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Last Updated: 2015-03-26
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mpmugali, texas, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-16
Review: I have been a member of MTI a little more than 5 months.I have been in Forex Trading little over a year. I tried many differnet courses but they all only help me loose money. When I joined MTI and bought UTP , the course literally changed my forex trading carrier.In 4 months period I made over 2000 PIPs with the help of ABCD strategy of that course.
To sharpen my knowledge in Trading I bought the Mastery course and participated in last week.During class we placed different trades and I captured 436 PIPs. I liked the strategy taught by Chief Jared Martinez and his simple but powerful way of explaining how to read the charts and when to get in the market and when to get out of the market.
I found that if any body applies the strategy taught in the course with discipline he/she can make their financial future brighter.

Grahm Renouf, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-10
Review: I have been a Member of MTI for 6 Months. I have gone through the Ultimate traders package twice now and have found it very Helpful. I am also a regular attender of the analyst on Demand. I have just finished a 5 day work shop with the Chief. I can not speak highly enough of them. It has made a huge difference to my trading. I have averaged 300 plus pips in the last four weeks. They don't teach you what to do they teach you how to do it. Then you must take personal responsibility for what you do. You do not have to take any trades you do not feel right about after having done your research. Don't blame them for your screw ups the buck stops with each and every trader.

cheryl, D, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-09
Review: I have been a student of MTI for approximately 18 months and have only good things to say of them. They truly want people to succeed, and help you in anyway. Thank you MTI

Keith, Florida, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-06
Review: MTI offers education and mentorship. After two years, I have used the education to learn how to trade the Forex. At first I lost money but learned my mistakes with the help of the mentors at MTI. I have only had good experiences with MTI and especially the founder Jared.

Bruce, Oregon, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-04
Review: I have to agree with the posts prior to mine. These guys are used car salespeople. They call us unsolicited from a number that appears to be local and invite us to a FREE webinar. Decent presentation that makes making money in the Forex look easy and predictable.

They tell us their course is valued at $15,000 but offered at only $6995 with a special scholarship offered at $5400 if you act today and pay in full.

Then they send a battery of emails making all sorts of wild claims of huge returns, all we find out later unfortunately are all unsubstantiated.

The Turbo Trader is a joke. SHould be called Turbo B.S. as are the alerts which are useless. The AOD (Analysts on Demand) sound like kids with no real world investing experience, just reciting a script. BUT...we are told when we buy that these guys are "expert analysts" YEAH RIGHT!

The refund policy is also a joke. Even though most of the information, as much as 99% is prerecorded video online, they make it sound like they went through grew lengths to help students.

I like many others got no help. Just lost $5400 by falling for their used car salesman's sale pitch.-
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2013-12-24 08:38

I’m a representative from Market Traders Institute and I’d like the chance to address your concerns and to clarify any misinformation you may have.

Firstly, it is our policy to never cold call. We only call registrants after a presentation when they’ve provided their phone number to us for the purpose of collecting feedback and answering any questions they may have.

We hold that all of the content and claims that we make public are heavily substantiated and we’d love the opportunity to discuss these things with you if you’d like to call us at 800-866-7431 ext. 239. I’d also like the opportunity to discuss your issues with the Turbo Trader and the refund policy to see what I can do to help.

Also, our Forex education is much more than just 99.9999% prerecorded video. Three out of 5 of our education phases have live instruction and we also have personal account executives who help students personally. Many students use Analyst on Demand to receive live training up to 24 hours a day during the week. We also offer live mentorship sessions, educational webinars free of charge, training manuals on top of the features mentioned above. We have seen one other person saying what you’re saying almost verbatim, but I cannot locate either of you in the system so I’m having a hard time helping your case on that front. If you don’t mind, please reach out to us at the email address below so that I may be able to aid your further.

Of course, we are available to answer any questions you may have at the number above, or you may email [email protected]

Dave, Tx., USA

Date of Post:2013-12-03
Review: I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to little if any satisfaction with trading schools and programs. The most common fault I encountered with all of them was student- teacher interactions. When ever I hit a road block I could not get help in a timely manner. Thus my interest and progress suffered exponentially.
I had pretty much given up on any success in this area of investing courses. As I have no family or friends that have any interest or experience either. With GREAT Reservation and Caution I have started the Ultimate Traders Program. After, due diligence I found their credentials where outstanding. In less than a couple of weeks I have already learned more about the forex market than I ever learned before. To date the interaction with the instructors and lessons have been as good as any training I have ever received in my past. I do have a degree in engineering and years of military training to support and compare this these claims. There is a reasonable amount of effort required from the students expecting to achieve a successful outcome. I began early on to apply the knowledge I have obtained from the classes. With some of the strategies I have learned I have a great deal more confidence than I had ever before known going into my trading. With a much solider foundation, in the mechanics and psychology of the market. I have already made noticeable improvements in my investing strategies and approach to trading. Much of my self taught trading strategies have been adjusted and or rethought allowing me to make judgement calls I use to never make with any certainty. I am still a full time student paying and learning and looking forward to my training paying off in the near future. I look forward to recapping and posting a positive outcome. So far the support and attention to my specific needs have all been met in a timely and professional manner that I have never experienced from any other training at any price. If the training and support continue as they have so far I do not expect to have to take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that I have rarely had offered in the past either. I believe MTI realizes their success ultimately comes down to the success of their students like any formal training institution!

JMB9922, Chicago IL, USA

Date of Post:2013-11-30
Review: I signed up for the MTI course, DON"T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU, I took the courses and they DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY THEM SELVES!! Even the Chief does NOT make the money he says he does, if you ask them to see a track record of their trades they will NOT Show them to you!! and if you ever pay attention to what the Chief shows you, he is trading a DEMO account!!!! If they were making any money they would be happy to SHOW YOU THEIR TRADING RECORD!! they can show you their trades in MT4Live or a few ot the other trade following web sites

do NOT believe the FAKE POSTS On here that they are Making Money!!!

[email protected]
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2013-12-04 02:51

I’m a representative at Market Traders Institute. I do want the chance to help you out here and try to get some answers as I’m a bit confused by your post.

I have researched your name in our records to see how I could help you as you stated that you are student. I did find your record Mike (both under the email address you listed here and one associated with a competitor’s email address), but it shows that you are not a student and have never been in contact with our staff which makes me question the validity of your response. I also know that you have been seen on multiple Forex websites promoting a competitor’s strategy (you’ve also posted this canned response on our forum) which leads me to believe that you are a competitor. If you could help me locate your record and subsequent refund case, I should be able to help you get the details on your refund case to help you further.

We are not a scam and we are very passionate about the Forex and our students. Everyone you mentioned does trade. If you’d like to see the results, follow any of the links below.


I want to add that Jared Martinez does trade demo accounts during live webinars on occasion during some live courses with students when he is using the live market set ups as examples and we’d be more than willing to discuss this with you further if you’d like although I would believe that this is understandable as the trades in those scenarios are meant to exemplify lessons using live market examples.

I’d like the opportunity to truly get to the root of your situation if you’d allow me to help. Being able to confirm your student status and then check on your current courses would be the next step in helping you. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or call 800-866-7431 ext. 251 to speak with our Customer Service Manager.

Henry Alford, Quezon, Philippines

Date of Post:2013-11-10
Review: I have found the MTI UP course the best way to understand the FOREX market. They do teach you 'how to fish not just give you a fish'! Its the same thing my grandfathers did for me. One taught me how to farm and ranch. while the other taught me how to be a plumber. Now the 'Chief and his staff is teaching' and old cripled Green Beret soldier how to trade the FOREX. hum, I don't feel the same as some are complaining, I try to get my moneies worth from these guys and gals on the Chiefs staff. the ones that are complaining maybe have a communications problem. Just open your mouth and ask them for assistance.


Date of Post:2013-10-22
Review: “To be, or not to be” is a very good question. To ‘be’ and to ‘do’ are inseparable, they reinforce and promote each other. To ‘do’ (trading) without ‘be’ (being a trader) is hypocrisy and one becomes a mere pretender where failure abounds. Claiming to ‘be’ (a trader) without ‘do’ (doing trading as a ‘Be’ trader trades) is not only hypocrisy it is also self deception.

Having read ABE’s comment that MTI in his “opinion is a disreputable company & their claims are a scam”; I would like to add my own experience and thoughts on MTI.
I joined MTI in August 2012, and have had very good experiences from not only my account rep Chris Beecher, whom I now count as a friend. I had troubles in the beginning transitioning into this market and sort help from Chris. He helped and gave assistance beyond my expectation.

My experience with the FX-Chief has been phenomenal. Unlike ABE, I took the Masters course and spent three days with the FX-Chief. So I will talk of my experiences and not on any understandings void of experience and pretense.
Before I worked with MTI and the FX-Chief, I was making money and losing money. In fact I could say just like ABE is currently doing. That’s is ‘eating like a bird and craping like an elephant’. The FX-Chief and MTI has put a stop to that. My advice to ABE is to go over chapter two of the UTP again and this time, take the time to not only understand but to get it into your belief system and be an equity managed trader. My thought is if you had spent more energy on learning the stuff in the UTP and truly becoming a FX trader, you would have gotten a different outcome.

It is true; the principles in the UTP will not make you rich. Only the application and implementation of them will! I firmly believe that by abiding by the principals of the UTP and the follow on courses will not only get you to ‘be’ a successful trader but help you in other aspects of your life.

I concur with ABE on some of the faults of the systems. But differ in his beliefs on other educational products that have not only helped me ‘be’ a better trader, but to ‘be’ a better husband, father and man. Truth is truth and the principals taught in the psychological section of FX-Chief’s lessons have helped me in areas outside of FX Trading. My marriage has improved as well and my relationships with my two boys, whom are now also learning the art of trading. If my two boys of 18 years and 15 years can use the principals of the UTP to find success then anyone can, providing they take the time, coupled with the determination and perseverance to succeed. I not only was enthralled by the Masters course I took the liberty to reapply and will do so with my two boys in January 2014. Knowing that they will not only take out of it principals of FX trading but principals of life.

David Dreman, one of the great traders of all time stated “Psychology is probably the most important factor in the market- and one of the least understood’, Bill Williams one of MTI’s competitors also stated “Understanding yourself from within is what makes the difference in successful trading and investing” these being true, it is imperative not only learn the skills of Forex trading but to learn these psychological lessons.

If you are truly looking at an all round package that teaches the technical trading ‘do’ as well as the important lessons to ‘be’ a successful trader, then MTI and the FX-Chief are for you.

Ted Haas, Waianae, HI, USA

Date of Post:2013-10-22
Review: I've been learning to trade financial markets for 18 years on and off. I've spent approx. $40,000.00 in my quest and learned a lot of information about trading the markets, but not an effective way to apply it. End result, I'd make some money and lose more. Then I discovered MTI. I listened to their presentation and thought this makes sense, I wonder if they are for real. Since they guaranteed if I actually went through the course and it didn't work I could request my money back within a window of time. I felt that is reasonable and invested in The Ultimate Traders Program.

WOW, this is the first time I actually got what I hoped for. As I apply what I'm learning I am achieving my financial goals one pip at a time. It's not a walk in the have to apply yourself and work at it. I'm here to tell you it's worth every dime I've spent with MTI and I have gone on to invest in every program MTI offers. I now am excited to turn on my computer and watch my account balance moving consistently up hitting the targets I set using what I'm learning with the help of MTI's staff, webinars, phone calls, any assistance I might need or any question I have. MTI is a pleasure to do business with and I would stand on a soap box with a megaphone and broadcast to the world...If you really want to take charge of your future and reap the sweet thrill of success invest in yourself and get your eduction from MTI.
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