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3.678 · 23 REVIEWS
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3.678 · 23 REVIEWS
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Melbourne, Australia,
Aug 13, 2015,

Re: Intermediate Workshop
I just wanted to say thanks for running such a great workshop. It was fantastic to spend a couple of days learning the insights of a seasoned trader. I have walked away with a lot of new information and ideas to try. The beauty is that instead of learning someone else’s strategy which may not suit your risk tolerance or personality, you are guided through the process of building, optimizing and monitoring your own unique system.
I am hoping to form a two man algo team with a friend of mine and I have already recommended that he attend the Intermediate workshop. I wouldn’t rule out doing it again myself just as a periodic refresher and to keep up with the times.
The lunches provided were awesome and the staff always helpful. I feel that further education through Tradeview Investments would be money well spent. Also, the group size was small allowing the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and also facilitating open discussion.
I also completed the online version of the workshop beforehand which was really helpful and wasn’t charged for both. My personal opinion is that such ethics leave some other forex education companies for dead.
Thanks for a truly worthwhile weekend. I wouldn't hesitate to approach Tradeview for further education and coaching sessions as the value for money and attention to detail was excellent.

, Australia,
Aug 23, 2015,

The guys at Trade View (Rob, Partha & Eddie) really know what they're talking about. I did the Intermediate workshop back in March and was quite surprised about how little I knew about the markets as a retail trader. I've traded for years and have never seen the kind of propriety knowledge shared in these workshops anywhere else.

More importantly- the automation strategies and ideas presented really challenge what you think you know and the team show you both why you need an edge and how to get that edge for consistent profitable trading over the long term.

To put it simply- if you want to be a professional trader, these guys are the real deal. When you visit the office which is where I went for the workshop you will see what I mean.
Melbourne, Australia,
Sep 3, 2015,

I’ve been trying to trade now for over 5 years without any success at all. Yes I’m one of those guys who went from one strategy to another spending money that any hard working person would cringe at the thought. Yes I have spent money that went nowhere. It would be fair to say that I thought this game was for people who were special and had a gift. I was beginning to doubt big time.

But when I was just about to give up, I found a trading firm that educated traders. I guess I decided to give them a try because they were in Melbourne. The first conversation I had with them was in regards to their course, which entailed discussions about systems on the computer. When I heard the word computer, I can say I was put off. The reason for that is I am very computer illiterate.
The second conversation was about life as a trader, I was invited into the trading room were I saw people working as traders for a living. It made things real for me. But computers were still on my mind, I knew that making systems was the right thing to do and made things so much quicker in regards to back testing. Manual back testing could take days this would allow me to see if my system worked in second or minutes.

I decided to take the plunge even with the fear of technology still in the back of my mind. This time I knew it was different. I was not buying a strategy I was going to be taught to make my own system with lots of useful trading information for real life trading. I went to the office to do the intermediate workshop, which I found to be very educational and informative. I received so many Ah-ha moments about trading, it was unreal. As for the computer fear it was gone as Rob, Edwin and Greg were very patient and gave me a lot of time as they knew I was not the best with technology.

I was hooked I started to see light at the end of the tunnel, I knew this could be done. I decided then that I would sit on the trading floor with the real traders, so I could be around the action. I wanted to learn from these people who were trading for a living as I knew that is what I wanted to do.

Sitting on the floor for the month with the real traders, being around the action is where my real education started to happen. I put my first full system together and got heaps and heaps of information about the reality of trading. I finally felt some structure and consistency about my trading. I can say that the month on the floor with the traders was one of the greatest experiences of my life. In that month my trading knowledge has been propelled like nothing else. I really want to thank Rob and all the traders for all their help, patience and knowledge. I am forever grateful.

If you’re thinking about it- don’t, just do it. It will be one of the best moves you make.
Melbourne, Australia,
Sep 10, 2015,

I attended a workshop on automated trading earlier this year at Tradeview.
It was well worth the money, learning actual skills instead of just theory like most of these things. I now am building my own bots, being able to backtest theories and actually have a couple that make money while I sleep so very happy.

2015-08-24 5Star I completed the intermediate course a while ago now, and I have learnt some very important skills especially with regard to backtesting and evaluating results.

I have created a couple of trading systems that appear to have potential (I have backtested 5 years worth of data, including tick data I needed to import for one of the low-timeframe systems.I intend on setting up a demo account on a VPS and running them live for a while to see how they go.

Thanks again to the team at Trade View for encouraging me to partake in their course; not only did I learn a bunch of important things but it has provided me motivation to focus on proper system development and evaluation, rather than manual ‘trial and error’. I Hope to keep in touch with them.
, Australia,
Oct 14, 2015,

I attended the Intermediate workshop with the team at Trade View in 2014. The flight from Brisbane to Melbourne was long but the workshop made it all the worthwhile. It was jam packed full of techniques and strategies. I thought I knew how to trade, wait till you see these guys. The world of propietry trading really is a different world.

What I learnt on the Saturday and Sunday was far more important than any other course or seminar I had done previously. I wish the workshop went longer as there were so many questions I had but Rob and the team have been helpful and always respond by email or phone. Its great having a support network after the workshop and the Member Portal has been a great learning experience till this day.
Melbourne, Australia,
Jul 4, 2016,

Rob and the team are great. after months of hesitating i completed the online workshop and then went in May to complete the in-house 2 day workshop. what a difference. the online is great but the in-house is fantastic hearing rob tell us what he does for a living. we then spent all day building our strategies on sunday with eddie rob and elay. eddie was great explaining the fundamentals and building blocks required to build models and the guys really know what they're talking about when it comes to algo systems. It was a great experience over the 2 days with great food and drinks, nice to be part of a professional team.
, Australia,
Jul 6, 2016,

Great course.

The online workshop goes through alot of stuff. There are around 10 units. It starts off simple and quickly goes to more interesting concepts. The important thing is these are not just concepts but ideas to use and build.

No more stuffing around with algos. This course will show you how to build them the right way. The support is also fantastic, you can find the TVI traders awake almost any time. Highly recommended to traders of all levels.
Rome, Italy,
Aug 15, 2016,
Registered user

The course is overpriced and useless, you can find the same education for free, and they don't really help

My experience with them was very negative. I got in touch with Trade View Investment because I wanted that somebody helped me in the optimization of an EA I already had and I had started to optimize myself. When I got in touch they told me that if I wanted to receive their support I had to buy the intermediate course. I told the salesman that I was skeptical about their course given that I had alrelready read negative reviews about it and I have been trading for long and had already done a lot of education. But he insisted so I bought it and guess what: after the purchase they didn't give me any advice about my system, they barely looked at the reports I sent them, they gave a very useless and insignificant consultancy and they didn't try to optimize the system themselves. They kept insisting I had to build the same system with a exprert advisor builder they sponsor, which is quite expensive. Honestly, don't do this course, it is completely wasted money, you can find all the same education for free on websites like babypips or dailyFX. The course is so overpriced that is really a scam price. In my opinion the more profit they made is not from their trading but selling this course to people with not enough judgement. They convince people that they will build with them the holy grail strategy, but in fact they do not give any advice on how to build your EA, they just expect you come out with the make-money idea and if you go to them with an EA already they don't help you, so basically they don't do almost nothing, they just take your money. However, in the trading portal they post some analysis and trades but their performance it is not even stated for the past 3 years so the investors doesn't really know how they made in the past. Hopefully I managed to open a Paypal dispute and Paypal refunded me the price of the course which I absolutely discourage you to do.
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Reply by Trade View Investments submitted Aug 17, 2016:
Hi Pietro,
Your review comes as no surprise after our dealings with you.
You originally wanted us to help you build and optimize one of the systems you had found on the Internet because you did not have the code.
We then proceeded to advise you that the Intermediate course was the correct course for what you wanted.
The course is designed to help you build automated systems.
You claimed many things in your review and you state that you did not receive any support.
This claim is completely false, as we have spent many hours with you and since your purchase on 06th July 2016 you have exchanged 51 (fifty one) e-mails with myself and I have also spent over 2 hours on the phone via Skype with screen sharing helping you build systems.
You have decided to use a public forum to say untruthful things about us after you sent the following e-mail chain telling us you were too busy to build the system yourself and can we do it for you.
This was never part of the agreement but yet we still offered to assist, but you insisted we build the system for you without even providing the specific definition of criteria necessary to build a system.
Your most recent emails are as below, where you insisted we build the system for you.
You never provided any screenshot or explanation, instead, asking us to build you a working model with no effort on your part.
Then, without further communication you post these comments even after we have offered to assist.
We are a professional trading firm and for us to build a model from scratch, (which is what you wanted and asked for on a number of occasions), we charge a fee, as we have previously discussed and explained.
(The e-mails below have specific information about your EA’s that you wanted to build blanked out to protect your IP (Intellectual Property) as we are a professional trading firm and we pride ourselves on honesty and most of all integrity)

2016-08-01 22:53 GMT+02:00 Pietro xxxxxxx <>:
I tried I just put in xxxxxxxxxx (indicatorname) but then I got stuck, I am also busy working, you could just do it for me please
2016-08-01 1:50 GMT+02:00 Edwin Cornelissen <>:
Hi Pietro,
I saw your later message about not doing the (indicator name) EA.
To be clear, we give you unlimited support to ASSIST you to build your EA's, we don't build them for you - we charge clients $500 per hour if they would like us to build EA's for them.
Both the (indicator name) EA and the (indicator name) EA shouldn't be too difficult to build - have you gone through the entire workshop and completed units xxxx
If not, please complete units xxxx, if you are having trouble with them, let us know and we will assist.
If you have completed them and would like some assistance with building your EA, you will need to attempt it yourself first and then send through the xxxxxxxxxx file, along with a clear definitions of your entry and exits.
Once you have done this, we will be able to assist you.
Best regards

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 12:47 AM, Pietro xxxxxx <> wrote:
I have attached an image of the (indicator name) EA that I want, I want to open a trade when there is (unspecific criteria) and if the (unspecific criteria) (but I want to be able to decide this level)
Regarding the (indicator name) EA please do for me an EA that does the same as this one

2016-07-30 16:38 GMT+02:00 Pietro xxxxxx <>:
I am having problem with xxxxxxx, I will send the screen shot of the EA that I want to create and you can do it for me.
2016-07-27 1:46 GMT+02:00 Edwin Cornelissen <>:
Hi Pietro,
Definitely happy to help, we just need to see exactly what you are trying to do (marked up on the charts) and also the xxxxxx file that you have started to create, so that we can assist efficiently.
Looking forward to seeing what you send through.
Best regards

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 2:51 AM, Pietro xxxxxx <> wrote:
I am working on two system one that trade (indicator name) on (unspecific criteria) chart and one that trade the (indicator name) on (unspecific criteria) chart
I am trying myself but I really need suppport. I will send you something soon
2016-07-25 1:16 GMT+02:00 Edwin Cornelissen <>:
Hi Pietro,
Yes, we can.
One of our Systems Traders, xxxx, is the best person to assist you (I have CC'd him here).
In order to assist you to build your system, what we require are the following:
1. A detailed description of your entry / exit criteria along with screenshot examples.
2. The xxxxxxxxxx file you are working on, demonstrating that you have attempted to build the system yourself.
We are happy to help, but you must make a serious attempt to build the system yourself first.
Best regards
On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 10:05 PM, Pietro xxxxxx <> wrote:
Hello, could you help me in building an EA that trade (indicator name)?
We wish you the best in your trading.
Sydney, Australia,
Aug 24, 2016,

Review of online webinar on 24/08/16 (Understanding Key Markets)

Trade View, you've done it again! My 2nd review for you. Keep up the great work!

Last night I attended the FREE online webinar and I found it extremely valuable. The information they shared should be considered (and implemented) by all traders, regardless of whether you're a beginner currently struggling/breaking even, or even if you're a professional (institutional/proprietary) trader.

To be quite honest, I would have paid to watch webinar as it was very useful, so thank you for making it free for registrants.

I'm neither a beginner, nor a professional yet meaning I'm at the intermediate stage. I've only ever had good experiences each time the team at Trade View gets in contact with me, whether by phone/email/Skype/screenshare. Always helpful, friendly, honest, polite. They know how to trade. They are generous with their time and efforts to help their clients.

On a side note, I'd like to add this point. The way in which life presents its lessons vary greatly. Sometimes they can be unpleasant, but life will only present the next lesson when you have learned from the current one it is teaching you.

"Algo is the way to go."

Lastly, to pietro, laziness is expensive and will not help you. I sincerely hope you can adjust your attitude so that you will be able to achieve your goals as a trader. Sometimes what is needed for us to progress, is an awareness/realisation, or a change in mindset. Sometimes what we need to help us progress, is not the advice we enjoy hearing. Take the time to learn, implement (in the right way), see what is and isn't working, make adjustments, and persist. Go the extra mile. Then sooner or later you'll have your success.

Jul 14, 2016 - 3 Stars The intermediate workshop has a lot of information, however most of the information can be found online. I would say it's more of a basic course than intermediate. Also if you cancel your monthly member portal subscription, you can no longer access the workshop which I think is unfair. So it's not a one-off course fee. Something to keep in mind. Would prefer that they separate the member portal from the course. That way if people don't want to join the member portal they can still access the course.

Reply by EdwinC submitted Aug 1, 2016 Hi, we were very surprised by this review and have since discussed this with Gloria, who advised that it is suitable for us to post her email to us (prior to the review) and also her follow up email after discussing this review with us. We have removed any personal details and proprietary workshop information referred to in the emails and replaced with ?xxxxxxx? otherwise, the emails are word for word as we received them. We trust that this will give readers a more accurate idea of our Intermediate Workshop. AFTER DISCUSSING THE REVIEW On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Gloria xxxxx <> wrote: I see what you mean - yes I now feel my comments were unjustified. I grant permission for my original email to be submitted as a more accurate representation of my opinion of the course. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and take full responsibility. If there is anything I can do to assist in making this right, please feel free to email me or call. Best regards, - Gloria On 28 Jul 2016, at 9:31 AM, Edwin Cornelissen <> wrote: Thanks for your response Gloria, As mentioned below, we feel disappointed with this outcome, as we have always been upfront with you and will still offer you support if needed. You do still have access to the Intermediate Workshop content that you purchased, however, you no longer have access to the Member Portal, as you have cancelled your subscription to this - your subscription can be reactivated at any time should you choose to do so. Our courses are named accordingly and we feel that your definition of Beginner must differ from ours - these are the definitions from our understanding: BEGINNER - a person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity. As you are not a beginner and you have yet to master building automated systems, then INTERMEDIATE would best describe you. We feel your comments on FPA are unjustified, especially given that you have indicated otherwise in a previous email. We will reply to your comment on FPA and we think it is fair that we post your original e-mail to us (without any personal details and / or proprietary course material blanked out), which you sent after you purchased the course and completed it - all other text will be as you have written it. If you would like to discuss any points please call me or send me an e-mail. Best regards Eddie ORIGINAL EMAIL On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Gloria xxxx <> wrote: Hi Eddie, I have completed the workshop, and have some feedback. 70% of the information was more detailed explanations of stuff I had already learned before e.g. xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxx 20% was completely new to me, especially the xxxxxx, backtesting and xxxxxx sections (as a side note I have xxxxx, xxxxxxxx's equivalent of xxxxxx, but I like xxxxxx better due to it's xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx) 10% the content was more of a reminder that I need to do certain things. e.g. xxxxxxxxxx - very valuable to have this reinforced Personally, by doing the course, I learned some content, which I will call golden nuggets. They were tricks and tips, nuggets of info I'd never considered or heard of before, but I believe these insights will greatly help in turning the corner in trading. For example: finding which xxxxx will xxxxxxx with certain xxxxx setups. I have come across so many trading strategies it's crazy. Signed up for so many expensive courses to learn price action setups, spread trading, forex, stock options, even binary options and so on. End of day, intraday. I've also bought and used eSignal, Amibroker, The Bourse, etc. I got into Propex but withdrew from their trainee program. I think getting in and being accepted was more to do with trying to prove myself than anything else. I also paid for their $2000 online training course (back in the day when it still existed - came with a month's access and a trading simulator with Macquarie Bank). To be honest, over the years I've spent over $20,000, from age 20 til now, to try and learn and be a profitable trader. I've bought EA's. But I never learned to build an EA. If I can define good strategies in xxxxxx and backtest them properly and refine the EA's - I believe I can be a profitable trader. However, I think my problem (and the problem of a lot of people) is I often don't do the things which will help in the attaining of my goals/my happiness. Often I will do the opposite. As an example, people save money on things that will benefit them and spend money on things that are not necessarily going to help them move forward in life. Another example: they spend time with people who may not have their best interests at heart and ignore those who truly care about them. Self-sabotage. I've concluded I need to work on my psychology before I do any live trading. No point in making money and then losing more than I've made because of my self-sabotaging mind. Anyway, I've think I've said enough. I'm gonna build systems while I work on eliminating my self-sabotage... Happy Monday morning, and good trading for the Trade View team!! Thank you for reading this very long email. Regards, Gloria
Nov 18, 2016,

Be very wary

If algo trading is the path one wants to take, then perhaps Tradeview maybe of assistance.
I was contacted by a sales representative of theirs (masquerading as a junior professional trader) for four days in a row trying to shove Algo trading courses down my throat saying that after completing these courses I would have the potential to make huge gains compared to what I am currently making. ( I made it quite clear I am not interested as I am presently happy with my returns of the last 2 years). I should add this chap refused to believe my current performance and asked me to prove my results in a demo account with IC markets their affiliate, so he could drum up even more business!! What's more he had the cockiness to say I should be paying him to monitor my progress!!
He claimed Tradeview models averaged 45% gains with the best one performing at 85% . If that's the case good luck to them!!!
With those types of returns surely they don't need pushy sales reps trying to drum up more business selling courses!!

All I can say to any prospective clients is be very careful
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by Trade View Investments submitted Nov 22, 2016:
Dear ‘Skyhawk’

We kindly request that you send an email to with your real name and your complaint so that we can look into your claims.

Please enter your FPA name in the email for reference.

Thank you