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Last Updated: 2014-10-20
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CAUTION:  LiteForex has a policy limiting a trader's profits on news events and gap openings.  This rule is currently listed as item 6.8 here  .  


September 17, 2013:  There are now 4 FPA Traders Court Guilty verdicts against LiteForex.  The FPA now considers LiteForex to be a scam.

LiteForex is blacklisted.  The FPA recommends AGAINST opening accounts with LiteForex.  If you have an account with LiteForex, we recommend you withdraw your money as quickly as possible.

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ID Filed Case Verdict
2013-091 2013-07-30 GUILTY
2013-057 2013-05-16 GUILTY
2013-040 2013-04-09 RESOLVED
2012-092 2012-11-07 GUILTY
2012-090 2012-11-05 GUILTY

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-10-16
Review: We do not have any experience with this broker. If you have used them, please kindly submit your review above.

tuan loc, HCM, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2014-07-21
Review: i don't any isse with liteforex. i see they have good service. i has trade with liteforex for 4 years. now i have big account in this broker

Barkook, Cairo, Egypt

Date of Post:2014-06-15
Review: I traded with LiteForex for 3 months, the reviews they got worried me in the beginning but turns out that they are not that bad. I didnt get any bonuses there and I think that sales should spend some bonuses on their big traders..

Luca, Treviso, Italy

Date of Post:2014-06-12
Review: I am more and more angry of the behavior of LiteForex!
They stole my profits (over 31.500,00 euro! - clause 6.8 is a real scam!), they made me wait months my capital and now no longer respond to my emails. LiteForex is a Ponzi scheme!
I'm still waiting for 500,00 euro for two months ...
I have created a website to tell my experience:
Stay away from this broker!

2014-03-02 1 Star Hello, I’m Luca Novello, old account MT4-F-122435 (now closed by them).
LiteForex broker steals the money of the customers:
when I ask for a withdrawal, LiteForex does not give money;
LiteForex closes customer's account;
LiteForex change the profits made by customers (see its Regulation 6.8);
LiteForex unfairly investigates its customers for recycling;
LiteForex tells lies to justify his actions;
LiteForex says to contact support, but then does not respond to emails.
LiteForex is a scam broker.
Now I will tell you about my last experience.

I noticed a couple of days ago that the account balances are not correct: they have changed the balance of my account? Have they used brute force to change my earnings?
Now I tell you the numbers that were until 20/02/2014:
Money transferred from Italy to LiteForex: € 30.505,00
Interests: € 241,83
Total Profit: € 33.062,51
Total swaps: € -453,24
Account Balance to 12/28/2013: € 63.149,21
On 12/28/2013, request for withdrawal: € 31.500,00
On 02/19/2014, request for withdrawal: € 31.800,00
After two months of email, chat, facebook, controversy, on 02/24/2014 LiteForex pays € 31.500,00 (ticket 12/28/2013)
Withdrawals now pending: € -31.800,00
Balance: € 56,10

When I asked the last withdrawal (ticket 21721091 - € 31.800,00) the balance of my account was found to be € 56.10

Now I have logged into LiteForex's site and I see the following:
Total profit: € 1.653,21 instead of € 33.062,51
Balance: € 446,80 instead of € 56,10

If there were problems with my trades, because don't they tell me before? They have arbitrarily changed the results: is this scam or correct behavior? Are these behaviors of a society fair and honest?
Dear LiteForex, restore immediately the correct balance and profit or I'll report you to the police! Do you think that an international tribunal gives reason to me or to you? I ask you to withdraw all my money! If you do not give me the money I gained, I ask you also moral damages.
Remember that I have proof of everything I say and these are not insults, they are proven facts!

2014-02-19 1 Star I'm Luca Novello, account MT4-F-122435.
LiteForex is a crook and a thief. My account is over € 62.000. I've withdrawn 31.000 but I am very angry because I do not receive my money. I made two withdrawals:
ticket 19494077 - 28/12/2013 - wire transfer: it is still pending from December!
ticket 20003860 - 15/01/2014 – Skrill: this has been canceled because they would not give me money not even with skrill
Have passed many days and I'm not receive precise responses. I have already written a lot of mail and chat.
Now I'm desperate. These thieves are stealing all my savings!
I have a lot of documentation which proves what I am saying.
Stay away from this broker! Look at other reviews on other forums. LiteForex is scam!

Jokowie, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-06-09
Review: Dear Juris,
How about your transaction in this broker guys?.
I've been making many transaction of payment with this broker and so far there are no problems. perhaps, you must check it again and correcting the parameters on your wd process.

Juris, Riga, Latvia

Date of Post:2014-06-05
Review: Hello,
MT4 account number 227761
Withdrawal number (mt4 account history) 25447846
Funds deducted from MT4 1st of may this year. (01.05.2014)
Funds NOT received. Today is 5th of june (05.06.2014).

We have a withdrawal request from your account 227761. We are sorry to say but your withdrawal request is still in a queue due to lots of requests at the moment. We can’t make your requests due to our some technical issues with our bank now.

2013-04-08 1 Star
09:57Evgenia Milinite Hi, how can I help You?

09:58You hello
I got bank wire transfer
Mayzus financial services
it is liteforex ?
incoming funds

10:00Evgenia Milinite Tell me your trading account number, please.

10:00You 191857

10:03Evgenia Milinite Yes, it is Liteforex.

10:06You withdrawal - 505.36 USD
I got 457.95 where did 47.41 USD go ?

10:08Evgenia Milinite You should contact your bank. Most probably it is banking comission.

10:09You my bank took 3.69 usd
and I already took that into calculation
I got 457.95 USD and my bank took 3.69 USD from these 457.95 USD
where did 47.41 USD go ?

10:16Evgenia Milinite This comission took our bank and intermediary bank.

Qsie Edannss, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-05-15
Review: Making money in their NDD account absolutely make me falling in love with. Its response and its Execution really amazing.

radith raul, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-04-16
Review: I've been trading in liteforex broker since 4 years ago. and so far there is no problem and they have play so fair and never cheat us. All my withdrawn also good and never get problem..

deny dwi, jakarta, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-04-08
Review: Two or three month ago, lite server get trouble and make me frustrate because my fund on lose position. It makes me angry for the first, BUT this broker really FAIR and make me Impressed. They give back all my fund that lost on trade while the server error.
thanks so much liteforex. you are the best broker...

borju trader, tuban, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-03-29
Review: I've trading with liteforex and another broker, these are my favorite broker. lite is really great, my local withdraw is very quick and never get problems. Thank lite, every month i can withdraw more than $200. Its nice job to trade here..
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