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Updated: May 28, 2018
4.606 · 41 REVIEWS
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4.606 · 41 REVIEWS
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BC , Canada,
Dec 9, 2017,
Registered user

It works

It works!

Some time ago I came across DTFL on a review by fxdayjob.com and proceeded to do more research on it. I soon came across the DTFL YouTube channel which provided an intriguing peak at the Smart Money strategy and lots of footage of trades and monthly profit / performance.

A little over 6 months ago I purchased the course at a fantastic rate of close to $300usd and began learning. The theory behind why Sterling takes trades is truly unique and unlike anything I had encountered before. The strategy it self is simple and a straight forward filter for entering trades. The level selection process is also paramount and completely changed the way I look at the markets. Many past unsuccessful trades all of a sudden became clear to me. Ofcourse, there is far more to the course than just this. The Daily Market Reviews are also vital in your success and are exactly what you need to get you on your feet until you become proficient with the strategy. Beyond that, the live room and shoutbox, although occasionally filled with nay sayers, are fantastic resources. Sterling is also available via e-mail to answer questions.

The videos for the course it self are a little hard to chew through, as many are recordings of live room sessions where Sterling explained key concepts. There is also little explanations of forex basics such as what would be found on a site as babypips. This may make it challenging initially for some who are completely fresh to trading to catch on at first. Nevertheless, one should not be discouraged! Sterling does mention he is working on re-doing the course for clarity.

-The set up to find a valid trade is not overly complex and does require crazy indicators or other tools.
-The strategy CAN be traded on multiple different pairs, although Sterling only covers GBPUSD & EURUSD in the forum. However, he is open to questions on other pairs via live room or e-mail etc.
-Performance: This will vary! Depending on how many pairs you are trading and how much / which sessions you are trading.
-In brief, my performance over the last 6 months, trading various pairs, has varied consistently between 6% to 15% on average monthly. The lowest been 4% on a busy almost non trading month for myself.
-The RR ratio is 2:1. ------ 2% loss for 4% profit. This makes it very easy to see good returns.
-Trading is done on 15 mins charts but I speculate could work on other charts.
-Trades are taken during New York and London sessions.
-DTFL Pro is a semi automated EA which understands the rules you want for your entries and has to be programmed / levels selected before each trading day / night you chose. I have not used this yet but intend to soon as catching both sessions may be challenging depending on time zones.

All in all, I highly recommend the course and I can confidently say it has changed my entire trading journey.

Any questions are welcomed on the course or my personal experience.

Thanks for reading!
Oct 16, 2017,
Registered user

The core of what sterling taught is how to recognize when the big players are taking liquidity by pushing price to the other side before moving it to their real intended direction. this phenomenon also happen in other market such as equities and futures - just different players. as simple as how it may sound actually there is more to that because you also need to understand market cycle, market session, high probable support/resistance manipulation point, trade entries & management.

i feel sterling is giving great fundamental to my trading and i really learn not to take any chart with face value. if you get what sterling is teaching, you can map what the market is doing, where is likely its going to go, whether you are going to be using sterling's trade entries or your own but you understand the battlefield and can make better decision rather than blindly using any mechanical trade strategies. this i feel is the best value of sterling's course.

of course this is not the holy grail of trading and your education is ongoing as you develop as a trader. what i feel lacking on this course is how do you interpret fundamental news and applying it to your trading strategy to better understand market cycle. well of course to be fair that is not the focus of this course. but i just want to say that i personally learn that from Jarratt Davis's course. Apologies to sterling and other readers, i didnt intend to endorse another course here but really JD and Sterling course is giving me great understanding of the market and i stopped questioning myself after a loss because i stopped trading chart pattern blindly.

another value provided by sterling is his daily market preview (eurusd and gbpusd) and biweekly webinar so you can catch up with sterling live and ask him until you understand DTFL strategy.

finally, as everything else in trading, sterling's trade entries is probability. ultimately you are going to have to take decision and responsibility on your own. you might even have different trade entries and management than Sterling but you already understand where the danger zone is and the probability of market direction. because to be honest sterling trade entries is very conservative and you might be trading on different timeframe and different personality, as long as you have sound risk reward and trading plan i say: may the force be with you!

best of luck to your trading. Cheers!
Texas, USA,
Oct 10, 2017,
Registered user

Do not recommend

I do not want to recommend this paid membership service based on my experience. I would say his Daily Market Review showed about 50% accuracy and also do not provide clear direction for entry or close price.
Reply by DayTradingForexLive submitted Oct 14, 2017:
Thanks for the feedback but I think this illustrates one of the major issues with a lack of education and the 'get rich quick' mentality that is so prevalent in the market.

The reason I say that is a 50% hit rate is accurate, but you're leaving out the most important point which is the reward to risk ratio. Did you know that a trader who wins 50% of their trades with a 2 to 1 reward to risk ratio is actually more profitable than a trade who wins 70% of their trades and maintains a 1 to 1 reward to risk ratio.

The reason the Bank Trading Strategy has an 8+ year track record of profitability through all market conditions is because of our reward to risk ratio. This is also why 9 out of 10 people give the service 5 stars.

My recommendation would be to learn a bit more about R/R ratios, as some of the best traders in the world win 50-60% of their trades.

All the best with your trading!

Georgia, USA,
Feb 8, 2017,
Registered user

I would like to start by saying that I am an average, every day person like anyone reading this forum. I punch a clock, pay my mortgage, and try to get ahead just like the next guy. I rarely, if ever, post a (positive or negative) review unless it is well deserved. In my honest and humble opinion, I would be doing a huge disservice to not review Sterlings website.

I stumbled across Sterling's videos while digging through Youtube trying to learn anything I could about investing. I had no intention of signing up to any service or forum, but I could not stop watching his videos. Sterling has a unique way of breaking down the market and explaining it in a straight forward and logical manner . This is ultimately why I chose to pay the one time, lifetime membership fee. I felt as if I was truly being taught, not just listening to someone ramble on about the trades they took.

To begin, the few hundred dollar membership fee is an absolute bargain. Nowhere in my life have I found such good CONTINUING service at such a reasonable cost. You dont just get a well laid out fundamental course, you get a forum full of traders who really are there to help each other, with live chats and blogs to track performance, ideas, and statistics. I have not had a single question asked get unanswered, nor any advice sought after withheld by either Sterling or any of the members. Each and every time I have emailed Sterling I have received a hands-on personal reaponse, still, months after signing up. This is so much more than just a course, it is a team. Whether you are an experienced trader looking to learn a new approach or a brand new rookie like I was, there is something here for you. It is just like anything in life. You will get out of DTFL what you put in. It is not some magic formula, or a get-rich-overnight scheme. It requires much discipline and patience, but it IS a successful strategy if applied correctly.

Sterling posts a month end review each month and I can say for a fact that it is an honest review. (The first thing I did after joining was check to see if the daily market previews were actually there like they were in his youtube channel haha). More times than not, he takes an extremely conservative approach to which trades he calls out, so the results are not skewed. And as unreal as they may have seemed to me prior to joining, I can now say they are most definitely attainable.

Rather long winded, but like I said, I would be doing a huge disservice to not give Sterling the review he deserves. I am still abundantly pleased with my decision to join DTFL, and I hope my review helps anyone who may be unsure of joining.

And no... I was not paid for or compensated in any way to give this review.
Michigan , USA,
Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user

Great service. Sterling is good guy . Worth it system

Great service. Sterling is dedicated to what he does. The guy does a review everyday for his members. Hes been trading a long time and is very passionate about what he does. He provides solid entry opportunities daily for eur and gbp. Lots of education. Follow his steps and system including when to enter safely and you will do fine. You have to have patience. Sometimes it can take some time for a level to hit but when they do you can usually do well with proper risk management. He has a ton of good videos to teach you his system. The price for lifetime membership is well worth it. You also get two live training sessions each week in the market. I would recommend this system to someone who wants to be safe with his entries and has patience to grow account over period of time. This is not for scalpers. You need to stick to the DTFL rules on entry and you will be fine. Cheers
Sep 6, 2016,
Registered user

It's worth to try

It's doubtful that the Banks manipulate Forex without any official report, maybe the guys from DTFL found a winning setup that works more than half of times with good reward:risk ratio and the performance is what counts, of course, you can avoid their declaration that they did 303% return in 14 months BUT... I saw on video the proof of DTFL PRO (software) - in 7 months 75% return and I think it's worth to try the course with money back guarantee.
Richard Greensea,
Melbourne, Australia,
Dec 22, 2015,

I joined DTFL a few years ago and unfortunately became distracted and continued my search for fool proof trading systems. Now, I have completed looking at the training and learning the DTFL strategy and for the first time in 7 years I am trading more successfully than I have ever traded. I have researched DTFL(Day trading Forex Live) over the previous two years and nothing I've seen compares. If you want to trade for a living, you need to absorb this content. I have spent thousands of dollars and hours on "forex education" and it has been a waste of time if you consider how to succeed in the current market conditions. There are so many websites and places that will charge you a small fortune how to trade using technical, fundamental analysis and all kinds of methods, but this is a waste of time, unless you are learning an edge in the market. This is what I have found with DTFL, and after 7 years of trading and researching the forex market, Sterling is the only person I really trust-his opinion, information and teaching.. There are so many sharks out there, don't waste your time and money like I have for so many years and really give DTFL a go, you wont regret it..or look back.
, Australia,
Dec 19, 2015,

I have been trading FX for about 3 years. When I first started I did numerous very expensive courses that whilst taught me the basics did not teach me about the market. I was told about DTFL about 18 months ago and after looking at the site I believe I found a common sense approach to trading. I have not regretted the decision to join DTFL as a member. Sterling is passionate about helping traders understand what they need to know to be successful and backs that up with monthly reviews that show what is achievable. Since becoming a member I have developed into a profitable trader. His system works and I highly recommend DTFL for anyone serious about trading.
texas, USA,
Nov 14, 2015,

What is more important than a great training service? A person who not only teaches you what he knows but recommends the best training services, books brokers ect. that he can find. You can pay a low sign up lifetime fee and receive all of the recommendations Sterling makes (often for less than market value). Would you rather get into the mind of a great teacher? or get into the mind of the people your teacher is trying to model? Even if you don't participate in his services (I highly recommend you do) you should listen to his recommendations. I joined DTFL 12-18months ago and I'm involved in other training programs that Sterling recommended. I still read everything he sends out because he cares about his members. If you want to get into the trading world it starts here and it's the best investment I have ever made. Think about it, then sign up.
Tauri Ursique,
, Ireland,
Oct 26, 2015,

The DTFL course teaches a very precise mechanism for entering the market at price points which have a high probability of market reversal. It is a system based on price action (no indicators) with a particular candle formation required to confirm entry.

Sterling Suhr (the course moderator) prepares a daily market preview in video format where he discusses the prior days setups for two pairs (EUR/USD and GBP/USD) and also indicates the levels on both currency pairs at which he would expect to see price reversals for the coming day. This is an invaluable tool as it not only informs on the most likely levels for use in the following day but also explains how the levels have been decided upon therefore teaching the viewer how such levels can be ascertained for other pairs.

The system is very mechanical with precise (down to 1/10th of a pip) entry conditions, stop loss and take profit positions which can be entered at the point of trade entry. The only discretionary element of the course relates to the creation of intra day levels and even on this point the course has very clear rules as to what must be seen at a level for it to qualify as a new intra day level.

Sterling also prepares a month end review of trades where he goes over entries on both pairs for the previous month. As the system is so mechanical, there is no room for adjusting results, either the trades worked out or were stopped out. The month end results are very impressive.

The difficulty with this system is having the discipline to follow the rules and wait for a correct trade set up (on occasion a trade set up might not be seen on the two pairs for a number of days, obviously this could be avoided by trading a larger number of pairs). It is a fact of trading that the many traders will not have the discipline to follow the rules and properly trade a proven profitable system (reference Richard Dennis and the Turtles).

Twice a week Sterling holds a live room at which there is an open discussion on the different aspects of the course which is a valuable addition to the course itself and assists in understanding the finer details.

I have in the past purchased many courses none of which delivered on the usually extravagant promises. The DTFL course does not make extravagant promises but does offer to teach a trading mechanism that is not difficult to understand, does not require indicators and is proven to be proftable. The cost at the time of writing is I believe $300. It is certainly the best money that I have spent on trading and I strongly recommend the course.