to trade without fear. After my analysis is done, I setup the Magic stick and walk away leaving magic stick in charge of putting me in the trade and protecting me with a stop loss and taking profits when I am sleeping…
I would like to thank Haru and his company for developing Magic stick which is one of the best tools out there that I believe should be used by every FX trader…..
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