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Last Updated: 2015-05-18
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Ash Sal, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2013-12-22
Review: I do not know how they got my email address. I might have subscribed somewhere and from there they got it. But that is not any problem as I do not mind such emails because you never know sometimes you may get something useful. I have, believe me, even in this age and time where everyone seems to be out there to deceive you.

The only thing I do consider before following the lead is; does it look sensible? If it does I follow it.


I have done a bit of forex trading myself and all the emails that try to tell me I can make 1000s in minutes or hours, I simply delete them. But why I followed this one when it said the pretty much the same. Well, the idea was in the * where it was stated this money would be earned on a standard lot. Now do the maths, this sum of money equates to 6100 pips. So I thought, wow this guy was going to talk about a long term trend that might be emerging in a pair . Worth listing to an idea. Isn’t it?

Surprise surprise, that cost me 90 minutes of my precious time and then got me so upset that made me spent another half an hour to write this message.

There was no talk of such trend or anything like that. Just a little talk of fibo and then all the marketing pitch. The charts presented in the webinar clearly showed the PICK & CHOOSE phenomenon. On top of everything product seemed way over priced that cost $5400……………What???? But who cares, even if they were selling it for $54 or $5.4, I still would not buy it let alone $5400 after such a misleading title.

If someone is dishonest just to get you to their webinar then what will you expect from them??????? An honest education????

Honestly, I still wonder who are those people who have left them 4-5 stars.
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2014-01-15 10:39

As a representative at Market Traders Institute, I’m very glad that you reached out with your concerns as I wouldn’t want you to not have your questions answered. We do offer free content where many people subscribe to get that content and then to be put on our email list which is more than likely why you are being emailed as you’ve stated. I’ve taken the time to review the webinar from Saturday and it looks like the 6,100-pip prediction was discussed across three currency pairs, but maybe not in as much detail as you need. I would like to remind you that these live webinars do deal with time constraints that keep our hosts on schedule. Further, the amount of time spent on any one topic during the webinar is determined based upon audience needs as we constantly monitor the interaction of participants. With this said, I am sorry that this was not completed to your liking. Your viewing of this section would have cleared up the majority of your concerns here.

On that note, I’d like to give you more information about the prediction. The least amount the market is showing us from this prediction (based upon 20 years of market research) is 6,100-pips across three currency pairs. We are expecting the full movement to take another 6 months and there will naturally be fluctuations with the natural, wave-like movement of the market that will progress the movement. Also, we’d like to think that our student results speak for themselves. On this movement alone, our students have been sharing their results with us on Facebook ( One student made 715 pips, one shared that they made 54% returns early on in the movements, and yet another shared that she made 1,089 pips on the prediction. These are but a few of our students who’ve shared. Others are still actively trading these movements as well. If you want, I’d be more than happy to have someone go over any questions you may have about the opportunity personally. Here’s a direct line: 800-866-7431 ext. 239. If you should need anything, I do encourage you to reach out.

John Thomson, 299 Fernleigh Rd, Fernleigh, NSW 2479, Australia

Date of Post:2013-12-19
Review: I feel compelled to enter this discussion on the merits of MTI. I think that I am qualified to contribute because I have belonged, at onetime or another, to 3 other FX training organisations. MTI is simply outstanding by comparison. I have been a member for 14 months and I have nothing but praise for the course content, the professionalism of all their staff and the level of care and concern exhibited by the staff. To comment on some of the statements made in previous contributions.
I visited MTI in July and attended a course on site. All the Forex Tips presenters ARE top class traders. To suggest otherwise is nonsense, I sat in on a live presentation in the office, and in any case some of the trading successes of these analysts are visible on face book.
MTI as a company provides a very wide and comprehensive level of support and has the staff to provide this support and it is evident that Courses and Systems are continually being developed. This costs money, and so yes the education is expensive because this level of support has to be paid for. But as an investment to improve ones earning capacity, in my opinion, it is the best investment one can make to ensure ones own prosperity.
To the previous commentators complaining about the quality of the systems I would have to be honest and say that I also had difficulty with some of the systems at first. But my experience has been that when I went back to them after developing my knowledge further I have mastered them and proved to myself that they do indeed work if correctly applied. Of course it is natural thereafter to have favourite systems and strategies and I don't use all that I have all the time. But learning them and mastering them has been part of the learning process. It does not happen instantly. I have heard through feed back at various webinars of students achieving huge success after a couple of months. In my case it has taken considerably longer but to those who are complaining and bad-mouthing the education and support I would comment that you do need to invest a considerable amount of time. Some people pick up skills quickly, some not so quickly. In my case not quickly. If you have had problems then you needed to invest more time. I came close to despair on a number of occasions but I simply had to succeed because I was unemployed, and I am happy to say that I have succeeded to the point that I am making profits and getting better every day, with the help of MTI. So I am simply thrilled at what this education has done for me.
So to anyone weighing up the pros and cons. I unhesitatingly recommend joining MTI provided you are committed to putting in the time to make a success of the opportunity.
John Thomson, Australia

jim hatch, cloverdale, Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-19
Review: Re MTI ,

Mti has restored my faith in MTI, i received a call from mti and all issues have been resolved

2013-12-18 No Rating I am still waiting for MTI for restitution i have had a few emails and a few phone calls but no action, the reason i joined mti was for the education, charting software and mainly the Aod Alerts which are almost non existence now, i think 3 in the last 2 months, MVP is doing well with his account but does not share with aod alerts, these are important us newbies, i also noticed some of my negative reports have been deleted hmmm , i will make sure i put them on FPA. come guys more Alerts

2013-11-11 2Star i went to the website you posted and could not get in, not sure why , I have been through the courses more than once, still no effect, I asked for someone to setup my charts which they did do , but still no results, yes I am making money from my post on facebook but it is because of a few things , the workshops the aod and I follow Jarratt Davis and Andrew Mitchel on FPA,

I am not trying to be negative on mti like I have said before education is great, as far as systems go blah blah blah I get more from the turbo trader the any course I have paid for


2013-10-21 2 Stars I did a review back in april of this year i was only in MTI 4 3 months at that time.

since then i have bought into the Art of yen Course and the system of the month course. and i have to admit that have been anything but successful

i know when the demonstrate the course it looks so easy just follow the trend line it looks easy.IT is not easy.

they always comment they are family and will help you out whenever they can but i have had several emails that have never been answered or acknowledged so support is not so keen.

i have lost more than $ 6000 on the art of yen. getting mixed signals.

i found so far with MTI i make money on the workshops and the reviews of currencies , double helix, big reversal, and so on.

i will not buy another system unless i start to make money on the art of yen.

And i was supposed to get alerts from the Chief himself for 2 weeks i got 2 alerts and was stopped out on both of them.

so the Chief does not trade very much or MTI did not follow through with there promise.

i still say they education is great it has really helped my on my equities, that charts are the best, but Mti should concentrate on making people money instead of just a selling campaign

the promise on the art of yen was to make 300 pips a day i would be happy with 300 pips a month.

i would really like to see an independent poll on how these courses are doing

i have vented . i love the forex and i will tread along


2013-04-07 2 Stars Hello I am in Mti for 2months now.

cost $5500
pips lost 300
education Priceless

my analogy on MTI

Mti is a party it cost $5500 to enter the party
if you want a drink lets say a swingtrader drink it costs you $2700
if you want a daytrader drink it costs you$2900

the AOD alerts are ok you have to watch them closely. it seem the save the good AOD alerts to swing traders and day traders.

Pathfinder was showing what he did with the swingtrader account up 1700 pips for April , none of these trades made the AOD alerts

when I joined MTI I was promised the FX180 program, I have not heard a word about it..maybe it is fx180 drink I have not ordered.

the education is invaluable and the mentorship is great, all in all I do feel slighted as it seems the good AOD trades do not make the Alerts,

I have a year with MTI guys so I will give a further review in a couple months

[email protected]

Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2013-10-24
Mr. Hatch,

We're sorry to read about your troubles. I took the time and spoke to your account representative and he mentioned that when he spoke to you on Friday you had only watched bits and pieces of the lessons about how the Art of Yen strategies worked, and when he examined your setup, it was not configured as it was designed. If you would like some one-on-one help going through the course and getting this properly configured, please give us a call or e-mail to [email protected] for help. We want to do everything in our power to make you successful.

I know that you are having positive results from your education with us because I see you posting your successes on Facebook frequently and as recently as this morning (10/24) and I don't want your experience with this one class to have a negative impact on our relationship. Students are having great success with this course and post their results on our facebook page regularly

Also to clarify about the Chief's live trade calls, we offered a two week promotion where he did send out his trades utilizing the Art of Yen strategies. Based on his schedule, he was only able to commit to this for two weeks, which he did. Although he does trade and track his progress on a regular basis, he has been doing mentorships, teaching mastery classes, and helping out with presentations. Its simply not a viable option for him to share his trades on a consistent basis. Here are the results

We view you as a valuable member of our community and we want to make sure you are satisfied.

Comment: Added by Eric Johnson on 2013-12-19
Hello Jim,

Firstly, we have had to delete your posts due to the nature of your posts where you were attempting to resell our proprietary information which breaches your contract.

As you know, we are 100% ready to give you a full refund on the product you are having an issue with. This is in the process at this time. If you have any questions, please call 800-866-7431 ext. 239.

Gerald Komingo, Orlando, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-19
Review: The program was too expensive and time consuming to be worth merit. It was taking on a second job or going to night school, which would be ok if their system actually worked. I lost money using their program, system and techniques.

Not worth the money or time.

mpmugali, texas, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-16
Review: I have been a member of MTI a little more than 5 months.I have been in Forex Trading little over a year. I tried many differnet courses but they all only help me loose money. When I joined MTI and bought UTP , the course literally changed my forex trading carrier.In 4 months period I made over 2000 PIPs with the help of ABCD strategy of that course.
To sharpen my knowledge in Trading I bought the Mastery course and participated in last week.During class we placed different trades and I captured 436 PIPs. I liked the strategy taught by Chief Jared Martinez and his simple but powerful way of explaining how to read the charts and when to get in the market and when to get out of the market.
I found that if any body applies the strategy taught in the course with discipline he/she can make their financial future brighter.

Grahm Renouf, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-10
Review: I have been a Member of MTI for 6 Months. I have gone through the Ultimate traders package twice now and have found it very Helpful. I am also a regular attender of the analyst on Demand. I have just finished a 5 day work shop with the Chief. I can not speak highly enough of them. It has made a huge difference to my trading. I have averaged 300 plus pips in the last four weeks. They don't teach you what to do they teach you how to do it. Then you must take personal responsibility for what you do. You do not have to take any trades you do not feel right about after having done your research. Don't blame them for your screw ups the buck stops with each and every trader.

cheryl, D, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-09
Review: I have been a student of MTI for approximately 18 months and have only good things to say of them. They truly want people to succeed, and help you in anyway. Thank you MTI

Keith, Florida, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-06
Review: MTI offers education and mentorship. After two years, I have used the education to learn how to trade the Forex. At first I lost money but learned my mistakes with the help of the mentors at MTI. I have only had good experiences with MTI and especially the founder Jared.

Bruce, Oregon, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-04
Review: I have to agree with the posts prior to mine. These guys are used car salespeople. They call us unsolicited from a number that appears to be local and invite us to a FREE webinar. Decent presentation that makes making money in the Forex look easy and predictable.

They tell us their course is valued at $15,000 but offered at only $6995 with a special scholarship offered at $5400 if you act today and pay in full.

Then they send a battery of emails making all sorts of wild claims of huge returns, all we find out later unfortunately are all unsubstantiated.

The Turbo Trader is a joke. SHould be called Turbo B.S. as are the alerts which are useless. The AOD (Analysts on Demand) sound like kids with no real world investing experience, just reciting a script. BUT...we are told when we buy that these guys are "expert analysts" YEAH RIGHT!

The refund policy is also a joke. Even though most of the information, as much as 99% is prerecorded video online, they make it sound like they went through grew lengths to help students.

I like many others got no help. Just lost $5400 by falling for their used car salesman's sale pitch.-
Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2013-12-24 08:38

I’m a representative from Market Traders Institute and I’d like the chance to address your concerns and to clarify any misinformation you may have.

Firstly, it is our policy to never cold call. We only call registrants after a presentation when they’ve provided their phone number to us for the purpose of collecting feedback and answering any questions they may have.

We hold that all of the content and claims that we make public are heavily substantiated and we’d love the opportunity to discuss these things with you if you’d like to call us at 800-866-7431 ext. 239. I’d also like the opportunity to discuss your issues with the Turbo Trader and the refund policy to see what I can do to help.

Also, our Forex education is much more than just 99.9999% prerecorded video. Three out of 5 of our education phases have live instruction and we also have personal account executives who help students personally. Many students use Analyst on Demand to receive live training up to 24 hours a day during the week. We also offer live mentorship sessions, educational webinars free of charge, training manuals on top of the features mentioned above. We have seen one other person saying what you’re saying almost verbatim, but I cannot locate either of you in the system so I’m having a hard time helping your case on that front. If you don’t mind, please reach out to us at the email address below so that I may be able to aid your further.

Of course, we are available to answer any questions you may have at the number above, or you may email [email protected]

Dave, Tx., USA

Date of Post:2013-12-03
Review: I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to little if any satisfaction with trading schools and programs. The most common fault I encountered with all of them was student- teacher interactions. When ever I hit a road block I could not get help in a timely manner. Thus my interest and progress suffered exponentially.
I had pretty much given up on any success in this area of investing courses. As I have no family or friends that have any interest or experience either. With GREAT Reservation and Caution I have started the Ultimate Traders Program. After, due diligence I found their credentials where outstanding. In less than a couple of weeks I have already learned more about the forex market than I ever learned before. To date the interaction with the instructors and lessons have been as good as any training I have ever received in my past. I do have a degree in engineering and years of military training to support and compare this these claims. There is a reasonable amount of effort required from the students expecting to achieve a successful outcome. I began early on to apply the knowledge I have obtained from the classes. With some of the strategies I have learned I have a great deal more confidence than I had ever before known going into my trading. With a much solider foundation, in the mechanics and psychology of the market. I have already made noticeable improvements in my investing strategies and approach to trading. Much of my self taught trading strategies have been adjusted and or rethought allowing me to make judgement calls I use to never make with any certainty. I am still a full time student paying and learning and looking forward to my training paying off in the near future. I look forward to recapping and posting a positive outcome. So far the support and attention to my specific needs have all been met in a timely and professional manner that I have never experienced from any other training at any price. If the training and support continue as they have so far I do not expect to have to take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that I have rarely had offered in the past either. I believe MTI realizes their success ultimately comes down to the success of their students like any formal training institution!
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