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4.434 • 19 REVIEWS
Updated: Sep 8, 2023

What is Track n Trade?

Track n Trade is a piece of trading software developed by Gecko Software company which is founded by Lan H. Turner.  Track n Trade is designed for trading Futures, Forex, Stocks.

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4.434 • 19 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Track n Trade

Sussex, United Kingdom,
Nov 5, 2014,

I have found the team at Gecko software to be very helpful but I didn't like the Track "n" Trade, Autopilot nor did I like the Bulls and Bears plug-ins. The Track and Trade platform is good but maybe a little over engineered for my liking. Personally, I prefer "Trade Station" and as such will continue to use this instead. I now feel that I wasted my money with TNT especially when Trade-Station is free to us with no monthly subscription too!.
Joan Anderson
Boise, ID, USA,
Oct 6, 2012,

After trading FX for several years I was impressed with the advanced features from Track and Trade. I primary trade the EURUSD only and use the Advantage Lines. During the two week trial I felt no pressure from the staff to make a purchasing decision and they were more than helpful with the questions I had about the software. The software is loaded with educational material to help learn their system very quickly.
Neil W
Chicago, USA,
Oct 5, 2012,

I was presently suprised at how easy it is to get educational material from Track n Trade. They have been very helpful with my forex learning experience. I want to let others know about them since they are the real deal and provide, in my opinion, excellent software and service. Thank you!!!
Curtis Walker
San Fran, CA, USA,
Aug 25, 2012,

Been a TNT user for over a year. Been very happy with the service and support from their staff. Their Bulls and Bears software was the unique feature that sold me. Great signals, support and software.
Park City, USA,
Jul 16, 2012,

There is so much to this software. I was a long time user of one of the bigger firms and was more than happy to drop them for the easy of use, accurate signals and customer service I get with TNT.
West Valley, UT, USA,
May 5, 2012,

I would consider myself a novice trader. Track `n Trade was the third platform that I tried when I started trading. After working on a demo account for 8 months I went live using Track `n Trade. The staff was very friendly and helpful and patient with my newbie questions. My key to success has been the excellent signals I get from the Advantage Lines indicator system.
Steve W
Anaheim, CA, USA,
Mar 14, 2012,

I use the Track and Trade with their Advantage Lines and Autopilot software and simply love the software. Not sure what else to say about it, simple, easy to use, great signals.
Michael Bluth
Oct 7, 2011,

I use Track and Trade on a Mac running parallels and love this software. The autopilot software was the big selling feature for me since I don't want to get up and trade during the London open but we all know that is where all the volatility is. Great software and support.
Andrew Hall
Apr 5, 2011,

I have two of the Track 'n Trade Platforms - The LIVE Futures & the LIVE Forex platforms. Since this is a forex I will talk about the forex mainly. Both platforms are the best I've used in my 13 years of trading and many thousands of dollars later. You can do auto-trading and build your own strategies (don't have to be a programmer because of the easy-to-use control panel) or you can do manual trading. The easy drag-n-drop trading is fast and easy to get in and out of trades and have preset/stops limits attached to your orders. For me this what I've been searching for. I've had this platform for 1.5 years. Two thumbs up from me.
Greg Hunt
Winter Park Florida,
Apr 3, 2011,

I have a quick story to share with my friends on FPA.

I'm primarily a futures trader, been trading futures for years now, and my wife has continually wanted to get involved, not so sure a good thing, but finally she convinced me to let her be a part of my trading, but I didn't want her to start out with futures, so I started looking into a forex platform for her. We tried three or four of the free one's, but she couldn't make any progress and wasn't able to feel comfortable with them. Finally, we came across Track 'n Trade, and she fell in love with it, it was perfect for her, easy to understand, and easy to place orders, and had excellent tech support guys she could call. I must say, we've been very pleased with the Track 'n Trade, so much so, that I started using it for my futures trading, and I've started trading forex on a more regular basis too.

So, my recommendation, if you're looking for a very simple, fast and user friendly tool to trade the forex (and futures) then I think you might want to look at Track 'n Trade, we've been very happy with it so far.

Thanks for a great site FPA, I've truly enjoyed your services, and I'm (we're) glad to be a part of your community.

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