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Updated: Nov 17, 2018
5 · 34 REVIEWS
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5 · 34 REVIEWS
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Istanbul, Turkey,
Nov 14, 2018,
Registered user

Elite Currensea is excellent and helps learn a lot in forex trading.

I have been a subscriber of Elite Currensea since April 2018. I am very glad about all the services, webinars and educational materials they provide. I appreciate all the great work they do.
I have learnt a lot from Elite Currensea about technical analysis, Elliott Wave Principles, Fibonacci retracements, different strategies in price action etc. I follow all the videos and webinars they provide. I am also a subscriber for ECS.LIVE service. It helps me a lot, in ECS.LIVE service they provide daily analysis charts, trade setups with clear entry points, predetermined stop loss and take profit levels. This service is very helpful in opening trade positions. Elite Currensea team also shares bi-weekly reports about trading results taken in ECS.LIVE channel. The result is excellent: nearly 1000 pips profit per month in average, more than 11000 pips per year by taking nearly only 1% of risk.

Chris Svorcik shares free videos about EURUSD and GBPUSD 3 times a week. He provides his analysis based on wave analysis and his proprietary SWAT (Simple Wave Analysis and Trading) methodology. It helps me understand the price movements in pre-fact. Furthermore, Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula shares all his experience via weekly Recap webinars and he shares trading setups weekly. I see that nearly all of his weekly trading ideas brings positive results every week. Nenad also provides PATS (Price Action Trading School) webinars freely, he teaches the fine details of forex trading and price action. Then, these videos are uploaded to youtube EliteCurrensea channel. It helps understand and learn forex trading and price action methodology from scratch. It helps me learn price action trading, risk management and having a good trading psychology. The most critical thing I learnt from Nenad is that to be successful in forex trading is proper risk management and not exceeding 3% risk in every trade. I have also learnt from Nenad that being patient, going step by step forward by not taking too much risk and growing capital slowly are very important and it is the holy grail in forex trading. Furthermore, I am also a subscriber for his “full CAMMACD” system which is I think the best system about price action trading.

I suggest all the forex traders to have a look to Elite Currensea services and be a member for their service.

Best Regards,
M Umer junaid,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan,
Nov 13, 2018,

Extremely Useful trade Analyst

An extremely useful and expert trade advisor which gives recommendations in different formats.Mostly these recommendations are accurate and profitable.Best thing about EliteCurrenSea is that they also teach trading rules and principles which are very beneficial for beginners.By using these simple methods my profits have climbed by more than triple in last two months by grace of ALLAH.
United Arab Emirates,
Nov 12, 2018,
Registered user

+Positive results from his trade recommendations, with transparency on how they performed.

This review is of the FREE weekly webinar provided by Nenad on youtube . In these trades Nenad analyzes the charts of few major pairs and BTC/USD . He also provides buy and sell zones for those pairs. He has been doing this for more than 2 years from what i could find ( old videos are on admiral markets youtube page). He is quite transparent with the results. But there is an issue with the buy and sell points he mentions as quite often the prices only go near the points he mentions, sometimes the price does a full reversal after being a few pips hitting the tp, so you could end up with a considerable loss. So if the Trade moves into profit, always protect it. Use your own judgment to figure if you want to get out on profit or not. I am going to update this review by following his recommendations here. I think his webinars are pretty informative, since the number of people who use the chat are quite few you can almost be certain that he will respond to your query.
Perth, Australia,
Nov 12, 2018,

Lot to learn from this team. Very knowledgeable, transparent and genuine

I'm new to trading and found their SWAT course to be very helpful. Lot to learn from this team. Very knowledgeable, transparent and genuine (myfxbook verified real trading account) . Offer so much free material and regular updates on the blog and youtube which are priceless.

They conduct 4 live webinars per week and regularly update subscribers via telegram channel.
emma hawkes,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 26, 2018,
Registered user

I recommend this system

I have started trading the minimum, as I wanted to see how this performed for myself. Within two weeks, I was 20% up, so will continue a paid subscription after the free trial. I have dabbled with forex trading for years, and this is the best I have ever seen.
As an aside, whenever I have had a query, the guys have replied in a timely and courteous manner, which is something that can't always be said.
KARACHI, Pakistan,
Sep 4, 2018,
Registered user


At elitecurrensea along with Chris and superb team doing excellent research work conducting live webinars which are not only very informative but also a guidelines for traders to plan their trades.

i am sure that with proper money management we can blindly follow trades given. which T... highly discourage, and wants traders to do their due diligence and to spot if trades are valid before jumping in.

Chris with His latest SWAT update doing great. Only in last 2-3 weeks trades have been so precise which cannot be expressed in words

i wish Nenad and Chris all the best with their respective trading system namely ecs.SWAT and CAMMACD



Jul 14, 2018 - 5 Stars Whole Elite Currensea team is devoted to their work, Nenad and Chris are two great educationist I have ever come across.
Their ambition to teach how catch a fish rather than to feed a fish.
They are true trainers and their developed system are worth every penny

Joy Dupute,
Aug 4, 2018,
Registered user

They are the best

They are the best. They are real traders who understand that money management in trading is the holy grail. They simply are transparent an very professional.
Jun 30, 2018,

Great setups to follow, important knowledge to get

ESC guys are professionals, professional trainers and they work hard for their subscribers and their company’s future.
One must be fool or a maniac to make losses by following their trade setups.

I trade for several years but after six month of working with them, I have a seriously more clear picture of what is happening.
Goran Novakovic,
Uzice, Serbia and Montenegro,
Jun 21, 2018,

ESC team are fantastic, one of the best experts in Forex markets. Great guys who really trying to help everyone who want to learn and earn on Forex. They have an excellent live webinars, video tutorials, course, daily video analysis, live market trading signals and setups with entry/exit points. They developed their personal forex trading systems with huge percents of profits. Also on their website they have a lot of free indicators, tools and books of how to use them. My best recomendation.
Pasindu Rashmika,
Tangalle, Sri Lanka,
Jun 20, 2018,

Elitecurrensea is the greatest forex educational websites i ever seen..

Elitecurrensea is the greatest forex educational websites i ever seen.. I earn many pips.. I personally use ECS SWAT system.. .... SWAT is the greatest method to trade to me... They provide great support to newbies in fx ... absolutely recommended this service for all fx traders who want many green pips..

Aug 31, 2017 - 5 Stars Sir nenad and sir chris are one of the best forex educator thats for sure. Just by attending in their free webinars gives you more knowledge than other paid webinar or education so what more their systems. They also answer your questions even if you did not purchase any of their materials. They really want to help us succeed in forex not selling something just to earn. Very very helpful and very very good in forex trading. Their free analysis can already help you earn