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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
3.209 · 69 REVIEWS
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3.209 · 69 REVIEWS
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,
Oct 26, 2012,

Nowadays completely focused on suckering newbies into scammer broker deals. The more a broker pays them, the more they favor him all over the site !!
Greg Holdsworth,
Sydney, Australia,
Mar 31, 2012,

I signed up for an account about 3 years ago which was denied for whatever reason. I don't care because they exist only to feed the bucket shop brokers with fresh meat. I am unable to remove myself from their mailing list so I keep getting their SPAM frequently. Efforts to remove myself have been futile and all my contact with them has been clearly ignored. My account is inaccessible so I can't uncheck the "receive email from Administrators" they so conveniently (duh, it's a legal obligation) post at the end of the email.

A serious investor/trader will find the information on this site absolutely useless to enhance their market knowledge. It appears to be full of egotistical wannabe tossers whom (ironically hey?) never discuss the issues faced once you actually earn money from the market, issues much more serious and difficult than finding a method or system which everyone seems to be doing on there. Funny how you never hear about when your hard earned must have TAX paid on it - and damn LOADS of it when you earn a bit... Oh that's right, all the gurus are earning 2% a DAY on there should know about this already eh? Laughing out loud (literally). What, 2% of $1000? I could (and can) do that in my sleep. I am lucky to pull 2% a MONTH on my portfolio. That 2% though is a generous YEARLY income for someone in the western civilisation.

Take it from someone who knows (and earns), use the excellent calendar on forexfactory.com but steer well clear of the rest of the site.
, Canada,
Apr 19, 2013,

Newbies beware. This site only serves paying brokers, no matter how many people have been screwed over by them. As long as they pay, everything negative is removed. I was commercialized for praising a broker that did not advertise with them. Free speech is nonexistent there.

Beware people.
Ann P.,
Jun 21, 2009,

One day when it was a slow trading day I decided to check out the EUR/USD active trading thread. The people posting there were so LOST and needed so much help. So I decided to get an account and start posting to help. But I got banned because I have a forex website fxstrategyhub.com that posts all my trades as I take them for for free. So it appears they admin definitely doesn't want any successful forex traders who know what they are doing to post there anymore. I'm not sure what the admin's agenda is. But anyone hanging on on these forms is NOT learning good trading strategies. Also, the admin also allows all kinds of off topic chatter and even some crass language on the boards, but doesn't allow professionals to give any tips or suggestions? The forex factory forum is a great place for newbie forex traders to get advice from other newbie forex traders. Ha.
leeds, United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2012,

this website is only looking out for the brokers, any bad experience you have with your broker and try to post it on their forums, they will ban you, bunch of losers, customer service is dead like a zombie,
Alabama/Tennessee, USA,
Feb 23, 2012,

I have contacted admin several times over the past month to reset my password and they continue to fail to do so. I sent admin an email and he failed to reply back. I'm not sure who is running the website now since it was sold but they are not doing a good job when it comes to resetting passwords and replying back.
Apr 14, 2009,

Twee - are you on a payroll off ACM? Why you afraid to publish facts from my trading experience with ACM. Forex Forum - is all about trading and facts. If broker doing some thing WRONG, public has rights to know this.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 21, 2018,

Forex Factory is policed by IDIOTS!

Absolute garbage website, unethical and immoral. Twee is an absolute idiot, he allows a select few members to police the website and temporarily suspend whoever they want, all the while ganging up on anyone who stands up to their online bullying tactics. Usernames of the gang include redoktober, dukas_trader, billytt, pooh123 and others. Check it out for yourself! it is a terrible site. For better interaction check out the other community websites online like forexpeacearmy.com forum.
Nov 1, 2013,

I am wrong or did Forex Factory post the PMI Manufacturing GBP at 4:30a CDT Friday 01NOV? The announcement came at 3:30a CDT and I lost 15% trading this at the wrong time. Way to go FF. We don't turn our clocks back until Sunday. I think they owe me a refund.
Dallas, Tx.,
Sep 23, 2007,

I previously rated this site a 1 or 2 star based on the info available, and that alone. I would now rate it an absolute SCAM. Why the change? Simple, It's not a free and open forum. They want you to post your opinion but will cut you off if you post anything that contradicts what the "FOUNDERS" or their hand picked puppets have to say. It makes me sick to think that I drove Hueys over Vietnam for 2 tours so these "good ole boys" can act like this. Anyway, that's my opinion.

2007-06-17 2 Stars There is a tremendous amount of good information in this, too much to injest in even a month. There is however, one small problem. If you question any of the opinions posted here and take the opposite site of any debate, be prepared. You will be labeled any number of derogatory names: idiot, racist. bigot, non-trader, troublemaker, corn-ball, or any other number of bad things. If you don't believe this just drop in and read some of the threads open for posting. Because of the tremendous amount of info, and nothing else, I'll give it 1 or 2 stars.