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3.528 · 18 REVIEWS

Ken Wood

Formerly was WoodiesCCIClub.com

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3.528 · 18 REVIEWS
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Sep 30, 2008,

I have been trading full time tor the past 14 years.... It wasn't til the last 6 that I began to make consistent $$$.
It's not because of some "magic method" or "special indicator"... it's because I finally became "in-tune" with some simple indicators, and recognized some set-ups that WORK FOR ME!!
That's it... NO MAGIC!
I just happen to use some of Woodies CCI indicators along with simple support & resistance, along with other simple set-ups that I recognize that are coming on! The reality is that my set-ups are mostly "trader psychology"... I just know what to look for, what the reaction will be, and I learned how to trade it!!
It's really that simple.... NOW!
Do I make a million $$$?... NO!
Do I live well?.... YOU BET!
SO... with all that said.... my advice is this.... ANYTHING will work for YOU, if you take the time to learn it, internalize it, and make it your own!
Whatever makes YOU comfortable... will work!
BUT, here's the biggie.... YOU NEED TO WORK AT IT!
Look..., Woodies CCI is FREE... IT works, but ONLY IF YOU DO!!
SO, please.... don't say that you got "screwed" and that "something doesn't work"... just because YOU DIDN'T!!
Any trading methodology will work for you... BUT, only if you work on learning it.....
Good Luck, God Bless, and above all.... Keep your loses SMALL!!
London, UK,
Jul 19, 2007,

I’ve been trading options, then CFDs and spread-betting in shares and indices for about 20 years. Just as an amateur and sporadically as my job allowed and very part-time. I wasn’t spectacularly successful but I managed a profit. Last September after several months enforced inactivity due to work commitments I was about to start trading again when, by chance, I came across Woodie’s site. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had been expecting to plunge straight back into trading the footsie as before but instead I stopped doing any trades at all. I went back to school. And wow what a school! What an amazing cornucopia of good sense, wisdom and insight in this one amazing website to explore. A week later I fired up my trading platform again. This time to learn how to recognize two of three of the simplest of Woodie’s with-trend patterns. By Christmas I went back into the market for real. Now I trade almost exclusively using Woodie’s CCI system in stocks, indices and just starting with Forex - which is how I found my way here to Felix’s invaluable site. My trading has never been easier or steadier nor, I’m sure, ultimately more lucrative. And quite amazingly everything on Woodie’s site it is FREE. What value. Go there please