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Problem Review about PKFX and later change name to ICT CHARTIST and owner is name Zeeshan

I am having an issue with a company


Please be careful of this signal provider. Before their name is PKFX later change name to ICT CHARTIST. When i ask the owner why the change of name the owner say his government is after him. He is from Pakistan and his name is Zeeshan. Is this not funny? The problem i encounter with this signal provider is that he has pending order and he has ask to delete the pending order but when the price is going his way he will send that signal running how many pips and show it to his public channel to false marketing to people who havent join. and also the way he give signal is gambling people account. He will give signal like sell eurusd, sell gbpusd, sell audusd, sell nzdusd, buy usdcad all in once if he get it right on the strength of USD yes all the pairs will be running in profits but if he get it wrong all pairs literally get SL. In short he's chasing the pairs blindly. And also he also provide services to help people pass their prop firm challenge but then if like what he show he can pass so many prop firm as he claims how come the signal he give is so shitty weekly. and also if he can pass so many challenge why dont he pass it and trade in on himself at the first place. i also have proof that he fail or gamble with people challenge account. In short please be careful on this PKFX, ICT CHARTIST, Zeeshan channel. And also his sub account Time2Trade is also the same. He give the XTIUSD Sell signal the price hit SL but yet he got the face to say its running in profit only when people told him it has hit SL he change the word. Obviously they are not trading on live account and merely just earning based on the fees people pay them. and the owner is very temperamental. whenever signal is not good he will give excuse that he is sick he is busy the government is after him that kind of ****.
this is the screenshot for other saying about his service for passing prop firm challenge


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these are also the proof of his time2trade as well as the prop firm


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this is another proof he say delete and yet say running at profit. and also the EURGBP is one of his member send on how he trade on their prop firm how he risk. he's literally gambling on people prop firm challenge.


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Can we have an exact website address, please?
pkfxacademy.com - this is the initial website but for some reason he has ditch this. he said the government is after him. but i think he make the name bad already hence he change the name to ICT chartist.

t.me/+NdLlvpCtzwoyYWE0 this is the telegram link to his current ICT chartist channel. its really bad
this zeeshan guy always say trading is about 100% skill 0% luck. but the way he give signal its 100% gambling he doesnt even trade on his own account. before he started a copytrading on a broker with balance 2xx usd. just 1 week he withdraw. he say it is due to he need the money. For someone that claim to have passed so many prop firm challenge whats 200 usd to him. surely something is wrong