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Last Updated: 2014-04-16
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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-03-30
Review: We haven't tried any of the custom MT4 indicators and EAs from If you've used this software in your forex trading, please leave a review here.

Nick, Maine, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-04-16
Review: Have purchased a few products, All of them have been excellent. Currently Trading with PZ Support/Resistance/Lopez Trend/ and PZ Impulse. Weekly for trends and Daily for Entries with Price action my trading has instantly improved. Believe I will be purchasing the Wolf Waves Indicator Next!

Here was a Trade from today using PZ Products

Udoka, Asaba, Nigeria

Date of Post:2014-03-27
Review: Mr. Arturo makes good indicators. But please stay away from the chipmunk ea. That's the worst $300 I ever spent. The ea is complete c***. Apart from that every other product of his is actually great. 3 stars for me.

George, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Post:2014-03-01
Review: I have bought several indicators (harmonics, SR, Wolf, trademanagerpro) from PZtrading and Im now only making profits if I use the indicators and stick to the rules. Arturo answers all my emails very fast and he is very honest. Dont be afraid to invest in his indicators.. You will win your money back easily if you stick to the rules and do what he follow his advice.

Jean, Arkansas, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-28
Review: True 5 star people to deal with, answered my email within 30 minutes and switched product for me and refund the difference in 30 minutes. Been trading for a long time, some of the best products I've worked with.

Robert Stimson, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

Date of Post:2014-02-22
Review: Review of PointZero’s PZ_WolfeWaves indicator:
After taking a break from trading pure price action to trading Wolfe Waves, I found I was overlooking some of the Waves. I tried various free Metatrader indicators. Most are built on a ZigZag; these miss a lot of Waves that “fall between the cracks. The best Wolfe Wave finders seem to be built on fractals. The most useful that I found was WolfeWave_1.ex4. It still missed some good Waves, but if you ran it with the setting hiked a few bars each time, it did a reasonable job.
I had read some good things about PointZero’s for-sale Wolfe Wave finder, and I decided to try it. I was impressed. Not only does PZ_WolfeWaves find Waves that others miss, it presents them in a easy-to-assimilate fashion making it good for study as well as work. In fact it wore such pretty dresses, so pretty that I looked for a way to have sex with it, but failed in that respect. I found that it if I imposed two versions simultaneously, set at 8 and 16, it did a god job. More than two or three versions, and the chart gets cluttered.
Like their Wolfe nominative counterparts in the wild, Wolfe Waves are temperamental. Unlike real wolves, however, they do not seem to know when to stop feeding, and, may keep expanding. Bill Wolfe, in his manual, advocates entering as soon as the you hit the sweet zone. I found that, while that may work for E-Minis and the like, the forex market often keeps right on expanding. Arturo solves this by waiting until price snaps back to the 1-3 breakout line. If you set the delay to 5, you will catch most of the trade but will not enter prematurely too often.
I do advocate using PointZero’s Wolfe Wave finder; however, you will see from Wolfe’s manual that many of his Waves would never be found by any indicator. So, your eye will be your main tool. Additionally,it is essential that you study Bill Wolfe’s manual, particularly his treatment of volume. In the forex market, that will be tick volume, but that is a useful proxy. Further, if you must trade Wolfe Waves, I would suggest taking Wolfe’s course, as they are a very tricky animal and you will need all the finesse you can get. Yes, they can be traded. No, it is not easy.
Having said all that about that, I myself have gone back to trading price-action tops and bottoms. You don’t have to look for them; they slap you in the face. They’re kind of ugly sometimes, but they’re an easy date; just make sure you have a high-volume reverse bar and you can jump their bones all night.
Bob Stimson
Hilo, Hawaii

Review Moderation Team Note: This is the best review we've read so far in 2014. :)

George, Brisbane, Australia

Date of Post:2014-02-09
Review: These guys are excellent to work with . Outstanding customer service accompanies great products . You still have to do the work and use the software PZ provide as guiding tools . Far better than anything I have tried so far and , like most , I have tried a lot .

Aaron, TX, USA

Date of Post:2014-01-11
Review: I bought the trend following suite. I used it for about a month on a demo account and have just moved to real. It allows you to follow and trade a really large number of currency pairs with minimal effort at least on a daily chart basis, which is how I use it. If you follow 25 or 30 pairs plus gold/silver, it's really not hard to put together a portfolio of 5-6 positions at any given time, and when you do that, you wind up with extremely low draw downs due to automatic hedging of the positions. This isn't god in a box, but I've found over time, when used with the management ea, produces perhaps 75% winners with a profit factor in the neighborhood of 4, with draw downs in the low single digits and requiring only perhaps 10-15 minutes a day of real work. Once the positions are set up, you can set the ea to manage them and forget them with confidence. All-in-all, I give the product high marks as a very rare forex product that actually seems to "work". At $300, seems expensive for a charting package, but it's not. It's about the best $300 I've spent in forex yet.

syed anjum jafri, delhi, India

Date of Post:2013-12-07
Review: i really think this is a good guy with a good heart.i have bought his pz wolf waves indicator and I am satisfied with the performance.arturo answers all my queries well .in these times of scams and fake systems Arturo is a breath of fresh air.

Jose R, madrid, Spain

Date of Post:2013-12-03
Review: In my opinion, Arturo is a genuine businessman and trader. I bought the trend following several months ago, and I received prompt replies to my questions. My trading returns have improved, but I must say that it is not a magical product, judgement and interpretation is needed. However, my best experience with Arturo is the following: two weeks after purchasing the trend following suite, I asked Arturo if he could recommend a good trade. He recommended me to buy bitcoin, and I bought around 100 coins, which were not very expensive at the time. I can't hardly believe it, but now bitcoin is over 1,000$ and I have payed my home mortgage in full! I warmly recommend Arturo and Pz Trading.
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