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Updated: Sep 27, 2018
2.371 · 12 REVIEWS
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2.371 · 12 REVIEWS
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Egypt, Egypt,
Sep 25, 2018,

Very bad

Very very bad company ..if you want to win with them ...go against their signals !!! They only play with numbers and try only ..very bad experience ..i lost 150k with them till nlw -963 loss as published in their trade record..never deal with them ..plus their site is very slow !!
futures trader,
May 24, 2016,

I purchased their silver membership for $2000.
total waste of money.
he only takes credit for the big moves after the facts, he calls out a number on the chart, if it doesn't work out he stays quiet, if any time later the market turns around and moves far away, he takes credit for it, you supposed to just get back in, because he called out that number. again if the market moves 100 ticks, he takes credit for all of it, but he doesn't call out the number with a 1 point SL and a 100 tick TP.
do not fall for it.
Georgia, USA,
Sep 9, 2010,

i would not recommend this service for their intraday or daily signals . i think the intraday signals are not good because very rarely will you be able to enter AND exit at the same price as them. also in order have the same results as them at the end of the month you would have to trade 24 hours a day 5 days a week. This is bad because you may get many losing trades in one session and not be able to make back those pips unless you trade the next session.
I also tried they're day/swing trading signals for the180$ a month and found these to be not good either. My reason is that they change the entry price to frequently and simply change their minds all together on a trade idea after you have already entered into the trade on behalf of one of their signals/recommendations. This happen to me repeatedly.
Overall not worth the money
Jul 16, 2010,

Ist just a total waste of money and time as non of their intraday really spot they just shoting without any study. The number of pips lost of not declare on the winning trade. If by actual calculation their trade can wip off all your accounts balances.
sam ,
Jul 4, 2010,

i have tried there 360$ package, they are honest with the results,but the thing is that you cant catch ( exite long or exite short ) in the same there price, you allways loss 10 to 15 pips,with 50 trades eatch month like this way, you find your self in loss instead of profite, any way in the month i join to them, they lost around 670 pips for intraday signals according to there performance, but according to me i lost more than 900pips
Colorado, USA,
Jul 27, 2009,

You need to be staring at your monitor at all times in order to follow their signals. The signals are updated in realtime and change quickly. They have email alerts, but you get many of these alerts daily so they are very hard to keep up with. You have to sign up for their 1 week trial for $25 in order to find out what their performance has been in the past. It looks good, the performance assumes you are following their trades on your monitor 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The other thing I found hard was to get out of trades at the price they got out at. They say exit short or exit long and by the time i exited it was 5 to 15 pips worse then their price.
Joji Ikeda,
Yokosuka, Japan,
Aug 23, 2008,

For the full-time forex trader, this is not "a set and forget" type of signal. Signals come in different strengths, and may pullout at any time. This is real time trading in front of your monitor. When there is nothing to trade, there is no false signal. I only subscribed for 7 day trial. An institutional quality signal at a Hong Kong price.
Vancouver, Canada,
Jul 25, 2008,

Excellent service, I am very very happy with them. In general you should be experienced and flexible as you need to use your own judgement on stop-losses and profit levels. Well worth the $300 a month.
Thanh Ly,
Apr 11, 2008,

Just finished my trial period.

I had to say , that $12 bucks was a ripped off . They're just bunch of noobie
Sep 8, 2007,

The signals were good, for the trial time perod, but as soon as I have subscribed the full version they were false.For example, if the price goes down, they wrote hold long``, but the price went 100 pips down, at the end they signalled ``step aside``.
I wrote about it to the company, they answered that the volatility is high, but with the trial version they gave all right signals, but on the next day,the whole week long false signals.
I found it very unreliable, I don`t want to see those signals any more.