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Last Updated: 2015-07-21
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Getting an 8 dollar welcome bonus is not a valid reason to leave a review.  Trade for a couple of months and leave a review based on how well things go with the broker.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-02-21
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Peter Kwitte, Dusseldorf, Germany

Date of Post:2015-07-20
Review: Hello to everybody, My experience with octa is positive. It's a strong broker with truly convenient depo and withdrwal means. All happens fast and without delays, My latest skrill withdrawal in about 45 minuten. Was recommended by my friends and I am not disappointed at all. Nice done job.

Franco Garofalo, Treviso, Italy

Date of Post:2015-07-17
Review: I started to work with this broker since December 2014 and I had very good profits.

Their conditions of trading and execution speed were formidable.

After two months of trading and about $ 2,700 profit they have stretched slippage considerably .... almost 10pips, after the first collection.

I queried this and their response was .... LACK OF LIQUIDITY '....

Since that time I no longer work with my EA and I'm sorry because I would have continued to be their customer for a very long time.

You see that they do not want to earn those profitable and I am very sorry.

I switched to others, from 6 months to date I have created this problem.

However, I tried a few days ago to work with them again but only MIE conditions remained the same ..... 10pips slippage.

2015-03-07 2Star I worked with this broker for about 2 months with excellent results. I used a scalper and that allowed me to have big profits during the two months of trading and managed to withdraw via Moneybookers without any problem.

After collecting have changed the conditions of slippage in an exaggerated way and I lost all the money left in the account after the withdrawal.

They told me that the problem of slippage was due to "a lack of liquidity" but the problem persists even after two months of waiting and unfortunately I decided not to work anymore with this broker although good, does not behave well with its customers.

Specifically that I did not use any strategy or arbitrage is not allowed but a semplie scalping strategy closely.

Does not seem right to intervene to stop slippage on a profitable strategy for a client who would stay with them for a very long time.

Do not I work more with them but before that their intervention I was comfortable.

Too Bad.

Volker. A., , Germany

Date of Post:2015-07-11
Review: YOU make me laugh, Octafx Rep.!
So 10 to 15 pending orders per day are too much for you?!
Than you should immediately close your ... or whatever you might call it!

2015-07-05 11Star AVOID OctaFX at all costs! The forced me, via email, to withdraw my money (including the profits made in during 14 days) and after that they closed my account. They do NOT like traders who make profits! So better stay away from this Bucket Shop!!!!

Added by OctaFX Rep on 2015-07-09
Content: Dear Mr. Volker,

Thank you for your valuable opinion!

Yet, the usage of the same EA (as the reviewer below) resulted in the same outcome.

OctaFX Rep.

Al Moataz, Cairo, Egypt

Date of Post:2015-07-09
Review: I have been with OCTAFX since February 2015 everything is really more than perfect, they recently asked to verify my credit cards used for deposits and it was very fast and professional process. Withdrawals are really smooth. I strongly recommend that broker if any one needs info message me.

2015-05-08 5Star Octafx one of the best brokers in the Forex market , I have tried many brokers.. They have excellent customer service support and they solve your problem at once..They give you bonus on trading, tight spreads and easy withdrawals.

I have been with them for three months now everything is going perfect.

2015-04-03 5Star I have been with Octafx, really great broker, low spreads, bonus on trades.. Fast withdrawals.. I am surprised to find bad reviews.

2015-02-18 4Star Very good withdrawal process, better than expected.

Fast and secure, friendly and helpful customer service.

2015-02-14 4Star Just to update :

I passed verification process with OCTAFX,

actually trading with OCTAFX is really smooth, very low spreads, and I am going to double my small account 10 USD.

I have not try to withdraw yet, I am gonnna update soon.

2015-02-03 2Star I did not try trading with OCTAFX, but their verification process is really poor. They rejected docs two times however I used same docs with many brokers and payment systems (Skrill )

f this is how verification process that means that withdrawals would be the in same unprofessional way,

Comment: Added by OctaFX Rep on 2015-02-09
Dear Al Moataz,

Thank you for your feedback!
It is unfortunate that you felt dissapointed with our verification process. Please note that we have to know our clients and we are also interested in making the verification process as fast as possible. As I can see from your profile history, your verification was completed right after you submitted digital photos of your documents.
Since you deciced to stay with us and started to trade, I hope that we'll have a chance to change your first impression.

Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.

Sharath Kumar, Manipal, India

Date of Post:2015-07-09
Review: I joined them couple months ago and i used them as my broker for a EA as the developer of that EA was also using this broker for his EA , which is almost a tick scalper, i made a initial deposit of 100$ and the EA did some trades and the trades were placed well without any slippage so i did a deposit of 1000$. The EA performed well made about 12% profit in 2 days. Then the developer of that EA informed me that he was forced to leave this broker for an unknown reason after he made about 400% profit in 2 months, they allowed him to withdraw his initial deposit and also the profit he made. so naturally i withdrawn all my funds from this broker and left some dollars to check the EA performance,
But from the next day my orders started to slip 2-3 pips for opening and also for closing orders, every trade after i withdraw my funds from them had slippage, before i withdrew my fund there was no slippage at all, every trade was placed precisely where i wanted.

they even closed my trade where the price never reached that level at that time, when i contacted their support about this they said that my order was experienced slippage and said the mt4 does not show the next best price

i heard about that they they add slippage to our accounts if we made so much profit but i did not believed. but now i have to believe this

And its not Just for some people many people were forced to leave this broker.

So dont use this broker if you want to make profit from this broker

Arnold Vermes, Hungary, Hungary

Date of Post:2015-06-26
Review: I think this notification from this company will tell everything about them:

Dear Sir,

As per Customer Agreement, Section 3.10:

"The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, at any time to refuse to provide the Services to the Client and the Client agrees that the Company will have no obligation to inform the Client of the reasons."
We would like to ask you to withdraw all funds from your Real accounts. The Company will discontinue to provide its services to you.


I really hate the market maker company, we must clean up the market from them.
Comment: Added by OctaFX Rep on 2015-07-09 06:00
  Dear Sir,

This particular account was banned for running an expert advisor that generated too much pending orders and basically flooded the system with them. We also prefer when our customers open accounts under their OWN names.

OctaFX Rep.

Peter Phohe, Hamburg, Germany

Date of Post:2015-06-06
Review: Good for intraday trading and news trading. I like the deposit and withdrawal options, very convenient and fast. Spreadds are one of the best among others. Careful with the exchange rates from EUR to USD when make a deposit via Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). Overall, I'd recommend this broker.

wajid , karachi, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-06-03
Review: I am going to update my review which i have given before. Today octafx stopped by doing tradings with them. I do the trades with them for 6 months. Over all experience was excellent with them. Every thing was ok. but when i make some profit then they excuse to give me the serivce. Its no problem because it was mention in their agreement. I only got 12000 dollars profit from them . they gave me that profit. Do not worry to join them and they are excellent in their service. Thank you ocatfx and good by.

2015-04-30 4Star I am doing the tradings with this broker since December 2014. I am not new in this market but have a 5 years old experience in this market. I changed many many brokers because of unfair brokerage but I can see this is the only one excellent broker. Fast execution, nice service, and true STP broker. The only problem is to not do the news tradings by pending orders because then you will mostly get the loss. This is the thing which sure me to give 4 star to this broker rather to 5 stars

Okta Kurniawan A, Medan, Indonesia

Date of Post:2015-05-27
Review: I completyly trade 2 lot to full made a wellcome bonus from octafx, I'm Verry happy trading with it..thanks for octafx
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