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Updated: Nov 7, 2018
2.377 · 23 REVIEWS
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2.377 · 23 REVIEWS
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New york, USA,
Nov 5, 2018,
Registered user

Lose your money fast.

Oh my, how do we still fall for these magic apps after all these years.
This ablesys software is just another in a long line of garbage to help money be lost.
Run for the hills and stay away from this krap.
Boston, USA,
Jun 25, 2017,


I am a lifetime member. I easily recouped the purchase price. I select stocks I am interested in and get buy or sell signal. Simple. Use it daily. Get out when told.
Norman Bench,
Houston, Tx,
Oct 26, 2009,

I tried the software and the service for 2 weeks and did not like the serivce. I was under the understanding that if a person didn't like it could cancel and get a refund.Which I did not get when I canceled the service ,so now I out $198.00 and wish I had my money back to trade with.What happen to 30 day trial for new clients.So let me give eAll prices subject to change without further notice.
All products and services are non-refundable.
30-day trial is for new users only, and limited one per client.
You don't need to call or send e-mail to cancel AbleTrend 7.0 30-day trials. The trial is an one-time deal. It will expire by itself.
No further charges will be applied to AbleTrend 7.0 30-day trials unless you choose to upgrade.
You can cancel the yearly lease of AbleTrend 7.0 at the end of the one year lease period by sending e-mail to sales@ablesys.com or fax to 510-265-1993.
For your protection, verbal cancellation is not accepted everyone this piece of advise
Pete Rider,
Niagara On The Lake,
Sep 21, 2009,

I am in the 30 day trial and thus far the software give logical areas of support and resistence based on the timeframe used. A simple set of indicators.....overall the style of stops works well with my ownd style of trading......I did two live trades last week ...first 15 cts long on the S&P mini ...$ 4250.00 approx after commissions...second day used smaller time frames...was stopped out in the am .....broke/even....then I combined a 3 min with a 15 min chart as confirm...picked up $2,800.00 on 10 cts in the afternoon.... The system is no magic and one does need to know their market well before using...this is a tool to refine entries and to comfirm and stay in the market long enough to produce healthy profits.As we traders know that half the problem...in trading is when to get out....inorder to be a consistent producer...one has to have some runners thru out the month...to protect and cover the losing trades...therefore, you end the month in profit....They do need to improve the ablility to interface their formula into ones owns charts...easier on the eyes.
New York,
Sep 14, 2009,

I tried and failed with this software. Now, I understand why they are selling it instead of keeping it for themselves. I see a few positive comments. Since you all use other indicators to help, how do you know this software works. There is no way to know. Backtestings are all curve-fitting. It is a joke.
Jun 7, 2009,

The software doesn't fuction very well with tick charts, a common way of looking at intra-day charts. Given that it only pulls a few days worth of data only, the indicators don't get enough data to provide reliable systems.
Nov 28, 2008,

I have tried many trading systems and Ablesys is by far the best. If you take the time to read the training material and watch the videos provided, you know when to avoid entering the market even when given a Buy or Sell signal. If you follow the guidelines given, you are presented with several winning trades a day (I trade 1 YM contract on a 2 minute chart). When I follow the rules, I have excellent results just using the Ablesys indicators. 50+ point moves are not unusual. Enter at every Buy and Sell signal and you will not do so well, but if you follow the guidelines they give you and use the program as it is laid out and you can easily make a nice living using this system.
Aug 17, 2008,

I find it interesting that the people who write intelligently using proper spelling and grammar are mostly profitable with AbleSys...as well as most other software. The people who have trouble typing correctly seem to have poor experiences with trading software such as AbleTrend. I have to laugh at the people who so seriously say that they tried a product for 1 month and can declare in all certainty that IT DOES NOT WORK. Some have even lost all $500 they have to their name...so it doesn't work. They may have lost their first trade...so it doesn't work. Regarding AbleSys/AbleTrend, the people who have worked with the product for a year or more seem to be very happy with it and highly recommend it.

I bet that if I spend 3 weeks using any software and risk $1,000 in 4 or 5 trades, that I would not give it a good grade either.
elliott brown,
washington d.c.,
Jun 29, 2008,

I have been using ablesys 7.0 to trade the e-mini indicies for almost 3 years now and I have had very positive results. The makers of the software are very upfront about how it works. Ablesys picks the trend once it is established and on it's way. It cannot and does not pick tops or bottoms. Also it is a complex tool. Like any tool it is only as good as the craftsman using it. If you read the manual there are some simple tips that will increase
profits like bailing out on a trade if a trend is not established in 4 bars,placing the recommended stops immediately and following the next signal even if you have had three losers in a row. Because this software picks trends and entry points it may not be suitable for certain trading styles. If there is better software out there that is cheaper I have not seen it and I would love to know about it.
Jan 29, 2008,

I used AbleSys to trade e-mini futures about a year ago. Actually, I did devise a system that was consistently profitable, until it went flat for about 2 months and I lost interest. But in hindsight, it did not really lead to a big drawdown, just flat, which kind of turned me off...then.

The way I did it was to add a moving average cross over (I know what you are thinking, but it worked) and threshhold triggers and set stop losses based upon an insane amount of research and data accumulation. The system stop levels and entry signals can actually be very profitable, IF you have a way to factor out the bad signals. I caught (in demo mode) so many huge moves it was crazy! I also found and traded 4 different set up patterns that seemed to occur over and over. These are patterns that I made up, not anything that they teach, although I did use their system as the basis to make mine. This was not easy, but I devised several pages of rules that had to be followed for each trade..Like any other systems, it had some really bad losing days, but for the most part, it was a very good system. I suppose you could also do it with Forex if you wanted to. I dont see why not.

By itself, I lost alot of money with AbleSys. Problem was, by the time I developed my winning system, I not only ran out of money, but also my yearly lease ($2800 or so) expired. On top of that I was paying data fees (E Signal) and it just became too much for me.

One day I plan on returning to AbleSys and giving my system a try. But I do need to save up some money, as it is not a cheap system to trade.

Again, in my experience, you will lose your shirt if you trade the system the way that they teach it. But with some work (alot) and some backtesting, I think it is VERY possible to use the backbone of the ABleSys system to develop a winning trading record.