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Updated: Aug 1, 2019
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ushieagu peter,
Sep 28, 2006,

i have tried several times to get connected to newstrike .com but it has proved abortive. I dont seem to know why it is so difficult, perhaps they should make us understand what is required of us in order to get connected
Sep 24, 2010,

I have repeatedly tried to get this "free" service, but to no avail. Their website states: "E-mail us at newsstrike@hold.com with your full name and we will e-mail you with your login ID and password within one business day." Well, I've done that and not gotten any response after several days and repeated emails. And yes I've checked my spam folder.

So if it's free why am I upset? Two reasons: 1) Apparently some others have gotten this successfully but not me. 2) Advertising a free service, promising to provide access "within 1 business day" and then not doing any of it, that constitutes false advertising, which is annoying of course but also illegal.

Offering something like this "free" when services like Trade The News charge $179/month got me suspicious right away. I assume there's a catch somewhere. This company is owned by Hold Brothers, and they run a brokerage and I can assure you trading there is not "free." I think this whole free thing is probably just some bait and switch. Maybe some backhanded ploy to get people to open accounts at their brokerage?

Anyway, as I've said, I'm not received my "free" service that's advertised, and have gotten no response from them when I've inquired about it, so 1 star. If they make good on their advertised promise, I'll be happy to come back later and potentially modify my rating.
New York City, USA,
Feb 21, 2007,

I've been using this and comparing it to one of the cheaper paid Forex news services. They are pretty good speed wise I must say and the announcers seem to have knowledge of the market rather than merely reading something blandly....They do not hold them self out as providing news for Forex, but they provide live signals on US economic numbers. One word of caution, sometimes when there are multiple reports that come out they may read out number that has least relevance to the Forex market first which can be a bit of a screw up if you were planning a trade....but then they do not hold themselves as providing a service for Forex...so u can't complain...All is all a great service I think
Sep 28, 2006,

I think it is pretty fast. actually faster than some reports at times. only thing is that sometimes the news isn't clear (too fast or voice too low to hear) and there are no visual backups. but it has helped allot. the market movement prior to the news is pretty normal due to some speculations.
Sep 1, 2006,

I would like to give 4* to NewsStrike for its free & fast service. Thou it lacks few things like it just gives the news in audio format not in Text. It only gives US NEWS at present dont know abt future plans. But Whatever the news is it comes really fast and on top u have a audio-recording function which can be used from the software itself to re-evaluate the news. U can try use it, coz nothing to lose its free.
peter hyde,
united kingdom,
Aug 11, 2006,

the main drawback with this product is that it only reports on US reports. However being as UK reports can often take upto 2 hours to react you could have picked up that news from oanda or wherever and still get in on time. The reports that it does deal with i would say it is comparable in my opinion for speed with trade the news. I would suggest that people use it while they are getting used to trading the news, and as it is free you can't really loose. It does lack visual backup also. I would recommend it it is free and it gets you in the game.