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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.063 · 26 REVIEWS
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DecisionBarTrading.com (Les Schwartz)

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3.063 · 26 REVIEWS
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David G,
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 24, 2013,

I have had Decision Bar for about three years now and it took me a long time to become profitable. Not because Decision Bar didn't work but because I did not have the fundumentals in place to ensure it was going to work. I think most trading systems out there probably are successful so if it is not working for you then maybe the problem lies within.
After years of persistance and determination and mastering my emotions I am trading eminis profitably. Yes I could have / should have rang the support line for help and advice but I was determined to make it work for me. It just took a lot of practise and blew a few $. and had to do lots of back testing before it came good but I am happy with Decision Bar.
Bill H,
Georgia, USA,
Feb 9, 2013,

I have been trading currencies for over 7 years now and needed to find something based on price action and not lagging indicators to compensate for the changes in the market over the past several years. This program provides the trader with what I would consider alerts that something is about to happen and affords the trader the opportunity to make a DECISION based on the facts provided as to whether or not a trade is warranted. It comes with a 100+ page guide and outstanding live support. Definitely not for someone who cannot make decisions based on data provided or wants a program to trade for them. I make a living trading Forex and can smell a scam a mile away. This is not a scam but it is not for idiots.
New Jersey, USA,
Jul 16, 2012,

I gotta tell ya - and I'll likely say this 100 more times: Subscribing to DBT was one of the cleanest, purest and smartest things I've done in many years.
I've been trading. First it was Forex: scalping. That for me was just inching along. That was about 18 months. Then I found this "loco" fellow who convinced me to get into Crude. I scalped that. Again inching along. Then came DecisionBar Trading and took everything I'd learned and made it better. Frankly, I became annoyed and impatient because DB made me a good, confident FOREX scalper, and inching along better ain't what its all about.

Well, back to the DBT Manual. If ya want the dime, ya gotta do the time. So I study, then I practice. and I study, then I practice... and I study, and I'm seeing things I missed the first few times around. Aha! Ya get out of it what ya put into it - says my grandma, who says she's been "trading" her entire 98 years.

One thing is for sure - they ain't getting back this EA.

2012-06-26 5Star Forgive my gushing a bit - I still can't believe it.

I read the complimentary manual (twice) while waiting the 3-4 days for my package to arrive.

So, right out of the box I entered a crude futures trade. Boom (sorry :) - target hit: 30 pips.

Too soon to get excited, right? Same afternoon. I put the user manual on one monitor and a 2-min., Chart on another. "Bleep".

Had no idea what that alert meant. Then a Short Exhaustion appeared. Let's go to the manual. Pg. 30: "an Exhaustion Bar following a Breakout is a selling opp.,"

Hey! Its right there on the Chart. I enter Short. Boom! Target hit - 40 pips.

3 out of 3 winners that first afternoon, and I hadn't done a thing but read the manual.

What!!!! Let me get to know what I'm doing.......

So I spent the week in my Virtual World with Decision Bar: And Oil Futures. And the US Dollar Index. And Forex. And the 30yr US T-Bond.

Now I'm thinking "Y'know, I'm a dummy, but I got this thing." I'm hitting my winning targets, and the only time I miss badly is when I experiment outside of the User Manual.

Man, I made a damn good decision. I dumped the others on my short list and went with Decision Bar Trading. Finally! Finally I now have a shot at letting out the bad-a** Trader I know I have locked up in me!!

The Team at DecisionBar truly seems to know how to make this program sizzle. Thanks Les, Barry
James K,
, USA,
Jun 14, 2012,

Dear Potential Decision bar trader:

My name is Jim and I have been trading for almost 10 years. I have spent more money on trading programs then I have ever made trading.
That is until I invested in Decision Bar. What I like most about Decision Bar is the sheer value you get in the name alone. "Decision Bar" is exactly what it is. The program puts you into a position to "Make a Decision". It is real and the people that support it are real.
Of all the programs that I have tried, Decision Bar is the only one I will ever need. Once you learn how to set it up to your particular trading and style you will finally be in a position to walk away with profit instead of wallowing in your losses. The support people will work hard to get you set up. You cannot go wrong by using it in your trading career. Give it a try and you will see what I mean. Happy Trading! - Jim
denis cassell,
, Australia,
Mar 4, 2012,

Recently purchased Decision Bar Trading. As I'm not good installing these programmes, Barry Zeilin was kind enough to do it for me. At ALL times he was both courteous 7 patient. I appreciated his help immensely!
Denis Cassell
Chicago, USA,
Feb 7, 2012,

After reading the reviews posted here I was quite reluctant about taking advantage of the offer that DecisionBar has made recently ($99 2mo/ $297 yr or Lifetime $497). Since I was going to pay via credit card I decided that I’d give it a try and contest the charges if I had any trouble with DecisionBar.

Well, that was over the Christmas Holiday.

I’m here to report that I was shocked to find that the program worked as described and that Les’ staff was responsive, knowledgeable and encouraging. Their FREE 1on1 Training was quick and got me up and running with a degree of confidence in a matter of minutes. Even going to their support desk on the weekend proved productive.

DecisionBar gets a Thumbs up from me (for whatever it is worth). In fact, I just upgraded from a bi-monthly subscription to a LIFETIME License for $497.

Sometimes you simply can’t believe all the negative things you hear… seeing IS believing.
Verne Carpenter,
Denver, CO, USA,
Feb 7, 2012,

DB is the best I've seen, ever!!! Barry is the best Tec man around & gets things done pronto!! Very nice and very helpful in every thing he does.
Hery Barata,
Oct 11, 2010,

From the past 6 months I subscribed their software + MCFX. The performance was below expectation, it's not like the advertisement.
Too many wrong signal. The last month I decided to unsubsribe, they still billed the remains 28 days. It's not a fair game. I would not recommend anybody to join with them.
Jason Lowder,
Austin, Texas,
Dec 3, 2009,

I've had TrendLine Trader for a couple days now. I'm primarily interested in 1 minute forex charts and was looking for another software to confirm the signals I receive from my Cyrox rainbow signals. The primary signals from Trendline match the change of direction from my primary charts almost dead on. Even from longer term charts the direction indicators show really well. Clearly not every signal is going to be a winner, that should be obvious. But I would certainly recommend this software for anyone looking for decent entry signals. I haven't even bothered with the cash out signals or other features of the software yet. I wish I could post pictures. I'd provide clear examples of how accurate it is...
Nov 24, 2009,

I used the software over a year and when I cancelled due to having heart surgery, he wouldn't give me a partial refund for the month even when I told him my cancellation was temporary... It's ok, I just used it to help confirm trades. I wouldn't subscribe again, it's overpriced, and anyone that treats a customer like that is an a****le. I also referred several people most of which didn't subscribe after the trial.