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Philip Newton

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What is AntiVestor?

AnitVestor is a trading training company founded by Phil Newton that provides courses and mentoring on stocks trading.

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4.459 · 16 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Steve Theobald,
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,
Nov 3, 2007,

Looks good, but the live trading room is $250 per month. Just the website access is now about $60 per month.
Hany Danial,
toronto, Canada,
Apr 21, 2013,

i had a little situation with Phil, since i live in Toronto, I contacted him and asked if the room will be any benefit to me....he said most likely NO....but he said that he will do a quick recap when the room starts the US session...i paid $280 for 3 month (i have to say that it's a good price) however i'm not in the room for the full day (london & US) session.....i joined the room for a week and didn't see the recap after london session, so i felt that i will not have any benefit being in the room so i contacted Phil asking for a refund for SOME money back....the answer was no. and he accused me that i was play to me i stopped accessing the room and I considered the money me if he was not just about money he should be honest and refund me some of my money careful with any deals you make with him.
Oct 12, 2009,

London, United Kingdom,
Dec 6, 2011,

I was in the trading room during August and September 2011 and have mixed views on the room, I traded a live account once fully mastering the set ups:
+ Phil is dedicated to the site and operates a well run live trading room. He explains the strategy and has a lot of background info on his site to help you get to grips with it.
- Unfortunately for me a mechanical strategy just wasn't a fit. The specific rules went against my training personality such as ignoring RED news events (except 3), ignoring round numbers and several other basics that I had learnt.

- Following the strategy to the letter, I got stopped out more times than I can remember with stop outs hitting you at full position size and the runners scaled out. So although your pip count may be good you need to look at your bank to decide whether it's profitable.

For me it wasn't profitable and so I left the room.

It wasn't a major outlay for the couple of months, so wasn't the end of the world and a useful experience of a live trading room, but just not a style of trading that suited or worked for me.
Nov 2, 2009,

I am going to base my review not on the amount of money Phil must "rake" in (see comment below) as the amount is not my business. I will rate it on quality. The videos are excellent as well as the text that accompany them. Phil responds to emails in a timely manner.

The live traderoom was not for me. Different part of the world so I never got the full benefit. Phil was absent a few times but to be fair, he states that, in advance, that it may happen due to health reasons.

The setups are not ground breaking but for some reason, Phil explains things in a way that you'd be hard pressed not to understand it. However, he has just released a new strategy, could care less about the name, that is performing quite decently when he stick to the plan.

Good site. Great info. The price tag is dependant on what you feel if too much/little. I had no problem renewing
Brigitta Schwulst,
Aug 15, 2011,

I have been trading wit Phil Newton for two months now. His training room, strategy and videos are, in my honest opinion, are the best strategy that I have come across in both approach to entries into the market as well as money and trade management.

He is generous with his time and his experience and expertise in forex. Any trader, whether new to trading or an old hand, should take something valuable away from Phil's daily sessions.

His commitment to his students is admirable and his discipline in taking his trades is something all traders should aspire to.

I would highly recommend his trading room for anyone who is genuinly interested in learning to be a better, if not great, trader.
Dec 10, 2007,

I have just competed a month in Phil Newton’s forex trading room and thought id give some non biased feedback on the service.

Phil is very attentive to the groups needs and takes time to explain the rationale behind his trading decisions and gives extra help those who are struggling to understand the concepts or require questions or clarification on any issues. The other members in the room are a good bunch and will also help you out if you have any questions.

To supplement the live room they also have videos and slideshows to help bring you up to speed quickly with the trading setups that the group look for on a day to day basis. Within a week I totally understood the setups and began to actively search for trades myself.

The main two forex setups are extremely simple and revolve around breakouts from the Asian overnight session as well as fib retracements. More importantly, there is a rigid money management approach that over time that I believe will make you money. Phil also trades the YM in the afternoon although I usually only stuck around until midday when most of the forex action was over.

Personally I have not continued the service because my bread and butter focus is on US futures with a different strategy and I started looking at forex as an additional revenue stream. However I found trading forex in the morning before the US opened was taking up more time than I wanted to invest so I have knocked it on the head. Trade to live not live to trade is my motto. Im not a morning person and the sessions start around 6.30am so you need to be motivated to be there and not miss the action that is mostly in the early morning.

The room is certainly worth investigating if you are seriously considering trading forex on a fulltime or part time basis. At about £60 for the first month, even if you don’t continue as a subscriber, its worth paying out as you will learn some good tactics that you can use to implement in your trading.

Happy Trading,

p.s. May seem strange that ive given the service 5 stars but have dicontinued subscription after the first month. Basically i believe the service is of a good quality and the strategy is a viable pip winner if you are willing to put the effort in.

However everyone is individual and you need to trade a system that fits your personal goals. I dont want to invest the extra time and effort required to succeed in this secondary revenue stream so the fact that i could be making more money in the room doesnt really come into play. Time is just as precious.
Marzena Farthing,
Herts, UK,
Nov 12, 2007,

I'm new to live trading and have spent several months reading and attending various seminars/courses on trading different markets. After the initial disillusionment with so called fool-proof systems, mainly bought on internet(financial markets, golfing and horse-betting), claiming to be 90% accurate (whatever made me believe it? wishful thinking I know it now as I've lost over £1000!)I was recommended by Clickevents (excellent course which I attended was run by Alan Rich about trading shares)to try out for free Phil Newton's Live Forex Room. I can only spread-bet so Forex Market and Phil's expertise delivered live are ideal for that!!! Not only can I follow his thinking, and he's very good at doing it aloud, as the price set-ups occur and trades can be entered into, but also view numerous, educational videos, explaining in details his strategies which he implements daily in front of all Room members. The icing on the cake for me is the personalised service that I get ie I can post my questions which are then answered by Phil privately or by other members in the Room. I've been subscribing for 3 months now and can see many of the same names every months, not just the new adepts. Some people amaze me with their knowledge of trading, yet they still log on often daily and contribute to the Room, some work p/time like me and/or just watch and learn or paper trade. Phil's strategies are SIMPLE to understand and implement and I can see how effective they are in producing consistent profits but limiting losses with tight stops. The system requires a highly disciplined approach to trading - only if certain criteria are met. I'm looking no further for now and sticking with Phil! Recommend you do the same!
West Yorkshire,
Nov 13, 2007,

I've been a member of Phil's website for a couple of years and a member of the live trading room since it started in August and for the first time in my short(ish) career, i'm starting to see some consistant and positive results.

I would highly recommend Phil's services to anyone - if you want to make it in this business, you might as well learn off one of the best and cut that steep learning curve down a bit.

Aug 6, 2008,

UPDATE: Was a member from the start. Stayed with Phil for 9 months. In that time I became consistently profitable. I left as I felt ready to go it alone. I still trade his setups and find them profitable. Worth the money and time. recommend him!

2007-09-22 5 Stars Phils the man! I'm a member of his trading room and the guy has a very mechanical approach to trading that anyone can learn. His calls are live and he consistently makes a profit. His strategies are simple to understand and generate 100-150 pips most days. He also trades Dow futures using scalping strategies. Can't recommend the guy enough. Good website too, but you get everything you need to know in the trading room anyway. The room runs from 6am GMT and finishes about 4pm.
Marcos (SFS Member),
Apr 25, 2007,

So far I have just tried the 3 weeks trial and I can say there is excellent trading information to learn about it. The most I like is the huge library of trading videos showing the information. This is a website where you can learn and improve your trading knowledge and skills. The monthly fee is reasonable in my opinion (aprox. 50 US$) according to the valuable information contained in the website. As a member of the Secret Forex Society I recommend this website.
Paul W,
Jul 31, 2008,

I have been in Phil's trading room for about 9 months now and highly recommend it.
Phil is one of the most honest and open traders I've come across. I've learnt more from his approach to trading than I care to admit. His money management rules and entry/exit rules are cast in stone. It's been hugely useful for me to see an expert rigidly stick to their rules even through draw downs and come out the other side smiling, where I would have previously been looking to modify my rules.
You just have to look at his monthly pip totals to see that his approach works and it's all done live and fully explained in his trading room.
Great service, highly recommended.
David Davis,
Walmer, Kent, England,
Sep 17, 2011,

I've been a member of Phil's website and his live trading room for about 3 months now. I like to think of myself as an experienced trader, having made a decent living trading full-time for 5 of the last 8 years. I've known about Phil for quite a long time and decided that, when I switched to trading forex this year, he could be a good mentor.

As far as I'm concerned that was a great decision. My expectation of how many pips I can earn in a month has increased considerably.

No fireworks, just good solid trading methods, rules, trade discipline and money management.

Quite simply, it works. Having confidence in the method is great because even trading through bad periods, you don't get that emotional kick when you lose pips, because the confidence is there that you will make them up. And you do.

Phil's website has most of the material needed to trade his strategy. The odd minor detail may be missing or not quite up to date. Personally I don't care about that - if you don't take advantage of the live trading room you are missing out massively. Both in terms of education and the benefit of Phil's instincts, produced from his years of trading, when so far I've seen him predict big moves and be right about 9 times out of 10.

I went the traditional route many go through when learning to trade initially. Lots of different methods, paying gurus to teach me how to do it, buying books and courses. It took me 18 months before I made a good living. I honestly believe if I'd found Phil then, I would have been doing that within 3 months.

Any new trader lucky enough to stumble across him has my envy.

Mar 10, 2009,


Phil is one of really a class teacher, got a great patience to make newbie understand the basics. There is no spoon feeding, individual has to realise and learn it which will stand in mind as a strong foundation. Phil does help a lot and give personal attention to individuals and suggest the best possible way to approach. I was in his live trading room for two months, i was very happy and started trading live account parallely and wanted to try myself to apply what i learned from phil. Iam quite happy and would recommend for my friends. I'm doing very well now.
Dec 7, 2007,

Phil Newton (Newtron Bomb) is a dedicated full time FX & futures trader and educator. Although his primary trading and teaching focus is the forex market, his live room offerings include dazzling afternoon scalping sessions on the DOW when conditions merit.
As a trader, in my opinion Phil is a virtuoso performer! Whether scalping, day or swing trading Phil shows consummate skill day after day - comparable with any practitioner at the top of their profession. His six main trading strategies – applicable to charts across the board, whether short, medium or long term - Forex, Stock Market or Commodities - are carefully thought through and presented with the utmost clarity. These are reflected in his comprehensive training and educational website intended for traders wishing to learn how to develop their own FX trading skills. To find out what’s on offer go to Phil’s recently revamped site – and click on Membership Benefits. I can assure readers that what you see is not only what you get, but there is also much, much more. However, you need to experience Phil in action – live – fully to appreciate his holistic approach to trading and teaching.
The core and inspirational powerhouse of Phil’s work is his daily LIVE TRADING ROOM. As you enter the room (preferably around 6.00 am!) you truly become an active member of a forex education and trading community, each one able to learn at his/her own speed and level of experience. The days begin with reviews of the major currency pairs, short-listing the ones with highest probability trading opportunities. You can choose whether to participate in the general discussion or communicate with Phil privately.
As a teacher, Phil guides by example; at the same time he gives us the ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’ and ‘When’ in trading. He has a rare ability to convey his thinking and feeling in speech - a kind of stream of consciousness - thereby helping us to understand the processes within trading. This is invaluable! He is methodical and consistent. He maintains a constant overview with respect to past support and resistance levels while dealing with the immediate trading situation. We learn through reasoning as well as repetition. Phil encourages us to think for ourselves, to become self reliant, and to learn from our mistakes in a supportive atmosphere, where necessary rebuilding confidence. Of late, with the agreement of room members Phil gives homework exercises for the weekend, relevant to the past week’s trading. This certainly concentrates the mind and consolidates the learning!
As a person, Phil is patient and kind. He is generous, has a sense of humour and is unremittingly passionate about his own personal development and that of others through trading. Other characteristics that impress are his openness, honesty and the transparency of his trading activity. (All his results are available and members are witnesses to their veracity.)
If you are in the fortunate position of being able to explore the Trading Strategies website, and have the necessary time and circumstance to sample Phil Newton’s Live Trading Room I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Your trading skills will be immeasurably enhanced. Moreover you will discover that in addition to being a great trader and excellent teacher, Phil is also a really nice guy!
HJS UK November 2007