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Updated: Feb 23, 2016
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London, United Kingdom,
Feb 23, 2016,

Update... shortly after the previous review was written and before being published on FPA Forexvideo got back to us with answers to our questions and mitigation for the initial response. I now believe this was a timing issue rather than indicative of their service as a whole.
Regarding the course content yes it is a previous DVD set spread over 12 months but there are additional videos included each month too. I am told videos will continue to be added after this initial 12 months also.
The original DVD set has had some very favourable reviews so actually $47 monthly fee over 12 months is much less than paying for the original DVD set up-front which I believe was/is well over $1000.
Please do not let my original posting put you off as I now believe this was likely a one off instance during a hectic launch.

2016-02-19 1 Star This is a new startup by Ken Calhoun. Seems to be a rehash of a previous dvd set but spread out over some months. Because of this and although the blurb says you can cancel at any time you need to stay locked in continuously for the 12 months else the training will be incomplete. There is no facility to jump back in and pickup again. So why this doesn't get advertised properly as a 12 month programme I don't know. Had some dealing with the creator to ask a few questions (in fact only two support tickets!) and was told not to bother him with any more question - either signup or don't. Interestingly the questions that were asked asked now appear on his FAQ. When a guy is so abrupt and discourteous at his own launch one has to wonder what use his content will be in nurturing a nunie trader! Seems to be a tie-in with Forexmentor also but that surprises me because they are usually very curtious, helpful and customer focused.

Rebuttal: Added by Ken C. on 2016-02-23
Hi - we always work hard to provide top-notch support; this came as a bit of a surprise, as I answered this person's pre-sale questions with 6 different thoughtful, honest & professional responses (the first two I responded within 10 minutes, for a fast response).

PROOF (100% of my actual support ticket answers to her):


Lorrapip, I certainly did not mean to offend you with my timely, thoughtful answers....but apparently I did, so please accept my apology for the tone of my answers. I'll let the community look at my Actual answers, as you can see they were:

a) very fast & conscientious to reply to you
b) specific, detailed and professional.

I answer all my own support tickets, thousands over the 16 years I've been in business as an award-winning industry leader, and am always focused on providing timely, honest, accurate support as I did this time. I even updated my site's FAQ page with answers for you on the same day, in addition to replying personally via support ticket to you 6 times.

Anyways, we've gotten dozens of positive actual trader comments posted on the site, it was months in development and our customers value our work. I hope this provides a balanced, Full response -- look at the Actual complete support tickets to see what I actually wrote.


I suppose I could've worded things more softly and gently; it was not my intent to seem abrupt; I'm a one-man company with several thousand customers; I'd thought the 6 replies I made fully explained everything. Thanks!

To success,