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March 4, 2015:The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. NRGBinary is on that list. CLICK HERE to verify.


The FPA considers NRG Binary to be a scam.  The FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with NRGBinary.  If you have money with this broker, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it as quickly as possible.


NRG Binary clients who are having trouble getting their funds are asked to leave a review and then follow the other instructions in this thread
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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NRGbinary  is an internationally renowned private trading and investment company. What differentiates us from others is our commitment to our customers.

With our unique one-of-a kind trading software and long standing highest performance ratings, we always aim to stay at the top.

NRGbinary offers its traders a vast selection of  Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and pairs, all from our easily accessible Web & Mobile platforms.

NRGbinary has an extraordinary global presence with an outstanding 24/6 customer support service and secured banking options.

Using the most innovative technology available today and with a comprehensive knowledge of the world’s top financial markets, NRGbinary is proud to open it’s trading platform to all traders, regardless of investment preferences and account size.


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1.017 · 52 REVIEWS
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England, United Kingdom,
Jun 24, 2016,

I have had no luck withdrawing my money from NRG binary. I have met their conditions and have £1500 in my account but any attempt to withdraw has been met with utter silence. Now the website seems to be closed so how do I get my money back?
David Withers,
Qld, Australia,
May 3, 2016,

Like many, I am unable to contact NRG Binary to withdraw my funds, over 2,000.00 au .Have sent many emails etc with NO response.
Aberdeen Scotland, United Kingdom,
Oct 27, 2015,

I have been with NRGBinary about 2yrs. I have asked and asked to for a withdrawal,i got one of $1,500 a while ago now. They have $44000 of my money. They just don't care as far as i can make out they get your money and lose it all, and they ask for more money and lose that to. I have tried and tried to ask to speak to someone but you just ignored. These people are just as good as thieves.
West Midlands, United Kingdom,
Jul 16, 2015,

Please everyone be aware that NRG are still trading from a different website, the previous website was I too have had a problem withdrawing money owe to me. They tell me that I have not met my bonus requirement, which I have incidentally. Told tell to provide facts and figures, they have failed to do so, now will not reply to my emails.

Called them via telephone, pretending to be a new client, they said they will look into it. Still waiting after two weeks.
, Kazakhstan,
Jul 4, 2015,

My account # 140425.

The beginning of my work was 15 September 2014, in October, they were missing. They brought in my account MT4 most, and then I closed the entrance to the MT-4. Total my contribution was US $ 9960, then they made me more than 300,000 dollars, then just disappeared and blocked my account. Not communicate. I found Tatiana from this site: wrote a letter on her e-mail address: this site provided a man who is so lost money. I had a conversation with Tatyana Pintus from 16 June 2015 for 2 weeks. She said that she is no longer working and the company NRGbinary, but how strange it very quickly regained my password and named the sum, which is in my account, as well as being tied me to a manager by the name of Kristina Petrovici It required all of my screenshots contributions, I forwarded and told me that the money will be tomorrow kakzhdy day they promised tomorrow and eventually disappeared again. Tatiana manager of NRG is an experienced swindler, who is currently under house arrest, and so the same continues to engage in fraud. He lives in Israel, its address is on this site. So, I wrote a letter to her brother Joseph Pintus, he is CEO of RBC TV channel in Ukraine and holds a high post, he said he did not want to know my sister is already within 6-7 years. Here is his response to a request to influence his sister cheats:

Good afternoon. Oksana, with my sister, I do not talk about 6-7 years. I understand you perfectly ... your desire to influence it even somehow. Long ago, I struck the man of her life. What I experienced is known only to me. And what she's doing does not interest me at all. To be honest I have absolutely all the same you will write about it on the internet or not. On my reputation affects my work here in Ukraine. It does not affect the life and behavior of the person who shared with me their parents. Parents are responsible for children up to 18 years, and I do about the rest urine. Especially if the so-called sister older brother. Sue or not your case absolutely. I really sympathize with you, but I repeat: unfortunately no influence and contacts I have.

She always behaves arrogantly, called several times and shouted at me, acting as if I owe her, and not her.
If you press this woman certainly can find more information, the more it was accused repeatedly of fraud. Who collects information about the woman who had many different names in the company NRGbinary. I plan to go to the Israel and address on the site and demanded the arrest of the fraudsters, in Israel itself.

2015-07-01 1 Star My Skype: superoksana_3. Add the self to the group of victims NRGbinary in my chat. I have information about these brazen thieves. Their real names and addresses. Do not leave them unpunished! Knock on my Skype will write a statement.