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    Justforex usurp 900,000$ from Vietnamese Clients

    no more update? FPA Forums Team Note: We asked the Review Moderators to check on the claim that JustForex doesn't have a registration with the SVG-FSA. They looked on JustForex's homepage and saw that the claimed registration is #23993 under GM Group Limited. They checked on and...
  2. friendi (was AccentForex.com_

    LoL. The Accentforex team is still denying about this. What do you say?
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    Accentforex & PAMM scams

    everyone knows it and we shall gather to contact the regulator to review their accounts and books.
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    It is useless to contact your support as there won't be any solution since the scam process and manager are repeated round the corner. And there is no need to provide my account number for identification as you won't compensate to my losses. However, you have not answered me about the LP...
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    Accentforex & PAMM scams

    I was one of the investors with DenT and I suffered huge loss. Since then, I tried to monitor all the PAMM managers and they have the same characters and at the end, they blew the accounts with all huge losses like DenT. Hence, the broker and the PAMM managers are related 100% unless they prove...
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    I expected you to write this answer as the explanation to deny all claims: Accentforex provides platform and the PAMM managers trade and both are independent. This is the only high tactic scam to scam newbiew all year along so you won't bear the responsibility. Since you claimed that...
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    AnthonyWins scam

    accentforex is defnitely doing PAMM scam to scam investors and by using this way, they can protect themselves by claiming it is not related to broker. I hope regulators can step in and check all books.
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    First was DenT, followed by Anthony and many... the scam process repeats every moment.
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    Accentforex & PAMM scams

    First, dennis, jordan and now anthony... will be collapsed soon
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    Resolved: Thinkmarkets stoll my money

    Why you didn't go for banks since your trades are very large in monetary term?
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    Resolved: Thinkmarkets stoll my money

    Wow. Did you really go to their office? Are you from Aus? I can't believe they treated you this way.
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    Resolved: Thinkmarkets stoll my money

    Are you on cent account?
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    Accentforex & PAMM scams

    Are they still exist?
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    Bluemax Capital PAMM Account wiped out

    any updates?
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    Accentforex & PAMM scams

    Another huge losses like DenT, Jordan