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Updated: Sep 17, 2019
2.669 · 45 REVIEWS
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2.669 · 45 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Rizal, Philippines,
Sep 15, 2019,
Registered user

Good Enough

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Withdrawal is not instantly received through bank cards, but it works fine for me. Maybe others would like a more instant way to withdraw then in that case, they can use e-wallets cause its faster. The platform of olymptrade both in the website and app is okay enough to let you do analysis without making your brain hurt so much with so many indicators. You only need a few indicators that work, and that will be enough to trade. Just keep on formulating your strategy.
Aiman Chiev,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,
Sep 13, 2019,

Professional attitude, nice support and educational programs

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I’ve started trading about a year ago. Olymp Trade is my second broker. I stuck to this company because it satisfies most of my expectations about what a good broker should be like.
I’m retired. Trading is my hobby. I started learning about it a few years ago, when my wife again got very upset about me losing a significant amount of money in a casino. To tell the truth I was upset too, cause that time the loss exceeded my normal weekend budget. So this is when I promised her I will stop attending casinos, cause obviously we simply can’t afford it.
First I thought that online trading could be a way to trick her and keep gambling. I bet my first broker fully supported this idea, because after each my loss they were phoning me and encouraging to fund the account again and “just give it another try”. Then I started learning more about the ways brokers can manipulate charts and trick their customers. Someone on the internet suggested to change the broker. I’ve read some reviews and based on this research opened an account at Olymp Trade.
I quickly learned the options idea and also learned how to use the platform. Did I loose any money? Yes, first I was gambling again. My first $20 and $50 deposits went in vain. I was really frustrated and wrote to their customer support accusing them of every sin in the world (if you are reading this, guys, I’m sorry!). This is when I learned they have an educational Youtube channel and a special group in Facebook. This is how my journey from gambling to professional attitude to trading started.
After learning about different trading systems, the role the discipline plays, etc things started changing for better. I’m not a millionaire yet. I can’t even really call trading a source of additional income yet (my anothjer deposit of $200 keeps making swings high and law in a corridor) but I’m really grateful Olymp has shown me the other way to look at online trading. This is a huge plus in my opinion. They don’t try to encourage old gamblers like me to waste more and more money, but are really trying to educate customers and make them be more responsible about what they do when in the market.
Al Hasany,
Singapore, Singapore,
Sep 8, 2019,

A convenient side job

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

As for me, Olymp trade is a nice way to get some additional earnings without leaving home. I was a little bit skeptic about internet trading, but a free demo account pushed me to try this. Although I am not very proficient in PC, it was not hard to deal with the website's interface. In addition, their guidance helped me to figure out some strategies, so I started feeling more confident. :) As I understood, the main thing is to trade assets with maximum profitability. Then the income will be okay. In fact, if the profitability drops to 50% or lower, then the broker like says, ""dude, you don't need to trade now, the volatility is too high."" In any case, there are always enough assets with a payouts of 80% or higher.
Teng Mathew,
Jurong West New Town, Singapore,
Sep 5, 2019,

A pleasant place for trading

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I was working with several brokers but eventually stopped on Olymp Trade. I am trading with this broker for one week. I can’t say anything bad about it: the platform is convenient, and there is no scum with charts. However, I think I have seen once that a deal did not open immediately. I think it took a few milliseconds to open. Or my internet connection lag, because it was only one time/ I also want to note the unique trading terminal and the quick reaction of technical support. I want to thank them for helping me with my money withdrawal.
Mookergi Varma,
Greater Noida, India,
Sep 3, 2019,

Favorable company for trading

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I heard a lot of reviews about Olymp Trade, but from my personal experience, no jokes have yet arisen. I work with this company for two years already. The first acquaintance with this project did not bring positive since I decided to earn 500 dollars in a fast way. I made my 50 dollars deposit and lost everything. But that was only my fault. For the first couple of months, I was wiping out everything. But over time, I received individual training and established trade.
I continuously use the analytics of the company. In most cases, it helps me ^_^ In general, their blog is useful. It can be seen that the company does not skimp money for their writers, so the content is always good and up to date. I even planned to apply to become their writer :D What is more, the withdrawal process works fast, so everything always comes without delay.
I did not find anything complicated in this platform. The main thing is to choose the right trading strategy. I started trading with currency pairs, which, in principle, is recommended to all newbies. I earned about 600$ in my first successful three months. It was pretty good for the beginning. But still, I do not consider olymp trade as a stable source of income. This is just a place where I can sit in a relaxed atmosphere and earn some extra money to, for example, refuel a car.
To conclude, I just want to recommend you to find your own strategy and constantly improve it. Also, learn to adjust to the market. The company provides all other aspects.
Arnav Bhatija,
Puducherry, India,
Aug 27, 2019,

You can trade both option and forex

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I switched to Olymp Trade a few years ago, when I decide to leave the Forex market. It didn’t work out for me there, I thought, that maybe it will go better with options, many people told me, that this market is simpler. Basically, this is how it turned out to be, with options I close months in black more often, and even sometimes I withdraw the profit. I’m happy with Olymp Trade conditions, although I’m trading on the regular account, When I will spin it off to VIP, it will be even more profitable to trade.
Recently I noticed that there appaired an opportunity to switch to the Forex market. Moreover, the Forex-platform is different from Metatrader, this is more like the platform for options but adopted to Forex. Personally, I like it, I’ve already started to adopt my options trading strategy to Forex. Maybe, shortly I will be fully trading on both markets at the same time since each of them has its own advantages.
Cotabato City, Philippines,
Aug 22, 2019,

A simple and effective platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

It’s the simplest platform for trading, which I saw and tried to trade on!  However, simple doesn’t mean ineffective – my results are even better than it used to be before on Meta Trader. You just need to adjust the system to a certain moment, which is different on Olymp Trade. For example, multiplier. But anyway it doesn’t change anything globally – it’s convenient and profitable to trade on Olymp Trade.
Samar Mangeshkar,
New Delhi, India,
Aug 19, 2019,

The best choice for trading the options

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I’m trading on two markets at the same time – forex and option markets. And in my opinion, Olymp Trade is an absolute leader on the options market at the moment, that is why I chose this company. It has many advantages, I will not name all of them, I just say, that according to all the parameters the platform is either better than competitors or simply one of the best. And in combination, it is the most optimal option for the trading and that’s it.
Haiphong City, Viet Nam,
Aug 19, 2019,
Registered user

The good and bad about Olymptrade from my experience

I have been trading with Olymptrade for a while now and below is my opinions :
Good things :
- Bonus money for first time investors.
- Quick money withdraw (small account ).
- Plenty of pairs to trade.
- Offer weekend trading with crypto pairs.
- Good looking and easy to use platform on the website and mobile apps.

Bad things : one very IMPORTANT thing you should know that Option Broker makes money from losing trader money. Therefore they want you to lose, Olymptrade has several ways to do this :
- Constantly change the payout rate. This can makes your limit order not be filled because at the time the price reach the level you set, the payout rate is too low. And also limit your change to enter a good trade when it arrives.
- Limit payout or temporarily close the pair that you often win for 10 minutes or sometime half an hour, or even hours.
- The real problem comes when you win lots of money (1000$ or more) and withdraw money. It can take a week or a month as Olymptrade says that they need to verify your account, problem with bank ....
hundreds of excuses will be given to you. Why do they do that ? Because they want to make you angry, and make you to change to another broker. So they will reduce one winner trader which is what they want.
They just want losing trader only.

So you may want to think very carefully when start trading options since as far as i know, all the option broker will cheat you somehow one or another way to make you lose or angry ....
Singapore, Singapore,
Aug 14, 2019,

The best platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Olymp Trade for me is the best platform. I’m trading here for several years already and I didn’t have any problems even once. I didn’t have slippages; I didn’t have any issues with the withdrawals. Everything is working precisely and it's pumping like a piston. Maybe I’m just a lucky person, but my dad also never had any problems with this platform, and he is in his 60’s. So, if you need precise deals’ execution and the quality service in principle, then Olymp Trade is a perfect choice.