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1PipFix.com Review

Updated: Jan 31, 2019
3.491 · 59 REVIEWS
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Due to unresolved FPA Traders Court guilty verdicts against 4RunnerForex and 1LotSTP, the FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with all brokers belonging to Fx Systems.

FxSytems, it's associated brokers 1LotSTP, 1PipFox, 2PipFixed, 4RunnerForex, and LoyalForex are all considered to be Scams by the FPA. Their fake regulator NFACS.org is also considered to be a scam.


Caution:  A large number of fake positive reviews have come in for this company.

Formerly an IB for InvestTechFx.  Then an IB for LoyalForex.

November 2011:  1 Pip Fix and Loyal Forex now belong to FX Systems.

All of these websites are down.  The companies appear to be out of business.  The FPA cautions traders to be on the lookout for new websites run by this group.


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3.491 · 59 REVIEWS
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May 2, 2011,

In resonse to Rahmans. We do not have any dealings with prime4x (never have) and our main broker, Loyalforex.com Has no business with them.
Also if you could remove the Special note, we have a large client affiliate program with thousands of members and we have asked affiliates not to post reviews.
Dec 4, 2009,

pheww... finally after 4 days of waiting. My fund was released by Paypal. Sorry guys... 1PipFix was not at fault here.
I will never use Paypal ever again to fund my account.

2009-12-02 No rating Entering 3rd day already . This was last reply from 1pipfix (5 hours ago) : We are going to check on this today and see why your funds were somehow overlooked, this is our first time with this delay. We will make sure its fixed
Thank you,

2009-11-30 No rating What is wrong with these guys?
It has been more than 24 hours but my money is still not credited into my account.
5 emails already sent and their last reply 14 hours ago said the money will be credited shortly.
I wonder how short is their "short"????
Richard Kelley,
Jul 17, 2010,

In reponse to "ibsaved."

I feel your pain my friend but it is VERY clear to me that you are over leveraging. 5 pips negative with $150.00 drawdown means you are tradng around 2 standard lots with only $1,900 capital? How can this be the brokers fault? "Requotes" are very common with ANY broker. Trading at such high risk is a death sentence. I have been trading for a lot of years and I have learned to deal with "requotes" and slippage. The most important thing you must do is NEVER risk more than 3% on a trade. If you can help it, never risk more than a 1% loss on a trade. According to my math, you are allowing a 33% drawdown ON ONE TRADE!. That's 1/3 of your entire capital! Three losing trades in a row will wipe your account out risking that much. Sorry to stick up for the broker here but I had to put my two cents in.. BTW, I do not work for this broker nor am I an IB. But as a forex educator I truly know what I'm taking about.I'm only looking out for you "ibsaved" and anyone else reading this post. KEEP YOUR RISK LOW!!!!
Blessings to you.

Max Matson,
Oct 22, 2009,

I've cooled down a bit now, am carrying on at working with what I've got, and have slowly inched upward. After doing more research, there appear to be problems with all FOREX brokers/platforms. So pick your poison. If you can deal with 5 seconds or more lag time on manual market execution, then no worries. Sometimes the pause actually works for me. At least I know what my commision fee is at all times. I just have to be more clever and not freeze like a deer in the headlights due to slippage fear and anxiety. One thing I've learned is that waiting for a position gone wrong by more that 10 to 15 pips to turn around is going to lead to sweating it out until major losses occur. Get out early and trade again! Be firm on giving up losing trades as early as you can!!! So stay tuned and see how I go. I can't really criticize 1pipfx very fairly based on my own impatience. I just have to deal with what I signed up for and be disciplined. Maybe 1pipfx is the best platform and I just don't understand how to utilize it's strengths. So, discount my previous rating, but be aware that manual market execution can take some time, however your fee will be transparent and reasonable. More soon...
Bob Jones,
Sep 24, 2009,

WARNING: This broker is Investtechfx. Please read reviews for Investtechfx (http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.investtechfx.com) before opening an account here.
Marko Hermanic,
Rijeka, Croatia,
Jul 27, 2012,

I am trading with them around 4 months.Fast execution and withdrawal. I agree they're the best. Honest professional company. Strongly recommended.
Long Beach,CA,
Jan 12, 2010,

I am able to recommend them from my experience. Their support has been very helpful in getting me up and running. Very easy to signup and deposit. Just giving some feedback as I see there are not so many posts.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. This was left from the same location at the same time as the review from "Jessica, Clear water, florida" for InvestTechFX. 1PipFix is an IB for InvestTechFX. The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
Seattle, USA,
Nov 25, 2013,

Don't know if I trust them. The physical address is not legit and I questioned this and got the run around. When I finally asked if I could show up at their office location and deposit funds, I was informed that they would not take a US client...mmmm?
Jan 5, 2010,

The excellent reviews from Israel and Jordan usa look very similar look like there written by the same person

Review Moderation Team Note: Thanks Ted (and Karl) for bringing this to our attention. One of those reviews was a copy of the first portion of the other. Both have been deleted and we'll be watching the wording of other reviews that come in for this company much more closely.
Oct 26, 2010,

While the low fixed spreads at 1pipfix are great, and my EA has had several successful trades in their demo so far, one thing they don't get into details about on their website is that the minimum stop loss and take profit varies from currency pair to currency pair.

You need to know this before you setup your EA, otherwise the take profit and stop loss won't record if it is lower then the minimum (the trade will be left to run without a take profit or stop loss).

If you email support they will tell you the minimum take profit and stop loss is 10 pips...other times they will tell you the minimum is 20 pips....

But after careful observation you will find out on your own that only the 4 majors have a 10 pip minimum, and the other 3 US pairs have a 20 pip minimum...

Everything else has either a 25 pip, 30 pip, 35 pip or 40 pip minimum take profit stop loss (which erases the advantage of a 1 pip fix if you are a scalper of 10 pips or less).

The following list is all accurate at the time of writing (10/25/10).

1pipfix minimum take profit and stop loss for each currency pair:

EURUSD - 10 pip minimum TP SL
GBPUSD - 10 pip minimum TP SL
USDJPY - 10 pip minimum TP SL
USDCHF - 10 pip minimum TP SL
AUDUSD - 20 pip minimum TP SL
USDCAD - 20 pip minimum TP SL
NZDUSD - 20 pip minimum TP SL
EURGBP - 25 pip minimum TP SL
EURJPY - 25 pip minimum TP SL
AUDJPY - 25 pip minimum TP SL
CADJPY - 25 pip minimum TP SL
AUDCAD - 25 pip minimum TP SL
GBPCHF - 25 pip minimum TP SL
CADCHF - 25 pip minimum TP SL
EUR/CHF - 30 pip minimum TP SL
CHFJPY - 30 pip minimum TP SL
NZDJPY - 30 pip minimum TP SL
AUDCHF - 30 pip minimum TP SL
EURAUD - 30 pip minimum TP SL
GBPJPY - 35 pip minimum TP SL
GBPCAD - 35 pip minimum TP SL
EURCAD - 35 pip minimum TP SL
AUDNZD - 40 pip minimum TP SL
EURNZD - 40 pip minimum TP SL

From what I understand 1pipfix said they are hoping to lower the required minimums in the future.

I have nothing bad to say about them. But I think it would be a good idea for them to post (on their website) a list of the minimum take profit and stop loss for each currency pair so that people don't misunderstand and think they are signing up with a company where they can scalp 1 pip or 2 or 3 pips per trade etc.