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Do you have a Problem with a company?


Open a Problem thread! But first, please read this...

Think of the subject line. Be fair. BadBroker is the biggest CRIMINAL SCAM in history!!!!! looks sad when the complaint is about a few pips of slippage during a news release, a withdrawal that's only a few hours late, or the broker deciding not to give you a bonus.

Even in the case of a serious scam, CompanyX is a Scam is very uninformative. Give some facts so that people scrolling down the list of threads will have a reason to open your thread. Here are some examples to get you started...

My withdrawal from BadBroker.com is late
BadBroker.com won't process my withdrawal and support doesn't respond
I haven't been able to contact or withdraw from BadBroker.com for over 2 months
BadBroker.com says I have to send a crypto payment for taxes

I paid for LoseFastEA and still don't have a copy
BankruptGuru keeps charging monthly fees after I canceled

Second, think about why you are complaining while writing in your message text. Yes, you are angry, but would you prefer to sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum or like an adult describing why you are legitimately owed money? Your goal should be to get what's owed to you or to get ready to let law enforcement and regulators go, not to win a 7th grade insult contest. Many times, the scam, fraud, lies, criminal behavior and whatever else that people come to the FPA to complain about is something that can be resolved by some rational discussion. Starting off with excess aggression reduces the chances of getting those types of problems resolved.

Even if it's a clear case of scam, a calm presentation of facts is a better way to get help than saying Those evil bloodsucking scammers murdered my money.

Instead, focus on clearly laying out what happened. Make sure to give domain names of any websites involved.

Discussions will be kept civil. I and the FPA forums team will do minor edits to try to keep it that way, but we only have so much time to cover all the threads. If you insist on making your thread into an insult-fest, the best you can hope for is that it gets edited and locked.

Third, please save me from long arguments with the legal representatives of some companies. I'd prefer to spend my time helping people and weeding out spammers. You can do this by skipping the full names of support representatives of companies. If Joe Smith promised your withdrawal would arrive 3 weeks ago, just call him Joe S. Otherwise, the company can try using GDPR and other methods to get me to remove your thread or get it delisted from Google. Strangely enough, the legal representatives at Joe's company never complain about Joe's privacy if someone says that Joe Smith is very helpful.

If the owner or CEO is involved, it's better to include a public link where that person is named, so that claims of the name being private will immediately proven to be invalid.

Please also remember that the FPA has canceled more than one advertising contract when a company was proven to have seriously abused FPA members. Many companies with bad histories are very surprised when the FPA won't let them buy banner contracts.

The FPA wants to assist you. Many senior members want to help you. The fastest way to stop getting helped is to start making up wild conspiracy theories about how the FPA and every helpful FPA member in your thread are all part of a worldwide conspiracy plotting against you. If you prefer to fight against the FPA instead of focusing on your problem, the FPA won't waste time fighting for you. A minor incident like this will get the person one warning. People wanting to take a long trip into their hallucinated conspiracies won't be given a chance to steal any more time from other people who need help.

Finally be aware that as of November 28, 2022, the FPA is suspending giving out new Scam labels for companies. Far too many people demanded instant scam labels in their evidence-free complaints and then waste large amounts of time arguing about how the FPA should instantly label a company a scam based on their complaint. At this point, I'd rather see people with resolvable issues assisted in how to approach the company and people with unresolvable issues guided in how to report to law enforcement and regulators.

If I can come up with a fair way to bring back scam labels without all the drama from a very vocal subset of members who don't believe in following rules of evidence, I will. In the meantime, please keep your threads focused on getting your issue resolved or how to complain to the right places to get regulatory or law enforcement action.

Are you ready to report your Problem?

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Yes I see where you are coming from. In my case I'm certain that this "company" and I use this term advisedly is part of a scam broker Genealogy tree which I'm happy to demonstrate here.
It's important that others are alerted as much as possible so they can hopefully avoid the heartache of having their money stolen from them. I will continue to be an advocate for truly innocent victims as opposed to disgruntled traders.
My problem is somewhat different. The Swedish Tax Will not accept my loosing money because I was uncareful. They claim that the company was not real!
It was a company, RTC Finance, licensed by authority in Biarize. The tax authority in Sweden says that because of that I never was on the market althought I have digital copies of everyone trade I have Done!
Those might be proof that it was real trades being Done.
Can anyone find p Rolf that the ompany was real?
It was during 2017 I was their customer!

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