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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

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Date of Post:2010-10-08
Review: We haven't tried the forex education course from If you've used this company's products to teach you how to trade forex, please leave a review here.

James P, London, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-08-11
Review: I work at a hedge fund. I did Nial's course long before I joined the fund.

Firstly with all due respect to Nial, Nial has no CV, Nial has never traded for a bank like JP Morgan or a professional trading institution like
a hedge fund - therefore how can you expect to learn from someone whom has never traded at a professional institution? and traded at a professional level?. He does not have the credentials to back him up. He does not provide evidence of any good trading performance, which is the
minimum... if you do not show any other credentials. His recommended brokers are regulated by ASIC whom do not pay out on broker bankruptcy defaults to outside AUS clients. So be wary. If Nial has traded at a professional institution then he should state who for on his website.

Anyone can setup a website call themselves "professional" and teach people how to trade candlesticks and technical analysis. And get a huge following. Only a few can back themselves up though. Retail traders fall for this type of stuff.

Going back to the course - the course will NOT make you profitable, it is based on candlestick charts/price action/technicals. I traded like this
for 1-2 years as a rookie, until I met a JP Morgan trader and I learnt that this is not the right way. Go ask anyone on Nial's forum if they are
making money - they are probably not the forum they just get excited at seeing candlesticks form on a chart. You will also see readers writing glowing comments about how great Nial's advice is. But none of them actually make money consistantly for at least 2 years. Secondly hedge funds have performed quantitive analysis on candlestick patterns and it simply underperforms the benchmark. This is not how the pros trade. We do not just look at candlesticks & draw lines on a chart, that is just silly & lazy. Do you see Chicago/NYSE pit traders trading like that?

My conclusion is stay away, it will not make you money, do not waste your time, the free articles will draw you in, but if you are thinking of
purchasing it ..BE SMART..first ask Nial his credentials, his experience at a professional level, and finally hard evidence/proof that it actually makes money. Nial has no hard credentials, no bank/institutional experience, CV or hard evidence his way works.

Dayton, Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Post:2014-08-02
I've tried all different types of systems, and their fancy indicators. I've many times earlier in my "career" fallen to the "get rich quick trading" schemes, and I've paid dearly for it, to the point of questioning my very own ability to trade.

It was during those moments, I came across Nial Fullers PA teachings. Nial introduced me to this pure, clean, raw black & white charts; my initial thoughts - too basic, too simple. (Where are those high-end kind of charts I see in Bloomberg:-)) I gave myself a 4 months target to do a back test. Started with $300. By the end of the period I had $435 in my account. The only type of trading model that's ever worked for me; the only model that enhanced the odds in my favour; ironically without the "help" of those gazillion indicators. (Numbers don't lie:-))

Nails PA Teachings at first glance might seem too basic, simplified; but once you dig deeper & understand fully the set ups; this provides you with the "eagle-eyed" hunting gear you need to strike that "fish" you spot in the deep murky waters of the fx markets! (tilting all the odds in your favour). Thanks Nails for being the Game Changer in my trading path.

One observation I noticed from "My PA Back Test":-
- Stick with higher time frames; actually shy away from even the 1hr time frame; unless trading EURUSD. The other pairs tend to give false 1 hr buy/ sell off signals.

Jp, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Post:2014-02-24
Review: I have signed up for the course a month ago and am very pleased with it. Not only the price action itself is outlined, but he also spends a great deal detailing the psychological stuff behind trading. This really helps in keeping the right mindset over time.

The support is simply outstanding, he answers every mail with clear answers and tips or suggestions. This would be worth the money alone.

5 stars from me.

Juan Torres, , Colombia

Date of Post:2014-02-21
Review: I have being student of Nial's course for more than 2 years and let me tell you that is the best investment i have done in trading education.

What i found in learn to trade the market is a very easy to follow program with a very low price which and with a mentor who is with you always and the one you can contact when you need and with a program when you pay just once only and have the whole package, including the daily trade analysis comments that are for me the best investment ever because are on live real market lessons everyday and that are lessons that if you understand what they say (and is easy to understand when you know the system) and you follow them, you can earn money while you are learning.

I just want to say that for me price action is the best way to understand the market. Is a very objective way to realize what the market is telling you and which is probably the next step and in Nial Fuller's course i found the best and simpler way to learn it and be consistent taking action in the market. The program teach us to be patient and wait for the exact moment to take action and where to do it and increase in that way our probabilities of success.

Any way, this is just my point of view and for me is a great program with a very cheap cost considering the courses, the forum, the daily trading analysis and market comments (my favorite part) and all the support.

Just one recommendation: Be focus. some traders lost one trade and lost theirs minds too and think that the system is a bad system (i am talking about every system every where - Not necessary this system). What ever you want to do, be focus and be discipline following the rules and in this program if you do that you can find consistency.

Marek Ziolo, krakow, Poland

Date of Post:2013-10-14
Review: I would like everybody to reconsider twice before buying Nial's course. Simply it is better to invest money for real micro account and learn price action techniques for free. You can though use free resources from his website, there are very good in the beginning, but for advanced techniques go and search in different place.
I bought his "package" and I am little bit dissapointed (and I can't get money back ;) :
Daily commentaries - no comment ;P ps.dont read also FREE comments on his website as this is a simple marketing trick (besides in members section they are written by sb else ;)
Advanced PA course - nothing more than you get for free
Live forum - want to lose money like 95% of traders? follow live forum signals instead of your own ;) (this is in general for every forum)
Last word, send him money only as a form of gratitude for good free articles. But don't expect anything from being a member in a paid section.
Rebuttal: Added by Nial Fuller on 2014-01-22 06:24
  Your bogus review contains very misleading statements. We don't have any records of you in our members database, and we have no records of any email communication from you asking any questions or raising concerns. Interesting...

For those who are interested, let us provide clarity.
It is true that we offer great information for free, however our members area is a premium service offering trading courses, live trading forum, daily trade setups newsletter, members support line and other services. We offer this at a very affordable cost and it is incredible value for money. Most of our members are extremely happy.

Regarding your false accusations.
All comments and testimonials on our website are 100% genuine. Traders are not encouraged to 'blindly' trade every trade setup that is discussed in the newsletter or forums. If you have lost money, you can not place the blame on us, you did pull the trigger on the trades, not us. Thousands of members read our newsletter every day and the feedback is usually very positive.

Traders benefit great from our services, we know this is the truth because we talk with thousands of members each month over email. We receive testimonials and feedback every day from people who enjoy our service and have improved there trading or have started making money. Obviously not everybody makes money trading and not everybody is happy, this is the reality. We can't keep everybody happy, and not everybody will appreciate the great effort we go to each day to provide quality education and services to our loyal members.

Simon Raj, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-09-13
Review: The first course I purchased was nial fullers. I had been studying and trading price action for about half a year prior so definitely had some experience.

After 6 months of studying his course, I found the concepts quite vague, lacking substance, nor was Nial supportive or active - a sentiment also echoed by DK in Singapore two reviews back.

I feel there is a lot of oversimplified information in this course and that I miss a TON of trading opportunties only trading pin bars, inside bars and fakeys.

We often times sit around for days not doing anything while my friends in other courses are quite active on a daily or weekly basis making money.

I have not been able to make the strategies profitable by any means and talked to many students in the course with the same sentiment.

Nial makes a huge marketing buff around himself and his website, and I honestly consider this a waste of money and time for the junk information with no real instruction on how to trade PA.

I personally think he is an internet marketer and not a real trader. Why do I say that? So many times a good setup according to his 'rules' came, and someone would ask him what he thought.

He'd dance around the comments saying why it wouldn't work out, or that it may (isn't it his rules? Shouldn't he know?). Then the trade would start to go into profit handsomely, and he'd later come out and say 'I'm in this trade and up 90 pips now'. How convenient!

On the other end of it, if the trade never worked out, you'd never hear him say a word about it. Keep in mind, he never shows on his charts actual live trades which MT4 shows if you are in a trade at that time or not.

Another reason why I think he's an internet marketer is he actually told a friend of mine in the course 'You should open up an internet business as well'.

Note that he didn't say, 'You should become a trader or learn to trade for a living', but 'You should open up your internet business as well'. HUGE RED FLAG!

Last but not least, 95% of the strategies rules he actually gives away in the youtube videos and free articles on his site. I emailed him prior asking him if there were more rules than what he laid out on his website for free, and he told me there was. Yet, all the information he actually gave out on his site for free!

To Sum it Up: After intensely studying the material for over 6 months and trying all the methods out, my suggestion is to avoid this course. The concepts are vague, lacking substance, missing information, oversimplified, and offering no real understanding of price action..

There are other PA courses out there which are superior in every respect. After signing up for one of them, I haven't even gone back to Nials in over 8 weeks and have no intention to.

P.S. It is worth noting how Nials course had no positive reviews for an entire year (July 12 to July 13), yet has had thousands join during that time.

However, as soon as Nial gets a bad or unfavorable review, all of a sudden a 5 star review appears out of nowhere. Internet marketing at its finest!

Now I'm guessing a magical 5 star review will appear, even though not a single positive review had come for over a year. Most likley there will be an onslaught of magical reviews to come.
Comment: Added by Nial Fuller on 2014-01-22 07:26
  This review is straight out defamation and libel. It contains lies, false and misleading statements and it truly smells like a competitor or a friend of competitor throwing mud.

It should also be noted, we have no records of this person in our members database, and no records of any email communication from this person.

It's very interesting that the person has mentioned other competitors courses and products on 2 separate occasions. Any time you see this kind of thing, it should raise alarm bells.

Every single point this person has made is not even remotely truthful or accurate. For this reason, we refuse to entertain a genuine response to this heavily defamatory and untruthful review.

A Note To Potential Members:
Any serious trader considering joining our courses and services should first look over the free content on our website to get an idea of how we trade and what we do. Feel free to contact us as well. After that, if you genuinely can not justify risking the small cost of aprox $350 to become a life-time member, then don't join.

alchemist, Tx, USA

Date of Post:2013-08-26
Review: I will try to be brief. Joined LTTTM sometime in sept. 2012 and went through tons of Nails information on how he trades and approach the market. I studied all the information he gave for about 8 weeks and decided what type of trader I was going to become. Demo traded the techniques he taught gaining screen time, developing my trading plan plus trading journal, and getting the feel of the currencies I was trading. By Jan. 2013 started a real mini acct that grew 3 times the size by July. Did I have loss? Yes; however my winnings outweighed my losses. I honestly believe nail techniques works if you study, study, study, and practice applying what you learn. It takes time to understand forex for some while others catch on faster. It isn't the holy grail, you will have loss. Just study, learn, and understand the techniques he teaches and you will end up successful.
Comment: Added by Nial Fuller on 2014-01-22 10:41
  Thank you for sharing your positive experiences and feedback. We wish you continued success into the future.

DK , , Singapore

Date of Post:2013-07-26
Review: Course material is too brief and not very well organize. Many information are ready available online. Forum is useless as it is a place where the blind leads the blind. Moderator is only busy deleted what they do not like others to see rather than attending to member's doubt.

Nial is conducting a Trading Seminar in my country next month for $999 and this is a special price for existing member and if you are not an existing member, you are required to buy his online course first. I guess that alone tells you that his course alone is not sufficient to get you anywhere.

Email are replied promptly. The reply I received on the other hand is useless. It is typical of experienced person forgot how it was like being a rookie. To a trained eye, certain things is very obvious, to a rookie..we just don't see it. A picture is worth a thousand words, instead of replying with a chart to clarify my doubts, Nial told just go see the 4H and Daily chart.. That's right rookie.. go see WHAT?
Rebuttal: Added by Nial Fuller on 2014-01-23 01:33
  We are one of the largest trading education providers in the world, so I must disagree... there is nothing 'brief' or 'unorganized' about our education courses.

The forum is a purely a place to discuss trade setups and post chart
analysis, it is not a trade signal service or mentoring service, you appear to have unrealistic expectations. You only get from a forum what you put in, you need to get involved and become a regular contributor and engage with the community. I doubt you did that.

Yes we also hold seminars due to popular demand, it's something our members ask for regularly. This does not mean the online courses are 'not sufficient', that statement is ridiculous.

If you used our email support line, you would have been answered personally by Nial. If you didn't understand something all you needed to do is email him back. You have a direct line to a professional trader, this is something most can't offer.

Yes we do offer lots for free - you can learn alot about who we are and what we do before you join up, this should give people peace of mind. Members receive a plethora of quality services including: Trading Courses, Daily Trade Setups Newsletter, Live Trade Setups Forum, Email Support Line and Members Tutorials.

We take pride in being a leader in the trading education industry and will always use feedback good or bad to improve our services.

Puffinnuggins, california, USA

Date of Post:2012-07-18
Review: I bought his course even before his forum went live, I read through it and tried it but i couldn't get around the idea of only doing a few trades a week maybe even a month, i liked the idea of trading every couple of minutes. so like an idiot i tried tons of other courses for scalping and EA's all I got was $5000 in losses and a ton of stress watching every pip go against me. i recently switch back to his course which has apparently been updated quite a few times over the years that i missed, and im very pleased with the trading style, and as for the cost of the program its nothing for what u get, best deal ive ever made and forgot about just to come back to.
Comment: Added by Nial Fuller on 2014-01-23 01:37
  Thank you for sharing your positive experiences. We have indeed updated our courses and services many times over the years. You appear to have been a member a very long time, so It's great to hear you finally decided to pursue our teachings. We also agree, our membership is very affordable and great value for money. We wish you continued success in your trading.
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