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Last Updated: 2015-10-11
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Keleshia, Singapore

Date of Post:2011-10-09
Review: Donna has been down to earth and approachable and I must say, she is doing a great job on managing it. Revealing scammers, protecting the consumers as well. The forum has been quite a cosy home for us to share what we're going through and advices/settings etc. I can't find any better words to say about how attached I am to the forum itself!

Chino Recoba (Really Sergio Caruso, onwer of Primeval EA), Uruguay

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-06-20
Review: Review Moderation Team Note: 1 Star rating removed. All text of this review removed.

"Chino Recoba" has posted 9 reviews like this since June 14th. He's called himself Raúl, Pluto, Raúl Casini, Pedro, Forlin, and Forlan. He also posted a review attacking Forex Growth Bot and giving the name "Mike, USA"

It appears that all of these reviews are coming from the owner of Primeval EA. He was banned from the FPA's forums for trying to attack other EA sellers. He's recently gone after Donna Forex when she decided to discontinue testing his EA.

The FPA considers these actions from to be both shameful and unethical.

Antonio, Florida

Date of Post:2011-06-18
Review: I've been a member of the forum since it opened and have always found it helpful. It's my "go to" place for EA research and other forex strategies. PeaceArmy too. The members are very helpful and Donna has been as well. Thanks Donna!

Peter Matthews, Australia

Date of Post:2011-06-18
Review: As with life so it is with Forums, there is always The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Fortunately with Donna's Forum The Good far outweighs The Bad and Ugly (although it does get a bit ugly at times LOL).


DonnaForex, UK

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-06-16
Review: to Mike in Canada
You got banned from my forum for promoting illegal copies of EA's. If you see commercial EA's for sale for $11 (which normally sell for $149) then they are ILLEGAL copies and i make no apologies about removing this from my forum. This is a legal matter and i feel it unfair for you to criticise my forum for acting within the law and keeping things honest.

re, another product, i haven't worked with Method311 for more than 6/7 months. It is not my product.

re making income - yes i make affiliate income, i run a website and this is my business. But i provide non-affiliate links to anyone who wants them too, just email me.

Mike, Canada

Date of Post:2011-06-11
Review: I agree with you JP, Atlanta, US
be aware that the only thing she wants is your money!!!! (affiliate and now with a rubbish product).
She banned me from using her forum because I said ,I bought some robots for $11, try to save people some money that was very clear all she want is to make money from the people visit here site and She doesn't give the rat's*** about good or bad robot.

KeepCalm, New Zealand

Date of Post:2011-06-09
Review: Internet forums seem to be places that encourage the best of behaviours and the worst of behaviours. I am often astounded at how rude and inconsiderate people are to each other, moving off the topic of whether a system works or not to attack the integrity of the system developer or person trying to understand it. Sometimes of course, the developer shows that their integrity is indeed suspect. Donna at Donna Forex Forum has shown a skilled and sensible approach to this issue, the best of behaviours. She and her other moderators allow sensible debate but take action when emotion gets the better of people, and have even sensibly banned developers when they become abusive. I find the forum extremely useful, with some highly skilled intelligent traders being prepared to be open about their trading styles and thoughts in a way that is understandable to some one like me, who has been trading for a while but struggles with the complexities of systems and tends to be always looking for the next wonderful thing rather than clearly testing something. In a forex world where either too hopeful or deliberately deceptive developers seem very common, the sort of honest debate that Donna encourages on her forum is very welcome.

Fernando Monera, Spain

Date of Post:2011-06-08
Review: DonnaForex Forum is a very good site to learn about EAs, very focused to Commercial ones.

About Donna, I just have to say she is excellent. When one EA vendor she used to like a lot broke one of the forum rules, she moved the vendor into the black list. I find this an important sign of integrity.

That single action made me become much more involved in Donna's community (to the point of winning a contest :D ). I would have left the community if Donna's behavior on this incident would have been different.

It is very difficult to find honest sites in this industry and I'm proud to be part of this one.

Arthur Gates , Ukraine, Kyiv

Date of Post:2011-06-08
Review: Looking for information about EA and Automated trading – is the best place. Donna is the brand and she cares about what people think about her. She truly says: “I make money as affiliate”. We all need money for living, and she makes them in a good way. In my opinion, Donnaforex Forum is one of the best forex forums right now. If you don’t believe me – COME and Check yourself!

Donna Forex, UK

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-12-06
Review: To JP in Atlanta,

What we do is test commercially produced robots - that is the function of the newsletter. The selection of these robots is based on visitors requests. Unlike similar review sites we openly use affiliate links and make no attempt to hide this - if you need a non-affiliate link they can be provided on request too. The small amount we make currently from affiliate sales is what keeps my service free and pays the overheads on my site, but ultimately it is your choice whether or not to use the links or not. It's a free service i provide, take it or leave it the choice is yours.

Regarding the continued testing of Forex Trade Alarms, once i have gone live with a system i have to give it a fair trial. This system has now been removed after a reasonable period of live testing (6 months). Your comments seem to be very contradictory because the simple truth is that if i was out purely to garner as much cash as possible from people then it would be in my interests to NOT continue with anything that is losing at all and have a huge turnover of robots which all show great results.

The reason why systems need testing live for a good period of time (at least 3 to 6 months) is due to normal fluctuations present in any system, sometimes system have a bad month but make great overall profit, or have a great month and then make considerable losses. It is only longer term testing that proves one way or another.

Your assessment of Method311 was placed on here following maybe 1 week of the release of the product. With all respect, it is simply not possible to draw such a scathing conclusion without some kind of evidence in such short time. It should now be noted that i am not affiliated with or part of the Method311 business following my resignation (not due to the product being bad but due to managerial differences).

I hope this helps explain our position. Feel free to email me directly if you would like to chat more, or try me out with a few queries- i'm not a bad person and i honestly try to help with your best interests before my own ;-).

All the best,
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