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Last Updated: 2016-01-27
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Paul Hansen, Massachusetts, USA

Date of Post:2014-08-27
Review: I am a highly satisfied MTI student and have been for a few years now. I am an example of someone who has taken much longer than average to attain any level of consistent trading success. I still have a ways to go, but I am excited with my recent wins and the knowledge from MTI that put me here. I believe that I have been given a special set of trading keys that other people do not have. Other people have been more aggressively successful than I have been so far, but still, I am thankful for MTI. I come from a rather timid, insecure background that before, contributed to my being a bit jaded and suspicious, and as a result, a much more conservative (read: scared) trader.

The knowledge I've gained with MTI is giving me a better understanding of how the markets move and how to recognize good targets, entries and exits. As a result, I'm much more confident as a trader and even as a person.

I'm still in the process of seeing MTI's teachings born out time and time again. I am gradually moving myself toward more aggressive trading, but again, because of my own tedious, snail's pace method of confidence-building, it has taken longer than I wanted,

BUT I am enjoying the process. I thoroughly enjoy my successes now because I know it wasn't by chance--it was because of knowledge. When there is a loss, I study the details to see what I can learn from it.

It's still part science and part art, but my confidence is soaring now and I feel I'm a much better person for being involved with MTI.

I must tell you that the Chief's mentoring sessions have been a wonderfully helpful and enlightening tool to lead me out of the kind of negative, defensive, and antagonistic life I've seen represented here in some of the anti-MTI posts.

I urge everyone to give MTI a truly fair shake. Organizations are made up of people. People are not perfect. Not all people think the same way, express themselves the same way, or understand things the same way. When given the chance, I've always found MTI to be an honest, reputable bunch of people who want to see students succeed.

A lot of money can be made in the forex market, but it takes humility, patience, a willingness to learn, and a bunch of hard work. It's not for everyone. You can't read a book on brain surgery and think you're going to walk into a hospital and perform one.

When MTI talks about specific large opportunities, I've always been able to see they were telling the truth. The opportunities are there. They just want to help students get in on whatever piece of those opportunities they are able to get, based on their grasp of the strategies MTI teaches. I've never heard MTI promise that I was going to capture ALL the pips of a recognized opportunity.

If a fictitious farmer John shares a few things about fishing--where the fish tend to be, the best water temperature, the best time of day, and when the Mayflies hatch, people who follow his tips will have a much higher percentage chance of catching dinner.

Many times, suspicion and previously bad experiences can be like a sound barrier that prevents people from hearing properly. Before you come down so hard on MTI, it might be good to take a good long look at your own attitude, and see if you've allowed your suspicion to project itself onto other people unfairly.

2012-06-20 5Star I am currently a student with Market Traders Institute and am naturally interested in the trustworthiness of their dealings. First, I am very happy with the quality of my education with them. There is so much information and practice required that I'm still not quite done with their Ultimate Traders Package. I've learned a great deal about the many ways the fx market can behave and have received many, many practical tips about avoiding pitfalls and positioning oneself for profit. I came to this site indirectly, which in my case, began with research on reliable fx brokers. I was stunned to see all the bad experiences people have had with brokers--caused by everything from sloppiness, to lack of integrity, to out and out crime. Once I'm ready to begin trading, I just want an honest and fair broker.

I urge any of you who have been overly impressed with the negative posts referring to MTI to page down and read their rebuttal. One poster claimed that with careful reading, I'd see that MTI had been warned by the NFA. Well, I read the NFA judgment very carefully and I see simply that if MTI was to mention or in any way direct customers to this certain fx broker, it would have had to have been registered as in Introducing Broker (which it isn''s an educational company). After having several months of dealings with this company and some members of the Martinez family, I've been convinced they are an honorable family...not the type of people to involve themselves in a willful scam. I didn't know anything about an fx broker business that Jacob may have been involved with. I can only imagine the very worst case might have been an honest mistake and oversight--not stopping to think that a conflict of interest could be a big problem. Even THIS speculation is completely uninformed and probably pretty useless. All I DO know is that all my dealings with Market Traders Institute have proven to far exceed my expectations. All the instructors have proven to my satisfaction that they are making their very best effort to see that I am getting the education I need. They are all quite knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and gracious. I am not displeased.

Adriano, Milano, Italy

Date of Post:2014-06-14
Review: I first came across MTI through a web commercial and decided to join one of their webinars.Boy, what a pleasant surprise that was ... i felt like "a fat kid in a candy store". Although it seemed like just another BS sales pitch, i actually tried some of their ideas and have found out that it does make sense and therefore decided to join them as a student ... it wasn't cheap to get it must admit that but nevertheless the level of support and the kindness I received from them not to mention that i actually made some decent pips trading their fx turbo strategy ... to be honest i didn't quadruple my account in 1 month that is just silly but i was able to steadily grow my equity balance and as my learning curve was growing i am now able to have more confidence in placing a trade. Afterall, that is the most important thing in trading, right ?
You receive from them, exactly what it would be expected from a top notch education service provider and the real interest of their support team and of your conselour in the real problems you are facing in your life just makes the experience more personal and gives it a bit of a human touch !

Wayne Boelsma, Las Vegas, USA

Date of Post:2014-05-19
Review: Unfortunately, I lost pips, but hopefully gained knowledge. I am going to review the recordings and study the manual.

James Killby, NZ, New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-05-10
Review: Just thought il'd get on here and let everyone know how bull**** "Market Traders" is... I purchased the master plan early this year and boy.. what a load of s***. Basically spent all my savings on as much time as I want with someone who trades forex fulltime... no hes not a millionaire.. he simple makes a living off of it.. not $5000 a day... not 200% profit a week. literally spending all day just to break even with wins/losses.. he says he trades 7 hours a day and thats the minimum to get a steady income.. thats funny cause they advertise it like it can be done at night for an hour or so.. sure a big trade comes along once a month where you can look at a the chart and say hey im going to take that. and you may possible get the trade which is still only like 60% chance.. the profits the talk about are just bull**** unless you have a spare million dollars to play with.. even practice accounts are useless unless you have a spare 10 years to play around with fake money and have no requirement for real money. After that 10 years then MAYBE you could make a basic living off of the stock market. Truth is the only people who make ALOT of money are hedgefunds and millionaires, the rest of us get caught up in it only to lose. Take note of the 5star review that will be posted after this...
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2014-05-19 05:33

I'm a representative at MTI and I'd like the opportunity to address your concerns and help in anyway that I can. Firstly, I attempted to locate your contact information in our system to help you on a one-to-one level, but you do not show up as a student of Market Traders Institute. This concerns me as a portion of your response mimics a response that we've received multiple times from a competitor who was posting here. I do not want to assume that you are falsifying a review, so if you could, please give us a call at 800-866-7431 ext. 239 so that we may give you personalized attention to your current issues as a student.

To help you now, I'd like to address a couple of your concerns as I feel that some of your statements accidentally misrepresent our organization. We do not claim to show traders how to become millionaires in a few hours or overnight. Learning to trade successfully takes time and dedication and our in-depth program is in no way designed for traders seeking "get rich quick" solutions to their trading problems. As for Jared's full-time trading status, as he grows older, he has decided to move more into the stage where he trades less and mentors more as a way to share what he's learned in more than 20 years of trading with those who seek his help. Because he has been able to find such success in this market, he does not need to trade for 40 hours per week in order to reap the profit of a full-time trader. For more information on how you could start trading for a profit with smaller start-up capital and to address any other questions you may have, reach out to us at the phone number listed above.

We take all feedback seriously as it is an opportunity to make us better for the sake of our students. Thanks for reaching out and providing feedback. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Nick H, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2014-04-30
Review: I have been with MTI as a member for the past two years and believe that the UTP course is essential for anyone wanting to make a full time profession from FX Trading. The course teaches the principles of the forex and a few strategies that if followed by the book actually work.

I think anyone getting into the forex needs to realise that its not going to be a walk in the park and that you have to persist with it managing your account wisely and learning to manage your emotions. For the first 12 months I wasn't really winning however I went back and followed the rules taught in the UTP course and I am now making a good return with an average of 7 out of 10 winning trades - you need to be and must be patient and willing to learn - its not going to happen overnight!

I recently completed the Masters Course with the Jared Martinez (FX Chief) and with what I learned I am confident that it has laid the foundation to my goal of making this my full time profession. I think Jared is the chief, and he's not invincible however he knows his stuff. FX Chief mentors all his students and the information he and shares and advice he gives is a must if you want to become successful at this profession.

The courses are not cheap but its more than worth its value and they offer payment plans to make it possible for those that cant immediately afford it - like myself :-)

Remember - you have to be patient and willing to learn - expect to make mistakes . Expect to learn from those mistakes and you will make a good return on your investment over time.

Highly recommend it, particularly if your new to the FX market.

Peter Cook, Vermont, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-25
Review: I have been with Market Traders Institute for about 1 year. Their courses are filled with excellent data and your absorption is not left up to you but frequently, if you are on site, you are asked to explain the datum to the class thusly ensuring you understand. I just finished a 5 day course and have found my trading certainty has greatly improved. The integrity of the individuals I have interacted with has left nothing to be desired. They strongly intend not to leave any student behind and do all they can to do so. I was not a winning trader when I joined MTI but now I can say I'm a winning trader.

Bluesjack, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-22
Review: The program is excellent, but self directed. You must be committed to succeed.

All of the staff is friendly, helpful and kind. They are truly committed to " leaving no student behind".

I had some serious health problems, and my counselor called to see how I was doing and offered motivation to get back when I was able.

John mccain , , Singapore

Date of Post:2014-01-07
Review: I used to have a very high regard for MTI, here and there I do attend their free webinars but it was quite expansive so I pushed and delayed.

Recently I was able to afford it, so I attended a free webinar again to see what was the latest offer.
I left my details, they didn't call me.
Attended another one, left my details, they didn't call me.
3rd one, I left my details, they ask what time I wld like the call, I told them and they called me at 6am when I was still slping.

Attended another webinar that titled "3 Strategy Plans for Trading the Non-Farm Payroll Report" in the email they sent me.

I trade the NFPs, and its coming up, so I registered for it, and at the same time wanted to request them to call me again. So this time it was a double agenda, learn a few things on how they trade NFP and also get them to call me so I can purchase the course.

About 30mins in the LONG webinar, I felt that it was the exact same NORMAL webinar, nothing to do with NFP, so I typed in the chat box and asked if he was gonna touch on NFP, his assistant replied me, "he will later on".

So I endured.

Right to the end, I saw that the time was ending, and he was promoting the course already, so I asked again, and no reply.
I ask then again, and the reply I got was "the NFP trade is only for members".

I mean come on! Is that how you respect people's time?

I have to stay up late to attend this webinar, its 12-1.30AM over here!

I swear I was honestly ready to join them and pay the course 1 time, not the installment. But after treating me like that, I doubt so.

I was so angry I told the guy off for lying to me from the start, and for the 1st time ever, I got kicked out of the webinar.

Luckily I found this page on all the negative experience people go through.


The other thing is as he was giving the presentation I saw lots of misleading going on.

Here are some.

1. They keep saying with a $2000 investment you get back bla bla bla, 100% on 1 trade.

That is a wrong statement. For those who are new, they will think "oh I just invest $2k and in 1 trade I can get 100% ROI."

$2k is just per trade, NOT the equity investment.

And when I typed that in, he NV respond.
All negative comments he will NV respond.
Because it will hurt his sales.

2. When he drew the FIBO lines, its all planned out.
Because when he drew the FIBO line from A to B, I asked him, before the "B" there is another earlier point where there was a slight retracement, so there was an earlier point you could have marked as "B", why did you choose the later point.

And not to my surprise, he didn't answer.
Because if he were to take that point, he wouldn't be able to show a winning trade, it would be a losing trade.

SO basically he is just drawing lines after the market has moved, anyone can do that and tell a wonderful story about the market as if he is a psychic.

3. THen after drawing FIBO lines, he was showing where he would buy, which is the U-turn points. Now, the market must have U-turned already for you to see it is a U-turn. But he simply said, see the market U-turned here, then he put his entry right at the lowest point.
Come on, if you fall for this, you are either not using your brain or u are just simply new to this.

PS - Oh and yes, good observation, everytime a bad review comes up, a perfect review follows. Lets see what follows after mine.
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2014-01-15 10:37

As a representative from Market Traders Institute, I’d like to assure you that I’ve read your review and am currently conducting an investigation to evaluate the situation. What you are describing is not conducive with our high standards and what we promote from within our organization. To better assist you, I’d like to know more about where you were typing your phone number and see if there was some sort of technical glitch. As you may have guessed, it wouldn’t make much sense as a business that we wouldn’t call you in the case that you were interested in learning about our product, so I would like the chance to verify that there are no technical issues hindering you or other students from getting in touch with us.

As for the webinar topic, I have reviewed the presentation and Non-Farm Payroll trading strategies were discussed and what you were told in the chat box was not communicated clearly on our part. We cover strategies for trading that fundamental announcement during the webinar. Live trading during the announcement’s release with our experienced trader is something that we only offer to students as there is the opportunity to earn and lose money during the announcement so we only allow trained students with proper risk management knowledge to trade with us. I do not know why you never received a phone call from us until that final time other than you contact information being incorrect. Because that involves your personal contact information, I wouldn’t want to discuss that here. If you don’t mind, please call us at 800-866-7431 ext. 239 so that we can further investigate this issue.

What your webinar host was explaining is that trading the Forex market within the U.S. allows you to trade with 50 to 1 leverage. This leverage is provided by your broker of your choice. The presentation says that if you utilize a $2,000 investment with 50 to 1 leverage, you are controlling $100,000 in the Forex market when you trade using a standard account. When trading using standard lots, what your $2,000 investment provides, each pip, what you are after as a Forex trader, is worth $10. As a trader, we risk pips in order to gain pips. From what MTI teaches, we look to risk 50 pips to make 100 to 200 pips at a time. Essentially you are risking $500 to make upward of $2,000.

There seems to be a number of questions that you have that are rather detailed about trading the Forex market. This is part of the reason why we do collect phone numbers to assist attendees after the presentation on a one-on-one basis in order to serve each attendee to the best of our ability.

About the posts that you’ll find here, we have absolutely no control over this board. ForexPeaceArmy monitors the board for spam and false reviews and we trust their ability to do this. We do encourage our students to post about their results, both good and bad, in order to help traders researching their options much like yourself. Many positive reviews here have a name and location of the poster and we trust that these are legitimate reviews. We actively read what is posted in order to aid students and traders alike as many people here posting negative reviews have never actually purchased nor experienced our product.

It appears that you might have a number of questions after the wealth of information provided during your most recent presentation and I’d like to extend the opportunity to talk with you personally to help you further. If you’d like to accept this opportunity, please call 800-866-7431 ext. 239 at your convenience.

James, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2013-12-30
Review: i would like to share my experience with everyone,i have been trading Fx for the past 8 years successfully,make an average of 3 to 4% a month,but i always look into other companies to see if i see a new idea worth investing in and make some extra Cash.i attended one of the seminars they have,i have to admit Its a waste of time and total BS,i got pissed off when i saw he person showing a track record from myorderbookfx with incredible results and when i asked again to give me the link so i can analyze the trades and performance they sent me another link.
What does that tell you?
the keep saying you can make $61000 and they actually show you a live account which is not a live account.they cant prove it.
to me if a trader talks about making 1000s of pips a month it shows that they dont know what the hell they are talking about?
why dont they talk percentage?
and if you ask them for more trace record they come back and say oh we only have one month of track record.even the one month track record was horrible, %51 draw down in one month.
funny for a %51 draw down we have to pay $12000 and if you act now give us your money you pay $4000,if you ask them to give you more details they say this is what we have you either take it or not.
Well all i wanted to say is think again if you are really thinking of joining them.
if they make claims that their system is so good that has been time tested why they only show you one month of track record.
Think again and again and again folks
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2014-01-15 10:38

I’m a representative at Market Traders Institute and I’d like the chance to aid you through your concerns. Firstly, we use to record trading results as a way to verify our track record through a third-party system. Because I cannot locate you in our system without either a phone number or an email address, I cannot review the link you are referring to in order to send you what you are looking for. What you were being shown was more than likely a live trading account and we can verify that through, but I will need more information from you in order to truly see what you are seeing. If you would like to see our trading results via this third-party verification website, please see the links below:

The reason why we talk about pips is because we cater to a large range of traders of various levels so we try not to discriminate and talk in terms that newer traders might find confusing. Also, pip counts, with this prediction you are talking about which spans around 6 months (not one month), comes directly from past market movements and technical analysis results for what the move has the potential to do. We would gladly like to talk about percentages with you, but the figures you are posting here seem blatantly false and I cannot find anything with this record on it.

I’d like the opportunity to clear the air with you and correct your math, but I would need you to reach out to us at either or call 800-866-7431 ext. 239. I hope to hear from you soon.

Ash Sal, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2013-12-22
Review: I do not know how they got my email address. I might have subscribed somewhere and from there they got it. But that is not any problem as I do not mind such emails because you never know sometimes you may get something useful. I have, believe me, even in this age and time where everyone seems to be out there to deceive you.

The only thing I do consider before following the lead is; does it look sensible? If it does I follow it.


I have done a bit of forex trading myself and all the emails that try to tell me I can make 1000s in minutes or hours, I simply delete them. But why I followed this one when it said the pretty much the same. Well, the idea was in the * where it was stated this money would be earned on a standard lot. Now do the maths, this sum of money equates to 6100 pips. So I thought, wow this guy was going to talk about a long term trend that might be emerging in a pair . Worth listing to an idea. Isn’t it?

Surprise surprise, that cost me 90 minutes of my precious time and then got me so upset that made me spent another half an hour to write this message.

There was no talk of such trend or anything like that. Just a little talk of fibo and then all the marketing pitch. The charts presented in the webinar clearly showed the PICK & CHOOSE phenomenon. On top of everything product seemed way over priced that cost $5400……………What???? But who cares, even if they were selling it for $54 or $5.4, I still would not buy it let alone $5400 after such a misleading title.

If someone is dishonest just to get you to their webinar then what will you expect from them??????? An honest education????

Honestly, I still wonder who are those people who have left them 4-5 stars.
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2014-01-15 10:39

As a representative at Market Traders Institute, I’m very glad that you reached out with your concerns as I wouldn’t want you to not have your questions answered. We do offer free content where many people subscribe to get that content and then to be put on our email list which is more than likely why you are being emailed as you’ve stated. I’ve taken the time to review the webinar from Saturday and it looks like the 6,100-pip prediction was discussed across three currency pairs, but maybe not in as much detail as you need. I would like to remind you that these live webinars do deal with time constraints that keep our hosts on schedule. Further, the amount of time spent on any one topic during the webinar is determined based upon audience needs as we constantly monitor the interaction of participants. With this said, I am sorry that this was not completed to your liking. Your viewing of this section would have cleared up the majority of your concerns here.

On that note, I’d like to give you more information about the prediction. The least amount the market is showing us from this prediction (based upon 20 years of market research) is 6,100-pips across three currency pairs. We are expecting the full movement to take another 6 months and there will naturally be fluctuations with the natural, wave-like movement of the market that will progress the movement. Also, we’d like to think that our student results speak for themselves. On this movement alone, our students have been sharing their results with us on Facebook ( One student made 715 pips, one shared that they made 54% returns early on in the movements, and yet another shared that she made 1,089 pips on the prediction. These are but a few of our students who’ve shared. Others are still actively trading these movements as well. If you want, I’d be more than happy to have someone go over any questions you may have about the opportunity personally. Here’s a direct line: 800-866-7431 ext. 239. If you should need anything, I do encourage you to reach out.
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