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Last Updated: 2015-12-30
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-10-08
Review: We haven't tried the forex education course from If you've used this company's products to teach you how to trade forex, please leave a review here.

Steve, Kaulalampur, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-12-12
Review: Extremely dissapointed to be scammed of USD 2800 by this 'gentleman'. He has nothing for his VIP members at such a hefty price. Better is available in abundance for free on the internet. He should be taken to task for cheating simple forex venturers like me.

Review Moderation Team Note: Steve, can you please contact the FPA and explain the $2800? According to the information the FPA has, Learn to Trade The Market charges a flat fee which is far less than the amount you've stated.

Milutin Kažić, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Date of Post:2015-10-15
Review: When it comes to FX education, nothing certain; pretty much like in the market itself. Nial teaches you exactly that: finding your own way in trading.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of balance in material presented there since all of the parts are given out in a very consumer comfortable way:
- techniques,
- money management (no comparison with the competition)
- psychology of trading
- traders community
- daily

The only thing I would change about that website to allow talks on brokers... but, hey: there is always room for improvement.
Comment: Added by Nial on 2015-12-15 09:41

It is nice to see some of our students willing to go out of there way to share some positive experiences about the LTTTM courses and services.



Seahog, Uk, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-09-15
Review: All I can say is save your money! As James P said "This is not how the pros trade. (They) do not just look at candlesticks & draw lines on a chart, that is just silly & lazy. Do you see Chicago/NYSE pit traders trading like that?" Also do you think the professionals would only take 1 or 2 trades per week? Think about it. Common sense should tell you Nial's method is just plain wrong.

Also if you are expecting any commentary, help, etc from Nial then forget it, he just gets his assistant Larry to do the bare minimum to keep the suckers buying into this rubbish. Now and then he will run live conferences/seminars for his members but at extortionate prices. Why? Surely he makes enough from his trading!

What he is good at is marketing! That's why people buy into this rubbish. What Nial teaches is easy to understand but it isn't profitable. Go and do yourselves a favour. Find a course that explains order flow dynamics and supply and demand if you're really serious about being a trader. Otherwise keep helping Nail as he needs your cash because he is never going to make money as a serious trader.

lin, , Malaysia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-06-15
Review: I see some bad review regarding Nial such as no CV or Internet Marketer scammer. I am a paid member of Nial site, to avoid misleading by the community, I would like to clarify certain points, Nial technique is just some common Price Action technique which is the most basic stuff everybody learn during any technical analysis, if you are a good scholar or know many technical analysis knowledge, you might think Nial site is a waste and tend to seek for other more advance method eg "Quantitative Analysing" method, I was a quantitative analysis before, so I know how accuracy that technique is, however it's kind of tired spotting at target price and waiting the price to come back or return just for 20 - 50 pips. I work as a professional career and I appreciate any method that can bring me outcome with the less effort, so Nial will teach you on how to do this and make it as a believe. A professional technical analyst does not guarantee you as a good trader, because knowledge and concept can be taught but trading cannot be, I have been struggled for years to become a consistently profit trader by learning from thousand kind of sites and seminar. However, I finally realize trading is kind of belief and cannot be taught which you will gain maturity as your experience increase. Different phase learner will need different thing to achieve and move towards another phase before you can succeed. I am neutral towards Nial education course, because for me, every education course is the same, I glance through Nial trading course within 5 minutes and I already understand his trading method. It's yet effective and all the technique had been taught in free zone, if you are trading pro, you probably can glance through free contents and practice it with discipline and you could achieve success. However, I got to admit, Nial did shared his trading experience unlimitless, for which I think knowledge is easy to buy or learn, but experience are priceless. Lastly, as conclusion, trading is an art, but not a simple method or rules to follow 100%, if can follow 100%, then 1 simple EA will help you all in trading, however EA didn't work 100% because market is always not perfect, knowing the current market condition and applying the right weapon (knowledge), is the way for you to achieve something slowly, your experience or intuition of trading will come along after you consciously aware you are on the winning side. My judgement is neutral, but i thinknthe accusion towards Nial education course is probably unfair as every educational course does not guarantee success always

Rocky Hasan, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Date of Post:2015-03-21
Review: I was a paid member of this website. Suddenly they banned me for no strong reason. Someone told them that i have copied his stuffs to my website but i havent. Inpiration from WARREN BUFFET cannot name as i am copying his technique. I just wanted to praise NIAL but he took it other way. Due to my website is new and i am new in this case and still developing my website for better, NIAL banned me from the member area without giving any chance of proving myself. I have taken many courses on price action but never felt like this from any mentor. If nial has any patent of PIN BAR then CHRIS CAPRE also might have. So, why they are having website teaching PIN BARS again and again. Doesnt that mean copying? Only when i try to talk about pin bars thats the problem? We are members, We have paid for it, we are not there for free. We have right to justify and we have right to have a chance. If they find me guilty after that i would appreciate this behavior but only by knowing i have association with my website giving trade ideas of my own using price action this cannot be done. If NIAL really want to kick me out of the member area like this I request FPA to take my money back from NIAL and send to my paypal account. This is really ridiculous. NIAL was my hero, now he is not doing good in this case. He must have to look at all the consequences before banning any member. We deserve a right.
Rebuttal: Added by Nial on 2015-12-15 09:56
  Rocky, you breached copyright and stole from us plain and simple. A person who breaches copyright and steals from people has no rights. Anybody else who wants to do the wrong thing will also be banned and removed from our trading community. You are lucky we have not taken any legal action against you.

Gilles Devas, Munich, Germany

Date of Post:2015-03-15
Review: The course was updated and reorganized by Nial in early January 2015. I joined his program in May 2013. I started trading after 1 month of studying the course. You really have to do the homework and study every article. You don't become profitable by just reading one time without deep understanding of each key sentences... I traded profitable from that point. After a year I achieved a return of 30 times my risk (30R).

My biggest illusion in trading has been to achieve consistently high returns each month. I believed I could manage to make 10R a month each time. But sadly this is not easy. My average today is 3-5R a month trading only 4H and daily charts (although Nial teaches also trading on the 1H time frame).

Before I spent an entire year of trading all possible methods on the 1H and 15M time frame withouth success...

With Nial you learn to trade like a sniper. Even with 2-3 good trades a month you can be consistently profitable, who cares to make 10R in one week if you lose it all in the next 3 days, ups and downs are really stressful and confidence damaging...

Another big advantage of trading the higher time frames is that you can keep your day job and only invest 30 min a day for the analysis at 5 p.m NY time (NY close), which in germany is 11 pm at night.

I highly recommend his course to people who want to get serious about trading without being bleded by promises about incredible weekly returns. You learn to treat it like a business and get into the correct mentality and mindset. Many articles both free/member are really helpful.

Wish you good success...

william, new york, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-18
Review: I can tell you Nial's course is the best and it would be nothing new to your ears OR I can explain why and how I came to that conclusion. I've been a member here for awhile now and just started making money consistently. I'm on my 3rd month of profit. That means just about 12 weeks of good trading. Here's where people get crossed up though. It doesn't mean 12 weeks of positive trades. It means more profiting than losing and in fact I have more losing trades than winning, but am still in the black. Call it discipline or call it patience. In the end you call it whatever puts the money in your account and not your brokers. I had to learn from my mistakes and lost a lot of money. The problem was that I wasn't doing what Nial suggests. Paying the course fee doesn't magically give you the discipline or patience needed to be a successful trader, the proper stimulus does. For me that was applying the methods Nial teaches and removing the chance to alter it. Walking away. Letting the method either work or not work. I promise that in doing so that you will be successful. Do yourself a favor and look into why it didn't work. The answers are in the course, but no one can force you to read it. Maybe money in your account and the end of the trade will though...

Carlos G Weins, Charlotte , USA

Date of Post:2014-11-14
Review: For those of you posting negative reviews about the course I encourage you to refrain from doing it unless if you have an objective criticism about course. Those of you have the right to express an objective opinion about Mr. Fuller's course need to learn how to trade first than we can trust your comments. I have no stake on this matter neither do I know Mr.Fuller, having said that I can say that I have been trading profitably for about 3 years now and it was after that I decided to purchase his price action course. I have been a price action trader since I started trading the market and can really say that Mr. Fuller price action trading course is excellent. The course covers everything one needs to become a profitable trader. In his course you learn to read price action set ups put, analyze context which is key to interpret the aggregate structural of price behavior. Any profitable trading strategy needs to be put in context otherwise it will fail. In this course Mr. Fuller does a very good job at interpreting price action within corrective markets vs trending markets. I strongly recommend his price action course,

James P, London, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-08-11
Review: I work at a hedge fund. I did Nial's course long before I joined the fund.

Firstly with all due respect to Nial, Nial has no CV, Nial has never traded for a bank like JP Morgan or a professional trading institution like a hedge fund - therefore how can you expect to learn from someone whom has never traded at a professional institution? and traded at a professional level?. He does not have the credentials to back him up. He does not provide evidence of any good trading performance, which is the minimum... if you do not show any other credentials. His recommended brokers are regulated by ASIC whom do not pay out on broker bankruptcy defaults to outside AUS clients. So be wary. If Nial has traded at a professional institution then he should state who for on his website.

Anyone can setup a website call themselves "professional" and teach people how to trade candlesticks and technical analysis. And get a huge following. Only a few can back themselves up though. Retail traders fall for this type of stuff.

Going back to the course - the course will NOT make you profitable, it is based on candlestick charts/price action/technicals. I traded like this for 1-2 years as a rookie, until I met a JP Morgan trader and I learnt that this is not the right way. Go ask anyone on Nial's forum if they are making money - they are probably not the forum they just get excited at seeing candlesticks form on a chart. You will also see readers writing glowing comments about how great Nial's advice is. But none of them actually make money consistantly for at least 2 years. Secondly hedge funds have performed quantitive analysis on candlestick patterns and it simply underperforms the benchmark. This is not how the pros trade. We do not just look at candlesticks & draw lines on a chart, that is just silly & lazy. Do you see Chicago/NYSE pit traders trading like that?

My conclusion is stay away, it will not make you money, do not waste your time, the free articles will draw you in, but if you are thinking of purchasing it ..BE SMART..first ask Nial his credentials, his experience at a professional level, and finally hard evidence/proof that it actually makes money. Nial has no hard credentials, no bank/institutional experience, CV or hard evidence his way works.
Rebuttal: Added by Nial on 2015-12-15 11:10
  James P, you say you work at a hedge fund, yet your here on a retail fx website flaunting your ego, posting anonymously like a coward. You then accuse me of having no CV or credentials, which is ridiculous and insulting.

FYI – I have been trading since late 2002 (12 + years) and eventually started my trading education blog in 2008 (almost 8 years ago). Today I have the largest readership of retail traders in the world (hundreds of thousands of traders) and a huge membership base of students (currently over 15,000 students). I am a self made millionaire, I trade and invest actively. Not all professional traders work for banks or hedge funds , many traders simply manage their own private funds like I do.

It is YOU who has no CV or credibility, you are the anonymous troll attacking me on a public forum. Nobody knows you, they can't see your full name, they can't see who you work for or your history or anything else for that matter. I doubt you even work at a hedge fund and if you actually do.. they certainly don’t let you trade, god help them if they ever do.

You said "the course will NOT make you profitable, it is based on candlestick charts/price action/technicals"
.... I say " James, your opinions are simply opinions, you clearly have lost money trading and your giant ego won't allow you to blame yourself, instead you want to blame others, or even me"
You said "Secondly hedge funds have performed quantitative analysis on candlestick patterns and it simply underperforms the benchmark. This is not how the pros trade. We do not just look at candlesticks & draw lines on a chart, that is just silly & lazy. Do you see Chicago/NYSE pit traders trading like that?"

.... I say "James, firstly, pit traders are becoming obsolete and those same traders now trade from screens and use prices and charts just like the rest of the world does, it's 2015, not 1987. Secondly, some of the greatest traders in the world are 'technical analysts who uses price action to make decisions", go and read the market wizards books and do some research!. Thirdly, quants have not disproven candlesticks or price patterns, if you actually understood candlestick patterns and price patterns, you would be aware that it is NOT A MECHANICAL method, and therefore can't be coded in a computer !

I hope you never teach anybody how to trade James, you clearly have no clue. All you are is hot air and ego.
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