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Updated: Nov 19, 2018
1.412 · 139 REVIEWS
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November 2012:  There are now 3 guilty verdicts against this company in the FPA Traders Court.  The FPA recommends against dealing with this company.

The FPA now considers UFX Markets to be a scam.  This company is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We recommend against opening accounts there.  If you have an account there, we recommend withdrawing all of your funds immediately.


WARNING 2: UFX Bank claimed that they hired a black hat SEO company to do search engine optimization.  They blamed that company for leaving the fake reviews.  The FPA wonders what sort of broker would hire an organization like that and then allow a black hat organization to have direct access company servers.  The FPA wonders just how safe client data would be under those circumstances.

WARNING: This company has repeatedly submitted fake positive reviews for itself from their offices in Israel. They have now decided to leave fake customer testimonials in the FPA's forums. The FPA recommends the highest level of caution dealing with this company.

Click here to read more about UFX's fake reviews and forums posts.

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UFX is a forex  broker. UFX offers the Mobile and MT4 trading currency platforms. UFX.com offers currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.

UFX.com (UFXMarkets.com, UFXBank.com)

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Court cases

  • Open0
  • Resolved0
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2012-0822012-10-07Alisaleh vs. UFXMarkets.comguilty
2011-0842011-11-01 QASSIM KERAIB vs www.ufxmarkets.comguilty
2011-0302011-03-24alaa.almalki vs. UFXBank.comguilty


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1.412 · 139 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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bangalore, India,
Sep 16, 2015,

i have a very bad experience with this company. they are cheated me with my hard earning money and profit. they do not disclose their office address. be away from this broker otherwise you will loss your hard earning money.
Elisee Niyitegeka,
Kigali, Rwanda,
Aug 14, 2015,

This Company steal my profits about $900 from $50 they gave me after verification of my phone.
I have fulfilled all conditions stated in their T.O.S
But they started with forcing me to deposit at-least $500 instead of reminding me that I have fulfilled their T.O.S for withdrawal of any amount I should need.

Now my account is empty as they steal all profits
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 4, 2015,

We have entered 1000 with a $ Malbut and that increased to $ 1,000 within three days I was asked EA Account Manager account increase pushed total of $ 12,000 to $ 14,000 became
Account manager asked me after my earnings increased during the two weeks to (US $ 6,000 profit only) to the capital increase because there is a deal on gold comes every five years, lifted up my account balance to $ 23,000
But he did not send me to a deal, but gold to $ million-pound deal size = 10 lot but as soon as the market has changed from a profit to a loss and the market moves very quickly
Called me and asked capital increase to protect it and the market will return to normal have brought $ 5,000 but does not benefit the more introduced whenever lost
Again request a capital increase, but I did not have money ... I lost within two days of entering the pound dollar deal amount of $ 28,000
God does not help you Issam student (Palestinian nationality) does not reconcile your company and, God willing Tdfoha on your health
I learned later that this Israeli company and they use the platform fake and manipulated by it to convince the client loss
Advice about got away
Mohamed ,
, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 11, 2015,

I have transferred my all money in the wallet 8927 $ to my bank account .Tamer Abbas my account manager refused money transfer and forced me to return money back to the wallet then log me in a losing deals to lose all my money except 692 I have transferred in the same day as I already lost my all money.I sent first mail to customer support at 13 April 2015. After many times of contact Ibrahim Qasem called me to resolve this situation that I must send any value of money and he will increase it to one and half of this value and I accepted as I want to return back my money .I sent 5332 $ and company supposed to send me 7998 $.Company sent 4300 $ and till now I didn't receive the rest of the money .I lost 9957 $ till now without any rules without any justice.I want all my lost money and complete investigation for this situation.
Kagan Kok,
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 27, 2015,

Because I have been their customer and EXTREMELY dissatisfied with their way of account management as well trading tips and hints. They tell you “Dow Jones” is about to “drop” for an unprecedented amount of points in its history and if you don’t put all your money in this deal now you will regret forever and it is just about to happen NOW.
They even told me to call my father (although he is dead in last 2 years) and ask money for a short period of time because I was going to make money and give this money back with their tips anyway.
Their account managers are more like bad actors and they call you everyday to run through a little bit supposedly "market update" but more than anything else all they want is to ask you how much more money you can inject to them so you can make a great business deal and fat profits. They tell you it is to their best interest to make sure you make money for a long period of time otherwise you will be out, but this is absolutely a big fat lie because they make their money for your every single trade no matter you lose or win anyway. They pretend to be feeling so excited that once in a life time opportunity is about to happen and you are about to miss that out. To achieve this they raise their voice almost screaming at you and ask “do you want to do $50, $500, or $50,000 it is all upto you.” We all know that sort of bs so with one simple word they are not account managers but bs artists acting like that. At the background I always heard another UFX "account manager" talking loudly like that with another victim.
Another reason why an absolute no to UFX is that, they constantly monitor when you are trying to make a deposit say with a CC and if that transaction fails for any reason, their very “helpful” accounting team straight away call you if you need their help, will you allow them to retry on their side one more time which may work. When this first happened to me I already knew that these guys are so hungry for any $s and they do their utmost best only to take your money in their DANGER zone. On the other hand if you want to take your money out they may try to make you change your mind and more and more offers they cast at you like you going to be their VIP customer although the min investment amount for VIP clients is $50k but they don’t mind doing this for you one off because they love you so much etc etc etc which never ends.
I only write this review since I have lost significant amount of money just because of their brain wash and I just want to protect a few others from falling into the same pitfall. Just simply be careful and if you give your hands you cant take yr arms back from UFX.
Soma Pemmireddy,
Herfordshire, United Kingdom,
Jun 4, 2015,

I left first review on this site and at the same time I sent an email to John Andrews, I had a response almost immediately for my email from John at UFX and reassured me that my account is not being neglected and taken my inputs. Mr. John Andrews from Customer support team has been in touch with me and currently helping on my case. It may be wise to establish contact with appropriate people at UFX first and see if they respond and help. which proved in my case. Good luck :)

2015-05-26 1Star This is absolutely bad and please don't sign up to UFX. Even if you do, be very strict with your decisions. Make sure you make decisions for yourself not the trade trainer !!! Don't let them force you. I would be making a formal complaint and create a forum to gather the evidences from Victims, so that appropriate action will be taken.
, Bulgaria,
Jun 3, 2015,

I wanted to close my account with UFX and withdraw all my money. However, according to them it turns out it's impossible to withdraw my funds, since they are slightly less than 70 USD, which appears to be the minimum withdrawal amount. They refused to take the time and review my case, since I was not happy with their replies. Worst customer service and company policy ever! Do not put your money in this broker, unless you want to kiss them good bye!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 12, 2015,

I was scammed for $75K. I started at $250 then increased it to $75k. I have a VIP account and there is a dedicated trainer named Anthony Williams. He was bugging me to invest more and when I initially tried to withdraw my $47k he told me it would not be easy and instead told me to make additional trade to show how professional he is. I was lured then to open trades with no stop loss. I inquired about it but he told me stop loss will not make me money. Then in those open trades that I made there is a sudden loss for a sell position of gold. I was driving that time and told me to make more sell position because it will recover soon. Then I did it again (thinking he is really that professional) but it never recovered. He told me to fund my account to avoid trade off which I did. Never did he tell me to close my position but instead told me to relax. But it made it worst and eventually I lost all $75K. I was only able to recover $12k which I withdrawn initially.

is there any chance I can recover this money? Please advise.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 30, 2015,

The so called trainers are purposely reckless and negligent. Their sole purpose is to build trust, then mislead the customer into making losses thereby getting the customer to invest more and more with the ultimate purpose of account closure to gain all the customers money. Once they realize you have emptied your bank accounts to invest with them and you have sufficient trade practice to come in for the kill. Initially they give you good trades to gain their trust and then within days they intentionally misdirect into multiple massive wrong trades that put your account at risk with eventual closure. Why else would Alex as a professional trader manage to get my account closed within 3 days? Clearly he did not manage my account in a responsible or professional manner. John Andrews said the FPA was like a fly around his head he would chase away
amesterdam, Netherlands,
Jan 18, 2015,

Hello this guys are scammmmmmmm, on the moment that u are making some money they will ask u for more investment and them bye bye..don't trust on this people. Peace