1. P

    Info Vantage lừa đảo nhà đầu tư/ Vantage scams investors

    Xin phép AD nhóm duyệt bài đăng này để cảnh báo đến các nhà đầu tư đang giao dịch tại #vantage. #LỪA ĐẢO LỪA ĐẢO #VANTAGE #VANTAGE LỪA ĐẢO #LỪA ĐẢO SÀN GIAO DỊCH VANTAGE LỪA ĐẢO, GIAM GIỮ TIỀN CỦA KHÁCH HÀNG !!! Xin chào cộng đồng nhà đầu tư tại Việt Nam Tôi có tham gia giao dịch forex tại sàn...
  2. quangminhtddn

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from

    Hello, I am a trader from Vietnam, I have a problem with withdrawal from vantagemarkets broker. I'm sorry if my english is not good. I created an account and deposited 2500$ on 13/07/2023. When my account is profitable, I make withdrawals and a total of 3 withdrawals. Until July 25, 2023, I...
  3. L

    Problem I have been scammed by Vantage Markets

    Hi Please read my review regarding Vantage Markets. The funny thing as you will see is that not only the cancel the profits without ANYreason, they didnt even send an email to explain why. They Just deduct the profits, blocked the deposit without an email or explaination. I can not believe that...
  4. thussain313

    Resolved: Vantage markets stole my profits of £34895.20 and £4000 deposit

    Hi i am making a Complaint against who have stolen my profits of £34895.20 along with £4000 of my deposit which is a total of £38895.20 as a cash adjustment pl excuse and are failing to respond to my emails and explain why they have done this to me. I have seen numerous...


    I opened an account with Vantage in March 2022 and had invested my last life savings by betting on Netflix in April. I did my research on the news and social media on April 18th and 19th, even during my work, to find out that Netflix is probably releasing negative numbers, which was the case...
  6. G

    Vantagemarkets evidence regarding their fraud

    As i explained to my previous post i have been scammed from the amount of 13889. I have decided and already filed a lawsuit against: CEO OF VANTAGE MARKETS: Roderick Wulfbain and all Vantage Headquarters in UK ,CYPRUS AND AUSTRALIA. If they think they can steal peoples money...
  7. M

    Problem To Official Statement. I will set my self on fire in public.

    My name is Sarah Mdlihlare Manana and I was trading with you ( with the mt5 account 1143034. You have scammed my account with the amount 68000 euro by using false representations + 9000 that is in my account and you do not allow me to withdraw. So a total scam of 77000...
  8. Atli R

    Problem VantageMarkets doesn't let me withdraw US$16.468.05.

    VantageMarkets doesn't let me withdraw US$16.468.05 I made a deposit of US$2,300, got a deposit bonus of $630. I placed two trades and made $16,468.05 of net profits. All my profits were removed by a "Cash Adjustment-PNL". I submitted two withdrawal requests that were rejected. The reason...
  9. F

    Abandoned - VantageFX loots user's accounts with poor excuses

    Hello everyone! I am writing this post in order to warn about VantageFX's activity. The company using the (poor) general excuses like "high risk trading" , " oversized positions overnight", "suspicious trading activity" , loots her users' accounts anytime that they have some profit. This is...
  10. Shadreck ( ASIC and CySec Regulation) stole 14088 euro from my mt5 account.

    Vantage markets disappear all my from profits (14088 euro) my mt5 account with the excuse " cash adjustment "I am sure am the first in the world who is a victim of such type of scam . I need to act to correctly to protect other traders. I can not stand this behavior anymore from scammers and...
  11. A

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