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Reliantco Investments Ltd

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UFX is a forex broker. UFX offers the Mobile and MT5 trading currency top platforms. UFX.com offers over 45 forex currency pairs, stocks, gold, silver, oil and bitcoin for your personal investment and trading options.



November 2012:  There are now 3 guilty verdicts against this company in the FPA Traders Court.  The FPA recommends against dealing with this company.

The FPA now considers UFX Markets to be a scam.  This company is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We recommend against opening accounts there.  If you have an account there, we recommend withdrawing all of your funds immediately.


WARNING 2: UFX Bank claimed that they hired a black hat SEO company to do search engine optimization.  They blamed that company for leaving the fake reviews.  The FPA wonders what sort of broker would hire an organization like that and then allow a black hat organization to have direct access company servers.  The FPA wonders just how safe client data would be under those circumstances.

WARNING: This company has repeatedly submitted fake positive reviews for itself from their offices in Israel. They have now decided to leave fake customer testimonials in the FPA's forums. The FPA recommends the highest level of caution dealing with this company.

Click here to read more about UFX's fake reviews and forums posts.

Other websites related to this company include UFX.com, UFXBank.com, and UBinary.com

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 2007
Address: T19, 1st Floor, Tana Russet Plaza, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, EH2 1JE, Vanuatu
Contact: +44 208-150-0778
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #127/10, VFSC #14581
Prohibited countries: Unknown
Trading platforms: MT5, Trading Central, UFX Mobile App
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (45+)
Cryptocurrencies: (1) Bitcoin
CFD: (460+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: VISA, MasterCard, CASHU, Diners Club, ELV (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren), Giropay, iDEAL, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neosurf, Neteller, PaySafe Card, Poli, Qiwi, Skrill, SOFORT, UnionPay, WebMoney
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, CASHU, Diners Club, ELV (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren), Giropay, iDEAL, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neosurf, Neteller, PaySafe Card, Poli, Skrill, SOFORT, UnionPay, WebMoney

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1.338 · 154 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

London, United Kingdom,
Sep 16, 2020,
Registered user

Scamed by this company

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I came across this company in November last year on tweeter and I was curious and gave my details. Then I started to receive constant calls by Ben. I was happy to invest £450, however Ben passed me to another so called account manager James. He would call at 7am and telling there is a great opportunity to make money as Briexit is a historical moment for the market and I shouldn’t miss the opportunity. I told him I don’t have the money to invest, he said all investors borrow money to invest and I should borrow, I would make £5-6K a month and I would be able to pay the money back. I agreed and borrowed. I invested and my account went to £30K profits. However in few days lots Everything. He started calling and said that I should borrow more to recover my losses and we will trade in minimum to take less risks. We opened few trade in gold, but they didn’t move for few days. I asked him to close what we had opened and he said no the price is going to go down and you will make a profit and recover, During the night I lost half of my money and closed it at great lost.
He called again at 7am and he said that why did I closed in lost and now we should try on pound and he made me lose everything. He started calling me again and asking me to borrow more to recover, but at this time I refused to listen to him and I told him I am not in a position to borrow more. In total I lost $20k.
If anyone can help how to sue this company and recover I would appreciate your assistance.
Horndean, United Kingdom,
Aug 18, 2020,
Registered user

Regarding Reliantco Investments Limted trading as UFX

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I withdraw the comment and complaint that I made on 24th October 2019 and all complaints I have made against Reliantco Investments Limited, trading as UFX. I confirm htat my complaints have been satisfactorily resolved and I shall not be repeating them.

Oct 24, 2019 - 1 Star UFX is good at extracting money from you, good at making you think you're winning trades on CFD's, good at building your confidence and trust and encouraging/persuading you to invest larger sums with them, good at getting you into hedging and... just when you're in way over your head comes the coup de grace - that huge loss suffered from an "unprecedented shift" in the gold or oil market and for the life of me on examination post UFX I couldn't find any such unprecedented shift. The advice of UFX at that time was to trade out of it and invest more money - simples. That pattern is seen time and time again in the numerous complaints littered over the internet. And if you are in credit and want to withdraw your funds at any time, the chances are that you won't be able to. Be wise, stay away from UFX.
Warrington, United Kingdom,
Aug 18, 2020,
Registered user

Notice regarding Reliantco Investments Ltd t/a UFX

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I withdraw the comments and complaints that I made on 29 Nov 2019 and all complaints I have made against Reliantco Investments Limited, trading as UFX. I confirm that my complaints have been satisfactorily resolved and I shall not be repeating them.

Nov 29, 2019 - 1 Star £98,000.00 ‘invested’ and lost through oil and gold trades.
No surprises as the modus operandi was the same as most of the other 149 reviews under the UFX Markets reviews section of this site.

If you would like to join a funded Class Action against Reliantco Investments Ltd please contact me in the forums.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Surrey, United Kingdom,
Jul 21, 2020,
Registered user

I would give UFX negative stars if I could AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I would give UFX negative stars if I could. I was pressured and harassed into depositing in excess of 40,000 GBP over the course of a few years with them - almost half of which was lost by the 1st account manager placing a trade - without my permission - and risking the whole account (they conveniently replaced him after this incident). They would call me at all hours, each time insisting that I needed to trade "right now" or I would miss some "great opportunity". They gave explicit instructions as what to trade and even told me to take out loans and borrow money to keep trading under their "guidance". In the end, all of the money was lost - their "expert advice" and instructions caused all the losses. It turns out that they are not allowed to give instructions or investment advice (and certainly not tell me to take out loans to "finance" investing with them). I filed a formal complaint with them to have them return the money they caused to be lost and got the runaround for months before being told that they "investigated" my complaint. I was told that they "found" that none of their account managers had done anything wrong and that they would not be returning any of my money.

They claimed that they had actually "given" me over 151,050 USD in commissions and bonuses but were never able to provide any evidence. They also somehow claimed that I "came out with very big profits" even though my balance sheet shows a net loss. I replied to every email they sent me with detailed information, correcting their factually incorrect claims. In reply, they just kept claiming that "no wrongdoing" was found. This is despite them having hours and hours of call recordings where their "account managers" can clearly be heard giving me instructions and orders for what to do in direct violation of their own terms and regulation rules.

Stay away from this company and if you have deposited any money with them, withdraw it ASAP!
Uae, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 19, 2020,
Registered user

Very bad they kerp following you and steel your money

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Ufx is scam, please aware from
Nasib Naser, jad they are liers

Account Manager
+44.208.1500778 Ext: 1351

https://sa-fx.com i filed a case against them
Venezia, Italy,
Feb 28, 2020,
Registered user

UFX - Truffa - Scam

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

confermo che sono dei truffatori, Anna Mancini è una truffatrice non investite assolutamente con questi rifiuti

I confirm that they are scammers. Anna Mancini is a scammer, do not invest in this garbage compant at all
Northallerton, United Kingdom,
Feb 6, 2020,
Registered user

UFX.com I have lost my savings & the profits from trading SCAM

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

After responding to an advert on Facebook I was then contacted by Mr Michael Fox from UFX.com I wanted to set up a automatic system with a minimum deposit.
But he advised it was better to have a live platform to trade from, and he was quite happy to open an account with a minimum deposit of $400 USD.
So the account was set up,they traded in USD and they would convert my GBP deposit, and any withdrawals would be in GBP back to my Bank.
We started trading on 25/10/2019 and immediately started making money albeit only $3 or $4 per trade then he insisted that I deposit $5000 USD we could then start to make better profits.
On 05/11/2019 I deposited this money then profits moved up from $3 to $100 per trade this carried on & every trade was a winner,one day $500 another day $1003 .
Then on 11/11/2019 he suggested that I add $10,000 so as I could take bigger profits.
This I did and was working well so he suggested that I move more of my savings to their Bank because interest rates were poor in the UK.
Mr Fox would ring me nearly every morning and sometimes several times during the day.
On 21/11/2019 the equivalent of $30,000 was transferred from my Bank he assured me it would give me more equity to work with then again on 27/11/2019 another $25,000 was transferred the aim was to reach the magical figure of $100,000 of equity then I would become a professional trader.
I was getting there but early December 2 trades had gone the wrong way but I was not immediately worried because the expiration date was 18/12/2019 but they were using up some of my equity and this date was looming he said not to worry he could extend the expiration date,this he did onto 31/03/2020 that reassuring me that all is well but I needed to make another deposit on 20/12/2020 to get me to the magical figure of $100,000.
Everything was going nicely until on the 24/01/2020 Michael Fox rang me and apologised for not being able to ring because of being ill, so to make amends he suggested making a larger trade to make amends and take a bigger profit he said to buy 100,000 barrels of crude oil to take $1000 USD profit I was not comfortable doing this but I went along with the trade because the price was very low,he did comment that the price may go down slightly before climbing to take the profit.
But the price continued to fall and because it was a large trade it was using up all my equity Mr Fox rang again insisting that I have to deposit $10,000 USD to keep my trades safe this was taken from my card and I was worried as I had to go out with my family.
I then get another call from Mr Fox saying the price had dropped again & I needed to deposit another $10,000 but this time they could not take it from my card & needed to make a wire transfer but as I wasn't near my Bank I couldn't make this payment my equity was all used used up & my account was emptied.
$146,878.20 STOLEN
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London, United Kingdom,
Jan 28, 2020,
Registered user

Terrible experience

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

They lost my money usd 40,000.00 in 2 months with their tips and the money goes to them as a profit. You should go court theystarted to scare and offering you. Be careful don’t use this company. They speak withy you like a family and then started to take all your money etc.
  4 traders have found this review helpful
Farawaniya city Kuwait, Kuwait,
Oct 1, 2019,
Registered user

I have been scammed by UFX broker company under reliantco investment Ltd

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

The story started at21 aug 2019. I saw this ad on Facebook,I signed in just to see what it was all about but then did nothing further.then,so many calls from Jad Jabreen,UFX employee who convinced me to open an account on UFX.then Ghinwa Kasem another employee in UFX called and told me not to worry about losing my money in UFX and I told her I know nothing on forex but she told me they will assist me and will assign an account manager named Amir Hassan and he will do everything instead of you to win money.They swore that deals will be done at very low risk.they did not train me at all and did offer to train me .they made me to deposit an initial $6600 USD and Amir did for me some deals which showed profits just to trust them and he did an initial withdrawals for $25 usd to trust them more.but when I tried to withdraw my money because I read that UFX is a scam they refused and did many call to convince me that this is not true and a senior Employee named Fakher Barakat called me and swore that this is not true and that their competitors are doing this rumors.he convinced me to transfer $60000 to them through the Caj Capital account in commercial bank of Dubai and for 3 days he did a profit of 10 thousand USD $ by doing many deals in one day.then he did a very big and bad deals on oil and NZD/FCH although I told him that it is risky and he assured me and said,don’t worry we are safe.then suddenly my account showed profit loss and he put my account into Hedge . I didn’t even know what that even meant and asked him and he told me that next week you will make $60000usd and just we need to find right exit points blar blast blaa . Now they will stole my money and will need more money .
They now insist on new deposit to steal more money.
They intended to do this hedge to threaten me if I didn’t deposit new money,my account will collapse.
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Madrid, Spain,
Oct 1, 2019,
Registered user

NIce broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

After investing in various platforms for 10 years, I consider that ufx is one of the great players in the market both technically and functionally.

It is one of the few brokers that i can trade with a 1: 400 leverage . I value very positively the own technologies that this broker has as massinsight that offers live information on the current market situation.

They have the Metatrader 5 platform and an agreement with Trading Central through which you can receive signals and technical analysis from diferent markets.
  3 traders have found this review helpful
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 21, 2019,
Registered user

UFX.com paragon

Service use: Other

Length of use: 3-6 Months

DO NOT TRADE WITH UFX.com. Too many people have lost everything to this company. You trade with UFX and 93% of profits go to Paragon X, their trading platform. 2018 profits were approx 60 Million dollars. Your lost money! All looks good in the beginning when you begin to trade. It is nothing but a boiler room in Cyprus because their listed address does not exist (googlemaps) with fake named trading specialists who continually barrage you daily to add more and more funds to your account. Their Paragon X platform goes down so you can't access it a lot. I am convinced they manipulate it so investors fail. (I've spoken with many other people who also lost all their money and they feel the same but of course I can not confirm this as fact). Do your homework on this company. Both Directors have been charged on tax evasion. Look at the SEC case in USA. Paragon x linked to UFX in the UK (Their trading platform) lists a Director 'Name withheld' who has approx 30 insolvent companies behind him!!!
Look at Youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9QjSsiM28. Checkout peacearmy about fraudulent companies. You'll find UFX there! Their Trust Pilot reviews are shocking (bad) and UFX and been able to have many reviews removed. Its been stated the good reviews, some are fake! They had Mike Tindall (A royal, married to Princess Anne's daughter Zara Phillips- He is also an England Rugby player) gracing their website in 2018 but he is now off their website. BEWARE. I strongly suggest to stay clear.

Jul 26, 2019 - No Rating Watch this Youtube Video for a July 2019 update on UFX.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9QjSsiM28 (UFX.com review#1 by Steve Gill).

BBC is airing a program on how they scam us. This will air in Aug 2019.

A class action suit will follow headed by international Lawyer Gabriele Giambrone in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Contact if you wish to join.

I was scamed by UFX. I will get my money back. Get yours back too.
  3 traders have found this review helpful
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 30, 2019,
Registered user


Service use: Live

THEY ARE LIAR, THEY SCAMMERS THEY ARE THIEVES as I can not describe them any better

I have been scammed by Reliantco Investments Ltd, they are also called UFX

I was contacted by brokers Mr Izzet Kamer, Mr Levent Demir and Arda Polat who encouraged me to open an account with UFX. The brokers contacted me by telephone and email and encouraged me to invest in various financial trading namely gold, petrol and stock exchange. I was assured by brokers that as long as I do what the brokers ask me to do I shall win and that there will be no losses. The brokers reassured that I will make no loss and a win was guaranteed. In reliance on this representation, I entered into a contract with broker. The representation was an express term of the contract. In fact the representation was false and broker was in breach of the contract in that none of the investments made a return.

As a result of the misrepresentation, I have suffered loss and damage. In the circumstances, and they are liable to me for damages for misrepresentation and breach of contract.

I did not have any knowledge or experience in investments and I did outline this to brokers. The brokers encouraged me to open a professional account and told me to not to worry and to rely on their advice. (you had to have two or a year and half years professional experience and €500000.00 in your account in order to trade professionally in European countries as this is the regulation in European Commission)They opened a professional account in their platform without my consent in order to take more and quickly money from me. Again this is illegal. They also confirmed that they will help and provide all the answers to complete the account and that they will complete the account on my behalf. The brokers have clearly been in breach of their role and provided incorrect and false information in order to complete the professional account.

I can inform you that all the telephone conversations were recorded. As these recordings are crucial evidence in this matter proving that financial advice was given by brokers to me. You give them notice that all the telephone recordings should be preserved as evidence. It is clear from the emails I received from brokers and the telephone conversations that brokers have introduced themselves as a authorised person to give financial advice. I was initially encouraged to make small investments. The brokers first made it look like that I was winning and making money. All the money I won was held in the account brokers opened. Further investment advice was given to me by brokers and I was pushed to make big investments which resulted in losses which was never mentioned by any of brokers.

I realised that they are regulated in another European Economic area (EEA) country and as you are aware in order to regulate certain financial activities the brokers should have been
authorised to carry out the said regulated financial activities. Please confirm with them whether their brokers were authorised to give financial investment advice to amateur investors such as me. As a result of the wrongful advice brokers gave, I suffered a loss totalling in the sum of £48,000.00 In sterling pound. I request full refund of This sum.
I reported them Ombudsman, CySec in Cyprus and found a lawyer ready to take them
To court in Cyprus. As well as I reported them
FSA financial services authority and Police here in London. Police in London said will contact police in Limassol

I’ll also be going to Cyprus next week myself
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UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 14, 2019,
Registered user


On September 2018 I starting trading with UFX trading company with 450$ increased to 10000 $ and further increased to 17000 $ , It was ok in the beginning and my account manager / trainer was always pushing to add more fund to my account and we generate good revenue but at the moment I told him that I will not be able to add more he strongly recommend to open three positions by which I lost all my money and the system start alarming me if not adding funds I will lose all the money and all the positions will close automatically I already added 7500 $ but it was not enough that’s why I closed these position just to keep the balance finally I lost 22500 $.

When I issue a complaint and asking them to investigate they told you are the one who open the position and it is only your responsibilities although as a beginner I trusted on the account manager / trainer and respond to any recommendation also I asked them to review the phone call they reviewed it but nothing done.

After that they call me and send me email saying that they find a way to help me by depositing 3000 $ to my account but I have to sign one form I will attach it says that this is the end of the complaint .
On Feb 19 one of their account managers called me and convince me that I can recover my money that I lost previously and unfortunately I started with them again with 10000$ and we make some money but he was trying to push me to open more position and in one day it was about to lose the full amount unless I add 10000$ more just to save the account and continue pushing me to open one more position which was also about to lose the full amount but unfortunately I add more 30000 $ hoping not to lose my money until the last day he pushed me to close one position on the gold (sell) with a loss of 1400$ to open another position for gold (buy) based on a strong news in the market and he almost called me 5 times to open another and another till it reached 3000 contracts which i only gain 500$ and costed me a loss of the whole money although i also tried to save the account with 5000$ but nothing I lost the full amount which is 35000+6000 revenue $

This is the full story can you do anything here , can I recover my money ????

I have already filed a complaint with the recorded phone calls with them about the feb.19 case and waiting for their feedback
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Chesterfield, United Kingdom,
Feb 2, 2019,
Registered user

Crooks and Scammers

I have had to use forex peace army because the following review was removed by Trustpilot who is obviously protecting this crooked entity.




UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Jan 26, 2019,
Registered user

I am one of the so many victims of this bad company

I am one of the so many victims of this bad company. The same story!!!!! you get called by someone to deposite money ,promising you with big pofits. If you have no experience - like me when i started- and they say that they would assign some to help you trade by giving you directions to open and close trades. After a series of losses this person disappears and never pick up the calls. After sometime , another agent takes the lead by calling you and telling you that you will be able to recover all your losses. Then he disappears after making sure that you have lost all your money.
I am writing this review to warn all people from dealing with this company.
UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 22, 2018,

Over 20k USD gone!

UFX has put me and my family in big financial trouble. I have lost all my and my husband's savings amounting to over 20k.
UFX do nothing but sell dreams to steal your money. Beware!
suadi arabia, Saudi Arabia,
Nov 13, 2018,
Registered user

dear all,
I have case against UFX i open it with GIAMBRONE LAWER OFFICE-LONDON and really after they send the letter of claim UFX call my for Settlement then i stop the case now they return to same problems and scam very bad managers, strategies and i make withdraw to 5000$ after 10 days they return bank to my UFX account based to my bank cant received more than 2500$ and this one of a lot lies. so now i will return to open my case against them any one want to join me whit this case please contact Mr. Walter Giancone <walter.giancone@giambronelaw.com> and this is some point that UFX are a scam company :

Regulatory breaches pursuant to the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law 144(I)/2007 (Cyprus Law)
The Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law 144(I)/2007 regulates the provision of investment and other ancillary services and includes the supply of financial and/or other related services from within or outside the Republic of Cyprus aimed at persons who live within or outside the Republic of Cyprus and the functioning of Regulated Markets.
This law also constitutes the implementing legislation of the MiFiD Directive in the field of investment services.
Article 6(9) of Law 144(I)/2007 states that:
“A licensed Cyprus Investment Firms (“CIF”) is prohibited from conducting any other business, beyond the services or/and activities stated in its authorisation, except if –
 their exercise leads to or contributes to the achievement of the provision of all or some of the services or/and the performance of the activities, permitted by its authorisation; or
 it has received the Commission‟s permission, which is granted, at its absolute discretion, in exceptional circumstances”.
Article 28(1) of Law 144(I)2007 states that:
“A CIF must at all times comply with the conditions under which authorisation was granted as laid down in Part III – Conditions for granting a CIF Authorisation”.
It is alleged that your firm operates as an IF which provided services to our client which were not included in its authorisation (violation of section 6(9) as quoted above) and also did not comply with the conditions under which authorisation was granted (violation of section 28(1) as quoted above).
Regulatory breaches pursuant to section 20 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) – (English law)
Our client will also have an action for breach of statutory duty as Sections 19 and 20 of FSMA have the effect of engaging section 138D as you operated from (or purported to operate from) the UK.
Section 20 of the FSMA addresses "Authorised persons acting without permission" in the United Kingdom and section 20(3) provides that in prescribed cases such violation is actionable at the suit of a person who suffers loss as a result of the contravention.
The reference in Section 20(1)(b) to the persons whose permission result from any other provision of FSMA – as opposed to an authorisation granted by the FCA – is to be interpreted as applying to entities who have UK authorised status by way of a MiFID passport.
Reliantco Investments Ltd features in the Financial Services Register as an EEA authorised firm by virtue of the fact that Reliantco Investments Ltd passported its Cypriot authorised activities into the UK under Markets in Financial Services Directive (MiFID). The FCA's website specifies the licence number as 569242.

An action under Section 20 of FSMA will be based on the fact that your firm "carried on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom, or purports to do so, otherwise than in accordance with permission" (Section 20(1)).
Trading in binary options is a regulated instrument under Cyprus law and therefore, by virtue of the passporting rules and the fact that your company created an illusion of operating from the UK, these elements will be sufficient for the purpose of engaging Section 20 of FSMA.
Your firm carried on regulated activities in the UK insofar as part of its activity has been that of entering into financial instruments as principal and providing portfolio management and/or investment advice to UK based clients using (or purporting to use) a UK establishment with an UK telephone number.
We note in this regard that the FCA Register mentioned in relation to your firm that:
"This is a firm that is registered in another European Economic Area (EEA) country that can offer certain products or services in the UK. The firm must meet the minimum standards agreed across all EEA countries." (Our emphasis)
Your were offering only binary options so it is obvious that the reference to "can offer certain products or services in the UK" could only be interpreted as referring to the offering by your firm of binary options.
The FCA Perimeter Guidance (PERG 5.12.7) describes by reference to Section 418 of FSMA the following situations where a firm can be construed as having been carrying on business in the UK, despite it prima facie not doing so, namely:
 where a regulated activity is carried on by a person who is not based in the United Kingdom but is carried on from an establishment maintained by him in the United Kingdom;
 where an electronic commerce activity is carried on with or for a person in an EEA State from an establishment in the United Kingdom.
Regulatory breaches of section 138D of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) (English law)
In addition and/or in the alternative to misrepresentation and/or as an alternative to an action under Section 20 FSMA, our client is entitled to file a claim under section 138D of FSMA as there are multiple actionable claims resulting from breaches of Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) rules to the extent that you committed multiple violations of rules around best execution, appropriateness and suitability assessment. All such rules are part of the Conduct of Business sourcebook which is a part or FCA's Handbook.
Section 138D of the FSMA provides that a person who suffers a loss as a result of a breach of rule made by the FCA may bring an action for damages for those losses provided that certain conditions are met.

as my lawyer say if we are group and open one case we will be in a good situation so please any one want to open case with me contact me.
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A Ritchie,
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 10, 2018,

yhey took money from my account without permission and wouldnt give it back they then gambled and won with my money if had lost id of payed they then claimed all my money gone in fees but said you can have it back if send more but sending more still didnt get money back they then spruicked me into getting started and gave me bad advice that speeded up all being lost
Nov 7, 2018,

UFX operation must end

ufx.com contacted me in a similar way asking for deposit of $500 to get a trainer who will help build strategy, which i declined at first. But they started calling persistently, at times 4 times a day. I considered their persistence and decided to give them a try. They asked I deposit $500, which I tried, but their system wasnt working. Later when they called I told them the system wasnt working, then they said they were going to solve the problem, only to make a withdrawal from my account. I was upset, but they came with their sweet word, that they will make it count. Next they asked me to download team view and open position on oil, which few minutes later, the $1000 was almost gone, and as a rookie trader, i decided to hedge the position, thats after several emails, asking their opinion, that i am not comfortable the way the trade is going. Later they called, and started blaming me that i should not have done anything on my trade. Now that they cannot perform, that i need to add $9000 which i declined. they called severally asking for more money, and each time I declined, after numerous calls i decided to add $500, but again I couldnt make the deposit. Just like before, although this was the so called Trainer speaking, he said he will pass on to the finance team to resolve the problem, next I saw another withdrawal of $1000 from my account. I was very upset, then they started their sweet talk, that now that he is going to concentrate on my account and he wasnt going to loose focus anymore. Abut an hour he called again, that he want to make the account a classic account that i need to add more $8000, I dont have that kind of money to give him, moreover I dont even have that amount in the bank account im using. Next he said he doesnt believe me, should he try, i said try what, he said try withdrawing $8000, i said try na, you will see it wont go through, only for him to withdraw another $1000 which was the last money in the account. i was very upset, and hung up the call. Next he called, and started pleading, and asked me to open trade on gold. Which i did, and he asked me not to hedge it, that thier system is decided to avoid margin call for my type of account. Only for this criminal to call 24 hours later, that i need to add $5000 otherwise i was going to loose all the initial deposit. It was then i started researching about them, and i came across this post to realize what has happened to me. Before i could log into the account again, the entire money (according to the fake account they gave me) has left of $129. I have told them to return all my money that those withdrawals were without my authorization, they refused rather they sent this email, saying some crap. I told them, I was going to end their fraudulent operation for good.
I have always had the intention of fighting fraud, and i want to use them to start, i have created this website (https://fightscams2018.wixsite.com/endscams/scammers), and I am working on documentary, and media campaign to warn the general public about their fraudulent operations.
Nov 2, 2018,

Stealing money

They liars they steal from me 300000 dollars by taking oil deals and then I lost all my money and they are trying again with me to send more all of them liars mustafa hussin he is the biggest liar
Oct 14, 2018,
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ufx scam

my name is jassim last month on 14th/sept/2018 i saw some advertisment with fake reviws on one web site about this componay and i registerd with them and after few hours some body call me from the company and advice me to open new account with small amount of money 450$ and he ask me many question about my business my salary and many other question and he said we will nominate some forex expert to be your account manager afet while some body called mustafa hussian he call me and he force me to deposit more money in my account to make me rich and ther is no any dangerouse trading and we will trade in safe mode and he is always push to deposit more money in the same time we trade and make profit on each trade we do untill my balance reach 55,000$ with my profit i reach 89,000$ also he push me to make more deposit but unfortunatly i didnt saw the review on this company in this web site and when i saw the review on this website i became spectekle and i try to draw my money from this company but i didnt tell them about my doubt but i insist to draw my money and when they feel i am serious to draw my money they ingage me in losing trade which i refused in the begining but they insist to do it and when the trend gose agianst me they force me to make new trade whith alotof amount on the same pair in the opposite direction in this time i recieve margin call and i ose all my money in ten minute , please if any body can help me to bring back my money and all the document and trade history i had it for inquiry

Oct 11, 2018 - 1 Star my name is jassim i registerd with ufx.com to open an account after i saw some advertisment and fake review and they call me back and adviced me to open simple account only 450$ some body called fareed ,labanees guy after awile some body else called mustafa hussian called me and he said he is my forex account manager and he push me to increase my deposit untill i reached 55,000USD in the same time i make some profit untill my balance reach 89,000USD and after i saw the review on this compony in this website i decide to draw all my money but they didnt let me do and they began to ingage me in lose trade and i lost all my balance in 10 minute ,all details of my trade is avialble with me for more information i just ask if some body can help me to bring my money back because this compony is not forex broker they are thieves
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Sep 12, 2018,
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UFX scam

On Sunday 27/05/2018 I received a phone call from UFX representatives Nabil and offered me $500 as bonus if I sign up and deposit $500 so I signed up to UFX.com, Once my account was set-up, I made my first $500 USD deposit via credit card, and almost immediately i received a phone call from UFX consultant Mohammed Alghobari and told me I should deposit at least $5000 USD to start trading if I wanted to make money, so I told him that I don’t have the money now and I’m not trained to trade Then he said i am your account manager and he would call me after I download a software on my laptop and he would teach me about their trading software, and basic trading information.

After a few long calls with him he convinced me to increase my deposit to $7000 USD and we will only make low-risk trades and maximize my profits up to $50000 and I have told him that I am only interested in low risk trading, and he said no problem. Couple of days later he made me open oil trade and I was making profit but on the 19/06/18 I lost most of my money because of the trade close down time and I got really annoyed, next day said I apologies for this and I forgot to mention to you the market closes on the 18th of every month, so I complaint to UFX and never received a reply. Since then He Would call a few times a day and suggest opening large trades on Gold, Oil etc but I wasn’t interested at all and tried to withdraw my money but they blocked my account for couple of days until the consultant came back from days off and said that I can’t withdraw money until he authorise it so he refunded the money from credit card but not my profit as I need to fill a form and open a bank account otherwise I’ll have to pay %20 tax. So I was stuck and had no choice but stay with them and convinced me to trade again.
After a few weeks of trading, my account was up around $12,000 USD. So I said to him refund my deposit and I only want to trade with profit but he said your money is safe and we are trading with the profit only but when I checked my account I said to him that the money isn’t there so after a few phone calls with him he agreed to transferee the money back to my credit card, once again not the profit and he convinced me to put money in to my account in order to have more benefit such as withdrawing money when I ever want and make more money more profit and to stabilize my account as my account is basic and not platinum, also for some strange reason while deals are open or closed I was getting messages to put money into my account as my balance is low which it wasn’t ( I have evidence to back everything I said) so once I told him again after what I read about them online that I want to close the account so he was angry with me and said I’ll make you rich don’t lose this chance this is for my benefit and if leave he’s not bothered as he has other clients with more money than me and he blocked my account, 3 days later he phoned me like nothing has happened and said give me a chance and I promise you you’ll make $50000 by the end of August 2018 I agreed on one condition As long as I don’t loose my capital he said your capital is safe trust me let’s make a big deal but I said NO I want my money first he said I transferred it and you’ll receive it in 1 week. On the 19 of July he withdraws money from my credit card without my authorisation and claiming it’s a mistake as my trade account was low despite the fact that I have no trades open and I have $12000 in balance so he said we will keep it to show head office that you deserve professional account but I must change my account immediately to professional account in order to get all my deposit so he send me on Whatsapp what to write in the form and what I should write in the forms, after reading the forms I told him that Im not legible for this he said do what I tell you otherwise I cant give you the money so I did and I have evidence of everything. What he was saying doesn’t make sense to me or my wife as we were listening both of us so after submitting the application he said to me now they will send you email requesting supporting documents and you must ignore them because they only do it for the regulators to protect themselves after couple of days Monday 20/08/18 he rang me saying we have to make this deal now the Gold in a very big down move and should be going down $30 and it would be perfectly Safe to open up Gold trade to maximize my profits, when previously I was only told to open less on gold trades. I was quite skeptical of his advice, but he kept telling me to trust him, I asked him to do it from his end as I was out and replied that his computer is frozen and I should do it from my end so i opened the trade and said don’t close it if its up $10000 or down $10000 leave it as its, and hung up.

2 hours later I got a notification on my phone telling me my UFX account equity was low, and I saw that these trades were now in negative and quickly draining my account, due to the massive trade size. About an hour later my Equity was at $0 and all my trades were automatically closed, basically wiping out my account. On that day the gold went up almost $10 dollars up not $30 down as he said.

I believe it is UFX’s sole intent, to deplete their client’s funds by building up their trust, and then getting them to open big trades like this, or by any other means possible.

How can they take money from my account without my authorisation and say it’s my profit??? This guy Mohammed Alghobari is very Dangerous, scammer and crafty also I am not the only victim this company should be close down.
Hessen, Germany,
Sep 10, 2018,
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I have proves and don’t find where to attach them

My name is Mohamed Abdelrahman living in Germany. On Tuesday 28.08.2018 I have received a call from UFX http://www.ufx.com/ the man was so polite so I could not hang the phone because I was so busy and preparing for an appointment so he requested me just to apply and download their App and just transfer 450 US$. I don’t know how I did that and the last procedure was to upload my personal information such ID, MasterCard and any bill. I felt something fishy so I haven’t uploaded all he requested then when I finished my appointment I sent him an email it was in Arabic because they were talking with and sending Arabian mails so I told him I don’t want to go threw that anymore please return my money back. He start to shout and saying a very bad words then he transferred me to a lady and she was talking in a very sexy way just she thought that could attract me. She requested me to open any deal and then I can get my money back when I saw her and the other man trying to force me to open any deal I knew that in this was I am going to lose my money forever so I haven’t did what they need. They started to call me daily from other contact numbers that they just need me to complete my profile and to open any deal. I was always rejecting that then the lady she told me that could make for me an international problems and could drove me to international courts against financial crimes. I start to laugh replying her that I haven’t did anything wrong and if that would drove me to such things I am accepting that but return my money then they stopped calling me. When I try to withdraw my money it could not accept that because my profile is not completed and I am afraid to complete my profile because they are insisting me to complete my profile.
Here is the numbers and the emails they use to contact me from
‭030 30808962‬
‭00 44 330 390 3204‬
‭+49 345 21973030‬
‭+44 330 390 3200‬
And here is the emails they contact me from
Karen Naser

Maher Mansoori

Nadia Ali


RAWAN Asali she has threats me by the Interpol and international financial crimes Karen Naser was the one who start to say a very bad and nasty words and really I am in need for ur help please. Thanks a lot for your co-operative and really those people must be arrested in anyhow.
I have proves and don’t find where to attach them

Sep 9, 2018 - No Rating Hello,
I have been fraud by UFX by 450$ and don’t know what shall I do. I have found lots of other people has been frauds also by the same Bank UFX and they advised me to contact FPA. I am really in need of my money and I really hope to return them. I really hope to be helped by you.
Thanks a lot
030 30808962
0044 330 390 3204
0049 345 219 73030
0044 330 390 3200
please guide me what shall i do??
Jul 18, 2018,
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Don't trust UFX

Hi. i opened with them an account in June 2016 and deposit 500 $. Each day they talk to me to raise the capital to make more profit, at the end the total of my deposit was 4000 $, i make a profit, all alone, more 8500 $ and the balance in the end of August was near 12500$. during that period they always talk to me or send me mails about signals, most of time i didn't listen to them. First of September i received a call from them to open an order and sell 6000 barrels of oil, they insist to open that trade because oil prices will decline, at the end of this day the price up by 1 $, the day after 1.5 $ and i lost everything in 24 hrs.
Kuwait, Kuwait,
Jun 27, 2018,
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I've been scammed by ufx online trading company, I lose all my funds on 2016
I have raised a complaint to their customers service to refund me but They didn't accept.

I'll be grateful if you assist me in this matter.
Jan 13, 2018,
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Definitely don't trust UFX - Update

Hi, an update from my side is they processed my withdrawal of remaining funds of US $119 as I made it clear to account manager who I was assigned to work with that am not trading at UFX anymore after the account manager blew my account. It was an email I sent to account manager after submitting the withdrawal request from the platform. He did not respond to the email itself but had the withdrawal processed. I received the withdrawal on the 9th January 2018.

Instructions from Forum said we can complain to http://www.isa.gov.il/sites/ISAEng/CONTACT/Pages/default.aspx . I submitted my complaint there on 13th January 2018.

Thank You

Jan 6, 2018 - No Rating Well looks like I also got screwed creating an account at UFX. Only now reading the information here, I experienced exactly the same matter. I started not listening to what they were saying but they don't stop trying and got me to add more cash in and I started listening and do exactly what they told me to do with trades to take and contract size and use no SL. While my loss is only USD $4200 that got stopped out coz of equity going too low in just a few hours between 28/12/207 to 29/12/2017, am waiting for the rest of funds left on the account withdrawal request to be processed. No response as yet from account manager who gave me his trades recommendations and contract size that the account wiped . Will see if they have the decency to process USD $119 withdrawal funds left on account. They ain't convincing me to put more funds in account.
Trinidad and Tobago,
Nov 27, 2017,
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don't trust UFX Markets

So I would like to know since most of us had our heart wrenching experience with UFXMarkets is there anything we can do about it? I lost about 11,000TTD which may seem like a small sum but it will take donkey years to be replaced. These people stopped calling for a while only after I said I had 50US remaining that I could trade... Since they were claiming to 'help me' to regain my lost.
What helped wiped me out was a trade in oil that I reluctantly took under advice of account manager Sophie Woods... You get soooo scared when you loose you start to loose sense, you can only be emotional and they take advantage. I don't now how they sleep at night. I reasoned hey, she is the expert, I just need to get out of this problem let me follow the advice...She said I can't tell you what to do as I don't know how much money you have but to not loose all your money I'd put in more if I had... I drove down the road like a 'loca' scared scared... took out more savings and guess what... the very next day I lost even that too.... account was $0. Every few months they call to try a new tactic on me but thank God I haven't budged...l say okay I will put money later and never do... they call and call and call
Nina Daniels,
United Kingdom,
Oct 19, 2017,

Stay away from them

Harassements calls from people who have absolutely no background in trading and who behave unprofessionally. Also they hang off if you ask to be removed from their service (as the call you with a hidden numbers that you cannot block), I literally got insulted over the phone while trying to opt out. This firm is purely nuisance and harassment, it should not exist.
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 24, 2017,
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UFX are theives

I'm so sorry to hear all of you have also been scammed by UFX. I too have a similar experience. I started trading on my on my own merit at relatively small risk. I was spammed with many calls every day trying to encourage me to trade on “big events” and keep increasing my account. However I generally ignored them. I was then upgraded to a "VIP" account and assigned an account manager "Sean Dean". He phoned me regarding a trading opportunity which was much higher risk than anything I have traded on. The largest amount I had traded on my own was 200,000 however pressured me into trading with 2 million dollars. I was reluctant but he pressured me to take the trade stating I had enough margin to cover it which was 11000 dollars, claiming it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was totally safe. I stupidly listened, but it went significantly against me and lost my money. As the trade was going against me I tried many times to contact him but he didn't answer. I have attached my trading log to show my trading strategy and phone log to show he was on the phone to me when I entered the trade. From reading these reviews it seems a common tactic from UFX to rip of clients. I am whiling to do whatever it takes to make them pay for their disgusting actions. I will start by releasing a review every day on the UFX app informing any customer of this website so they can first hand see our stories. I also plan to complain to FCA and financial fraud action groups. I would like to sue them for what they have done, maybe we can do this as a group, we will be stronger together. If anyone has any other advice on how to deal with them I would really appreciated it, and am happy to join any group fighting against UFX.
Odense, Denmark,
Sep 5, 2017,
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Stay away from UFX.com !

50 $ i maintenance comission after deposit, over 1% in withdrawal comission, you can't trust "Trading Specialist" Daniel Miller, their android app is not working properly, spreads are crazy high - well do I need to say more..... Stay away from them.
United Kingdom,
Aug 12, 2017,
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Hi my name is David I registered with UFX in 2015 and I found from my experience there are brokers with this firm that do not have your best interest at heart.

so trade and select carefully , if you want to know more about UFX also look at the company RELIANTCO INVESTMENTS LTD based in Cyprus. and Central Markets based in London here is Central Markets contact number +44207 265 7900.

Also be aware of this trading firm Titan Capital Ltd based in Victoria Mahe, Seychelles very dodgy firm they are unregulated also.

TIP: Always check with the regulators 1st before engaging in any business.

Happy Trading.
United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2017,
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UFX.com the biggest con

5th May 2017, I contacted by Andy Geller from UFX.com in emails with London business address and phone number: +44.208.1500778 Ext. 1429, 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8JR —— I later checked this business building, UFX.com is NOT in the building. And I found out that UFX uses this business address in Singapore and Dubai to misled people that they’re dealing with a trading company in London!

9th May 2017, Julian Williams, UFX trainer contact me. He gave me some good deal to start, then persuaded me to add 2000usd to trade. Then he phoned again and give me some really bad advise cause me loss $1278.05usd in total. I complaint about him. I continued to trade by myself to try to recover the loss.

26th May 2017, Lloyd Richard, second UFX Trading Specialist assigned to me. He phoned to have a “chat” and he spin and twist lure me into the conversation about cars and assets and background, yeah this is when he determined how much he would scam me. With his bad advise, Lloyd Richard cause me lost further $1587usd.

On the 12th June, I was contacted by a new UFX trainer Sean Dean in whatsapp, emails, phone calls and TeamViewer, and he shown me some charts and misled me that Crude oil will go up, now the time to BUY Crude oil. He said with everything happening in Saudi will put the oil price up. Yeah Sean Dean actually used TeamViewer and pressurised me to double click on the contract and type in 10,000 contract. As soon as the contract 10,000 opened in BUY as he suggested, with no chance to close the position whatsoever, the position went to -$4000usd. (The position opened at 46.61).

Sean Dean also misled me that in minutes I can get the profit $10,000usd. In my mind I thought - all I wanted was to recover the money took away by the previous trainer Lloyd Richard, but now this Oil position already -$6000usd in no time.

Sean Dean phoned again said if I don’t put in more money then the Oil position will close and I will loose everything. While I was in panic and scared, Sean Dean added my Mastercard to my trading account and I forced to add fund $12,000usd or I loose everything. Sean Dean said this extra money I put in I can take it back, many of his clients take back their extra money and forget about ever put it in! By then my trade account already $20,075.57usd but it still in minus equity.

On the 13th June, I wanted to close the Oil position with loss, but Sean Dean phoned again to re-ensure me that the Oil price will go up and I will bring home life changing money very soon. But the position got worse and dropped to -$11,000usd.

On the 14th June, morning I actually whatsapp ask Sean Dean if the Oil price will continue to go down but he text back and phoned me right away to re-ensure me that the Oil price will go up and I will bring home life changing money very soon because Saudi try to put the Oil price up to $60usd.
But in the afternoon the same day, Sean Dean phoned again demand me to put more money or I loose everything! My trade account was -$18,000usd then! And UFX alert beep on my phone demand another 8000usd to keep my oil position open??!!! The Oil position then closed took away my $19,800usd!
The next day Sean Dean continued to harass me with phone calls, whatsapp text and emails Bitcoins charts try to persude me to sell my car and assets to continue trading! What a cold hearted evil.

My Crude Oil position opened at 46.61 but I later go back to check again - the 12th June, Crude oil high 46.56, low 46.38. Sean Dean actually manipulate the opening price to 46.61 make it harder for me to get profit. Yeah, I actually witness some fast adjustment right after the Oil BUY position opened on the 12th June. The entire software programme UFX trading platform is a scam, it controlled by UFX and the scammer like Sean Dean.

The trading platform software and programme itself actually a clear evidence that UFX and its scammers controlled and manipulate to scam people’s money.

Yeah, Sean Dean planned a final UFX Kiss of Death trade.

I contacted UFX customer service and Molly Allen replied with an email full with LIES and offered me $500 to continue trading. What an insult!

I am going to tell my experience and translate into other languages to warn people around the world about UFX scam.

Jun 19, 2017 - 1 Star ufx promised me i can get 10,000usd profit in minutes but in minutes it went to -4000 and force me to add more fund to 20,000usd. and then he took away my 19,800usd! the next morning he continue want me to invest more. 2 different trading specialist work together they know i have a car and house and he want me to sell my house to fund trading. This is a crime. please we all make complain bring them to justice. https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/splash.aspx?
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 18, 2017,
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I need help

I trade with UFX from three months Ago they made loose all my money the broker opened a high risk positions and he was confirming and assuring that it's not risky and he knows what he's doing and after he lost all what I have he told I was helping you simply like that.

After I sent many emails to his company which I'm not sure now what kind of company it is, someone called me from UFX and told me we received your email and I would like to listen the whole story and how the broker play with your money to help you
I told him, then he said ok I'll help you to return your money, I said ok how?
He told I'll send 2000$ to your account and you have to transfer this money to another bank account in Saudi Arabia then we can open a private account for you and I'll trade on behalf of you, ok fine after 10 minutes I received message from UFX that money transferred to my account, then after two days I received the money the same man called me and sent me by whatsapp the account # and the company name and he asked me to draw the money and do the transfer through a money exchange store I did it and I transferred the money to the account he sent then he told send the transfer receipt I sent it to him by WhatsApp
After half an hour I received message again from UFX transferring 5000$ to my account I got surprised and scarred i felt that those people trying to use me, I sent him message I received money transfer message what is this he called you'll do the same things we have to pay fees for the wallet we'll open for you and everything should look legal we can't send this money from our account you have to transfer this money, I asked him but why to Saudi Arabia and how I can trust you how I'll know to whom this money is going maybe it's for supplying terrorist how I can trust you he start convincing do I look like that I'm trying to help you and return what you lost we're a big company we don't do this kind of work, he convinced me again all what I wanted to return what I lost because that money was all what I have, he told transfer 4500$ and take 500 for you because I know you need money I said really thank you, you made me loose 45000$ and now you're giving me 500 he said no this just a start you'll receive all the money you lost trust me
I had no other choice, he sent another bank account in Saudi Arabia I transferred the money, the same things after 15 minutes I received message money transfer from UFX 8000$ I sent immediately message that I'm not going to transfer this money at all and I asked the man to stop calling me but he called and he tried to convince but this time I'll not do

I need your help those people are really scary
May 1, 2017,

UFX : where the trading makes trouble( disturb)

Ufx : where the trading makes trouble( disturb)
I am one victim of ufx lies and scams. The adviser Salmane Rajab burns my account in one transaction, more than 12000$ loss (he buys 5000 position oil, my package does not support this amount !?, he did not make any stop loss or protection) and this contradicts the UFX slogan: ( UFX is committed to creating the most comfortable trading environment along with the best trading conditions).!?!?
He refuses to explain the causes of the loss with no responsibility and recognition of the error and also contrary to UFX stated principles :(But be sure that your personal trainer will not leave you once you have successfully used the platform. We believe that constant support opens new doors for you, answers all your questions at any time, and with what degree of experience you have gained.) !?
I call many time the first adviser Hassan Omari and send many Emails, many calls but no feed back or answer!??
I send Email to complaint service, also no feed back or answer!?
This is the reality of UFX, the real face of UFX, do not take chance to invest with this company and stand away from this company, Salmane Rajab and Hassane Omari.
Suhaila Kalantar ,
Dubai , United Arab Emirates,
Mar 30, 2017,

Scammed me for 200000$

I found this company advertising on twitter, im living in Dubai i contacted them then they started to contact me to open a small account , i opened a small account for almost 3000$ lost then they told me send again so we can recover , i send again 16k , then 75k then 65k the total was almost 130k $ , all the time someone calls me, he tells me all the trades i should do, i executed all the trades he gave me AND ALL OF THEM WAS JUST LOSSES, sure because they are market maker , they told me now we are in a bad posetion and you wil get Margin call soon, for that you have to send at least 50k , i sent them 52k$ , all the money i sent some was with credit card and some was with Wire transfer, to there bank account in Nour bank in Dubai, after i sent all the money i found someone online he warned me from them, and told me to close all the positions i have and withdraw the rest of the money, i closed all i still had 98750$ on my account , i sent a withdraw request the same guy i was dealing with and gave me the trades , told me we will not send you anything you have to trade with this money other wise you lost the money, i told them i need the money and i dont want to trade ... so what they did , they told me if you take only one trade now on this account we will give you all the money back :::i took another trade and the 98750$ disappeared from there platform !!!!! not just that ... they kept calling me telling me sell your real estate and send us 120k to cover you all the losses ... this company is simply A MAFIA ... they have to be closed everywhere where they have there license ...when a clients from the gulf area opens there website, you dont see all the license you only vanuatu !!! when you open it from europe you see that they are licensed from CYSEC ..another thing with CYSEC, do you want to tell me they nevery heared about all thiere scams all the time ..and they still leave them open cheating others !!!

Please i want someone to help me, these people are scamming the people for millions every month
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 22, 2017,

ever seen wolves of wall street? ufx does that !!

their account manager forces you to deposit more but apart from that what makes this broker a worst is their servers go down often on web based platforms so you wont be able to close the trades!! i lost 1800$ which could have been a 100$ profit trade but because of not closing i lost all my money !!their server went down and they blamed on me even after saying that their website showed a message as server down! i would say guys just look out and there are lots of advanced good brokers and i would be so glad if any single person change their mind from using ufx!!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 18, 2017,
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UFX is a Scam!

I have a big issue and complaint on UFX company, a broker called me from this company and convinced me to open an account with them. So I started with $500, and we had so much calls via TeamViewer application. after one day of funding my account with $500 they started to convince me to put more and more money into my account to have a gold account with VIP members and 24 hours help and recommendations and an account manager that will stay with me all the time and call me when any event or report will happen or is happening in the market. Sorry I am poor with English and I am an Arabic speaker, but I will try to explain the whole situation. After opening the account with $500 they pushed me via call phones and on TeamViewer to add more and more money and they started to deposit money using my credit card from their side (it was under my approval) and convinced me when i reached the maximum limit of my credit card to transfer money to their bank account in UAE and it will be deposited into my account the maximum in 24 hours, but it tooks 4 days to get it into my forex account, and now i have $25000 (twenty five thousand us dollar). after that my account manager started to let me trade with low risk just to show me how much i can profit and get benefit, until he pushed me to open a trades with bigger amount and high risk without stop loss limit, i started to gain some money. And when i requested to withdraw some money from my account here all the treatment changed from his side and he pushed me to open a trade on gold before the time of the interest rate in America and said the gold will decrease so much and you can make 40 to 50% of your initial amount deposited in no time, but what i discovered that the gold increased too much in price and i lost more than 60% of my money and he disappeared all the day and stopped replying to me, same for support team in UFX (no one call or notify me or advice me what to do), knowing that It's a VIP account that i have!!
Here i closed the trade after losing around $26000 (my initial amount and the profit that i gained before that day).
i was so shocked with all the loss without any notification from their side.
The next day, the account manager called me and blame me why i closed the trade and the gold will decrease again and i should deposit more money into my account to have more margin for it, but i told him i can't and i am out of money, so he convinced me to sell gold again with high risk but the gold kept increasing and i lost more $5000 from my balance and also he didn't reply to my message or called me.
Here i closed the trade again and i requested to withdraw the rest of the money i have into my account and now waiting for the approval from their side to release my money.
End of story, this company should be closed permanently and cancel it's license, they are pushing people to deposit a lot of money and cheat them and convince them to deposit more and more and make you lose all your investment. i lost $14600 from my money in less than 1 month and now they disappeared totally and can't get any reply from their side.
what i can do in this case? and is there any way to get my money that i lost due to the cheat and fraud that they made?
Thanks and Best regards.
Nov 27, 2016,
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"I have reached a settlement with the company. Though I did not receive back all the I lost, I consider the arrangement to be sufficient to the extent that I now consider the case to be resolved. I have to say that I was treated in a fair manner by Adam Miller

Oct 10, 2016 - 1 Star Hi all victims who got scam by Ufx. I am also a victim of ufx lies and scams. I would like to invite all victims or even not victims ( people who want to prevent ufx lies and scams to everyone) please to join in our group to fight against ufx. I would like to get some more people then we could start together to destroy ufx forever. We could not stand like that to allow ufx to deliver ufx lies and scams to the community. I have already had a plan. When our group has some more people we could start the plan as soon as possible. At the momet we have some from Afghanistan, USA, Australia...Furthermore, I have my lawyers so if anyone needs help please let me know. Please send me an email to zinana108@yahoo.com i am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon then we can start everything. The more people will be better for everything. Thank you very much
Oct 7, 2016,
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Sam D souza is lier and stole my money about 5000$!Σ(×_×;)!I couldnt get my money(*_*)...
Sep 28, 2016,
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A broker to be avoided

CAUTION !!!! Bad broker , platform manipulation with very high spread changes .... platform blocked ability to work

ATTENZIONE !!!! Broker pessimo, manipolazione della piattaforma con variazioni di spread altissimi.... blocco della piattaforma con impossibilità ad operare
perth, Australia,
Sep 7, 2016,
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This broker firm is very bad, their signals and trading strategies are very bad i lost $1000 usd with all the false signals given by my brokers and there wont be a proper response when you loose money they will change leverage so that you cant recover when you loose, I called my broker to call me when i loose the money and asked him why did i loose he replied i dont know, but i followed his signals and the next email after that was sending price may go up or down even a non trader knows price may go up or down. They steal all your money guys dont trade with ufx.com
, United Kingdom,
Jun 13, 2016,

had some issues but after extensive talks with an advisor, my complaint was resolved fairly.

2016-02-10 1Star the company is very reckless and offers a very abysmal service. there is no care for a client's funds and offer next to no help when things go wrong. they lead you on a very dark path that cannot have a positive outcome.
london, United Kingdom,
May 23, 2016,
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U F X complain

1 After attending many seminars and workshop on forex trading I finally came across UFX markets, because I thought they were the most transparent and honest broker . On their Website they said they are regulated by the FSA

A) “UFX is an internationally recognised leader in the online trading industry. In 2011, UFX became regulated in the European Union and our global business is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC” or the “Regulator”) and subject to CySEC Rules, thereby adhering to the highest ethical standards, customer protection, and security of funds. The license number is 127/10”.

B) We are an STP (Straight-Through-Processing) broker, meaning we do not take opposing trades to yours, and we offer fixed and stable spreads. Our state-of-the-art platform caters to traders of all levels, our customer support centre has won numerous awards for excellence in the uk forex markets, and our reliability is second to none and have won many awards

I started trading with UFX 2 months ago I deposited $500 with credit card I was assigned a personal trading advisor (Jennifer R) and started to trade straight away I made very little profit around $ 5 and kept on opening trade by the trading advisor and was told don’t worry I don’t need to know too many things as from now on, I will have someone with me who will advise me and be there for any trades I open, I won’t be left alone to make decision, and will be mentored all the time.
Soon I was told I need to add more funds to my account as there was something big coming to the market and I need to take the opportunity.
Every day I received call from Jennifer about trading opportunities and again am told that I need to add funds to be able to trade.
I WAS pushed to keep adding funds and told in forex trading the sky is the limit .I was asked if I had any assets or money anywhere and if I did ,I should bring everything to the trading account because very soon I will see the incredible return otherwise I will regret and that’s what the managers done too for themselves, they said they speaking from their experiences, again and again I was told very big opportunities coming in the market which I shouldn’t miss, I was told to ask for a loan from the bank if I can’t get funds from anywhere else otherwise I will regret and then they gave examples of their other clients who followed their strategies and really making a lot of money .
They said they were going to work together with me so I can eventually quit my job and attain full financial freedom and they were very convincing.

I added another £4500 via wire transfer not credit card as I had the cash, Then I was told I will be transferred to a another manager (Tom P) who is higher and better who will help me to maximise my profits because I am now at a different level in my account.
The new manager was very nice and very convincing and soon again I was told to add more funds and pressurise because of something big happening and promise it will double triple and much more profits I will be making in a very short time,

He called me every day and told me where I need to open trade and how much and explain the platform a little bit, I was learning as I am a completely beginner. Many trades were open and close with profits.

Then I was sent Down Jones charts and told Down Jones is a bigger contract and needed more funds as the returns is quite big and what I can profit/achieve in a few months I will be able to achieve in a week or more with the Down Jones.

Again I was pressurised to add more and more funds I was told that we will be working on a different strategy and the more fund I added the higher points I can trade with the Dow Jones by then my balance was funded up to $40,000 by many payments through the credit cards.

Again I was told to pump in more funds into the account ,when I said I can’t make any more payment from credit card from , I was told to take a loan from bank or remortgage if I can, when I said I can't do any of this I was told some of the people have gathered colleagues and friends and raised money together that was a very good and easy way to add funds .I was send a copy of a strategy done by one of the client who has gathered 10 colleagues together and raised quite a lot of money more than a $100,000, I was told by doing this he will make incredible profits in a short term through his trade in Dow Jones.

He told me if I knew friends, colleagues and families he will speak to them and explain and said I should show my portfolio and they will be convinced. I was told the company was regulated and had the client’s best interest in mind and UFX wanted to build a good and lasting relationship and knew that I know many people and I will recommend them to UFX and I was a very important client for them.

I became like an addict I was constantly looking for funds to add to the account, and was asked every time more fund needed to come because of another big opportunities etc...

I have gathered 3 colleagues and raise funds and funded the account again
Then I was told if I can get more people.
I asked to withdraw $1,500 and it was processed many days later then every time I said I need to withdraw funds I was advised to leave it in the account for more days because we waiting for this and that big opportunities and it was better to have the funds then I can withdraw.

Every time I have told the manager that I have credit card deadline to pay so I need to withdraw money I'm told wait until the last minute I then he will ask for an express withdrawal request. I told him I spoke to the bank and they said the money must be in 3 days before and Ufx take a long time for money to clear and be in the account. I was convince again not to worry and he will do it today before he leaves the office and better leave the money for couple of hours today because of the us non-farm announcements it was Friday the 06/05/16 right I was told again if I have spoken to my other friends and told them to wire me the money to my account and then I can transfer it to UFX and have the money ready for Monday Tuesday so we can start trading on oil and I was emailed the chart about oil and told from next week it will be literally like money on the floor that’s how profitable it will be, I spoke to my friend and he said he is not able to wire in $45,000 this week it will be next week and 2 more friends said the week after they will give me $ 10,000 each.
I told my personal trading advisor Tom that it wasn't possible this week.
Few days before Friday and that Friday I had opened many trades and all resulted in profits all the trades I opened were, I was following my personal training advisor and he was telling me what to do how many contracts to add and if the trade was closed reopen them again and keep on profiting from it. All was under guidance from the advisor, if something was opened wrong or by mistake I will speak to him straight away and he in turn was monitoring all the trades.
Friday the 06/05/16 by 1.25 pm most of the open trades were closed and I was on the phone with my advisor my balance on my account was around $130,000 out of which around $70,000 was just profits.
I was going to withdraw my profits and the credit card payment withdrawal that I have repeatedly ask before and he was going to do it that day. I have worked very hard and I was told again and again that I was a very valuable client in the company it wasn’t a lie they really meant it, and soon the way I was working I will very soon reach $180,000 then more and more, however when I reach $150,000 I don’t need to worry about withdrawing profits because on even a quiet week I will be able to withdraw a quarter of my balance without worrying about my margin and equity.
Balance reached around $135,000.
That Friday I was asked again to wire in more funds before the announcement happens because after the US non-farm announcement more opportunity will be here with big profits.
5 minutes before the US non-farm announcement I was still on the phone with Tom my Personal trading advisor and reminded him not to forget that he need to put the request for withdrawal to pay the credit card because Monday the money should be in, he told me don’t worry he knows and will do it. Then I was TOLD to open 3 trades on gold 5 minutes before the announcement and was told that it will close with profits within 5 minutes my account went from $135,000 TO $0. It was like a kiss of death

Everything was going so well I was in shock and never at any point was I advise to put a stop loss that this can be very risky during these times with Tom P he never spoke about stop loss or risk involved I was told that only 2% of the margin is used in trading.

I called and ask what happened I was told it was an unfortunate process which has affected a lot of people because something to do with indicators and this can happens in 1 to 15 times and it didn’t happen for a very long time , Wasn’t told this information before being told to add 3 trades for gold few mins prior to the announcement ,I shouldn’t be told to take a big risk like this without warning and we could have waited for a few hours or until Monday for the markets to correct itself then start taking advantage of the announcement even if there was a 1% of risk involved to open a trade just before a crucial announcement I should have been told and also told to add a stop loss it will be better to lose a few thousands or not to add any trade at all during this uncertain times than losing everything. I was told don’t worry just go home and don’t think about this at all during the weekend and Monday we will speak about it he will be here and help me and do whatever he can to sort this out and I shouldn’t be negative at all and we are in this together and I must trust him he will do everything he can..
I spent the whole weekend in extreme dilemma and shock, didn’t know what to do and couldn’t believe what happened, I called friends and family to borrow me some money to pay the credit card but couldn’t find any help anywhere. Was very stress and depressed I wanted to kill myself I didn’t know how I will tell the other 3 people who have added funds in my trading account couldn’t face them and told them the truth, they have believed in me so much and trusted me with the money and I have showed them the account summary of how much trade I’m opening and the profits I’m making. I wanted to take my own life I couldn’t find any solution I had only £ 10 left.

Monday morning I started to make phone call to UFX no one pick the phone I tried all their extensions but no reply, I emailed Tom and reminded him that he needs to call me and sorted this out he told me I was a priority for him and he was going to try his best to see what can be done.
I spoke to him many time on Monday he told me he doesn’t have any solution yet and he was trying his best I called again and again, HE told me that this week was the great opportunity for oil and send me a chart and explain about something like an elastic band with the oil and I need to make sure I carry on trading he asked me if I can add some funds in the account and I told him I don’t have a penny left , he said what about the other friends n family who wanted to add money I said I can’t tell them now because of what happened I can’t ask any more money it wasn’t right I cant take any responsibility of other people money I need to sort this out first , I was told again and again that if they added money I will catch on the great opportunity on oil as it doesn’t require a big margin and balance for oil trade I simply said no that I won’t be able to do this under any circumstances. I was told in the meantime it was better to have funds in the account and carry on trading I said again I don’t have a penny left.
THEN he said he will try to speak to a very dear friend of his who many years back he has done a favour and the person is also the account chief analyst and was going to ask him to return the favour for something very big he had done before, he made me believe that h=as I was very valuable to him he will use this just for me and he will also get the account as a project account. He said this shouldn’t be more than a few days.
I believed him and waited and waited, I emailed many times to call me with an update and was told that I need to wait he will let me know I was under extreme stress didn’t know where to turn.
The next day I called and called again then I was told an account manager will call me then someone called Alex Cooper the account retention manager called and said he was going to get me up and running very quickly and I needed to give them time I will surely recover and make up to $500,000 in a couple of months but I need to believe in them and be positive and don’t give up.
He asked me I need to at least fund the account with some money and I need to deposit some money he will make sure he will give me the best personal trading advisor to work with me and there are many different ways and strategies that will be put in place for this not to happened again and if I don’t want to work with Tom then he will assign one of his best trader.
I told Alex I don’t have a penny to add to the account he said Tom told him I know many people who wants to add fund with me to trade with UFX and I can ask them I said that wasn’t possible at all I can’t take responsibility of others money now I need to make sure that my case was resolved first and then I can think about it again.
When he understood that I wasn’t going to do anything he told me he was going to see if he can try to see what he can do because I was a valuable client and wanted to make sure I was trading again.
After many phone calls he kept on telling me he was doing a favour again as a valuable client and no need for me to go in the past I needed to move forward and be positive to be able to carry on and make enough to withdraw and pay the credit card too. He was going to make sure putting one of his top advisors or he will work with me himself to achieve this again and in a couple of months’ time I will forget all this after recovering again. I told him the form you send me to sign is very complicated and has too many clauses I was confused Alex said don’t worry about the form just sign it and you can start trading again , he called me many times and said that too many opportunities happening about the oil and I’m missing it.
He said he is waiting for the signed form from me.
I said I’m still waiting for the Chief complain officer to write back he said that the officer will not be doing anything big because Alex himself is the main manager,
I insisted that I feel I was messed around at the last minute and told him it feel like it was done purposely and it was a foul play. Just before a withdrawal was going to be made I was made to perform a deadly trade, and I said I have checked if something similar has happened to others too.
ALEX told me that wasn’t true and he is not aware of anything like this by then I was very annoyed, cheated, felt betrayed conned and let down Alex told me he told the chief complain officer not to answer me because we are negotiating are have come to an very good arrangements which I didn’t.
I said I still want him to look into the complaint and receive an answer, while this was the complaint procedure he should follow, Alex said that the complaint officer will give me less money and it was pointless, I insisted I want a reply not long after the complain officer Adam Miller called me and said same thing had a very long discussion with him and he said after studying my account I’m at fault and because I’m very good and important client.
After many attempt to persuade me that ufx had done everything for me and they were not at fault. If I wanted he will personally work with me to recover, I insisted that I wanted a written reply not verbal he told me he wasn’t able to do this and attempt he said he was going to see if my account can be funded by UFX with £ 10,000 then many attempts again he sad $ 13,000and called me on Sunday and said that he has emailed me a form I need to sign, dated, scanned and emailed him back the form straightaway the fund will be release by Monday.
I lost $ 130,000 and they were going to add only $13,000 and I made a complain to UFX chief complain advisor and he emailed me back and said he will answer within 5 business working days.
Before I was told to open this gold trade I have reminded the manager I need to request the withdrawal because my due date was approaching for the credit card I was told don't worry it will be requested at the end of the day .
I've lost everything in one minute by following what they said and don't know what to do I'm left without a penny and I still have to pay the credit card which is a big amount and I own the 3 colleague money for the funds they added too .ufx has said to me give it some time and be positive I will be able to gain everything back they said they don't want to lose me as a valuable client they will offer an exgratia payment of $13000 and that will be final I don't want to sign the agreement I lost $1350000 through no fault of mine .

2. They don't want to accept responsibility and said it wasn't a foul play thy have called me many times and telling me that I need to sign this no claim form they will add $13000 to

$ 15,000 for me to start trading again to regain the lost, I have lost $ 130,000 with a last minute bad advice. I have explain again and again that I had opened the last deadly trade because the personal advisor has call me and was on the phone with me telling me I need to open the trade few mins before the us non-farm announcement, Wouldn’t open the trade if I wasn’t call by phone and told to do so while I’m still on the phone.
he instructed me how many oz. on gold and how many trade , and didn't tell me it was risky I might lose everything , I’m gutted I don't know what I need to do ,the personal trader advisor knew very well that, that day I have reminded him that I need to make a withdrawal to pay the credit card , which I requested 2 weeks ago but was told not to do it now do it on Friday after the announcement ,within 5 mins everything was wiped out, not sure what to do next and if I will be able to recover this money . I've been put under extreme stress and pressure.
What Tom P my personal trading advisor told me about the favour he was going to ask the chief analysis and my account will be taken as a project this promises were not honoured and I didn’t hear anything about this again. I Emailed Tom no answer from him then Alex told me he has asked everyone not to contact me as he was the only one dealing with me until this matter is resolved.

1. The no claim form from the manager (Alex Cooper) on Sunday
No claims form
Relianco investments ltd (ufx markets) agrees to remit to the personal account of the client the amount of $ 13000 as full settlement of any claims monetary or otherwise past present and future which the client may have against ufx markets and its employees.

the remittance is made strictly as an ex gratia payment and ufx markets admits no responsibility or wrongdoing of whatever nature in relation to the remittance or the relationship between ufx markets any of its employees or associated parties .

The client expressly and unequivocally agrees to accept the remittance of the funds and declares any all claims held against ufx markets any of its employees. Thereof to be withdrawn.

for the avoidance of any reputational loss to ufx markets and any all third parties such as but not limited to forums,blogs, public bodies, governmental or enforcement agencies ,regulatory authorities or magazines which the client has contacted regarding any and all claims against ufx markets thereof shall be informed with immediate effect of the satisfactory handling and successive withdrawal of the claims.The fund will be made available for immediate withdrawal upon confirmation of informing the third parties of the withdrawal of the claims.

2. This is the reply from the chief complaint officer (Adam Miller)
Dear Yasmeen,
As I mentioned and emphasized before, an extensive investigation was conducted
Following the complaint you’ve made. The investigation was based on the facts and
The evidence in your case, and the findings do not raise any problem in the way your
Account was managed.
Accordingly, and based on the facts UFX has no responsibility in any way for your losses.
However, UFX as an organization, strive to provide its clients with the most successful
And positive client experience. Thus, we cannot allow ourselves to overlook the fact that
You lost funds. Therefore, leniently, and from a client satisfaction propose only, and we
Assure you that we are highly committed to retain you as a satisfied customer, currently,
UFX is willing to consider to grant you $10,000 as a supporting bonus for trading. We consider
This amount to be the first building block in a recovery plan, and from our will as a company
To see you as one of our successful traders.
Awaiting your response,
Kind Regards,
Adam Miller Senior Complaint Officer
+44.208.1500778 Ext. 1675 +44.207.6811810 AdamM@ufxmarkets.com.
I have emailed back straight away what is the next step of the complain and haven’t heard from anyone.
May 5, 2016,

I'm going to start this review by saying that because of this company I have lost 110,000.00 USD in a period of one month. When you first start working with this company they show you that you're making profit, an unbelievable percentage, then the advisor asks you add more money. And because of the profits why not add more? But when you're account grows enough they start giving you bad advice and they stick to it in order for you to lose all your money. After checking my account and saw that I was losing all my money (capital and profits), I called the advisor and he advised me to leave the deal because the market was going to change and EUR/USD was going to go back up; after a long argument over the phone and via emails he stayed persistent and convinced me to leave the investment and that the market is definitely changing in the morning. After waking up the next morning I saw that not only did I lose all my money, but UFX also closed all of the trades I was involved in, no matter if they were losing or winning. They closed all my deals without me asking them to do so. Not to mention that when I first found out that my deals were losing money I contacted my advisor who didn't reply before I said in my last and tenth email that I was going to withdraw all my money. When he finally calls he says that he knows of all the losses and told me not to worry because he's monitoring the account and that its all going according to plan. The next morning I contacted customer support to report the advisor, they told me the person responsible of complaints was going to call, but instead the same misleading advisor calls, and tried to blame me for the losses. After a week of daily calls and emails he finally convinced me to invest again promising that he wouldn't make the same mistakes, make up my previously mooney, and that we'll take it easy this time to make sure that he doesn't lose my money again. I added a sum of 20,000 USD and made sure that the advisor knows that the money was from my family's savings and my kids' university tuition. I only added the money after a million promises, I made sure were sent by email for me to have proof of our conversation. But within two weeks he lost all the money and UFX did the same thing by closing my trades overnight and closing all the deals I've made without asking them to do so. The second time he lost the money, we went through the same process of me telling him about the initial losses and him insisting that this time wasn't going to be the same as last time because this time he's more sure about the market shifting to our benefit. And that he was monitoring the market and my account closely, and because of that I was convinced to leave the deals even though I was strongly against it. After the second time I lost all my money, I contacted customer support again, they told me that the complaints officer was going to contact me, but up until today, the fifth day after they closed the deals, no one other than my condescending advisor has contacted me in the hopes of getting me to invest again. After telling him off, I told him that I was going to sue him. His reply was “my company has a 100 lawyers backing me so do what you want”.
So please if you find yourself in business with UFX get out as fast as you can, and if you couldn’t withdraw your money as it’s a common issue with this company, stay away from QUSAI HIJAZI who made me lose 110,000.00 USD.
, Romania,
May 4, 2016,

I have had a real cool experience with UFX. I have traded with them for 4 months, used both their mobile and desktop app, enjoyed their crowd data and made some modest profits. When I asked to withdraw my profits, my account manager got disappointed and tried to persuade me to stay, but once I explained that I want to quit, the process went quickly.
Allan Ritchie,
Enmore, Australia,
Apr 18, 2016,

These people are very deternmined they just keep ringing over and over but in the end I believe they tricked me into giving them my account details they then took my money anyway they said its gone in ongoing fees they then bought gold and swiped the huge profit I made .I then lost half of even that in confusion after them swiping my profit, so I ve still got money there these people simply wont give me it back whats left look people shouldnt be into this anyway because even if you do do ok your encouraging something that makes someonelse far worse off what Im saying mis what if one gains the world but they lose their sole in doing it
, Canada,
Apr 6, 2016,

Ufx is the worst broker, they constantly call you and pressure you to make wreckless trades and deposit more money. I was fooled into opening huge trades that wrecked my account when I actually was making a good profit. Their account managers will traumitize you to no end. Stay far far away
Ahmed Turk,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Feb 26, 2016,

They stole around 10000$ from me

See my story here:

British Colombia, Canada (Really UFX in Israel),
Feb 11, 2016,
Registered user

I do not understand what it is that you are complaining about .
you guys have chosen to start up an account with them
and then you YOU lose your OWN money you cry about it .
I was trading with UFX from 2009 - 2013 I started with a $10,000 and ended up with a bit over $ 100,000.
I decided to close my account due to some health issues.

On August 2015 one Jacob Knight called me up to ask how i was and if I want to start trading again .
After about an hour conversation where he has explained to me all about their new risk management plan and the new platform they have launched on the first of this month ( he told me about it in advance ) I decided to deposit $ 20,000 and in 6 short months i made a profit of $ 80,150 with the help of Mr.Marks and Mike Junior .
So before you run off and cry about the s*** that is happening to you
please make sure that it is not your own GODDAMN FAULT.

A wonderful day to you all .
James R. Clark

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This review came from the same location used by UFX's client's complaint officer to post in the FPA's forums. There is also a forums account belonging to Jacob Knight (a UFX employee thanked in this review) accessed from the same location.

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, Canada,
Feb 11, 2016,

Hi i just get wiped out my 7000$ what i found out is the the guy who represented him self as a "very skilled and experienced person who been in the field for 7 years which i can rely on" been trading with since a little more than 2 weeks asked me to start with 500$ then kept making a successful deals for $2 to $3 after that told me adding another 500$ will make the profit double so we get to $5 sometimes 10$ after a week of good little profit he opened a lost position for me and the loss get growing and in order to protect the fund to keep the money from being lost he recommended to add $3000 after doing so he suggested to open positions on Gold to sell 2 positions which i can see it's going up but he said as skilled trader the gold will reverse and go down i can see the gold never went down from 1145 goes to 1190, so now i'm in bigger loss after 2 days he called back ohhh!! the gold will be going down now we should take the opportunity and open another 3 positions which he convinced me again to do and after that he start eating while he was talking to me, in that moment i realized i'm screwed up and this guy he was never a professional, which means not skilled with such attitude, and we all know how people in financial institution should be like, then gold kept going up up 1210 almost lost the $4000 so i decided to put more money in order to save it and thinking as he said gold will go down after all this,
then by morning gold reached the 1250.00 and i have nothing in my balance except the 290$ that i collect on the three weeks, just to mention he got me open 6 lost positions with between $1500 and 600 each this guy want me to get on what he called a recovery plan to recover my money which i felt a his second attempt for drain me out and to looks he is attempting to recover my money and not just let think that they throw me a way after all this