As a seasoned Digital Marketer & E-commerce Specialist with over a decade of experience, I've made my mark in the digital realm with Beginning my journey by mastering SEO and establishing 25 niche websites, I have a proven track record in everything from domain registration to database management, thriving on Google AdSense monetization. My passion for e-commerce is complemented by my role as a Gemologist & Geology Graduate with IGI Dubai. My expertise in precious stones is rooted in a solid academic foundation and hands-on market experience. Additionally, my 15 years as a Freelance Trader have equipped me with a deep understanding of forex and crypto markets, enhancing my analytical skills and risk management strategies. My diverse skill set is further enriched by my role as a Software Manager & Mechanic Enthusiast, where I balance software mastery with a practical knack for automotive mechanics. This unique combination of digital marketing, gemology, trading, software, and mechanics highlights my multifaceted approach and commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.
Certified Gemologist & Geologist | Digital Marketer & E-commerce Maven ‍ | Freelance Trader | Software Manager & Mechanic Enthusiast | Dubai Real Estate Agent