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Updated: Jan 31, 2019
3.491 · 59 REVIEWS
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Due to unresolved FPA Traders Court guilty verdicts against 4RunnerForex and 1LotSTP, the FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with all brokers belonging to Fx Systems.

FxSytems, it's associated brokers 1LotSTP, 1PipFox, 2PipFixed, 4RunnerForex, and LoyalForex are all considered to be Scams by the FPA. Their fake regulator NFACS.org is also considered to be a scam.


Caution:  A large number of fake positive reviews have come in for this company.

Formerly an IB for InvestTechFx.  Then an IB for LoyalForex.

November 2011:  1 Pip Fix and Loyal Forex now belong to FX Systems.

All of these websites are down.  The companies appear to be out of business.  The FPA cautions traders to be on the lookout for new websites run by this group.


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3.491 · 59 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

, Bolivia,
Sep 22, 2014,

A question to Jason: Are you still happy with this company? They did not update your homepage, no contact informacion, they stopped the chat service with customer service... All FXSystems company are scam, I lost more than USD 3000 with 1lotstp, if you can show with proofs that they withdrawed your money, I will believe you that this company is really great...
Ontario, Canada,
Jul 20, 2014,

I have only good things to relate about 1pipfix. The spreads are competitive and really impressed with execution speed. Never a requote. Any negative comments about them seem to be about many years ago or other affiliates. There is no issues with them at all. I would recommend them for their honestly and integrity. If you want a good broker, its a good place to start
California, USA,
Feb 18, 2014,

I started with 1pipfix on 2010, then after a couple months, they leave my money with InvestTechFX and run away.

InvestTechFX was found to be a crime and police is looking for their excutives.

I can never get my money back. I think 1pipfix should take this responsibility.
Arif H.,
Lahore, Pakistan,
Feb 5, 2014,

1pip Fix broker is a good and very reliable Forex broker. It has excellent and very fast customer support. I am with it from two months and I have no complaint with them yet.
Seattle, USA,
Nov 25, 2013,

Don't know if I trust them. The physical address is not legit and I questioned this and got the run around. When I finally asked if I could show up at their office location and deposit funds, I was informed that they would not take a US client...mmmm?
Delhi, India,
Oct 28, 2013,

Service has improved over time. I am pleased with the deposit and withdraw. I am able to get a 100% bonus every deposit which helps.
Dennis ,
Toronto, Canada,
Jul 24, 2013,

I gave them a try because of all the good reviews on this site but I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Tried to withdraw some money that I made and after a wile I got most of it back. When I tried to get the remaining I was ignored This has been going on for about 3 months now . I finally got a response that I violated the terms .What terms If you make money you cannot have it back.Good luck getting your money from this scam artist.I was not rude just asking for my withdrawal of funds they ascked why I want to close my account when I made profitable trades. OH well I can kiss my profit goodbye .I would try to get my money back from this company that goes by many deferent names FX systems 1pipfix ex.all the same bs. Maybe they treat the big customers differently or they are having financial problems I don't know. I have switched to a Pepperstone account with no problems at all. Funny I did not violate there terms. This is Bad company to deal with and everyone should know .Surly I cant be the only one with this problem .Yes they do have good support from a third party which has nothing to do with the company just hired support. It is hard enough to make money in this game let alone when the company you rely on is steeling you hard earned profit. How can they have a visa account? I did not know thieves can except visa. Oh and my account is also frozen so I cant even trade But who would want to If you cant get your money. Be warned. If you read the discussion threads you will see what I mean.
Svetlana Stojanović,
Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro,
Feb 23, 2013,

Very trustworthy broker with excellent trading conditions. For my trading I prefer scalping. I trade in now with 1pipfix already for 6 months. For this time there was not any problems with executions, requotes are kept to minimum. I didn't meet more convenient method of withdrawal and deposit. Lot of payment methods is doubtless advantage of this broker. I think overall it's quite honest and reliable broker.
Sheikh Sabayyal,
Lahore, Pakistan,
Feb 11, 2013,

I have not faced any trouble with 1pipfix , their support is very good and reliable. Most traders care about the withdrawal, which I found they are very fast with. Bottom line is profit and because of the fast ordres and no requote issues, I'm able to make a monthly profit
Singapore, Singapore,
Jan 27, 2013,

I have been trying to submit a withdrawal request a few times by now. The first few times it was rejected because I chose the 'wrong withdrawal method'. It felt like they did not want to tell me what was the correct withdrawal method for my account but were just happy to simply be able to reject it. This time I did my research and figured out what I think is the right withdrawal method. Now there is no answer for about 3 weeks! I submitted an enquiry to the support team about that, and no answer to that as well! I'm submitting another enquiry now and will be filing my case if still no answer by this week. I simply want my money back, why won't you let me??