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Problem Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER

I am having an issue with a company
Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER

One word. RUN! Greg Secker Learn to Trade and his cronies such as Gurdas Singh Sidhu are just scammers. Never made a penny trading in their lives.

Very poor training/educational experience; basically just want you to subscribe to their expensive software and use their brokerage firm Capital UK where they make commissions on every single trade you make.

The subscriptions to the useless software (SmartCharts aka SCAM CHARTS) are just another recurring revenue stream for Learn to trade / Greg Secker so he can keep buying expensive SNAKE OIL ads with coded messages of riches e.g. holidays, dream homes, yachts, expensive cars etc and EXPLOITING even more financially VULNERABLE people with a dream to do better until they figure out they are being RIPPED OFF.

Within 10 minutes of a Learn to trade training session, we were asked to go to another room where we were sold an extremely expensive upsell for over £20,000. I was DISGUSTED.

Ever wondered why Learn To Trade / Greg Secker spends a fortune on Youtube ads?


Reach out to me on LinkedIn - have been investigating them for 18 months.

Mark Veljovic
Greg Secker makes huge amounts of money from the vulnerable until they work out they are more BROKE than when they started because they now have huge debts because they lost borrowed money in learning a system rigged to make them lose money!

Got to be one of the biggest scams in history.

Would love to hear other stories of people who have been scammed by this con man Greg Secker.
Hi Rob,

I have posted on here about my investigations so would be happy to have a chat.

I am on LinkedIn



All these things are a scam and here's why - (I used to work for a Stockbrokers. I am qualified and have certificates to prove it). They are a scam because:- economic/financial news which is reasonably predictable is already "discounted in the price" ie: today's minute by minute price of any asset represents a "fair" value based on all known information and any reasonably predictable information. (predictable news is not therefore news - eg: what will the GDP growth of the USA be for the next 1 - 2 years? - analysts can accurately predict this). Therefore if genuinely new news could be either good or bad (otherwise it's not news), the next price movement of any asset class, stocks, currencies, etc could be either up or down. in other words, in the short term, it's a 50/50 gamble but the psychology of buying and selling will beat you up and almost force you into making losses everytime. ie: you buy at 100p, goes up to 110p, goes down to 95p, Now you want 110p minimum. goes down to 90p, you panic and sell at 90p. goes back up to 105p, you feel sick. I've seen many many clients do this! Also, looking at moving averages, when is a trend a trend? +5%? +10%? How long do you wait to think a trend has been established? then how long do you wait to think the trend is over? by this time there's no profit for you.

There are no trends. it just appears that there are with hindsight when you look at graphs.

The problem is, looking at graphs is hypnotic. The chance of huge profits seem so close when you look at graphs. "If only I'd bought at the previous low and sold at the high. I'll look for the next similar trend and make a killing".

These guys selling courses know this and that's how they can suck people in.

But, think about this... ALL Traders all over the world in all the corporate banks and other financial institutions are LOOKING AT THE SAME GRAPH. They all see the same thing. It's not a secret.
(And they are using the market for genuine purposes. eg: in Brazil they may want to fix their exchange
with the USD for next year so they know they have some profit on their coffee).


Knowing new news in advance of other people (insider trading which is illegal) or being naturally good at predicting world events is the only way to do really well at this stuff.

Rob - Bournemouth/Dorset.
PS: I suspect during the "live" trading events they put on the live prices are a few seconds behind live. A
bit like in the movie "The Sting" people watching are so concentrating on what they are watching
they don't notice bigger picture.

It's like "The long con" as they called it in the movie. You invest time and money in a big pay-day
in the future.