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Updated: Apr 5, 2016
4.6 · 5 REVIEWS
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4.6 · 5 REVIEWS
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, Belgium,
Apr 4, 2016,

I've been there for several years and it is one of the best forums i know where you really can learn to trade. Actually i have been teaching there myself for several years and people who see my nickname will know who i am. A lot of people are saying a lot of things about TRO but when you ask something you will get an answer. He gives a lot of free stuff and when you want to tweak something you can ask him. He also has a lot of special indicators. People who appreciate his work can sent him a donation and all those who do that will receive a batch with all the special ones. On a lot of other forums he is indeed banned but most of the times because he is telling the truth and that is most of the times not appreciated but i can only say look to yourself and se how you react when someone is pointing you the facts!!!
Sudbury, Canada,
Dec 16, 2011,


I have never paid for any of TRO's "donational" indicators. I have used the free ones he gives out to the public. I am quite content with these. If, however, I find one of his donational indicators to do something I REALLY want then by all means I will send him money. The man codes free indicators, teaches for free, yet if he enhances some indis to do a little more than he deserves the credit.

CTGUY instead of focusing on something you are not willing to pay for, take advantage of the free supplies and make use of them. It's a scalping method and it works.

I highly recommend Kreslik for all sort of reasons, from getting answers to questions, getting freebies, and just plain old reading!
Alabama/Tennessee, USA,
Dec 15, 2011,

I like the looks of the site but am bothered by the smothering of a poster that has been known as a con artist and banned on most sites (actually this is the only site I see him posting on now) that goes by the name of TheRumpledOne. He states that all his indicators are free and he doesn't accept pay for his systems, but he does accept donations. I've seen him get into arguments with members of forums over this. How can someone not accept payments but accepts donations? Also, why does this person get away with saying all his indicators are free, but if you do donate, you get access to elite indicators....hum, I thought all indicators were free. The member shoots down the credibility of this forum.
Feb 9, 2010,

Excellent site, Freebies galore...... and excellent guidance as to market and use of indicators.....

Be sure to look for TRO's OPPORTUNITY posts each morning. they are money makers!

He is super helpful to many people.
Andy Leushuis,
May 17, 2009,

I've been on this site every day from december last year and it has provided me with a very clear understanding of the forex market in the broadest sense and how to tackle them with simple systems and concepts !