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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-04-25
Review: We do not have any experience with this company. If you do, please kindly submit your review.

ray, santa clara, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-08-04
Review: The Fxmm grid concept works! I've been using mt4 indicator version.
Thanks Andy


Date of Post:2014-02-23
Review: Very good course with Andy Shearman at the helm - informative and direct to the point !
Well worth the trip over now looking to make some serious coin !!!!

This is an independent review with no affiliation to the above !!!!

John Threadgold, London, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-02-16
Review: I went on Andy Sherman's course in November.2013. Since then I have trashed a demo account, looked at loads of his training videos, and have been learning how to use his Money Map software. I am now on a new demo account and currently on a $400 profit.
My experience of Andy Sherman, is that he is a genuine guy who speaks from a wealth of experience. Also the video's are excellent. He teaches Bounce trades, Vanilla, reverse Vanilla, ( I have not got my head around this one yet) and 60-60 trades ( this another difficult one for me. I have experimented with Bounce Trades on a live account, and every trade bounce trade has been successful. The Bounce Trades are obvious from the Grids ( that have 1 -5-15-60-240 lanes) , as well as the other setups. And actually, the set ups that he shows seem to work most of the time. Also invaluable to me, was the importance of looking at the Currency crosses. Eg Eur-Yen USD Yen GBP - Yen etc. It is very obvious from the grids how the currencies are performing against each other, and how inter-related they are, and how this can effect your trades. Now I admit I am a newbie. However, the biggest problem I have had in making profits from this, is MY LACK OF DISCIPLINE. I am prone to get out of winning trades too soon, for fear they will reverse, and stay in loosing trades to long, in the hope they will reverse. However I am watching the trading video's, keeping a written diary of my trades ( as Andy recommends) and I seem to be getting better. I guess people do not need the grids to get the same information, however as a Newbie I am increasingly finding the grids easier to understand, and on my Demo account at least, am making progress. I am happy to keep you posted on this. I have also booked for 21 days more training with Andy. Only time will tell if this is a good investment. . Best wishes John T

Ray, Essex, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-22
Review: I did the FXMM course in Feb 2013. From the initial outset I had mixed feelings about what I was getting into with all the posts on various forums, but I thought that I would go on the course and if I didn’t like it then all I have lost is the initial cost for the course. Besides, I was at the point where I was trading and just managing to break even so there was nothing spectacular going on there. Anyway I went on the course and found that what Andy had to say made sense although I knew most of it as I had been trading demo and live accounts for 5 years. What I really wanted to do was get into the software and find out everything I needed to know about the “Grids” as they looked a bit puzzling. As Andy got to that point, he started to go through all the different patterns that form on a day to day basis by visualisation on a presentation. This was good to see, but being selfish and not thinking about the other people on the course, I was dying to get a few trades on to see if It would be any good for me.
We finally got to the Friday afternoon. Lunchtime had arrived. I popped out to grab a sandwich and went straight back to the course venue to eat it. That afternoon we had the chance to look at the grids on the live markets. I called out a few and even placed them on my live account via the APP on my phone.
Since the course I have been using the grids amongst a couple of other indicators as I use MT4. I have to say from my own opinion that the grids are a good tool…….. BUT, They will never ever work for you on their own you need to have masses amount of self discipline and a very good money management plan (which I have and even shared with Tom who is an occasional attendee of the FXMM trade room). The grids are not the holy grail by any means but they really really do help. Since attending the course as I said I still use them and in fact, the money I have made by using them and my other bits has paid for that holiday and paid for my wedding at the end of November.

James, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-18
Review: This man is an absolute con artist who tells nothing but lies. He is not a forex trader he is a sales man. His 2 day course is embarrassing, his teaching techniques are non existent. He does not attempt to teach, he just sits there insulting and speaking down to people if they ask a question. His software is a load of nonsense, all he seems to do is lose trades although he tells you he will earn you $100 a day.




Liam, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-04-05
Review: hi guy's.. i done Andy's course in December just before Christmas. the physical side of the course is two days but the training starts as soon as you receive your welcome aboard email. the welcome pack contains a pre- training package which includes FXmm tube which has lots of videos to help you grasp the concept that Andy is putting across. myself and my two partners have done various fx courses and have found fxmm to be the easiest and most effective. It is also much cheaper than the course i did previously. both myself and partners are continuously making steady profits through Forex thanks to Andy.

John, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-02-22
Review: I do not recommend it to anyone. To sum up the course would be enough less then half an hour, but they make you pay 2 days . The rest is Andy talking about himself how vood he is, ( he is not, he hasnt made any profitable trades in 2 days. Ps there is no money back guarantee. Waste of money.

2012-12-12 2Star I purchased FXMM some years ago, but as others point out you are rarely able to keep up with the moderator's trades. - I blew 2 accounts. Over time my access became more and more restricted, because I refused to pay more for the new features and eventually - despite having a lifetime access - could not enter the traderoom at all. E-mails to Andy Shearman were ignored.
The better moderators left after there was some disagreement between them, despite contrary comments posted.
Sometimes one got the impression that Andy Shearman had missed his vocation as a bad DJ when on open mike - often not too polite.
I post this now as a general warning as I have recently received a promotional e-mail for the 'new improved' FXMM offering triple trade entries.
3 years ago it was up to 5 entries on their deck - That's an improvement?

Sven, London, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-06-14
Review: Hi, there needs to be a cautionary note here. The original money map grids are very good and elegantly conceived, but as someone once said, if you put enough S/R levels on a chart, you're almost bound to hit one at some point. The key, for this and all systems however, is one of transparency. This means that the results are recorded and verified in real time, mirroring a LIVE account onto an independant site like fxstat or myfxbook. If this were actually the case, a number of the Moderators on either site mentioned here would have significantly lower success than is presented. In fact less success than my mother with a blindfold and pin. By the way, she is also both genuine and honorable. Further, you simply cannot hope to follow a scalper (which this system lends itself to), placing trades whose prices are unavailable on a normal Broker, where the spreads (or commissions) are ignored and the strike price and close price are broadcast in retrospect. Aint going to happen. Besides, the grids are now available on MT4 for free so you really have to work out carefully exactly what value add you are getting for your hard earned money. Thus endeth the sermon.

Jaroslav, London, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-03-13
Review: "I too agree that FXMM is a good product and I found it currently not that expensive as people claiming here. I have been looking for a reliable method of trading FX for last 6 years. Spent a lot of money but learn one important thing: if you hope to turn 500$ into 5000$ in one month and then become a billionaire all this buying a bogus indicator/system or other rubbish for 100 or 200$ you are donating your money to smart marketers who are “selling” you their scam truth about FX market.

I hold down a pressure job as a doctor in NHS and so have only a few hours a day to trade around my shifts, but the London and NYC sessions I do make help me immeasurably, and the two day course with Andy changed my outlook completely from what I was doing only spend around 3 hours a day at peak times trading and doing around 3 trades a session or less and making 10-20 pips and then stopping. For me its done what it says on the tin.

The easy part is spotting winning trades with the software the hard part is the discipline to quit while you are ahead and realise trading FX market is something which you have to treat as a business. I can only say as I find and I consider myself a professional person and seek that in others. If you want to start a professional career doing something different from what you do and you want to become a true profitable Forex Trader its essential you go to a professional and I couldn't find one better. If you believe in easily getting rich scheme and don’t have enough patience I can only wish you best of luck in your futile endeavours.
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