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Safe Side Trading Ltd

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CMSTrader is a forex broker. CMS Trader offers the MT5 and Web trader forex trading top platform. offers over 35 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, commodities, cfds, gold, bitcoin and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.
May 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with CMSTrader until this issue is resolved.
August 2016:  The UK FCA has issued an Unauthorized Firm warning against  CLICK HERE to verify.
February 2016: The Ontario Securities Commission has issued a warning against CMSTrader.  CLICK HERE to verify. 
January 2016:  Pandorx Ventures Ltd, formerly CMS Ventures Limited (NZ Registration number 5472141) was removed from the New Zealand Companies Register. CLICK HERE to verify.
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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum Deposit: $500
Established: 2013
Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre Kingstown, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Customer Service:, +44-2038687251
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries: Unknown
Trading platforms: MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (35+)
Cryptocurrencies: (1) Bitcoin
CFD: (175+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ✅ Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, MasterCard, American Express
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, MasterCard

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1.697 · 44 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Uk, United Kingdom,
Jan 30, 2020,
Registered user

Cms traders are fraudsters

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I was stupid enough to invest in this company via a friend and initially it all looked great and my account grew to well over 1m dollars from 100k! Chris Miller and Alex our little Isreali heros of Safeside trading claiming they are forex brokers in Cyprus when really they are somewhere in eastern europe hiding behind very convincing demo screens and taking all your money. They prey on stupid greedy people so if you dont heed this warning then you too will be parting company from your savings. I feel sick and utterly confused as to what to do and dont wish this on my enemies. 12 Traders, CMS traders,Safeside trading are all crooks with funny accents!!
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Sydney, Australia,
May 21, 2019,


These people are charlatans! They will rip you off for all you have. Then ask for more and give no results except lose your money. Oh if you were like me and caused a big deal problem with Compliance they will reinstate what they lost and then LOSE IT AGAIN!!!
Stephan Hill Steer clear of him!
Cheshire, United Kingdom,
Mar 18, 2019,
Registered user

CMS Trader warning

Please do not invest any money with CMS Trader do not belive a word they say Chris Miller and Alex Cooper they will try to get more money from you and when you try to withdraw funds it is impossible. they owe me $8660,00 from profits from my trades but they say i am unable claim this back .
Be warned
Anthony Crute
Vikram S,
Sep 6, 2018,


CMSTrader scammed me with $10000 . They have rejected withdrawal request twice without any reason and are not taking any calls.
I was scammed by their broker/agent Joseph David, Cell number# +44 7440 903321.
South Africa,
Jul 30, 2018,
Registered user


CMSTraders got my contact from and a guy named David Mill called me and told me that i opened an account with them, i argued with him but being a newbie that i was he convinced me to activated my account with $500 that they gonna make some money for me and i made the deposit.
The next day a guy named Stephen Black called me and said he is my account manager. he made a little profit with my capital and convinced me to make another deposit of $1500 to stand a better chance of making more profit and i made the deposit. he made a total profit of $1000 and yet requested for another deposit. that did not stand well with me i refuse to make more deposit, then he stop doing anything with my account.
3 months later i requested for a withdrawal but i had no feedback from them after 1 month i decided to contact Stephen Black using whatsapp but he became rude to me that am pushing him and that i should not disturb him when he is making money for other people, he stopped responding to my texts i tried contacting the company but their phone is dead, i emailed them several times but no feedback from them.
CANADA, Canada,
Jul 11, 2018,

I have account with CMS, when I login to my account I found that they opened a position XAU/USD, quantity 7000 with margin call. I called my account Manager called Hani , more than 5 times. As usual he did not reply to my messages or answer my calls, then I called the company and after 30 mins. I called them as a new customer then someone answered my call and I explained to him what happened, he told me that he will contact my account manager and ask him to call me but no one called. During this time the position closed with loss of 6517 US$. I sent an email to the company but no one replied to my trails of emails and reminders. Later on I sent massage to Hani and I asked him to investigate that. I received a call from someone whose name is Mohammad Abdullah and he told me they are investigated and sure that I'm the one who opened the position. When I asked him to send me a letter confirmed that with IP address to open case in court, but he refused to send me the letter. After searching online I found that there was so many victims who complained that this company took their money in different way. The company is not registered in the UK or Canada and there is a warning to deal with them because it is scam company.
Kindly check the below links for more information:


Zivko, Slovenia,
Jul 4, 2018,


Let me tell you my experience with CMS Trader:
Some months ago i opened an account on, the next day a guy named Rudy called me from CMS trader and said that i should open an account with them to trade with them. He was on phone very convincing and said ve would make some good money, explained all and bla bla. the next few days later I deposited 1.000,00 EUR a day or two too early bcs I found your web site and CMS Trader was listed as possible scam read all the comments - very BAD! The next days i wanted to withdraw my money and send all necessary e-mails , but the line was dead... no answer absolute nothing the only thing I got was a E-mail that the request is being processed. I did not send them all necessary documents to verify the account only the withdrawal request. Need some help. CMS TRADER IS A SCAMMER!!
Singapore, Singapore,
May 28, 2018,

I came across Cmstrader from I have many traders who called me to put in money. $500 $2000 or even more. I encountered Michael Taylor. He Whatsapps me saying he was one of the signals analyst for the company. He helped me to create a live and demo account. I deposited $500 and he did not force me to put in more. He promised to send me signals. I tried to trade using his signals and most of time I can profit from his trades. Even the signals he gave went the opposite ways, he never abandoned us and stopped giving the signals. He made sure that all your trades are answered for. He was the first trader filled with ethnics. He don’t force you to put in more money and still he did not earn from my $500 deposit but I still get signals from him.
I advise traders to give CMSTRADER a chance especially with Michael Taylor as he is honest to my account.
Oslo, Norway,
May 17, 2018,
Registered user

It is a big Fraud


I was introduced to CMS trader through a known and deposited 7300 USD. Joseph Davis was the account Manager but they are all thievess..I have been chasing cms for over 7 months now but I have not got my money back. It is scam. Whether it Joesph, Wisam, Alex, Celena..these are all virual identities, you can trace them and will disappear the moment you want your money back.

Zagreb, Croatia,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user

Cms are theives

They are theives , beware of Jospeh , he calls himself an account manager , but he is just a theif , this company stole 3000 dollars from me , and wincharge back can't help because it's less than the minimum they need. I'm tracking the money with my bank and trying in any other way to expose them for what they are , theives
May 5, 2018,
Registered user


Do not believe anything they say !
This company is a fraud company, they called me after i signed up with and claimed they owned that site and many others, some gentleman called David who was very likable and polite, i had read a lot of bad review about them and had my doubts, somehow the begged me to give them a chance and told me all forex company had bad review, they told me they are regulated by new zealand company office and sent me a copy of the regulation which was photoshopped and fake, later on i looked at this
I have the same story as everyone else here, i invested 2000$ for a start, Steven black traded for me and got huge gains and persuaded me to invest more which i did, 2 weeks later i had gained 60% on top of my total investment and at that time i wanted to try to withdraw as little as 2000$ and then everything started to fall to pieces, I never got any money back ! they placed bad trades which burned all my money up and closed my account, for sure i think all the stupid beginners like me are given demo accounts to play with and they hold our money for themselves. 
One of Stevens last words were :
I was told if i write a bad review about them they will sue me with all their legal power.
His last word was : Haha
Apr 26, 2018,
Registered user

Thieves and scammers, don't get any close to them!!!

I was first contacted through WhatsApp from a guy called "David" with telephone number +44 7957 749668. He was very patient and very careful on how to approach and convinced me about opening an account with CMS Trader with a minimum of $500. I deposited my $500 and they assigned me a supposedly senior analyst called "Joseph Davis" (+44 7440 903321) who started giving me signals which were just garbage going exactly in the opposite direction for days and after a few days he told me he only trades with big accounts of $10K and more so I should deposit more in my account.
I decided to withdraw and close my account and they disappeared, nobody replied any message from then on. I've tried to reach them by email and chat and they just close the chats and never reply emails.
It's been more than a month I asked for my money back and I'm still waiting. Please get away from these scammers!!!
Nagdeo, USA,
Apr 25, 2018,


CMSTrader scammed me with $7000 . When requested for a withdrawal they stop taking receiving our calls.
I was scammed by their broker/agent Joseph David, Cell number# +44 7440 903321.

Indonesia, Indonesia,
Apr 25, 2018,
Registered user

Cannot Withdraw

I started to sign up the account at cmstrader because it poped up at after sign up i received a call and mentioning that they are related to They introduced my account manager Stephen Black. During the time i made more deposit due to loss issue. After a while it came to profit and i sent a withdrawal for a small portion of $400. Steven said that it will be proceeded in 7 days. After a while i have not received the fund yet and my account suddently mentioned "unable to connect to server". I asked Steven again but now he blocked my WA. Can anyone experience the same things? Can I have the money back?
Pongola, South Africa,
Apr 24, 2018,
Registered user

Scammed by CMSTRADER

Issue escalated to Traders Court Tau1984 vs | GUILTY
Early February i was called by David from Cmstrader with an opportunity to invest in forex with good promises.Then i deposited $950 to activate my account after that i was called andmy account was handed over to Mr.Steven Black to be my account mamager.In two weeks he told me he had made $3000 on top of my capital.Then the problem started when he ask me to put in more $15000 that was a red flag for me.and i discoverd that they are the scammers.Then i sent a withdrawal request and he told me that he stopped trading for me and i won't get any money back until i put in more $15000.He said he will send my money in 3-5 working days.until then he is not responding my emails and whatsup messages.if my money is not trading what is still doing with CMSTRADER.its a scam and i want out i have told him several times i want out and he is not responding

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Frank Julien,
Ottawa, Canada,
Apr 23, 2018,

Two weeks ago I came across Cmstrader from All i read about them was scam and people complaining about them. Michael Taylor gave me a call saying he was one of the signals analyst for the company. Yes i was also worried about the reviews i read here, but Michael assured me that not all what I read here was as it sounded. He bever guaranteed me profits, all what he promised was to send me signals and if i wasn't satisfied, I was free to take back my money. To add to this, he also made me understand that traders from Australia and Canada can only make a deposit through wire transfers as the Banks in our countries do not support online trading. At least he was honest about this.
I decided to give Michael a chance as i thought afterall I have lost thousands with regulated brokers, even here in Canada, why not risk a small amount to see what the future holds. I did send the wire transfer of $500 USD to Cmstrader for opening an account. I was glad I did, because the least amount of signals I got from Michael Taylor and cmstrader was 3 signals daily and with success rate of over 80% as he told me over the phone. I am not trading with them yet, but at least Michael proved to me that the reviews i read were not true. I will advise traders to give CMSTRADER a chance. With my WhatsApp chats with Michael Taylor I can say he is a good person.
Oslo, Norway,
Apr 17, 2018,
Registered user

CMSTrader are Scammers

I received call based on facebook adds on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which I clicked in curiosity.One sales guy called me name mohammmad and introduced to me to Joseph Davis mobile +447440903321 as account manager for CMSTrader and he made me to start with $250 and showed me profit for next few days like $200 profit.Later I topped up to $1000 which he made it to $1600.
Than whe throws up ponzy scheme which I could not guess at that moment in greed and Bitcoin market liquidity I slipped.He said for every $10000 investment I can get $2000 every month from 3 month.I fall into trap and invested $12k and never got money back.
I also broke trust of my friends and get them also trapped 5 of my friends to become introductory broker which is nothing like that in this SCAM company and you get nothing ever.
Any help legally is appreciated , we contacted all these guys but no response:
Joseph Davis <>,
Compliance CMSTrader <>,,
Alex shepherd <>,,,,,,

They run from UK virtual office and have virtual UK numbers they are sitting in some unknown country and cities to trap innocent people and no financial authorities blocking them.
VISA must take action against them and not allow them as merchant I hope they soon block them also godaddy must block its website operation.
Bhavesh ,
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 5, 2018,

CMS trader - fraud

Prepare to lose all your money if you are using CMS trader.

I am UK based trader who started trading with CMStrader as a fresh trader who don't have experience and worse part is that person from Investing website rang me to suggest their name when i was searching for reliable broker. CMS trader initially introduce myself as FCA approved UK broker. (1st lie which i found out after 6 months)
In 4-5 months, i have invested 25K. Again, i was given trade who are on losing side and been advice to add more so that trade can sustain and CMS trader added credit on each top up i perform. saying that i have told them not to give me credit because i read that once company give you bonus they will tie you with them and will not allow withdrawal. Stephan Hill (my account manager said that it is credit not bonus so you will not have this issue). Sadly, i trusted his word and not get this in written email.

Things were going ok up until, i have substantial amount of profit in account and want to take some money out and guess what i found their true colour. They said that i can't withdraw any money because i have been given credit and money i have made is due to credit money which was given. After reminding them about what Stephan said initially, they agree that i can withdraw money after 6 month if i will perform 10 trade a month. i did that for 6 months. After time period, i have again asked to withdraw and i got same story of credit and now they are saying that all of the money is companies and will not allow to withdraw money. Current profit in account is 105K.

After above incident, i have used Google and here are finding,
CMS trader is not FCA approved and got few flags in UK.
CMS trader are register as safe trading ltd in UK (as per thier website- Privacy Statement|privacy|protect Client’s)
I have searched them in companies house SAFE SIDE CONSULTING LTD - Filing history (free information from Companies House)
As per above they are dormant (inactive) company from 2016 till now, however, they have been showing on their website that they are doing trade of millions every day. so this is potential fraud with UK government.

I have lost 25K and lot of time with them. I will take legal action with them but I thought this will help other people.

Please beware with them and use only approved broken not fraud broker.
Please share it everywhere so that this will benefit everyone.

Aug 10, 2017 - 4 Stars very good company, good education before any advice on opening position, make money if you make money
Mar 28, 2018,
Registered user

My trainer would always give me FOMO all the time and always ask me for money

When CMS trader contacted me, they told me that if I deposited $2000 they would trade for me and I would have the money back within 2 weeks. They gave me a trainer who then asked me to add $10,000 to my account. I told him I didn't have that amount. His name is Alex Cooper. I would also trade for myself. In November when bitcoin was around $19k he encouraged me to trade more than one bitcoincoin to make more money. He always talks to you as if you are about to miss out a once in a lifetime opportunity. Afterwards bitcoin sunk. He then advised me to borrow money from friends or from a bank. He was proposing that I borrow $20,000 and he said that he was 110% bitcoin was going to jump up and if I don't get this money soon I will be missing out on a very big opportunity to make $100,000. I obviously did not listen to that, I ended up just avoiding communication because he was very pushy and really demanding of money all the time. It turns out that bitcoin fell down even further so I would have lost more money if I had listened. I am yet to withdraw my money and I do not have any hope that it will be easy. I was not impressed with his requests and actions. They were very unproffessional. I suspect that they give a client a demo account and maybe use their trades in personal trades as I cannot understand why someone would encourage you to lose money so quick and easy.
United Arab Emirates,
Mar 21, 2018,
Registered user

CMS Trader is a SCAM. Do not trust them by all means

Matt Thompson (Commodities and Currencies advisor) did call me (on September 8, 2017) after signing up for He did convince me to create an account and deposit money, what I did. I did deposit $500 and then $1000. Once I reached $1,500, I've been contacted by Joseph Davis (Commodities and Currencies advisor) on September 14, 2017. He has been the one dealing with me up to now.
He convinced to top up my account based on the results, what I did gradually once I was getting positive results from the trading. My last deposit was on December 10, 2017 making it a total of $ 34,500.
Joseph Davis did trade on my behalf and my account did reach $63,000.
Since last February, I'm facing financial difficulties and wanted therefore to withdraw $20,000 from account. I sent "Withdrawal Request" to Compliance ( in order to do so on February 11th and 14th. I did not hear from them for a while and I asked Joseph Davis what is going on? Why I wouldn't receive a DOD (Declaration of Deposit) from Compliance Dept.? I sent emails to, celena Ryan ( and still nothing. I finally got a DOD from Alex Shepherd on February 21st, I wrote $20,000, signed it and returned it back to him the same day.
Afterwards, no more sign from Compliance Dept. and no money was transfer to my credit card.
South Africa,
Mar 13, 2018,
Registered user

hi!I have been SCAMMED by CMSTRADER.

I gave my numbers to,and got a call from “Joseph” from CMSTRADER.After long persuasion to invest and they will trade my fof monthsk I have investedsouth around $150000.Now when I want to withdraw just $20k,they stopped responding.I have tried all means of communication nothing.PLEASE PLEASE HELP.II just want my capital.
UK, United Kingdom,
Mar 6, 2018,
Registered user

CMS and absolue SCAMMER

They show profit at the beginning and once you deposit more they grab it all away making bad trades on your behalf.
I urge you not to join CMS they are an absolute SCAM. DO NOT fall for their friendly and convincing conversation. I lost 2000 pounds not to mention an extra 100 pounds international currency exchanges.
I wish I came across this website before I made the deposit. They are not regulated so do not fall in their trap.
Please do your research before you make your deposit. I was naive and they robbed me completely.
Melbourne, Australia,
Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

First time I read about CMS Trader was just SCAM- SCAM and SCAM.

But in reality that's not true, I joined up by my account manager Michael Taylor where he explained me about Forex, I taught me where I could Listen and Learn. Michael and Stephen HILL 2 people I came across they are lovely people working hard for all of us to make money, I f I don't listen or learn being a beginner I can join the band wagon of Losers and call these guys SCAM which is little disrespectful.

If that's the case then universities are SCAM because how many people are unemployed after getting graduate.

So My idea is Give it a go keep Patience you will succeed with CMS TRaders.
Singapore, Singapore,
Feb 11, 2018,
Registered user

Scammed by CMS Trader

On 29th June 2016, when CMS Trader opened many big unauthorized trades with no stop loss level and eventually wiped out my account. The way that these trades were being carried out was nothing less than fraudulent and intentional underhanded method to generate losses.

On 29th June 2016, CMS Trader kept executing fraudulent unauthorized trades one after another one until the account is wiped out, when I saw these fraudulent unauthorized trades on my mobile phone application I immediately closed it in order to limit the losses. But CMS Trader abused their power and kept on executing additional unauthorized trades, a total of 23 fraudulent trades were executed by CMS Trader on that day till the account is wiped out.

The most obvious was the trade shown in the subsequent figure. The trade on Sell 90,000 units of XAGUSD (Silver), position size of more than US$1.5 million where the opening and closing of the trade in the same second (Opened and Closed on 29/06/2016 14:57:23), on this trade, the loss is US$108,000 and finally wiped out the account.

My account was totally wiped off by CMS Trader within 2 hours on 29 June 2016.

Dec 25, 2017 - 1 Star CMS Trader is a scam broker.
• CMS Trader is a scam broker, under the warning list of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) website,
• CMS Trader is not regulated, but they claimed they are regulated.
• CMS was using faked address, etc. In fact, almost everything in CMS Trader are faked, they faked their identity, name, etc.
• Executed untheorized trades without my consent or approval
• CMS Trader performed fraudulent trades that totally wiped out my account on a single day on 29 June 2016, within 2 hours.
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Feb 10, 2018,
Registered user

Please help me get my money back

Please people help me get refunded i really need my money back from cmstrader. I tried calling them the whole weekdays but they not responding to any of my call
Dec 29, 2017,

CMS a scam trader, dont invest looking in initial profits. You will never get to enjoy them.

CMS Trader is a perfect scam company, I have started slowly and increased my funds, as I found the trading fun. Stephan Hill from CMS was misguiding and lost all my money at the end of the day. They opened one trade and made a loss of more than 35000€ in less than one day.
He made me deposit more and more money saying that the rest of the trades can survive with those funds. After looking back in time I see the whole thing as a trap.
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

I started searching a broker with fixed spreads and no overnight fees and google guided me to CMS. After opening a demo I got a call from Matthew Parker and had a very good long talk to him. He was asking what I'm searching for and how long I trade. After that he sent some signal examples via email and 2 of 3 were todally right. I joined a few days later with a very small equity of 500€. After that my account manager (Chris Miller) contacted me and told me to get a training in technicals and fundamentals. We had one phonecall a day and also an uncomplicated contact through the day with WhattsApp. He offered some possibilities and we opened a few positions. This guy is a real pro and all positions hit takeprofit over night. The account growed for a week until I made a big mistake by my own and opened two positions with a different instrument. These two went against me and I lost my profits again. For me this was an eyeopener to do more practice and switch back to demomode. After I told Chris why I want to get my money back he didn't complain and after a short explanation he understood very well and withdrawed my 500€ back. I mean, he spent so much time for me and helped me alot and I was running away. He was also some kind of "psychologist" for me when I was freaking about my money and was always very kind. Talkings to him were like a cure for me as a beginner and the results we had together spoke for themself. Soon I will be back with real money after practicing in demo a few months and then I want Chris miller to be my account manager again.
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

South Africa,
Dec 11, 2017,
Registered user

CMStrader is a SCAM!!!!

I received a call from cmstrader after i registered with investopedia. i got a great marketing deal from Phil Zeman selling me how great cmstrader is and what kind of service i would receive. fast forwdard a few days later of hard selling and countless calls and i decided to trade with them. however as soon as i made that $500 deposit everything changed. i stopped receiving calls or any communication, i could not get a hold of them or any replies to my email, their live chat rarely has anyone online to assist you. i tried making a withdrawal but havent received any feedback as to what is happening. i have sent emails stating i would like to close my account and get my money but still no response. this cmstrader is a scam and everyone should stay away from them.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 2, 2017,
Registered user

Am very happy with this signal service and will recommend it to more friends and relations that are trading the financial market

I got a call from Michael Taylor introducing himself as a trading analyst with CMSTRADER.COM. I have traded in the financial market for a while with little profits from my broker. Michael Advised me to start up with the minimum account of $500 for signals, education, advice and analysis. As I did not have enough money to begin, I asked if he could give me some signals pending when I will have $500 to begin with. And yes Michael did. The signals were almost 84% successful as he told me. The one thing I regret is that I didn't have the money to join but gathering enough money to Join CMSTRADER. From all the signals he sent me so far I have seen a high positive results. Thanks Michael for providing me with this opportunity.
Shajna Rashid,
England, United Kingdom,
Nov 1, 2017,


CMS Traders approached me to open an account with them for free forex trade signals. To convince me David Krone, the advisor, offered me free bitcoin like currency as a start up bonus and sent number of screenshots of past signals claiming the 85% accuracy. He sounded very genuine but very pushy to deposit money quickly to take advantage of risk free trading - first three trades on house sort of thing. When I requested bit more detail about the company the lies started unfolding. The finance lady told me the names (yes NAMES) of the registered company under which CMS has traded. it turns out the company dissolves itself after every 2 years or so, these are the names I was told they have been known by; Safe Side Consulting, Pandorx, Safe Side Trading. Each time the company either remains dormant for the duration or has string of directors resigning/appointing before company gets dissolved. The finance lady even tried convincing me the reason for the change of name with Companies House is because they have to renew their trading licence every 2 years, bit like your driving licence!
What a joke, that is not how companies registration works at all.
More worryingly, FCA which is the organisation that overlooks the financial organisations in UK has listed them as a scam company:

portsmouth, United Kingdom,
Sep 21, 2017,
Registered user

I fully recommend this company to any new trader

I would like to thank Mr.Alex Cooper for his professional advice, Mr.Cooper has proven to myself that he is an expert in the trading industry...

Fully recommended

Aug 1, 2017 - 5 Stars It is Excellent service.
I have never got a better service than CMS TADER since I started trading , SIMPLY they are a great......
My account manger Mr. Alex Cooper helped my a lot to make a profit , he is contacting me every single day, advising and explaining what is going in the market which help me to take the right decisions. Many thank for every one is working in CMS TRADE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 17, 2017,
Registered user


once i got a call from MR. Michael Taylor , one of the signals analyst for cmstrader. He explained the kind of services they provide in terms of signals . I opened a small account of $2000 and got daily signals from Michael. He told me about the success rate of their signals of which i decided to try out . He kept to his promise and sent me daily trading signals , and it helped me a lot in my trading . Anytime i had problems and questions , i would ask him on WhatsApp, which he would readily reply to. I have worked with some companies but i must say that Michael Taylor is a very nice person who cares about his clients and keeping an eye on them . On the other side my account manager Stephan Hill was such a great account manager who kept teaching me about each and every type of the market moves even took care of my other account which was opened here locally without account manager and helped me a lot to get out of some bad positions i put my self in when i was trading without an account manager . I would really recommend CMSTRADER for new traders who want to learn and start making profits out of their money .
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 7, 2017,
Registered user

Trading Experience with CMS Trader

I have been dealt with different broker for almost two years and unfortunately I lost plenty of money, then decided to stay away from the trading market. One day Michael Taylor contacted me and convinced me to open trading account with his company CMS Trader and he promised to take care of me by sending a regular signals and keep an eye to my account, . By using his signals I returned back my capital within a week because of his signals accuracy (84.2% ). Having said that and from my experience I advise every beginner to open a trading account with Michael Taylor and his team. In addition the withdrawal approval and processing is not taking more than 5 days which is very fast comparing with other brokers company.
United Kingdom,
Jul 27, 2017,
Registered user

Im just new to this Trading,but luckily enough I've found my self under the wing of Alex Cooper,he's a very patient man,and has explained everything to me in great detail as we've gone along,and each session I've learnt a wee bit more,and I look forward to the day when I've got his insight into the ways of the market,and can Trade successfully on my own.I would thoroughly recommend CMSTraders,because of the service and integrity of what they offer,I've even been able to withdraw some of my Profits,which a lot of my friends seem to have trouble with their Brokers..I'll be sticking with CMS.
Jul 21, 2017,

At least they behave like spam company. At the beginning they demonstrate you that you can win and you started trust them. But later they give wrong advices and at the end you are the loser. Don't know why people doesn't inform police about it as what they do is criminal. Actually this I going to do and will see if police can help to close them for ever.
Jul 17, 2017,
Registered user is a scam company
They got my telephone number from some investing web page. I have been called by mother figure Linda Ferguson, older lady, softly spoken, sound to be very honest, she promised old class service and NOT to demand more money than my first deposit. She did call me for about 3weeks few times a day. After I did open account with them $400 Chris Miller call me we open position and I did win all the time call( few times a day) his message always like this: how much more money you can make, if you deposit more money. I did first $5000 and than up to $10000 I have got some wrong advice my account went to $1000 Chris MIller all time demand more money, he did so by stick and carrot method. He ask me where I live, check my house location by Google Maps, suck lots information about myself and my family what I am doing for living and so on. He show me screen shoots of account of Benjamin Broun, which seems to be manger or something at CMS, Balance of that account is about 2 mln dollars. Everything to show how they are good and honest. Every freshman like my self is lost in forex, when my account went wrong way he MIller, stop replay on my email, like what to do hedge or close position and so on. Account from 10000 went down to 1000 than he (Miller) called me and deposit another $10000 at least and I will help to recover your losses. They bad, mercy less, hart less people they lie, they said one thing and doing another
Jul 5, 2017,
Registered user

As you can find in a lot of threads, they are a scam broker.
Took my money, saying a lot of good things and then in the end when I really needed the money due to personal issues they went silent.
I have called them and emailed them, was told I would get the money back but still nothing.
It's been over 2 weeks now, were withdraw should take 3-5 days, and I'm slowly losing hope.
Chargeback is my only hope at this point!
United Kingdom,
Jun 27, 2017,
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A Regulated & Unique Broker

First, before I go on about the benefits and why CMS Trader is a great choice let's get the conspiracy of Forex Brokers being scams out the way. If you are on this site looking for reviews and come across scam reviews don't pay it any mind.

Forex is a legitimate source of income for many individuals in the world and it is a very profitable one as well. Though, a lot of new traders see it as an easy get rich quick scheme which it is not. When you decide to invest money into a Broker it is your job as the retail trader to educate yourself. Learn trading strategies, learn trading psychology, learn about timezone, currency pairs and etc. If you are not going at of your way to become knowledgeable and truly aware of what the Forex market can offer or perhaps take away then you shouldn't of even bothered.

Forex trading and trading in general is science that is logical and takes time/ commitment to become adept at. Regardless of the broker you choose you will always have the same results if you aren't willing to devote yourself.

Now with that out the way; CMS Trader in my opinion deserves 5 stars. For one they are a *REGULATED* broker. It is very important when you decide to invest into a broker that they are regulated by an external entity such as CySEC (mainly CySEC). This is because, there is a possible that you can be scammed by an unregulated broker; I know what I'm saying now reads oppisite to the disclamer above however everything above is referring to regulated brokers, if the broker is unregulated then you are risking your money. Though that is not the case with CMS Trader, despite being marked as risky or unregulated according to the FCA, CMS Trader is actually under going regulation procedures by making a contract with CySEC which means for all intents and purposes CMS Trader is a regulated broker.

Usually, when you find a regulated broker that is all you really need however CMS Trader does go the extra mile. From my experience, I had entered CMS trader at the base of $500 which means that I simply was given the minimum perks. Though, I found when I was in need my personal broker had helped me through a situation where I needed to withdraw funds quickly and because I explained my situation she decided to rush a withdraw for me. Which in CMS trader is not an offered perk unless you invest over $5000 I believe.

This shows that they are a flexible broker willing to cater to the needs of the individual rather then treating their traders as one big mass. Which means, beginners to Forex who need help will probably receive different benefits to perhaps a veteran trader. Apart from that however, there is also the Sirix Station; which is the trading platform. I like how simple Sirix Station is however I do not believe it was intended for those who like to use deep technical analysis as they do not support add-ons such as Meta Trader platforms.

Overall, a great broker and would especially advise that you join this broker if you are a beginner to Forex.
Jun 22, 2017,
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I found CMS TRADERS very professional, helpful, honest and reliable. They have helped me achieve results beyond my initial expectations. They listen and respond quickly. Their trading system is excellent and the people are good.

Compared, to the not so good experience I had with some notable forex brokers, CMS TRADERS stand out as the best.
They provide useful insights and information from time to time and this guide me to make good trading decisions which result in profit.

With some other popular/notable brokers, you are just like a number and no one to attend to issues promptly. At CMS, you get attention , which helps a lot.

CMS Traders makes you feel like you are in a strategic partnership for mutual benefits and this count a lot towards success. It doesnt feeel good to just be a number in any organisation. It si my opinion that CMS TRADERS are committed to the success of their customers/clients!!

I will recommend them without any reservations so far.
I wish they will keep up the good work.
I have no doubt that with their excellent service, they are growing fast

On the whole, they are truly professionals

Auckland, New Zealand,
Jun 22, 2017,
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Professional Brokers

CMS trader team has the best professional approach towards relationship handling. I have been trading with them for few month now. My account manager / Senior Broker Nadia Nicholas has a very professional approach and skills to train and guide a new trader, very exceptional and very good. I will highly recommend CMS trader as a trading partner. I have made good progress with my account and have learnt good trading skills. I have heard horror stories with traders and most of them is on the withdrawal issue. I have tried a small withdrawal with CMS and i did get my money in the bank account
bahrain, Bahrain,
Jun 20, 2017,
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I have dealt with many FX brokers in the past but have experienced that CMS trader team has the best professional approach towards relationship handling. I have been trading with them for 2 years now and my account manager's approach has not changed towards me. They are always there when needed and gives utmost priority to the client. I will highly recommend CMS trader as a trading partner.
Jun 20, 2017,
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Review by Morten Lund the 20. of June 2017, trading by CMS

For few month, ago my knowledges with trading and the financial marked were very limit.
I start to trade by myself and it cost more than 3.000 EUR in minus and it’s many money for me.
I had totally given up trading and was upset how I could loss so many money in a short period.
One day this change. Nadia Nicolas from CMS recovery team call me and now things start to change not only regards create profit. I have converted the minus close to a zero in a very little time and now it’s time for profit☺. Important the co-operation with Nadia have added value to many other things in live like:
• Positive attitude.
• Listen and learn from your mistake
• Have an overall focus in regards to money management
• Thinking outside the box
In regards to trading Nadia have very fast teach me about Money management, Emotions – control them and Investment= money + information. Technical instruments, fundamental, economic calendar etc. By using relative few tools like RSI, Bollinger Bands and economic calendar I can trade by me self with confidence in that I am doing good and with success.
Most important for success is my high personal relations, trust with Nadia from CMS. She is always there. if you are trading by yourself you always feel that CMS is supporting all the time.
Again, Nadia is an outstanding person which will the best for her traders. With this added value supporting both knowledges about the marked and trading plus important believe in yourself then potential is big by working together with CMS.
If you cover a few rules like money management, Risk, not be greedy and less is better than nothing then there is a big change success as a professional trader
Nadia have taught me to listen, can be difficult for a very out-trade person as I am☺.
Nadia is so dedicated in all what she does and I am very grateful that she will use some time on me which is a total beginner in trading at I can only highly recommend CMS as a partner in this segment.
Last I am looking forwards to a long co-operation with Nadia from CMS and hopefully with a bigger profit that I only can dream about.
Thanks, Nadia that you call me and change my view on trading. It was never happened without you. More appreciated than you can imagine☺
What changed: Believe I can make it – make it happened

Kindly regards
Morten Lund
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user



I open an account with cms trader account number=514762 on 26-09-16 and i deposited 500 USD and in between i make trades and when i saw the bad reviews at FPA about CMSTRADER I decide to withdrawal i make a withdrawal request on 26/10/2016
I try many times to contact them but the always told me we will transfer you query to finance after 1 week the balance is deducted from my account of 470 USD but after 1 week i did not get the balance in my card i contact bank they told me that they did not send the fund yet in my card i again contact them but they always told me that we send the fund but i did not receive the fund this is and now cmstrader they hang-up my call when i told him my name or account ID 514762 I request you to FPA to contact them about this case
Singapore, Singapore,
Aug 23, 2016,
Registered user is a scam broker

If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

I should have been wiser, not to believe in that 20% monthly return on investment that Cameel Swan (may not be his real name) the so-called account manager at CMS Trader who had convinced me to part with my hard-earned money, my life-saving, the money meant to send my kids to university, to invest in their bogus forex trading company (website In the end, with 3 unauthorised trades, within 45 minutes from opening and closing unauthorised transactions in my account, he had wiped out my principle as well profits worth US$ 300,000 made during the 60 days trading with CMS Trader.

My friend, who introduced me to this company also suffered the same fate. He lost all his investment as well as profits earned from 6 months trading with them.

I first started with US$25,000 in mid April-2016 as advised by Cameel Swan. Trading was profitable initially and 1 week later he started to promote scheme like VIP Group and valuable signals each day to gain high profit and winning percentage (about 18% each month) as well strategy to maintain and grow our fund. I made few more deposits around end of April and early May-2016, making total investment of more than US$100K.

Trading with the additional funds was successful and further profits were made to almost US$ 200K, my total account balance at end of Jun 2016 was at more than US$ 300K.

But trouble started when I initiated withdrawal 1st week and 2nd week of Jun-2016. I supposed a US$ 10K withdrawal was justified since my account balance was more than enough to cover the amount I wanted to withdraw. But I met with many reluctance (excuses like he was looking into it, he was busy and had many clients to deal with before coming back to me, the type of withdrawal that can be made using debit card) before he informed that my debit card is being processed. The card never reached me anyway.

I grew suspicious of Cameel Swan’s delaying tactics and strictly instructed him via WhatsApp messages as well as email that no further trades to be carried in my account until my withdrawal is resolved / processed.

On 29 Jun 2016, Cameel Swan sent me a WhatsApp message that he had good signal and he wanted to take it. Despite my instruction not to trade, he still opened 2 huge trades which I subsequently closed with a loss of US$ 176K. I then messaged him that “I WILL NOT TRADE ANYMORE” , and he replied in text “I WILL NOT OPEN POSITIONS”.

Immediately after the phone call, a huge trade of 107,000 ounce for XAGUSD (silver) was being short for me. This caused my account margin level % dropped to below 20% and triggered a margin call. Within 15 minutes from opened and closed account, I suffered a loss of US$ 132K, leaving remaining balance of US$ 13K in my account inclusive of some open trades. In short, within 45 minutes, they had successfully almost wiped out all my money.

Afterward, my attempts to contact Cameel Swan had been in vain. He did not answer phone calls or messages. I sent email to Benjamin Broun the senior manager, so-called head of VIP departments and other departments such as compliance, finance, marketing, sales, to inform them of the fraudulent trades and demanded investigation and compensation to be made to my account. On 30 Jun 2016, Benjamin Broun emailed to inform me that the last trade that wiped out my account is being investigated and Cameel Swan was suspended from work.

It’s has been one week and I have not received any concrete evidence that investigation is indeed being carried out. Instead, in his email, Benjamin Broun tried to point finger at me, indirectly implied that it was me who agreed to open the last 3 trades. I take it that this is just another delaying tactic in their attempt to swallow my money.

At this moment of time, it appears plainly that CMS TRADER IS A SCAM.

On its website, CMS Trader advertised itself as the “experts” in forex trading company. The services they claimed to provide include investment advisory, portfolio management, credit facilities, banking services. In deed, CMS Trader is not licensed to carry out activities that its website offers. This scam company kept changing its names and addresses to escape attention and perhaps ran away from all the frauds it left behind.

It was registered as “C M S VENTURES LIMITED” which was dissolved on 28 May 2013. It also took on the name of “CMS VENTURES LIMITED”, “PANDORX VENTURES LTD later on. To further ligitimate and shield its unregulated forex trading activities ans conned others to invest money in its trading, CMSTrader associated itself with IDT Financial Services Ltd (a regulated financial institution that issued CMS Tradercard). A card that is as good as nothing because if CMS Trader do not release your fund to your account, you will never be able to get any cent out of that Mastercard.

I urge all those that had deposited money into CMS Trader forex trading to be fully alert of its fraudulent activities. Test your broker by starting to request for withdrawal, stop putting any additional money into their account.

This is my most costly and painful lesson. I have put my trust in the hand of evils. Learn from my lesson and do not repeat my mistakes.


Derrick Ng,
, Singapore,
Jun 30, 2016,

I have started this thread to warn others about this fraudulent broker, and to seek assistance in recovering my money.

CMS Trader claims to be a investment advisory company that helps its clients to manage account and to help them trade on the Sirix platform. In the beginning I have invested an amount of US$5,000. I started putting in more money as they were producing good results, and Cameel Swan my accounts manager had placed much pressure on them to put in more money.

I have invested in total of US$90,000. Now I have nothing.

Trouble started when I send in withdrawal requests. They would delay making withdrawal, not heeding withdrawal requests and sending in less than what I requested. Also, they had open bad trades and I have lost my profits.

As I had enough of them, I sent them an email stating that I wanted to close my account and take out all my money. I instructed them to cease all trading on my account. They promised payment but they came up with many excuses to delay withdrawal.

On 29/06/2016, they opened more losing positions to wipeout my account. One of those trade was for silver, worth about US$1 million. This trade was opened on 29/06/2016 at 2:57:23PM and was closed immediately on 2:57:23PM. This resulted in a huge loss of US$108 thousand which wiped out my account and put me into negative

I called Cameel Swan,and they blamed me for doing more social trades. I told them I did not do social trades anymore, I had uncopied every trader, I just wanted the rest of my money back. When I checked my account, somehow my account were copying more traders. From the trade logs I saw that there were some bad trades which were copied from other traders. But most of my losses came from trades which were not copied, which was the US$1 million silver trade.

Currently I am unable to contact Cameel at all. But I emailed Benjamin Broun who was Cameel's boss, Benjamin said that they are currently investigating the matter. But it is plainly obvious that this company is a scam. I will advise everyone to not put in money into CMS Trader.

Right now I just want to get back all my money and I regret being involved with this company.
Martins Kaufmanis,
Hannover, Germany,
Oct 24, 2015,

I opened an account and deposited 2500 euro. 3 weeks ago I decided to withdraw the money. I took Cameel Swaan (1 of the scammers) 2 weeks to approve the withdrawal. Now it's extra 1 week after the "release of the funds" to my account but no money.
Avoid these scammers at all costs.
In the files uploaded you can see the BS from the scammers part promising me to pay back the money. On the other document you can see a screenshot of my bank account reflecting how I deposited 2500 euros but never got back my money after promising to get it back.