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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
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September 12, 2012:  Website is down.  Company is out of business.

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Todd, National City, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-08-08
Review: Today is 2 days later. DD is 56% on their account on their site.

Equity is down over 14%

Again, seem like nice people. The lead trader, Stavro, used to be active with FPA but I expect credibility has been lacking with performance so that is why no longer perhaps. Just an observation.

I don't think Prime Eagle is ready for "Prime Time". They need time to establish a system that works, not experimenting on your dime like 98% of systems out there. Again, my opinion only. Be careful

2012-08-06 No Rating I have been watching this company for some time now and I have seen them start and stop and start and stop several times over with several different systems now and they have all eventually crashed and burned. I mean, you can see it on the live tests here and on their own site so it is not like it is some sort of revelation. Now, this LATEST one, you can see it is down around 7% after 2 months with some pretty substantial drawdowns along the way. I don't doubt they are trying their best and want to try to have good customer service etc but as far as being a "proven" signal provider, I must admit, I am a little surprised at all the positive reviews on here. Seems a little odd to me that's all
Rebuttal: Added by Client Services on 2012-08-12 10:09
  1)Todd, You are not our client we have no clients named Todd, and you have commented 2 times….. seems like you are either a competitor or simply a very concerned person either way we are not fazed by barking dogs, or you could be sent from an unethical competitor we are currently dealing with. Our live results can be located on FPA test and also on our website we are a signal company, if people want to be millionaires overnight you come to the wrong provider we go for long term gain so far we are up.

2)AND Stavro is still a special consultant for FPA, Stavro is a consultant to Prime Eagle Funds and many other large companies he is independent adn has no relation with none of these companies, He stoped writing signals as he is preparing an educational section in replacement for news signals, a matter of fact his NEWS signals were excellent and are much missed by the masses in the forums

Veronica, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-07-10
Review: Now they added a "normal" trading system with SL and TP! A little late for me.. :'(

Nomad , Victoria, Australia

Date of Post:2012-06-23
Review: This is my first ever review, I can say that Prime Eagle Funds are one of the best signal services I have experienced, from customer service point of view I give 5 stars. There signals has also improved. I have been using them for 3 months now I'm glad that they use stop loss and take profits they also setup a good risk on my account. Please keep up the good work in a ruff market.

Stavro D'Amore, Prime Eagle Funds, Australia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-06-13
Review: Hello All,

I'm pleased to Announce from today that Prime Eagle Funds has updated there signals service from the Elite to the Pure FX trading system, Our Pure Fx trading system is state of the art technology and trading method that has been toughly tested and used by my self n many funds that I manage.

It replaces the old signal service, with a stop loss and take profit on every trade, Risk is managed accordingly.
I'm sure you will see the benefits and performance from these new signal service.

All our current clients who have the old service will be rolled over to the new service.


Stavro D’Amore
Head Strategist
Prime Eagle Funds

snowball, , France

Date of Post:2012-05-22
Review: That guy are just catastrophic look all there account put on FPA. they can only losse money. they dont know trading. They are here just because the boss damore write report for FPA.
Rebuttal: Added by Client Services on 2012-05-24 07:30
  1) For your clarification Stavro D’Amore is the head strategist and only deals with High Net Worth Clients, His results are not posted here or on FPA.

2) We have no current Paid clients from France….. So we don’t know who you are and why you rated for when you have never been a client.

3) We are branding a new trading system our results can be located here: (new system to be rolled out to all current clients and new clients within the next few days.)

Current Real Account also Posted on FPA

Current Master Account were trades come from

I hope this clarifies things for you.


Customer Service

Richard, Venezuela, Venezuela

Date of Post:2012-05-18
Review: I left a comment days before about this group, I told they lost about 50% and they contact me and they were very sorried about this, because they had a technical trouble. They told me they will rebuild the account (I am very confident they will do it)., and as I can see they were quite professional and friendly.

Ps:(Prime eagle funds): I will give you 5 stars now because I think you´re very professional. Sorry guys about that..

2012-05-16 1 Star They are the best, if you want to lose your money, they are able to win cents and lost thousands. They make some money on the first month then make a great loss and the balace become the 50%.

Frank Lobach, Whitebridge,Newcastle, Australia

Date of Post:2012-04-22
Review: Re Stavro D'amore, from FXTG and affiliated with Prime Eagle Funds,I would like to enter my very high kudos/recommendation for his excellent help and support in setting me up and moving me forward in my efforts to establish another income stream.I have been struggling for 2 years to increase my pension, and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Stavro.Nothing seems to be too much trouble for him to help me.

GYC, Selangor, Malaysia

Date of Post:2012-04-17
Review: Sorry that I left out the good side of Prime eagle funds, the support been great, prompt reply and very helpful. One of the best I've encountered.

Personally I don't think PEF is a scam, just that the trading style is not for me. Please don't misunderstand my previous review and label the as one. They are still making profits anyway :-)

Overall 5 stars for the support, 2 stars for the trades ( simply just not my style, would prefer something with stop loss instead of crisis management)

2012-04-17 (earlier) 2 stars This is my first month with them, and its been a roller coaster month.

Nothing but a true martingale, oh well...with money management.

Will enter position with a small lot, even when the trend against them, they will increase the lot for every 50 pips against the initial trade. Wait for a reversal to regain back all the losses with minor profit.

For April itself, already experienced twice of this situation, probably the 3rd coming. Decided to stop the copier, just not worth the risk of drawdown around USD1500 and just to gain 100-200 usd.

Maybe I'll use the service in a creative way, disable the copier, only re-enable it when they got at least 2 positions against them.

Ashraf Elrefaey, Luton, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-04-17
Review: I'm very happy with this service, They are an honest reliable signal service. I've been with them for two months now and I've had very positive results.
They have 24/5 support even I can say it's 24/7 professional support.
They have accurate risk settings in their trades and also have special way of covering trades they use only when the market is very volatile.
I've tried many services and ea's before without success, however this has been my first successful service.
I'm considering joining their PAMM account as it means I don't need to have vps anymore and they will manage everything for me without trade copier and connection issues.

Victor Nosov, Moscow, Russian Federation

Date of Post:2012-04-04
Review: I worked with these signals company in the past and was not happy with it. Luckily I got a refund from them. These guys have started a new test and it seems to me this test is on demo account! Probably they are not sure in their service.

Review Moderation Team Note: The recently restarted signals test and the recent managed test are both on live accounts. There is an old EA test on a demo account that is no longer active. This service has no active tests on demo accounts.
Rebuttal: Added by Prime Eagle Funds on 2012-04-06 05:42
  Attention Mr Victor Nosov,

All test accounts on FPA are real.
We have looked at all our records and noticed you are not and never have been a client of Prime Eagle Funds.
Please provide your trade copier ID as identification if you believe you are our client or you can contact us direct.

We take our service and all reviews seriously.
We do not appreciate fake reviews.

Prime Eagle Funds
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