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  1. S scam forex broker

    I'm not sure how that's relevant. My isa has performed very well thank you! If it hadn't performed well I wouldn't have expected my bank to reimburse the losses.
  2. S scam forex broker

    Will a bank refund me the money I've lost through a stocks and shares isa held with them?... no they won't! Would the bank reimburse me if I lent money to someone who decided not to pay me back ?... no they won't! Will the bank refund me money lost to investing 4 u ... no they wont ! Why would...
  3. S scam forex broker

    Only declan could tell you why he turned people away . Perhaps he began to see the utter **** storm that he had created and attempted some form of damage limitation.
  4. S scam forex broker

    Lots of people were investing after march, the last I know of personally invested money at the end of July. These weren't new accounts, they were feeding money in through existing accounts. I imagine this became common place and his main source of funds. The money is gone. No trading took...
  5. S scam forex broker

    If this turns out to be a ponzi scheme, which is almost a certainty imo, will authorities attempt to seize proceeds made by some to reimburse others?