MT4 Copier review: Pros, Cons, and Traders Ratings.

4.923 • 63 REVIEWS
Rimantas Petrauskas
Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What is MT4 Copier?

MT4 Copier is a software company that develops a copy trading software called Local Trade Copier which can be installed on MT4 platform to make the chosen MT4 account a master account so that every trade placed on this master account will be mirrored to other clients accounts.

Please read MT4 Copier Reviews below and share your copy trading experiences with this software company.

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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of MT4 Copier

Thang Pham
Ha Noi, Viet Nam,
Aug 18, 2015,

My name is Thang from VietNam. I have used LTC by MT4copier for 2 months. It works very well for me. I like the inbuilt filters, It is different from orther copy tools.
Kim O
Fort Worth, Texas, USA,
Aug 2, 2015,

I have been using Local Trade Copier (LTC) by MT4copier since 7-3-2013. I use it on two live accounts, one master and one slave. It has worked for me first time, every time and have never had a problem. Any question I have had, has been responded to in a short amount of time. I am very Pleased with Local Trade Copier, and would certainly recommend it to others.
SG, Singapore,
Jul 30, 2015,

I was thinking of buying another EA for my other accounts until I found this great pluggin software called Local Trade Copier (LTC) by Rimantas of Having purchased this EA has led me to a lot of possibilities to grow, diversify and maximize the functionality of 1 good EA replicating its trades to several accounts of different broker types, ECN/NDD. Not only LTC opens the possibility to take full control of all my accounts but it also maximizes the memory resources i used for my VPS by replicating the trades of my main EA to the client account without the need to open any chart symbol except any 1 chart just to run the LTC. I am truly impressed with this masterpiece and highly recommend to anyone who aspire to take a leap on his trading career. Just with its default setting and a lot of risk control options to choose from, LTC is absolutely safe and exceeding my requirement and expectation as well.
Oladapo makanjuola
Lagos, Nigeria,
Jul 28, 2015,

I have used LTC by MT4copier in the last 2 months, I must confess that it is the best trade copier available on the Internet. The reverse trade option it has really taken my forex trading to another unimaginable level of success. The inbuilt filters also keeps helps keep my trades in the direction of the trend. I am using 1 master with 8 slaves on a VIPs with no problem at all. I would rate this software 10/10. It is unmatchable at all. It is a very good value for money.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Apr 9, 2015,

After used : I think it great work and very easy to install and configure my clients accounts easily even different equity levels. I very happy. Thanks
Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 7, 2015,

Rimantas provides a fabulous piece of software that allows copying a simple task. I have been using ea-coder for the past 6 months and have found it very useful and productive to my trading needs. He also provides great support, with professionalism unrivalled in the forex world. Updates are clean and hassle free, I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks Rimantas.
Bobby C
Mar 16, 2015,

Hello my name is Bobby I've been trading Forex now for just over 15 years. One of my challenges was how to duplicate trades to multiple MT4 platforms I first started doing this by using multiple laptops it was very difficult to say the least. I did a little research and found that trade copy software was available on the market I tried using them but when testing I had found some of them would crash the MT4 platform completely or just wouldn't do what it was designed to do. After this experience I just went back to trading for myself and a few other close people.Not too long ago I started using MT4 copier at first I was very skeptical until I started using it I've never seen an MT4 copier run this smooth before. I will be frank the speed in which the trades were copied onto the other accounts was absolutely unbelievable. Believe me I tried to do everything I could to break it the setup for both master and client was so easy I didn't even read the manual. Anyone with any experience using MT4 could setup master and client receivers within 10 minutes and start copying trades immediately. Also I wanted to say thanks to Rimantas Petrauskas This software is like no other on the market today the value of having something that works so seamlessly is power in itself.
M.Siva Senthil
Tamil Nadu, India,
Mar 11, 2015,

Great work. Very easy to install and configure it. I am able to manage my clients accounts easily even different equity levels.With this I am able to multiply my profit share. Feeling happy. Thanks
arif sardar
S. Wales, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2015,

I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy the trade copier was to set up , I was "up and running" within a few minutes . The copier itself is full of useful features which can be easily turned on and off as needed .This will be really usefull in my new venture
SG, Singapore,
Jan 11, 2015,

Easy to setup, comes with manual and lots of help from Rimantas himself. The number of available setting will amaze you, for all level of mirror copier :)
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