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Updated: Aug 10, 2018
2.519 · 27 REVIEWS
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2012: Another forums account created by an IFC employee posing as a happy customer.  On the same day, a fake client review was left from the same location.  September - 2 more fake "client" reviews have been left from IFC's offices.

The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with IFC Markets.

2011: Another forums account created by an IFC employee.  This one asked people to contact him to find out about a good broker.
2010:  Two forums accounts created by IFC employees.  One pretended to be a potential client.  One pretended to be a happy customer.

Somehow it is related to InfinMarkets.com


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2.519 · 27 REVIEWS
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Limassol, Cyprus,
Jul 5, 2018,


Scam broker, they canceled my profit (only 1500 eur), returned my deposit to skrill forcibly without covering transfer commissions, without any explanation of the reason.

So if they can kick a client for such small money, you must definitely stay away from them.
australia, Australia,
Aug 8, 2017,

No regulation

they are dodgy russian / Israelis. no real regulation and incorporated in BVI, owners really live in Cyprus.

please stay away because the prices are no real.
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Jul 18, 2017,

Stay away from this broker

Terrible broker. Classic market maker. If you consistently keep making winning trades, they start playing with your spread and leverage. Stay away from these guys, if you are planning to trade long term, if you are scalping.
Madrid, Spain,
Jan 28, 2017,

Scam broker using MultiNicks for take clients in Forums. http://www.burbuja.info/inmobiliaria/bolsa-e-inversiones/796801-ifc-markets-pci-geworko.html

Lagos, Nigeria,
Mar 23, 2016,

they opened a trade with higher lot size on the live signal. My I informed them when I notice but they said they can't help me. they agreed that they do not know how it came about and with different IP address from another location that is not Nigeria. Immediately the trade was opened by 1:30pm (their MT4 terminal time), the server got freezed on me, so I could do nothing. The funniest part of it was that the the position was back-timed to 12:30pm (their MT4 terminal time) whereas it was opened by 1:30PM(their MT4 terminal time) before my very eyes. I contacted the broker through chat, and they called me and they confirmed that the position was opened from different location based on the IP address and that my trading account might have been compromised not even minding that the trade was back-timed. They said that they cannot close the position that I had to close it myself but I can't since they freeze my account. I was totally robbed. BEWARE OF THIS BROKER. I got devastated today that I could not think of anything trading.
winnipeg, Canada,
Sep 4, 2015,

I'm trading with this broker for over 2 years and I think it's bad. They will prevent all scripts and EAs in specific of time (lets say sometime is arround 7:30AM in my country) but I still can set my pending order by hand (it's look like that they found out my trading method and want to prevent me from setup my orders , because I can't set pending order with both SL and TP fast enough by hand).

Also the "spread" is not as good as their claim, for an example : they claim that spread is 1pips and I set my pending buy order at 0.10 with 10pips SL and 10pips TP, they will trigger my order at 0.09 (it should be trigger at 0.10) and close my trade at 0.01 (instead of 0.00) . As my calculate, the spread will be double in real account in that way.
, Trinidad and Tobago,
Aug 23, 2014,

I have been with IFC markets for just over a year now and their service has been professional. Withdrawals are reliable and customer service has been both helpful and prompt. Spreads are fair.

I know I do not maximise the services they offer but I would say that there are better services out there for beginners.
vietnam, Viet Nam,
Sep 5, 2013,

they cheat ,they change spread very much,they change my stoploss by themself. IT S a bad broker.in very important time ,i cant order.they requote.warning
British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom,
Jun 12, 2013,

IFC Markets is a group of companies which activity is involved in development and implementation of various projects in the field of the financial technologies. The activity of the IFCM Group conforms to international brokerage and financial services legislation.
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Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. Companies are not allowed to give themselves ratings.

We also wonder why an IFC employee in Armenia would resubmit IFC as a new company in the reviews and label it as not only a broker, but as an EA and a non-English website.

Toronto, Canada (really Armenia),
Sep 24, 2012,

I highly recommend IFC Markets for beginners and professionals who looking for a pure trading. Professional trading, excellent customer support and fast execution.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: 4 Star rating removed.

This is ANOTHER fake review from inside one of the offices of IFC Markets.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.