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    Music to hear while trading? (if any)

    I love listening to music but avoid while trading as it kinda distracts me.
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    What is a pivot point in forex?

    Pivot points are used as a predictive indicator and denote levels of technical significance. When used in conjunction with other technical indicators such as support and resistance or Fibonacci, pivot points can be an effective trading tool.
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    What is a pip in forex trading?

    Understanding the term "PIP" is very important as it is used frequently to describe the price movements of the assets in the market. A pip is the smallest price movement that can be registered in the forex market. For the majority of the currency pairs in the market, one pip equals 0.0001...
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    Forex education

    Agreed! Babypips forex course is really helpful.
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    Are you addicted to trading?

    Analyzing the markets is not an addiction buddy. You are safe. ;)
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    Losses are part of trading

    Not only losses are an inevitable part our trading but our lives too. But losses teach us a lot and that's why we always return in better forms.
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    Where to start

    I'd suggest Babypips forex course. It's easy to understand and free of cost too. ;)
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    The Reason Why Traders Lose?

    Yes! If there's any luck associated in trading, it is just Beginner's Luck. And it's not gonna help in the long run.
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    Trading forex

    Agreed! Rather than trading in adverse market conditions, it's always beneficial to sit back and wait for the right move.
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    Have you improved your trading psychology?

    Agreed! It's the mindset that helps us prepare our trades according to the market fluctuations.
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    What is a lot in forex?

    Lot is a quantity you want to buy or sell when you are placing an order for a particular currency pair quoting a rate prevailing in the forex market. Lot size directly influences your risk ability. Before marking the crucial entry and exit points on a trade plan it is important to have an idea...
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    What is CFD in forex?

    CFDs create a contract between two parties speculating on the movement of an asset price. It consists of an agreement (contract) to exchange the difference in value of a particular currency, commodity share or index between the time at which a contract is opened and the time at which it is...
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    Trading is not Science

    Not yet but looking forward towards it.
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    Does forex strategies usually work?

    Strategies work. But to make a strategy work, you need to know how to use that strategy. You also need to customize your strategy at times according to different market conditions. But for that you need good understanding of market.