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TDMarkets is a forex broker. TD Markets offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. offers over 50 forex currency pairs, binary option, stock, gold, silver, oil and bitcoin for your personal investment and trading options.
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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.001
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2016
Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, VC 0100, Saint Vincent And Grenadines
Contact:, 081-514-5025
Regional offices:
Regulators: SVGFSA #23129 IBC
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (50+)
Cryptocurrencies: (1) Bitcoin
CFD: (80+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, eHKonnect, PayFast
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, eHKonnect, PayFast

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3.285 · 16 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

johannesburg, South Africa,
Dec 19, 2018,

close your trades when in loss

no stop loss but they close your trade if your loss is close to half your account .. so they halved my balance and then halved is again .. here is the history :-) .. oh and the transactions first disappeared completely before coming back with this .. 29793328 2018.12.19 07:42:30 sell 0.40 eurusd.dma 1.13814 0.00000 1.13722 2018.12.19 09:36:02 1.14018 -0.10 0.00 0.00 -8.16
so: 48.6%/22.1/45.5
Sabah, Malaysia,
Aug 1, 2018,

I found this broker from a no deposit bonuses promotion. The bonus only applied for new clients. So i signed up.
1st step, answer 10 question. Funny question. 5 them ask about their company, how i like them, how would i rate them, who is second best after tdmarkets, SERIOUSLY, i'm a NEW CLIENTS. i'm yet to even login to your site, how do i rate you guys???????????? random guess????
3rd steps, open smart account. Upload documents.
VERIFICATION DENIED - Both ID and address document denied for not having certified and must be in english. My national ID was issues by my country using LOCAL language. How do i get them to issue English version for me? IT'S A PHOTO.. you expect me to take photo of it, print it ut, get it signed and stamped, rescan and send? Dont you have any tools check if a photo is edited or something?
Address verification denied which is acceptable due to electronic documents. And these document also rejected by instaforex and skrill.
As i read through their "about us" which throwing bunch of fancy words like 1 cent per pips on DMA account NEVER DONE BEFORE, groundbreaking innovation, and QUOTE "we are the first and only to do so with 24hr phone support and live chat. If you think brokers claiming this are telling the truth I suggest you give them a call at night or early in the morning and see for yourself." ETC..

1 cent per pips - being done by roboforex, justforex, are not the first one. quit fooling around.

Groundbreaking innovation - your verification system is even primitive.

24 hours support - i've been trying to contact your live support for several hours now but it says "LEAVE US A FUCKING MESSAGES".

Conclusion, this an uprising broker who has no experience forex brokerage but talk bigger than dukascopy or other established well known brokers. Reading through all the loses claim here in FPA makes me think as if they are just about to begin and desperate for profits gaining.
United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2018,
Registered user

Tried signing up for a demo binary account to have a look as their platform is not web based. After signing up, no e-mails to complete the process and get your password (you don't put one in when you sign-up). Tried "forgot password" option from login screen and no e-mail to reset password. Gave their chat a try (was not easy to find) and no response to any questions.

Download for the trading platform (binary or their "lite" version) doesn't work. Tried on both UK and US iTunes store (Mac version).

Don't waste your time.
South Africa,
Apr 25, 2017,
Registered user

Recommended broker

I started using TDM 2016 and i am more than satisfied, with improved funding methods and withdrawal time.

Krugersdorp, South Africa,
Apr 18, 2017,
Registered user

TDMarkets bringing Financial CHANGE

Indeed a TOPDOG broker in Africa...
I basically was introduced to FX Trading through TDMarkets and this has really changed my life.
1. The introduction was clear and straight to the point, no one was promised millions and we were well aware that not everyone can be a successful trader (it all goes to effort one puts in)...

2. There is an opportunity to register with GFI (the FX institution for beginners)

3. The service from is outstanding:
- You get a free live account readily funded with 10$ to begin trading with.
- Online support chat (very helpful)
- Competitions to boost your trading capital (Just got a lil something for Easter holidays, thanks TDMarkets)
- Life time mentor if you go through GFI

4. Good spreads, broker does not trade against you:
- People who lose trades and blame TDMarkets are either people who do not know what they are really doing
- Or people who have a certain belief about Forex and things just not going according to their belief…Just do the right thing and positive results will follow, period...

5. Lots of employment opportunities for South Africans, thanks for implementing change TDM

I am pleased with TDMarkets as my broker because I feel home and my trades and account speaks for itself. My financial background and knowledge of the FX Market has changed...

By far the best broker...
Nairobi, Kenya,
Apr 18, 2017,
Registered user

I have been in this market pretty long to say that TDMarkets are the best brokers to have come across. For beginners look no further this guys have really gone the extra mile for all their clients through their no deposit bonus. Second they have the lowest spreads you will ever come across in your entire trading life not forgetting the negative balance protection on your account. The deposits are as fast as the blinks of an eye and instead of writing an entire story go open an account from them you will be my witness in my trading story.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Apr 18, 2017,
Registered user

TD Markets the best in the game

The best in the game. You get a funded account if you open a smart account, this means no need to worry about start up. Since I have join them I am printing money people. You know I have peace of now.

If you wanna choose a broker that will help achieve your financial goal, then join TDMarkets and start experiencing nice problems

Have a peace of mind. Join TDMarkets!!!
Nicole de Beer,
Durbanville, South Africa,
Feb 21, 2017,

TDM is a broker which is exploiting weak regulation in South Africa.

Their unsupported claims include:

1. Being regulated in the UK(False), only governing body is in Jamaica and we all know they don't count.
2. TD markets was assigned by, Catherine Joy Frey, or more importantly a certain Mr vd Riet. No records exist in London, Dubai, Germany or New York as they claim.
3. Instant withdrawals, this is not always the case. Comments detailing this are often delete and the user or person ridiculed by a person with poor grammer.

Once a company is defensive and attacks skeptics there usually is a reason for it.
They very often have company members leave positive reviews or have "competitions" where positive reviews qualify you for funds.

Helping South Africans understand trading. R10000 for membership with GFI and they suggest you open an account with Top Dog Markets.
Inspiring the youth to make more of life which all cannot be faulted.


It will be interesting to see what the FSB does to intervene in FX trading particularly in RSA as there are many organisations such as this exploiting the loopholes and lack of knowledge in the market
Reply by Topdog submitted Mar 6, 2017:
Hi Nicole.
It seems the purpose of review sites has eluded you. It works like this. You try out a product, service, etc. and then you give your feedback based on your experience with said product or service to help others, who have not yet tried it, to decide if it is for them or not.

Review sites are not there so that you can use them to say bad things that are not true about your competitors whilst hiding behind a fake identity.

Slander is when you say bad things which are not true and libel is when you actually write those lies down. Libel is a lot easier to prosecute and carries heavier fines.

Which one of the two would you be guilty of if you wrote a review filled with lies about a company in an attempt to bad mouth them and then that company comes out with evidence to substantiate that you are lying?

An example of this evidence would be if we Google "companies house webcheck", select the first website:, enter TDMarkets in the search box and hit enter.

It shows that TDMarkets is in fact a registered company in London. You stated more than once that this is a lie. You supplied no evidence to back up your statement.

You didn't think this one through very well did you? You also didn't think that with one phone call I could find out how many people by the name Nicole de Beer live in Durbanville (zero, by the way), and you didn't think that I could check if someone by that name had ever held an account with TDMarkets (that's right, zero, again).

You want to judge other people's use of grammar when you can't even spell the word grammar. Quite literally. No really, I mean it. Check your post, you wrote "poor grammer" and that isn't even the only mistake you made in that sentence.

Underestimating the intelligence of traders was a mistake, but your biggest mistake was thinking that you could safely hide behind a fake profile and lie without any consequences. Just Pathetic. #JP #Justsaying #marketmakersmustfall #Iseeyou ;-)
Benoni, South Africa,
Feb 13, 2017,
Registered user

TDM is the BEST

TDMarkets is the best trading broker, they offer excellent advice, and have online live interactive chats consultants that help you with everything you need assistants with.
South Africa,
Feb 9, 2017,

TD MARKETS is the best broker in Africa

TD Markets is one if not the best broker in South Africa Gave been using them for 2 years now and haven't had any problems. I highly recommend them to anybody
South Africa,
Feb 3, 2017,
Registered user

No transparency and threats

Stay off TD Markets, it's a well marketed scam that promises unsuspecting traders wealth by advertising results of successful traders to lure new customers.

Signals - went from pillar to post till I gave up it seems they only available to people who went for GFI training.

Bonus - my no deposit and deposit bonus disappeared immediately after I withdrew funds due to challenges with signals.

Withdrawal - took more than 30 days and they promised 3 - 5 days for South Africans

I complained on their FB account and my comments were promptly deleted. I raised this and was insulted and threatened by the convict owner George van Der Riet I have the screen grabs of our conversations as evidence. On that conversation too he admitted that they delete negative feedback.

They have no transparency and delete evidence of bad service by deleting reviews or they themselves writing positive ones to counter the negative review.

Vaal , South Africa,
Jan 11, 2017,
Registered user

withdrawing problems

Support joke when coming to withdrawals. Only one person can help with withdrawals. If they see that they cannot find a salutation they end the chat and never ever chat with you again. Yes They do have offices in South Africa and the customer service that is poor is a South African one. My funds have being rejected for withdrawal due to that I cannot withdraw a Christmas bonus and after I only withdrawn profits they take long to approve funds and told me that to approve funds they need to check if I am regulated with SARB. which broker does that I have traded with and what they telling me everytime I chat with them is a story I won't recommend this broker if they cannot release the funds I just withdrawn what more if you want to withdraw a large sum of funds cause the funds I am withdrawing are small
Harare, Zimbabwe,
Oct 17, 2016,
Registered user

Great job TDM, just correct negative balance please and correct my account also.

l opened my smart account on TDMarkets and they deposited $10 free in my account which is great, the account ran to negative balance and they corrected it which is also great because l funded my account with only $10 and the amount has never added to that negative as l was initially think.
However, l ran to negative balance again and this time no correction was made so far despite my efforts to contact the company to correct it. The account should have the tight negative balance protection as you stated on the website. That is why you didnt take all 5 stars.
Besides the above issues, l would like to put huge fund on my account because TDMarkets do great job. I do recommend them. Quick customer care, few steps and easy steps to open account, easy to fund and so on are all good facts about TDM.
Oct 5, 2016,


TDMARKETS introduces you into the world of trading.

Their platform is designed for you to loose. getting out of a trade when you are on a positive is such a mission but get out while you are on a negative is easy.

Sandile Shezi should be ashamed of himself as he is the magnet for inviting poor black people who are trying to improve their lives into their racket.

George does not teach any of his students strutergy.

this broker should be closed i regret paying the R10 000 with these conman
Beginner trader,
Durban, South Africa,
Sep 12, 2016,

Waste of money... Not regulated... market makers.. stop loss hunters

Scam... I paid R10 000 to do trading course at GFI... all went well... got a demo account and in two months doubled a demo account from $10 000 and was still not ready to do a real account then I opened another demo account with a deposit of $3000 in three weeks got that to $40 000.... I opened a real account with TDMarkets and deposited $200 I placed safe... so safe I only traded at 0.30.... my stop loses were slowly hunted... I lost the $200 within three days... I'm confident enough to know that I did the courses well n I studied everything... even if I'm not a good or the best trader but I'm not th a bad to lose trades like this... don't ok suggest don't open an account here... they not even regulated as they say they are... I believe TDMarkets is a market maker... I'm still Keen to trade and well I'm searching for a broker among the top ten on reviews... I think I'll go for a different broker.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Aug 13, 2016,
Registered user

Very good but slow deposits from SA. Helped me with webinar to learn to make money is the best broker that I have used but they also have their flaws. I have been trading for 2 years and I have never been able to hang on to my profits. I have used just about every well known broker and even a few small lesser known ones but when a friend told me about market makers and how they hunt stops I decided to do more research. I found that TDMarkets is getting liquidity from and I also found that there are not really brokers with small deposit option that give you interbank liquidity. I gave them a try and I have been steadily building up my account. I would recommend them but must warn that their accounts are in europe for safety but this means that for me in South Africa it took 3 days before my deposit showed up. Good parts are small spread (0.6/0.8 eur/usd) and very good support department that is even open in the night (24hr) They give the best education and are sponsoring some top traders who help out with education. I will give them 5 stars but because deposits from south Africa takes 3 days I had to penalize them. To be fair they do have instant deposits too, but my bank Capitec doesn't allow international transactions so I had to do a wire transfer.
Reply by Topdog submitted Mar 8, 2017:
Thank you for the kind words Andrew. I just thought to let you know that we took your constructive negative criticism and did something about it. We now have more payment options and some reflect same day so no need to wait 3 days anymore.

I hope this adds that 5th star in your mind because we are always striving to deliver 5 stars on all aspects.

Harlem, South Africa,
Jul 26, 2016,

Its a broker owned by a South African forex trader not yet recognised by many trading institutions. TDMarkets are market makers and they slowly hunt stop losses especially on small accounts. They are a scam with good marketing and use lavish achievements to elude people.