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john, new jersey

Date of Post:2010-06-23
Review: i tried advent forex and have to say i bought it because of the recommendations on this site. but my experience is that it is a basic course and have found the mt4 indicators not working properly all the time. reversals signals not reliable so i am only using a basic fractal breakout. his support is has been awful. i think cecil is in peru or some south american country and is doing this part time. his support in the states doesnt respond to me on email or skype. I did find the money management as an improvement to my trading but overall very disappointing. There were supposed to be webinars and he claims to be a mentor but it is far from a mentorship course.

Matt Hawk, Arlington VA

Date of Post:2009-09-25
Review: I've taken all of Cecils courses and for the first time in my 5 year attempt at trading am now making consistent gains. The last 14 months have been great because of his system and support. I'm up over 60% because I use low leverage on his system. If you follow it to a tee you will make money. I think those that post negative things about Cecil here did not do their job of following the system. You can't blame Cecil for that! I'm living proof it works.

Gabriel Camerini, Boston, MA

Date of Post:2009-03-23
Review: Hello

I purchased the SniperFX system, created by Cecil Robles on May-2008. I have been trading this system since July-2008, when I simply discarded the other system that I had been trading before. Between July-2008 and January-2009 I had a compounded return on equity of 71%, which has been audited by my accountant. In my experience of having tried and tested 3 other systems prior to the SniperFX, as well as having discussed with other traders several different strategies out there, I can state with confidence that it will be very hard for anyone to find a more powerful system that compounds profits under controlled risk. While 99% of the systems focus their strategies on entry setups and technical indicators, Cecil teaches that successful trading depends much more upon risk & money management, he also developed his proprietary indicators based on unconventional techniques. The money management is probably 40% of the course, and thatís where the real profits are. Cecil is a money manager above all, and he passes that mentality on to his students. The real power of the system is where it teaches you how to open a position on small risk, usually 0.50% margin, and then compound the profits by adding-on to your positions under strict parameters. Successful trading is about how to perceive and quantify risk and then compound on the positions that are going in your favor. Thatís what youíll learn from Cecil. Thereís also the mentorship part of the system. Since I started trading the SniperFX I have ongoing mentorship from Cecil via email, so if I find a setup on any chart I email him and he will provide a feedback before I open the trade, which helps stay out of bad trades. I also had the privilege to speak to Cecil several times and I was positively impressed by how knowledgeable and open he is about the system and the mental part of trading. In my opinion, trading is 45% mental preparation, 45% money & risk management and 10% technical. If you are willing to do your homework on your mental preparation, Cecil will guide you with the other 55% of your trading.

Bill, Bakersfield, CA USA

Date of Post:2009-03-20
Review: I have had the good fortune to come across this site. With all the cheesy, hyped up forex sites out there (that take your money and deliver substandard junk!!), it is a very fortunate person who finds this site... The content is very informational and the trading system actually works. I highly recommend this site to anyone interested in learning more about the forex. It is an educational site that is suited for the novice and advanced alike.

John Wubbenhorst, Fairfax VA.

Date of Post:2008-03-31
Review: I ordered the course but decided it was not for me........I mailed it back for a refund and it has been a battle ever since.......theu say the refund is coming, they say the check is in the mail...........nothing happens...........they do not refund.......they are liars............

Roman, BC, Canada

Date of Post:2008-03-30
Review: I am writing this testimony to let you all know about my excellent experience with FxInvestments, especially with Cecil Robles, his outstanding hard work to achieve success of all his students/ traders. I have purchased all of his courses the FxInvestments website has offered. Most of the programs/ courses are PremiereTrading, Fundamental Trading, and the Candle Stick program. I have attended the learning trading seminars in Houston in 2007 and 2008. Follow up the 2007 seminar- for the success of the student, Cecil Robles had provided the webinar live trading class throughout each week (for more than two months), which took place during the night and day.
FxInvestments had developed new upper level-trading lessons, ďSniper Trading Arsenal CourseĒ. This webinar seminar was presented in the spring of 2008. Cecil Robles has been hosting the FxInvestments Google Trading Group for students who have questions and clarifications. He also provides a daily marketing review presentation. He always looks for ways to improve his trading system and he also is willing to share all of his valuable knowledge with students.
I also am willing to be a successful Forex trader. I use all possible opportunities to learn from Cecil Robles and stand on my own. He is an excellent role-model in this trading system. He is an exceptional developer, teacher, mentor and a leader to success. He goes straight to the point. Iíve spent reasonable amount of money for all these materials. I expect from my self to learn the knowledge that somebody has put together, and never will regret it. The studying materials, that I have purchased, are very comprehensive and advanced trading package from A to Z. The cost of these courses and services are very low, comparing to other competitors. I never had any problems with the money refund issues because my goal is to pay a fair price for the quality product.
I strongly recommend to everyone out there to look up to Cecil Robles as your future teacher, mentor and author of the trading system. He is very honest, talented trader and mentor, and is willing to share trading knowledge in ďone packageĒ, I mean his trading experience and study materials. I wish you all the best success in the trading and good luck.


Jacob Freenab, Denver, CO

Date of Post:2008-03-25
Review: I have read a lot of good reviews on his education course so decided to check it out. I ordered the course at the time he was offering a money back guarantee and sense the beginning I have had problems.

The course came in 1 weeks late and only gave me 1 solid week to review it and decide if it was for me or not. I watched all the DVDís and read the book that came with it, at that point I felt it was not for me. So I packaged it back up and sent it over night back before the deadline for the money back.

This was back in November sense then I have been battling with him and his assistant Clover to get my money back. I have sent at least 15+ emails asking for the status all come back saying our merchant is down and cant do it now. I even have one stating that they will mail a check and or send it to my pay pal account. To date (03/25/2008) they have stopped responding to my emails and I still donít have my refund.

I am not impressed with the service from them on this situation and wanted to let other people know that beware if he offers the refund and you buy you will be going back and forth to get your money back.

Feel free to email me I have all the emails and correspondence from them.

Stuart M, South Africa

Date of Post:2008-03-18
Review: Firstly some info on myself and my experience with Cecil Robles:
I purchased Cecilís Premiere course back in Jun 2007 and on 29th Feb and 1st Mar 2008 (2 weeks ago) I attended his live FX Sniper webinar and I am currently part of his FX Sniper Group. Since June I have viewed all his course materials, watched all the live and recorded updates, I have tested all of his technical systems extensively on Ďforextesterí over a number of years worth of data. In fact I first introduced him to forextester, which he then used in further refining his technical systems. Part of his main system incorporates Bill Williamís market theories. I have traded his systems on demo and on live accounts. This review is fairly detailed to give you a better understanding of what his course offers and how it works.

The most recent FX Sniper course:
Firstly this course is a refined and more comprehensive version of his main system within the Premiere course. I tested the Premiere system and I know it is very profitable, some currency pairs on the Daily chart were producing over 100% pa.

The FX Sniper course is not for complete beginners, however Cecil does offer a very good free beginners course (available from his website) that will adequately prepare you for his advanced system. So beginners should definitely take advantage of that free course regardless.

The course presentation was outstanding; it was obvious that a great deal of time and work had gone into preparing the course. As per usual, Cecilís presentation manner and communication was excellent. Each stage of the course and system was explained in great detail followed by detailed examples with plenty of repetition and exercises in order to make sure that we all understood. For the traders who had already completed and practised his Premiere course this may have been a bit long winded, but there was a lot of new information to take in and for the new comers the content was perfect.

Psychology of trading and discipline is mentioned a great deal in the course and rightfully it should be. This is the failing point of most traders. The system is based on a very clear and strict money management technique, therefore taking away the discretion. There is both an aggressive and conservative money management strategy and the risks associated to each are explained.

The system has very clear and defined rules. All the indicators have been programmed/customised in metatrader and tradestation for the system and are included. I personally use metatrader charting, because it is free and completely adequate. To be honest, I have a very large dislike for lagging indicators when used to generate signals; however the system generated signals are based on price action and the 1 or 2 lagging indicators are mostly there to filter false signals (this was a relief for me when I first did the course). In general; every trade is entered with a stop loss (SL) order attached. Once the initial signal is triggered, the trade will either start profiting or get stopped out. If the trade becomes profitable, following strict money management and add-on criteria, additional trades are entered to benefit from the trend on that TF. All trades are given breathing space to mature and then the SL is tightened to guarantee profits should the trade reverse. The exit is based on adjusting the SL using given criteria to secure profits. It will take a fair bit of practise to build up confidence and experience in order to go live, and in aid of this Cecil provides a FX Sniper Group where he posts daily trade video reviews, answers posted questions, you can view past videos etc.

When trading the system, the lower the time frame (TF), the more trading experience/discretion is required in order for you to be greatly profitable. The reason for that is mostly due to choppy price action and false breakouts on lower TFs. However, once you have a thorough understanding of market turning points you will be able to filter the false signals on lower TFs. So I advise sticking to the Daily and possibly the 4hr charts if you want a completely automated system. I personally trade only high TFs as they can be just as profitable and require less monitoring. A lot of what I learnt from Cecil has also been applied to my other systems with success.

I hope this review gives you a more in-depth feeling for the course and its content.

Perez, San Antonio TX

Date of Post:2007-12-28
Review: I like Cecil Robles Premier course. I have taken over 13 courses and his is the best so far. I don't think I will be buying anymore courses. He also has a great free course you can take to get to know him better. The free course is NO reflection of the Premier course, the Premier course is 1,000 times better.

Ayodeji Henry, Lagos

Date of Post:2007-11-30
Review: In Oct 07 I attended Cecil's Live workshop and in all honesty,the 2 days course was worth the price. He is the first person that has covered both fundamental and Technical trading strategies in-depth. In my opinion one needs more than 30 days to actually get a good grip of the workability of this whole system. This guy knows what he's talking about and its very good for a 5 years experience.If you are yet to have your own trading system , You need to listen to Cecil and you will fly after all, just like me.
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