1. fxabhi

    Problem SCAMMER OCTAfx

    Octa fx scamming people not adding my deposit money and from last 7 days they are saying it will be added soon ..they don't have a customer care
  2. thewhiskypriest

    Resolved: OctaFX not Processing my Withdrawals - Not giving clear explanations on status of my withdrawals and funds

    I thought I'd lay this on record here, as I am seeing similarities in how my withdrawal requests are being responded to, as compared to other OctaFX posts here. I do understand that it could be that it is short time frame, but the "copy paste" answers about the finance department stilI...
  3. F

    Problem My Octa Fx statements show that they owe me money and they refuse to pay.

    I had a recent complaint about Octa Fx here and they quickly reinstated my account after they realized that they violated their own rules and the client agreement. Now they have closed my account and wiped out my open trades based on an incorrect assertion that my equity balance was less than...
  4. jpbansal

    Problem octafx mt4 account hacked, i lost 4947 dollars

    ttoday morning that is march 13 2024 , after 11:30 am ist , in my mt4 account automatically trades started opening of BTCUSD with high volume lots , i tried closing some but still they were continously opening , and then after few mins all my previous trades which were there in my account all...
  5. C

    Problem OctaFx withdrawal not credited..been 12 days now.

    Hello, I have created a withdrawal request(ID - W14128480) on 29th february, 2024. It shows processed on 1st march, 2024 and the money is still not credited. I have been following up on it daily since last Thursday and providing my bank statements on a daily basis. The bank details are also...
  6. A

    Resolved: Octafx withdraw issue

    Hello , Since weekend i’m trying to withdraw and it’s not complete even if it took 1 day. Now i made new withdraw from 17 hours and still not compete. I think the issue is if you make good trade you will not be able to withdraw. Request id: W13993061 @OctaFX Rep
  7. H

    Problem OCTAFX SCAM

    OCTAFX SCAM OCTAFX is involved in Fraudulent activity, as OCTAFX was ok when i was loosing funds in trading but when i try to claim prize lots which i earned for trading OCTAFX don't allow that. OCTAFX support refuse to solve issue and its clearly a OCTAFX SCAM
  8. angelhere28

    Problem Octafx withdrawal request delayed

    I have requested the withdrawal request on Friday on octafx and it is still pending.. I did withdraw earlier, it was fine.. same account I requested 160usd, earlier I withdrew more than that and was fine.. I did chat with representative but they just say our account representatives are looking...
  9. F

    Resolved: Octa Fx unilateral changing partial closes

    This is a matter where Octa Fx.com unilaterally changed/Interfered with my partial close order execution without my permission to wipe out my live account. The account is not even 1 month old and although I also trade live accounts at two other brokers I have used the same partial close of...
  10. T

    Problem Account (100752017) OctaFX - Placed withdrawal on request on 01/12/2024 for withdrawal request (W13533861). it says bank is under maintenance ?

    Hi, I placed a few withdraw transaction and its was rejected as they say that the card I used to deposit into Octa fix isn’t the card used and asked for evidence which I did. Their reply was the bank is under maintenance. If the bank is under maintenance why can I still deposit an additional...
  11. T

    Problem Withdrawal issues with Octa

    Attaching my withdrawal and internal transfer and have been getting rejected due to octafx claiming that there are suspicious activity. My account is solely managed by me. I've been asking them for clarifications that they required yet it's not shared. Customer service just keep saying one...
  12. L

    Resolved: Octafx withdrawal issues

    Attaching my withdrawal getting rejected due to octafx claiming that there are suspicious activity. My account is solely managed by me. I've been asking them for clarifications that they required yet it's not shared. Customer service just keep saying the same story over and over again...
  13. V

    Resolved: Problems withdrawaling money from octafx

    My withdrawal (W13318171) was started several days ago. It is marked as completed in the octafx website. But I have not received the money in my bitcoin wallet. The chat support keeps telling me that the financial department will email me. Now the I received several emails with very unclear...
  14. melvinlee05


    Hello, I have been using OctaFx for more than 3 years and have been actively trading using your broker platform. However, around 6:30 am (+8GMT) on 18/11/20233, I tried to log on to my account on Metatrader to set SL for all my shorting positions for ETHUSD, but I was unable to do that for my...
  15. H

    Problem Octafx rejected my deposit but taken my money

    Hi all, i have deposited $1500 via bank transfer to the designated bank account provided by OctaFX but after 11 hours (normal 1 to 3 hours for bank transfer) they rejected my deposit and say payment not found. I have provided them proof and also called up the banks that the money went thru...
  16. S

    Resolved: OctaFX - Placed withdrawal request on Oct 9 2023, still money not credited

    Hi, I placed a Withdrawal request in OctaFX on 9th Oct 2023. Status is showing as processed but money not credited. I am following up OctaFX representative every day and I am getting same message that their financial team looking into the issue. There is no progress or any other update. Also...
  17. A

    Problem Octafx Master Ib Scam me

    Dear Sir , I am abubakar from pakistan my Master IB SCAM me he offer me 8.1$ per lot i trade on my account and generate many lot for him he pay me in start but now from 7 August to 21 August my trading commsssion not paid he block me from whatsapp telegram and facebook . i trade...
  18. R

    Resolved: OctaFX don't refund me my deposit by payment problem

    Hi, my name is Jang Soo Young. I'm continuing my unpleasant experience at octafx. I made a deposit to them in cryptocurrency and I informed them of it and was waiting for my deposit to be reflected, but they said it was a wrong deposit and told me that they would refund it But this problem has...
  19. Chulho Lee

    Problem OctaFX disregarding customer rights

    OctaFX disregarding customer rights I was suddenly blocked today from OctaFX, which I've been using for months. I introduced OctaFX to my friends and was getting some commission from the trade. Other than that, there were no special deals. But today they blocked me without telling me why...
  20. anitakarne885

    Problem Octafx blocked my account and stole my funds amounting 12908$.

    I am Anita Karne having OctaFX trading account no.- 19593147. I am contacting OctaFX requesting a refund for $12908. I've been trading with this broker octafx since last 6-7 months. Things were normal before but on 13 April I received this mail( see screenshot 1). So I tried log in my account...