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Last Updated: 2014-03-25
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Neal McManus, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-22
Review: I was about to give up trading because of all the you can't lose trading systems. I looked at MTI school as a last chance attempt to trading. I am so glad that I tried one more time because for the first time my trading works. Not because of some robot. Not because of a magical indicator. This school is great because they teach you how to use the off the shelf indicators. Their charting software is easy to use. And how they teach you to trade is easy. I will be a lifer in MTI.

CharlieMiller11, Georgia , USA

Date of Post:2013-10-21
Review: MTI- Courses are starting to be valuable- Just from lessons- 1-10 saved me some $$ today- Sold Drys before I lost a boat load (pun intended) of money--- The stock went down as I was taught in the new training also- Customer Service is spot on and my contact Greg K is helping me through the information and training-

James Douglas, Baltimore, MD, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-21
Review: I have been a small business owner, owning and actively running my business for over 28 years to date. We primarily served the civil government sector with innovative IT solutions. My engineering background was in defense electronics and software. I left the defense industry when the 'cold war' ended and defense budgets started drying up. I built my company up to a staffing level of just under 50 full-time personnel, with peak revenues over $4M...not bad, because my intention was to stay small and have sustainable growth and steady income. Then in 2011, the government terminated our major contract, forcing my firm to send over 42 of my staff to the unemployment lines. What made this action so disruptive was that we were given a 2-day notice that the contract was terminated, in its entirety.

Not only was this a wake-up call, but a arms (figurative speaking). How does one defend and hold onto accumulated wealth when control is out of hand. I found the answer in the old adage that states, 'when you own your own, you control your own.' I had been looking into FX trading for awhile. Seeing it as a viable alternative to stock trading. But I needed training, education and knowledge. I searched around for a reputable firm that offered this and literally stumbled onto MTI's website. I was so excited about their UTP education package that I enrolled immediately and started the journey of educating myself before entering into the FX market. What I got from MTI was more than I could have imagined from an educational institution. I got a family of people who are totally vested into developing the average man/woman on the street, desiring a better way of life, into confident and successful FX traders.

I can not say enough about the FX Chief's psychology and mentorship to becoming a successful FX trader and overcoming the fears of failure. He has brought MTI to a Zen-like pinnacle for those seeking a better way of life through FX trading. A life that sets one free from binds that tie us to economic uncertainty. Through the use of MTI's award winning tools and charting software, continued education, analysts-on-demand, automated systems, dedicated support staff (personal shout out Mr. Jeff Watkins!), success is inevitable.

In my person case, and at this juncture in my life, failure is not an option. I will succeed in regaining my wealth and reaching my financial goals, thanks to MTI, the FX Chief and his spirit-filled staff.

Jeff Hodge, Los Angeles, Ca., USA

Date of Post:2013-10-19
Review: I've been an MTI customer since May, 2013 and can not say enough about our thorough they are. They are available 19 hours a day Monday through Friday and have answered countless questions from me in a timely fashion. My account Rep James Skurka and Chris Beecher contact me several times a week, if for nothing else than to ask how I'm doing. They're always there and I feel, genuinely care about my progress. I attend their Webinars almost daily, where I get a variety of ideas/strategies that have helped me to capture hundreds of Pips. The Ultimate Traders Package is sometimes overwhelming, with all the valuable information they provide from 20 years of successful experience in Trading the Forex Market. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning the Forex Market. It's not easy, but anything worth learning never is. You have to work hard, but they're there every step of the way to guide and encourage you whenever needed. I look forward to successfully Trading for many years to come, thanks to MTI. You guys Rock!

Kathleen Stillman, Murrieta, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-18
Review: I can’t praise MTI enough for providing me a pathway to success in both Forex trading and self-improvement. When I joined MTI I was an FX baby. With their help I now feel like an FX teenager on a fast track to adulthood. I love the Analyst on Demand (go Showtime) and find the Chief’s Mentorship Sessions to be incredibly inspiring. Every contact I’ve had with account reps, analysts, all the way up to the top has been warm, honest and prompt. I feel like they’re family. Two weeks ago I attended the Master’s Course in Florida with the Chief (he’s a total crack-up). Since then I’ve captured 750 pips and in open trades I’m up 723 pips in just 4 days! If you work hard, follow the rules, persist, and DON’T fiddle with your trades you can be successful. Thanks MTI. Anyway—that’s my 2 cents.

Ronald M, California, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-18
Review: My mentor Zachariah Bennett has been great in spending whatever time it takes to get me the help I need from time to time. The overall quality of this package is excellent and professional. The best training you can get if you want to learn the Forex market.

Samuel S.Ikeuchi, California, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-10-18
Review: My account rep is Mr.James Bishop of MTI. I took UTP course on March 11th,2012! Study hard for other courses as well as Master's and just doing Demo account now but doing well and comfortable beside my part time job and I will be ready with my real account by this end of the year. I am 76 years old and feel lucky to be able for new challenge and looking for opportunity with MTI's program and help. Mr.James is super guy to help this old man from old country Japan. I will have more time to play Golf and enjoy the Forex trading very soon. Thanks for show me the way! FX-Chief is great. Thanks again James!

Samuel Susumu Ikeuchi

John A, Tampa, Florida, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-17
Review: I wanted to share my experience with MTI and my account representative, Christopher Guzman. I started with MTI in March, 2013 with the Ultimate Traders Package as I was learning the Forex market from the beginning with no prior experience.

After spending a lot of money with another firm that was teaching the stock, future and commodities markets, I left them as I always felt that they really never told you the entire story on how to become a successful trader and would not assist students much more than letting them know that they could retake the course or attend webinars. The ones that were successful I found out later traded with the Fibonacci technique. I found that out after I started with MTI.

I have always felt that MTI and Mr. Guzman wanted to see my succeed and it was their mission to see that I did so. I have always treated this education as if it was my business and I would only succeed from what I put into it. I have spent a lot of hours with this education ("my business") and have attended faithfully the webinars. I have also come with a mind that I have cleared from prior habits and what I think I know from prior experience. I have accepted MTI's way of doing things in this market and try not to out smart myself with the false elusion that I know better ways than MTI does.

I have in a short 5 months over doubled my account thanks to MTI's guidance and their ability to find trends in markets that I would have never found with my experience level. During a recent night of trading with Josh Martinez(FX Pathfinder), I was able to make over 1000 pips, trading 1 standard lot, spread over two trading accounts in 2 days.

As with all Educational companies, they stay in business selling their products and anyone that gets involved in a company that trains students should be aware of this ahead of time and not be shocked by this. I chose to further my education with these products and add to my trading bag of tools that allow me to make an income from trading.

Thank you MTI for making my dream a possibility and I have always felt that you want my success as much as I do. I can't wait to see the improvements in the analyst on demand program.

Greg S, California, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-10-16
Review: I joined MTI & was immediately set up 1 on 1 training which got me into the charting. Then how to get started with the modules.

I was changed to another account executive than the original. My new person is Zack & he has guide me very well. We have long discussion about my goals & he urge me to start slow & easy to master the program. He is right, I can be a bull in a China shop.

I have yet to start the Modules, thus cannot speak for them yet. Still, the site layout & aforementioned studies seem good. Going through it will tell.

I will probably be a better judge since I have completed other studies. I have a good understanding of indicators & basic strategies. Forex is more like stocks as oppose to options, yet, with more daily volatility & dangerous turning on a dime.

Each school I have done had its strength & weakness. I suspect MTI will be about the same & I'll be looking for its special focus, success & weakness.

What I expect is better determining stop loss for Forex than the traditional stock trading. Specifically to each pair.

So as it is said, "Let the games begin & the victor be the last one standing."

Georgina, Swindon, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-16
Review: Before signing up with MTI, I was at best, breaking even trading the Forex market. I now have days when I do 100+ thanks to the dedication and mentorship of the MTI team. Their analyst on demand programme is extremely valuable and I would not be half as successful if it was not for their support. The systems I purchased works extremely well and well worth the money. I look forward to many more piptastic days with MTI as my support team! Thank you MTI
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