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    Our forex trader made $250,000 and a broker banned him

    Theres other brokers Why not try another broker besides Oanda? There are lots of them, maybe spread it out a bit. Mike
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    Alpari-US vs. MigFX

    How dealing with regulated firms can help This is just an example of how dealing with a regulated US firm can help. I used to clear my business through a US based FCM named velocity 4X. People may have mixed opinions of them, but I had my customer business through them and liked them. They...
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    Alpari-US vs. MigFX

    How much money does either firm have behind them? Alot of unregulated firms can open up shop with virtually no capital behind them at all. What they do is play the numbers betting that most forex traders will lose. If you actually are beating them, they will start to play games such as stop...
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    Forex System Research Hi, This is Mike Dion. I manage the automated, system traded account that is being marketed through as well as through on our managed accounts page. We believe in 100% complete transparency of our returns and our system...
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    managed account?

    Managed Account You might want to check out this managed account.
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    Any LEGIT Automated "robot" Trading systems out there??

    Forex Trading Robot There is a thread on this site that reviewes forex systems if that is what you are looking for. Managed Accounts - Forex Peace Army Forum
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    ACM - taking them to SWISS criminal court

    Unregulated firm I hate to say it, but anyone who trades at an unregulated forex firm that can not prove their net capital really deserves to lose their money. How many swiss or foreign firms need to get shut down before people " get it" Regulation makes sense to a degree, it will rid the...
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    DC Bonta - the Shark

    Anyone heard of DC Bonta from I get their emails and their signal service never loses. I'm calling bull****. He calls his alter ego, " The Shark in the pits" In fact, I heard his real name was David Arena and he also used to run which lost their investors a ton of...